Since the nasty incident at the cottage in July, I have purposely avoided my cousins, and concentrated on finding a way to get my grandmother to forgive me for the indiscretion. I called, visited and generally gave her every opportunity to either disown me or forgive me. Now forgiveness wouldn’t come at my request, because I was clueless how to even bring up the subject. I figured just being around her a lot and showing her that I loved her would let her know that I was sorry I had disappointed her.

After about four visits, she finally was acting like nothing had ever happened, and right out of the blue she offers me an invitation to the cottage, and says I can also bring my cousin. What! Did I hear this right? I asked her if I heard her correctly, and she said that hopefully my cousin and I had learned a very valuable lesson, and yes we both could come along. I told her that I hadn’t spoken to my cousin since that weekend in July, and she seemed rather surprised. I said that I didn’t know what to say to her or how to act so I had been avoiding her. My grandmother says “well I’ll fix that”. She picked up the telephone and calls my cousins house and asks if my cousin can come to the cottage the following weekend. The parents agreed that it was ok, and when my grandmother got off the phone, she said everything was set. All I had to do was behave myself and prove that I could be trusted. Oh shit, she played the Trust card. Now my brain was swimming with thoughts of getting my hands on my cousins pussy again, while at the same time thinking about that belt stinging my butt. Also, after what my grandmother had just done for me, how could I even think of violating her trust. I wouldn’t, but my cock, who knows?

Friday night the station wagon rolls up and I got in the back with my cousin, who obviously had been picked up first. No hello, no look, just a freezer like atmosphere. I had no idea what to say, and just squirmed uncomfortably in my seat until my grandmother barked at me about being rude. She asked me why I was being so rude to my cousin, and I could only think of one thing. I said that I was still embarrassed about the July weekend, and didn’t know what to say or do. My cousin was getting even more embarrassed than me, so she said “Can you please take me back home”?

By now my grandfather had just about enough. He had sat silently and not spoken a word about that Friday night, since it happened, and he obviously was pretty fed up at how our weekend was starting. He slammed on the brakes, pulled the station wagon over and shut it off. He told my grandmother to get out, as he was also leaving the vehicle. Because he was so mad and so loud, she didn’t argue. As they were about to walk away, he looked into the back seat and told us we better sort this stuff out because he wasn’t going to put up with it. If he was driving her home, we would both be going back. I don’t know where they planned on walking to, but I looked over at my cousin and told her I was sorry for being rude, and that we better do something to fix the problem. We gave each other a hug and agreed that we needed to smarten up, and get on with our weekend. I opened the car door and yelled for my Grandfather to wait up. I ran to where they had walked and told them that I had apologized to my cousin and everything was now okay. I told them both that I was sorry I was ruining their weekend and asked if we could get on with our trip to the cottage. He gave me a smile and a wink, and said to get back to the car.

The ice certainly had been broken so the rest of the drive was really fun. My cousin even reached over quietly and slyly and held my hand for a few seconds. That was just enough to get my cock twitching, and looking forward to the next two days.

After arriving, I was getting set to unload the wagon, but my grandfather told me and my cousin to go exploring, and they would handle unloading the car. He said you guys have things to talk about, so go and do it. My cousin and I walked over to the dam and sat watching the waterfall, and the sun setting. I went to start the conversation, when my cousin interrupted and asked me to let her say something. She proceeded to tell me that all the trouble we had got into in July was her fault. She was older and should have been more careful about what she let happen. Before I could say anything, she also said that she hasn’t been able to get that night out of her mind, and asked me if I was feeling the same. Of course by now my cock was throbbing in anticipation, and I told her that I loved what we did that night, and notwithstanding that we got caught, it was the best night of my life. She looked at me with such a loving and happy face, I knew that we were okay.

We headed back to the cottage, but by now it was too late to swim, so we just sat by the water with my Grandparents, but the mosquitoes were bad that night, and my grandmother said we had better go inside. We played cards, laughed at corny jokes, and had a really great time, and you would never know the July weekend incident had ever happened.

It was now time for bed, and as I went to get changed, my grandfather followed me saying he needed to talk to me about something. Here we go, I thought, another speech about behaving and trust. I became even more nervous when he started whispering what he had to say. He started out by saying that if I ever repeated what he was going to tell me, the belting handed out by my grandmother would seem like a piece of cake. He asked me if I understood, and I nodded yes.

He told me that the July weekend when my cousin and I were caught, was the most exciting thing he had ever seen. In fact when he got back to bed that night he was so excited he asked Grandma for a special treat. It was a very quiet one, but the most passionate night he had spent with his wife in years.
He told me that to return the favor, he was going to turn the tv on in their room to cover the sounds, and he promised me that Grandma would not be in any position to leave her bed. With that he winked at me and told me to have a great night. I hugged and thanked him, and said goodnight.

My cousin then came into the bedroom, fully dressed in her long t-shirt, and went straight to her bed. When she heard the tv on in the next bedroom, she whispered to me that she wanted to know what my grandfather had said. I didn’t say anything, but motioned for her to come over to my side of the room. She quietly made her way to my bed and sat down. I told her what my grandfather had said, but she didn’t believe me. I guess if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t have believed it either, so I simply asked her to trust me. She touched my hand and nodded yes, but then she jerked her hand away when she heard slapping sounds coming from the next room. It was noticeable even over the sounds of the tv. By now my cock was so hard, because I just knew that the slapping sound was from my grandfathers balls smacking off my grandmothers ass. I took my cousins hand and placed it on my throbbing cock, and although that seemed to startle her, she didn’t resist.

I lay back in my bed and pulled her on top of me, so that her pussy was pressing against my cock through our clothes. She kept glancing over at the door, fully expecting it to open with the lights coming on at the same time. I reminded her that we could trust my grandfather and since we could still hear his balls slapping off Grandma, she couldn’t very well open our door. With that she smiled and let her body relax against me. I whispered to her that we should do a repeat performance soon, because I didn’t know how long Grandpa could last. We threw off our clothes and rolled onto our sides in the 69 position. I felt a warm moist mouth envelop my cock and it was all I could do to stifle a moan. I flicked my tongue at her pussy lips and she fully engulfed my face. I happily lapped all her juices and continued licking at her until I felt her thighs squeezing my head. The slightest moan left her lips and she shook as she released my head from her leg squeeze. I knew that she had come, and although I had not, I was still very happy that I had made her feel so good. After a few seconds I felt her moving her mouth around and my cock was released. I thought that was the end of my fun, when all of a sudden she took my balls into her mouth one at a time licking and sucking them. Another first for me, and it was fantastic. As she sucked on my balls, she took my cock in her hand and started jerking it gently. I knew I was close to finishing so I tried to get her to move her mouth to my cock, but it was too late. I came a dribble on her hand, and she tried whispering that she was sorry, but I shushed her and told her it was beautiful and not to worry about it. Shortly after that I noticed that the slapping sounds from next door had stopped, so we quietly got dressed and went to our separate beds.

The next morning I got up and saw Grandpa who just smiled and winked at me. He said Grandma was still sleeping because he had worn her out last night. I said same here and winked at him. We had breakfast and waited for our women to get up. Real he-men we were…..

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Great story I really enjoyed it.You have got to write another chapter and get the grandparents to join in and fuck both of the grandchildren and get granddad to shove his cock all the way the young girl's cunt and granny gets to suck the lad's cock and get him to fuck her with his teenage cock bollock deep in her pussy.

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Great story I really enjoyed it.You have got to write another chapter and get the grandparents to join in and fuck both of the grandchildren and get granddad to shove his cock all the way the young girl cunt and granny gets to suck the lad's cock and get him to fuck her with his teenage cock bollock deep in her pussy.

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Great story I really enjoyed it.You have got to write another chapter and get the grandparents to join in and fuck both of the grandchildren and get granddad to shove his cock all the way the young girl cunt and granny gets to suck the lad's cock and get him to fuck her with his teenage cock bollock in her pussy

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