My perpetual horniness had me thinking day and night about my older cousin, and how she sucked my cock while torturing me. Because I had never felt anything so fantastic, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Any opportunities that I had to play sex games with my cousins (excluding the older one) always had me trying to convince them to suck on my cock. They felt it was yucky and the best I could do was have them stroke it, and blow their breath on it. I tried the same trick on one of them, by sticking my cock in her mouth when she was blowing air, but I actually got bit and was sore for a week. I knew that if I was ever going to get sucked again, I would have to make a special plan to get with my older cousin.

My grandmother had a cottage and sometimes she would invite me there for weekends, and she often suggested that I bring a friend, so I would have someone to play with. When the invitation came I asked her if I could bring my older cousin, and she agreed, although she questioned why I wouldn’t bring a boy my own age. I told her that I loved my cousin dearly and would like to spend time with her, without all the other kids around. She acted as if she was okay with this, but there was a hint of suspicion, so I needed to be very careful how I orchestrated my plan.

On the first night at the cottage, we unpacked the station wagon, tidied up the cottage, and then we all sat by the water. It was getting a bit late, but I suggested swimming, so my cousin agreed. We went in and got changed and were soon fooling around as kids do, and we got admonished by my grandmother. She told us to go in and get out of the wet bathing suits and into our pyjamas. This was one of those humid and hot July nights, so my cousin just wore a long t-shirt that went to just above her knees. I asked her if she had another one of those that I could wear, since it would be cooler for sleeping. She got me one and when I changed into it, I made sure I didn’t have any underwear on underneath.

It was a 2 bedroom cottage, so my cousin and I shared a bedroom that had two twin beds. This really excited me, but the walls weren’t insulated and were paper thin so anything you did in the bedroom could easily be heard. As my cousin and I settled in for the night, my grandparents also said they were tired and went to bed.

As we lay there sweating from the humidity, listening to my grandparents settle into bed, we could hear every rustle of the sheets next door. Next thing we heard my grandmother whispering, “put that away, the kids will hear”. My grandfather must have been horny because I could hear him begging quietly for a treat. Next thing I hear is a slurping sound and little moans from my grandfather. I couldn’t be sure but it sounded like he was getting a blowjob. Next thing I hear is my cousin sneaking over to my bed and asking me if I knew what was going on next door. I said I was fairly certain that he was getting a blowjob. She said that this might be a great time to try our luck at a repeat of our last time together in the garage.

I pulled her into my bed, and as she lifted up my long t-shirt, she smiled as she saw that I had no underwear. She said that I must have planned this, but that was okay, because she wasn’t wearing any either. I reached down and sure enough my fingers went straight to her beautiful pussy lips. She worked her way to my cock, as quietly as she could, but I held her and asked if she could reverse her position so I could play with her pussy as she sucked. I didn’t even know what a 69 was, but I was about to find out. I had simply planned to get my fingers in her as she sucked, but before I knew it she had straddled my face and pushed her pussy at my mouth. Something that was going to come back to haunt me was the fact that my ears were blocked by her thighs and I couldn’t hear much of anything. I guess she was in the same boat, but at that moment, neither of us cared, because we felt so good. As I started to feel that sensation again coming from my balls, her pussy was gyrating wildly against my mouth, and I’m pretty sure we both came at the same time.

When we tried to untangle ourselves, the lights came on and my grandparents were at the doorway looking at us with disgust and shock. Without a word being spoken, we got hauled to the shed with my grandmother holding a leather belt that looked rather ominous. We were ordered to kneel down with our asses bared and she proceeded to strap us, alternating blows between us. She never said a word to us as she was strapping us, but when she dragged us back to the cottage, she said if there was ever a repeat of what she saw us doing, we would be very sorry.

My cousin and I went directly to our beds and never uttered a sound. We could hear my grandmother whispering to my grandfather that this was his fault for insisting on a blowjob, that the kids ended up hearing.

The rest of the weekend was very uncomfortable because no one brought up what happened and yet my grandparents seemed to be carrying on as if it was just a minor problem, When we were driven home, just before we got out of the station wagon, my grandmother told us to keep our mouths shut about what happened Friday night. She felt that we had been punished and there was no need for anyone else to get involved. It was such a relief to hear that she wouldn’t be telling our parents. That is the first time I can remember feeling a special bond with my grandmother. It was also the only time I can remember going through a Saturday and Sunday without getting a boner.

Strangely enough there would be another invite to the cottage in August, but that is for the next chapter.
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