Tease Michelle gets more than she bargained for on her walk home from the pub
Friday nights had become a bit of a routine for Michelle, but one she really enjoyed. She'd get home from work, grab something quick for tea, jump in the shower, find an outfit that was demure but would show herself off and then head to her local pub. She had done it for years and had become quite something to look forward to each week to the regulars at the bar, being a 28 year old pretty brunette of around 5'5" with small breasts but a shapely bottom and legs. She always tried to wear a skirt to accentuate her good points, tight on the ass and tapered into her lower thighs. Punters would just stand in awe of her as she swayed to the music or danced on the dancefloor, their cocks obviously twitching in their pants. She was always surrounded by male friends, never women. Women didn't "get" her and were probably jealous of her. However, as much as she mingled among the men, she always left alone and would walk back to her flat taking the short cut through the cemetery of the church behind The Dog and Duck.

One friday night Robert noticed her walking home through the cemetary as he made his way to the pub for last orders, it suddenly dawned on him that she must do this every week. He'd often spent the time before he slept jacking himself off to the thought of shagging her tiny, pert ass and now realised his fantasy could become a reality.

The following friday night was quite warm for May and Michelle pondered what she would wear that evening as she bathed before work. She had an idea of something perhaps a little shorter as it was warmer than usual and laid out on the bed a thin black jumper and a very shiny black plastic mini skirt that was several inches shorter than anything she'd normally wear. She left for work looking forward to the evening ahead.

Once home, fed and bathed she started dressing. No bra, she didn't like them and her small breasts didn't really warrant the hassle, and no panties - just a pair of sheer hose. She slid the skirt on and smoothed the black plastic over her hips, turning to the full length mirror and smoothing it over her ass. Knowing that it would get her attention in the pub she smiled to herself, slipped on a black belt that accentuated her waist, grabbed a long, thin black coat, tied it at the waist and headed out.

Cutting through the wood a gang of young lads wolf whistled as her legs and the top of her skirt showed as the coat opened freely in the warm evening breeze. Inside the coat Michelle's nipples started to harden as she was turned on by the comments these young lads were firing at her, she thought to herself "hope you get good at what you think you'd do with me when you grow up" and smiled to herself.

Arriving at the pub she made quite an entrance, she looked fantastic - her hair looked sexy, the coat fitted her perfectly and the flash of legs as she walked in certainly caught the attention of every male at the bar. She greeted her friends with kisses and disrobed creating more stares as her nipples were still hard and protruding in her flimsy top. Her small, tight mini shone in the light of the roof mounted halogen bulbs which shone on her from above like a spotlight, there was some confusion at the bar as to whether her skirt was latex or plastic, but the question was answered when she stood at the busy bar for a drink and felt a firm, builders hand caress her ass.

"Hey!" she shouted, turning around to Jack, a friend. "Oh it's you, i was about to slap you". "Sorry 'Chelle, thought it was latex and you know how i feel about rubber, but plastic will do. I'd love to fuck you right now, come out the back with me". Jack always chanced his luck but tonight was going to end no differently to any other and the fucking of her was only going to happen in his mind. "Come on you", she said grabbing her drinks "join us at the table".

The night went on and after a few drinks she was up on the tiny dancefloor, driving men crazy as her tiny but perfect ass wiggled to the music, highlighted by the plastic skirt with the disco lights shining onto it in different colours. As cocks twitched around the floor aching to pound the sexy brunette Robert, who had been watching in the distance, grabbed his coat and left. A loner, noone really paid any attention to him, and certainly all male eyes were busy looking at someone else. He slipped out unnoticed at around half ten and made his way to the cemetary, his own cock twitching at the thought of fucking the woman he'd fancied for years.

It's a good job he had patience though as it took over an hour for him to spot her in the distance along the road. As it was so warm she hadn't tied the coat and the full moon was shining on her legs and the plastic mini skirt was lighting up like she had a motorbike headlight strapped to her crotch. Robert's heart beat faster and faster and his cock throbbed in his trousers as he let her clip clop past her in her heels, then started to follow her along the path until she reached the wood. Sensing someone was behind her she built up pace in her walk, she could hear the person behind build up pace too so walked faster and faster. He grabbed at her coat but she managed to free herself from it and continue in her escape until she looked behind her and, in doing so, failed to notice a branch of a tree that was felled in the previous winter's storms was laying across the path she'd chosen. Her stillettoed foot stuck underneath and she went flying, her shapely legs flailing in the air before she came crashing to the floor. Banging her head on the hard pathway she was knocked unconscious, just what Robert needed.

Grabbing her by her feet, he pulled her away from the visible pathway to another huge trunk of another felled tree. As he did this her tiny plastic skirt slid right up to her waist, revealing something that he found really shocking, she was wearing no panties! He could see her dark, hairy mound through her tights. "You horny bitch" he said, his cock now fully erect in his trousers. She lay there unconscious as he ripped open the crotch of her tights, spread her legs and buried his face in her hairy cunt, licking the lips he and many pubgoers at the Dog and Duck had fantasized about entering. If only they knew the horny tart wore no knickers, he thought to himself as he sucked on her clit.

As she came round she started to moan a little as her rapist's tongue prodded her slit, then it hit her what was happening. She let out a scream that filled the wood as Robert quickly moved away from her crotch to place his large, firm hand over her mouth."Shut the fuck up you teasing slut" he said, as she fought to free her mouth and make herself heard once more. Pulling something from his pocket, he held the black object to her face and pushed a button, a blade flicked out and he said "resist me and you'll never get a free drink from a punter again, understood?" Michelle nodded in agreement and Robert unzipped his trousers, releasing his huge cock. "Now suck this, tease" he demanded. She opened her mouth to accommodate him but refused to suck him off, resulting in him just ramming his pole in and out of her mouth.

Next, he got onto his knees and lifted her puny body up by her hips, placing her at the tip of his twitching cock before pulling her towards him, ramming his shaft right into her. She let out a gasp as his cock filled her tight pussy. She'd not had sex in a while, she just loved guys chasing her. Perhaps it was the power thing she enjoyed, being able to turn men down, Robert thought to himself as he rammed what he knew was a tight pussy. A girl this hot, at this age, should have a well fucked cunt by now. "Let's loosen you up a bit" he said, before picking her up by her plastic clad hips and ramming her hard and fast.

Coming up through the wood is the barman from the hotel down the road, he always liked having a last drink with his mates on a friday night, as he watched Michelle shake her booty on the dancefloor of the 'Duck. Mike, along with many other guys in their 50's, all grouped together to share banter while being given something to jack off to when they got home, as their wives weren't interested in sex anymore. As he walked along he spotted the coat on the floor and checked the pockets, inside was Michelle's driving licence. Shocked, he looked around and listened carefully. He could hear some kind of movement in the distance, so carefully walked towards the noise. Suddenly he stopped and could not believe what he was seeing. Robert, a guy he recognised from the back corner of the pub, was stood up, thrusting Michelle on and off his cock saying "take this you fucking teasing bitch". Michelle was just making "uh" noises to each thrust of his huge prick as it tore at her insides.

Mike pulled out his cock and started masturbating as he watched Michelle have the "tease" fucked out of her. He let out an audible moan, at which point Robert stopped. "At last" said Michelle, "help me please!" She'd failed to look down though and Mike walked towards them, removing his coat. "No, NO!" she screamed as she hung there in mid air, held firmly at the hips by Robert, his cock still stretching her pussy. "She's deserved this for a while" Mike said to Robert as he held her mouth open to stick his hard cock inside.

Now being spitroasted in mid air, a tear ran down the side of her head to her ear as she contemplated why this was happening to her. She thought she was just having fun with the lads and never realised that she was being a tease. As their cocks pummelled away at her, her body betrayed her sending a shivering orgasm throughout her body. Her juices leaking from her down her tights. "Nice one, the bitch has come. Now let's get her over that trunk, i want to take her ass" said Robert, at which point Michelle strarted protesting into Mike's cock. Nothing could be heard except some muffled disagreement noises until he pulled out. "Please no, please don't fuck my arse, i've never..." she paused, realising it was futile. Mike lay her coat across the rough bark, and Robert picked her up off his shaft, stood her up and turned her to face Mike. "Let's see your tits then" he said, releasing the belt and pulling off her jumper. "Hardly worth the effort" he said, "good job you've got a nice ass and legs". "And talking of ass..." adds Robert, bending her over the huge trunk of tree. He kicked her legs apart at her heels and slid her skirt back up to the top of her hips, then she felt his huge mushroom cockhead at the entrance to her virgin anus. Many boyfriends had tried to fuck her in the ass but she'd never let any of them, now it was about to be taken by someone she didn't know.

He gently nudged his shaft into her with Mike stopping her screams being heard with his hand. Robert pushed more and more into her until he was fully inside her, then he fucked her with wreckless abandon as Mike held onto her thick head of hair, fucking her mouth. The pair pummelled away until Robert looked at Mike and said "sorry, where are my manners... would you like a go?" They swapped positions and Mike entered her pussy and Robert fucked her mouth. "You don't know how long i've waited for an opportunity to do you Michelle, maybe we should take you back up to the 'Duck and let everyone have you. And what's with the skirt, that's the shortest thing you've ever worn, bet you really had the cocks twitching tonight".

Next Robert told Mike to lay down and ordered Michelle on top of him. Mike sank his cock into her cunt once again and Robert retook his position in her ass. Tears of pain and sadness rolled down her cheeks onto Mike's face as the two pounded away, ripping her insides with their massive cocks. Time passed and Mike said "i'm ready to blow". Michelle begged him not to come inside her so Robert built up speed then quickly pulled out of her, and pulled her off Mike, forcing her to her knees. The two wanked their cocks frantically in Michelle's face as they grab her hair hard. Robert went first, with thick wads of cum streaming into her face and all over her hair. Then Mike shot hard with stream after stream landing across her eyes and cheeks. She couldn't even see for all the jizz as the two men zipped up and walked their seperate ways, leaving Michelle sitting on her knees, cum dripping off her face onto her tiny tits.

Sobbing, she slowly got up off her kness, grabbed her top and started to dress. Forgetting about her coat she walked slowly in the direction of her apartment, sore at the rough shag she'd just received. Four young lads approached in the distance, it's the same lads that wolf whistled at her earlier. What Michelle didn't realise is how much they fancy her and have been aching to fuck her. They couldn't believe their luck a few weeks back when Michelle had got her heel stuck in a grid cover, instead of offering her assistance the four lads stood behind the trees jacking off as her ass writhed around while she fought to free her shoe for quarter of an hour.

Now here she was in front of them, cum still in her hair and on her face, shaking. The four surrounded her and the leader of their "gang", Harry, said "well well well, what have we here? You look a right mess". "Get out of my way, i've just been raped you dickhead", she exclaimed, "two guys back there". "Two guys eh? Well four more won't be an issuse then" replied Harry, and with that the two on either side of her knee her in each thigh giving her two dead legs. Michelle instantly dropped to the floor but Harry got his mates Jonathan and Ash to hold her up.

Under their tight grip and with two dead legs she was unable to fight back as Harry lifted her mini skirt up to her hips, revealing her ripped tights but no panties. "I thought the plastic mini was sexy bitch, but no panties...? You fuckin whore!" He pulled his cock out and pushed it up inside her wet pussy. "Take her ass Tommy" he demanded to his mate stood behind her. "No please, please" she begged, a tear running down her cheek over the dried cum stains. Tommy placed his cock at the entrance to her ass and, grabbing her hips tightly, rammed it up inside her.

Michelle could hardly believe what was happening to her, first two older guys raping her and now two very young lads, they could only be a max of 15 years old. "How could young lads be capable of such an atrocity?" she thought to herself as these two lads pumped her in both holes. "Want our virgin cum bitch? We ain't goina last long" whispered Tommy into her right ear. "Please, please not inside me" she begs once more. "We'll see" said Harry pumping away. Tommy reaches round and grabs at her breasts, "your tits are small but you're nipples are hard. You're loving this!" With that the two fuck her hard and fast until Harry felt her warm up inside. Having no idea what was happening, the two banged away like a miachine, one in one out. Then she started to shake. The two lads look at each other over her shoulder, "she havin' a heart attack?" asks Harry. "No, i'm coming you fucking moron" said Michelle, releasing another orgasm to the shocked young lads.

After releasing her juices once more she started to slump, but Ash and Jonathan hold her tighter as Harry and Tommy continued until suddenly Harry pulled out, followed by Tommy. Harry pulled her skirt back down and released his load onto the front of it, while Tommy emptied his load onto her pert, shiny ass as her cum ran down her tights once again.

They wiped their excess cum onto the top of her tights and then took up the holding positions of Jonathan and Ash, who moved to her front and back. Each entered their virgin cocks inside her as more tears slid down her face. This time the two fucked her in unison, both moving in at the same time and grabbing at her hips firmly. They rammed her hard and fast until each was ready to blow their loads. Michelle knew they were ready and was just about to say "please, not inside me" but it was too late. Just as they'd fucked her in unison, they came in unison, both jetwashing her insides with their copious loads. Both held her firmly until every drop left their full, virgin sacks. They pulled out, got dressed and walked off laughing.

Michelle fell to her knees, a mixture of her cum and their's oozing from between her legs. She sat there a moment feeling sore from the fucking and the rough grabbing at her body, and sobbed. After a while she managed to get herself back on her feet and headed to the flat. Unfortunately it was now closing time for the local club and the bars, as she made her way gangs of drunk young men walked their way home, in her direction...

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This story FUCKS!!!!!nothing but rape is just stupid!!!!

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