Internet encounter:

When I turned 14 and my sister turned 16, my parents finally agreed to buy us computers for our bedrooms. Previously we all had to share the family PC in the Family room, so there wasn’t much privacy. My sister had always been a pain in the ass to me because she tried to boss me around, as she was 2 years older. My parents usually settled our arguments by agreeing with my sister, claiming that she was older and knew better right from wrong. This ongoing irritation between us, had created a cool and aloof environment between her and I. In fact I never spoke to her unless I really had to.

At my age, I was very sexually aware, but also very shy, so didn’t have many opportunities presented to me. On one particular Friday night, my sister was going to the movies with a boy from her high school, and as usual, I was staying at home messing with my computer. At about 11 o’clock, I heard my parents head to bed, and about a half hour later, I heard my sister come home from her date. I was particularly frustrated, because I couldn’t get a chat program working and found myself cussing and banging on the keyboard. I guess my sister saw my light from under my door, and heard me banging on the keyboard, so she knocked lightly, and asked if I was okay. That shocked me, because we barely spoke to one another, so I figured that if she was making the effort to communicate in a civilized way, I should do the same.

I went to my door and told her that I was having a problem with my PC, and was getting very frustrated. When I told her what the problem was, she asked me if I wanted her to take a look, to see if she could solve the problem. I said sure, and she came over to my PC and sat down. She started clicking on different icons, and the next thing my explorer page popped on to the screen, showing porn that I had been viewing. I fully expected her to get up and leave, but all she did was close the explorer window, and then proceed to fix the problem I had with the chat program. She then told me that I better be careful with the porn, because Mom and Dad regularly check our PC’s when we are not at home.

At that particular moment, my relationship with my sister completely changed. Rather than looking at her as a pain in the ass, I started to feel more at ease with her, and I also started to see her as a girl. A very pretty one at that. It’s funny how you can grow up with a sister who is very pretty and sexy, but they are usually the last ones you associate with urges and horniness. That was another thing that changed at that time. I started to notice the curves, her breasts, her smells, and the long legs, and the effect they were having on me. I’m not talking about getting a boner or anything, but I was really hoping that this was the start of a much better relationship.

Before my sister left my room, she asked me why I was installing a chat program, so I told her about my shyness, and that I hoped to be able to make some chat friends, especially female ones. She chuckled a bit and said that although I was shy, I wasn’t a bad looking kid, and I shouldn’t have any problems meeting girls. That made me feel really good, so I gave her a hug and thanked her, and I also told her that I was really happy that we were acting like good friends rather than fighting siblings. She agreed and said she was tired and had to get to bed.

On Saturday night, my parents were going out, and my sister and I would be both home. She didn’t have a date, so she was going to catch up with her friends on her chat sites. I headed to my room to try the chat program, and although a little intimidating at first, I started to get the hang of it. Of course as I was chatting, I also had my explorer window open, checking out porn. As I watched all the pussy and boobs that I could handle, I periodically rubbed my swollen cock, but that became difficult, when I started to chat with people. My cock suddenly deflated, because I heard a knock at my door. Assuming it was my sister, I told her to come on in. I told her that I was chatting with people, and she said that she was happy for me, and she had come in to make sure that I got the program working okay. She looked over my shoulder at the chat program, and said she was happy I was keeping it clean. She left and told me if I went to bed, to let her know.

About a half hour later, I found a girl to chat with, and although I hadn’t found out her age, she talked as if she was close to my age. The conversation had turned from general things like school and activities, to being more personal. She wanted to know if I dated, etc, and since I didn’t have much experience to relate, I asked her a lot of questions. She told me that she dated some, but had her eye on this one particular guy, who didn’t pay much attention to her. As she carried on with her experiences, I found the conversation very one sided, but exciting too. In fact I was getting hard, and decided to undress and stroke myself. Why not, she couldn’t see me and I was in the privacy of my own bedroom.

There I sat hard as a rock, stroking my cock and trying to stop and type just enough to keep her chatting and relating her experiences. I started thinking to myself that I was pretty pathetic, when all of a sudden that changed. The screen said “what are you doing besides typing, and what are you wearing”? It almost felt like I had been exposed, so I let go of my cock, and typed “why would you ask me that”? She said that some boys she chatted with would tell her that they were naked and were playing with themselves. She then typed “Well?????” I told her that I was relatively shy and found her question embarrassing. She said that she had better go, but asked if we could chat again some time. I said sure, and added her screen name to my buddy list (the one and only buddy added there tonight). I said good night to her and then went to see if my sister’s light was still on. It was, so I knocked and told her that I was heading to bed.

Over the next few days, I chatted with that girl regularly, and apart from her embarrassing questions, we had great chats. I was starting to open up to her a little more, and when she sensed it, she started asking really personal stuff again. I decided that I wasn’t going to let my shyness get in the way anymore, so I really opened up. I told her that I had been naked and stroking myself, while talking with her. She told me that she was also naked and stroking her pussy. Needless to say, I had to grab the Kleenex and wipe off my keyboard, because I found myself coming without thinking of the consequences of the mess. She thought that the mess I described to her was really funny, but also turned her on.

This was my first cyber orgasm and I kind of liked it. I told her that, but I also told her it would be so much better if we were in person, rather than over the internet. She didn’t bite, but carried on our sexy talk. Our chats would last for hours, and every day I looked forward to chatting and stroking. On the following Friday night, I was going to have the house to myself, because my parents were out and my sister had another date. I didn’t hear them leave, but by nine o’clock, assumed they were all gone, so I got undressed and started my chat program. She was right there waiting for me, and before I could get too many things said, she told me that she had a confession to make. She said that she had grown really attracted to me, and couldn’t stop thinking about me. She also confessed that she had masturbated many times thinking about me. I told her that I felt the same and couldn’t stop jerking off thinking about her.

Her conversation changed a bit, because she asked me if I had ever had feelings or sexual interest in any other girl. I told her that I hadn’t dated and really had no other experiences with girls, other than my sister. Before she could start thinking that I was a pervert, I clarified that I only meant that I had been turned on by my sister a few weeks ago, when she came into my room to help me with my PC. I told her that I had never looked at my sister that way until that night, and then I tried to get her back to her sexy talk. She just wouldn’t let go of the whole sister thing, and pressed me for more details of that night. I told her that absolutely nothing had happened, other than looking at my sister in a much different way. She asked me if I had the chance, would I try and do sexy things with my sister, and I told her that I might have until I started chatting with her. She said I might enjoy our talk even more if I went into my sisters room and got a pair of her panties to use for jerking off, while chatting. This really threw me for a loop, and I wasn’t sure how to respond. I said that because I was home alone that wouldn’t be a problem, but it seemed kind of weird.

As I approached my sisters room, I noticed that her light was on, and initially I figured that she may have forgot to turn it off before she went out, but I couldn’t be sure. I knocked on the door, and got the shock of my life, when my sister said to come in. Here I stood, naked and with a throbbing boner, and my sister expecting me to come in. I said “hold on, I’ll be right back”, but before I could get back to my room, her door opened, and she was looking straight at my boner. I guess the shock wore off because I only just realized that she was naked also. I froze unable to move, and unable to speak, when she said to me “were you coming in here to get my panties to use to jerk off?” I ran back to my room, slammed the door, and leaned against it, hoping that I could somehow come up with an explanation that might make sense to my sister. I didn’t hear anything, so I went back to my PC to sign off from the chat and tell her that an emergency came up and I had to go. Before she signed off, she said that she knew about my predicament, and the only option open to me was to go back to my sisters room, and make passionate love to her. She signed off “sis”. Holy fuck!! It finally dawned on me that I had been chatting with my sister all this time and didn’t know it. I paused hoping to make some sense of all this, when I heard my door open. My sister came in, still naked, and asked me if I was angry with her. I was dumbstruck and couldn’t utter a word. She said that I didn’t appear too happy to see her because I had lost my erection, but as soon as my cock became the focus, it sprang to attention.

She said that she was now happy that her body had got my cocks attention, and she walked slowly to me, still eyeing my cock. She gently took hold of him, and said she would like me to touch her. There were no words spoken after that, as we worked our way to my bed, groping each other, and moaning out loud. We caressed, fondled, licked and sucked every inch of each others bodies, and finally lay together fully entwined. We rolled from side to side in the bed, until she was on top of me straddling my hips. The heat, the juices, the saliva from our caresses made us one ball of sexuality, and just naturally, my cock found the folds of her pussy and started the journey. Inch by inch my cock edged it’s way into her pussy, until my balls felt her ass cheeks. As I gently thrust upwards, she started grinding her pussy downwards, until I felt the walls of her pussy expand and contract on my cock. I was in a state of dilerium, and looking at her face, she was also lost in the moment. What wasn’t lost on me was that feeling that starts in your balls and works its way furiously up the shaft of your cock, leading to the inevitable release. When my streams of cum shot up into her pussy, I felt like it was sucking my cock, trying to drain all the cum from my balls, and I just instinctively screamed and so did she. We both shuddered and moaned in unintelligible sounds, until we lay totally spent in each others arms.

There was no need for words, because the tightness of the hold we had on one another said it all. My cock had started to deflate, but was still lodged firmly in her pussy, only now I could feel my cum starting to run down my cock and balls. I really needed to catch my breath, so I gently rolled her off to my side where we continued to hold each other. We lay there for a good half hour, before we started to talk about what had happened. Our very intimate conversation was abruptly interrupted by the sound of the front door closing, which meant our parents were home. My sister scrambled back to her room, and I turned out my light and feigned sleeping.

When my sister and I next spoke the following day, we went to the park, where we could have some privacy. We talked for hours, and at the end, we decided that we could not let go of these feelings, and had to find a way to continue this very special relationship.

I will talk in the next chapter about this special relationship and how it evolved.


2011-09-26 04:20:13
I loved this story. I didn't love the second chapter nearly as much but i really like the first chapter as a stand alone story. It is much better than the standard stories on this site where the main characters are just so unlikeable (and very arrogant). In this story both brother and sister seem like really nice people who i want to see end up together. I also loved how they got together in a much more imaginative way than something like the sister walking in on the brother masturbating (as that is way over done).

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2011-03-26 04:04:32
Great story Quig, with an unusual twist. I Love it. 8/10


2011-01-11 02:08:07
Very good story, just wish that people didn't mess up the formatting with their stupid long comments.

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2011-01-11 01:59:15
good story to bad the comment on 2010-8-22 messed up the formating.

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good story to bad the comment on 2010-8-22 messed up the formating.

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