My Sister always on my mind part 2
At my age 61, you would think that my sex drive would be slowing down, but just the opposite, I was as horny as ever. Sex with my wife was ok but a little boring after all these years, and I couldn’t help but dream of my sister, as I fucked my wife. She often asked me what I was thinking about as we fucked, because she could sense that my mind was somewhere else. She pestered me to the point where I just blurted out that I was imagining fucking someone else. Although shocked and hurt, she asked me who it was that I was imagining. By this time I was in a no win situation so I just shut down and refused to talk. She then told me that we wouldn’t be having sex anymore until I told her who I was imagining sex with.
I lasted about 48 hours, and finally my hard cock got the best of me. I had gone to bed naked, so when I rolled over towards my wife she immediately felt my cock pumping her leg. She told me to get that cock away from her until I told her who the imaginary lover was. I thought of telling her a lie, but I was so horny and anxious to get into her pussy (so I could imagine that it was my sister), I just blurted it out that I imagined fucking my sister. Not knowing what to expect, I was nervously awaiting her response when she roughly grabbed my cock and spread her legs and told me to fuck my sister with everything I had. I couldn’t believe how this turned me on (and apparently her too), because she was like a nymphomaniac. She fucked me in every position imagineable and even asked me to call her by my sister’s name. When we came I yelled out my sisters name and she called out a name that wasn’t mine, but familiar just the same. It was her younger brothers name. When our orgasms subsided, I figured that we should have a discussion about what had just happened. I started out by saying that I hope she wasn’t upset about my sister, and she said that it turned her on thinking about me and my sister. But the younger brother thing kept going through my mind and I just asked her straight out where that came from. She asked me if I was prepared to hear the story without getting upset. She also said that I must tell me about my sister.
We sat up in bed the entire night telling each others story, and it was eerie how the stories were so similar. As we told the stories we kept getting aroused and groped each other, until she finally took me in her mouth and agreed to suck and swallow, as long as I kept telling the story about my sister. As I told her how I flooded my sisters mouth with my spunk, I instantly came in her mouth, and she devoured my cock and didn’t miss a drop of my cum. Eventually we couldn’t resist the need to sleep and nodded off.
As we awoke the next day at noon, I had a raging hard cock, so I spooned my wife and fucked her from the rear, all the while calling her by my sisters name. When she awoke to find my cock inside her, and hearing my sisters name, she went wild again. She started telling me “fuck me hard little brother and come in my pussy”. That got me spewing cum in an instant, and she also orgasmed at the same time.
Talk about a renewed sex life, we were like horny teenagers again, as long as we did the imaginary incest routine. Out of curiosity, I asked her when she last did her younger brother, and she sheepishly told me 3 days ago. I hadn’t told her that I was still doing my sister, so I pretended to be outraged. She didn’t know how to react and started crying. I said I was sorry, and finally admitted to her that I had also fucked my sister 3 days ago. Her tears turned to laughter, and at that moment I felt closer to her than ever before. So close in fact that I asked her to suck off her little brother. She gladly took me in her mouth and sucked the cum out of my cock as I screamed my sisters name.
When we had a chance to recover and drag ourselves out of bed it was almost suppertime.
Over dinner the conversation turned to my sister and her brother, and right out of the blue she says to me “can you imagine if we had them here now, what we might be doing”. I told her I didn’t know but was really intrigued thinking about it. She started telling me what she thought we would be doing and I was hard as a rock. After a few more minutes of this conversation we got down on the dining room floor and fucked again. My cock was getting sore and my wife said her pussy was also pretty raw. Cleaning up the dinner table and kitchen gave us an opportunity to talk about how we could arrange to see each other with our brother/sister. I suggested that we invite them over on different occasions, saying that a private conversation needed to take place without spouses present. I said, let’s start with your brother and you can tell him I’ve gone shopping for a couple of hours and you are home alone. Then you can find a way to get him aroused and into our bed. I will set up a hidden camera to capture everything, while I jerk off in the closet watching you two. She looked at me with more love in her eyes than I have seen in years. She said that she couldn’t wait to do it and thanked me for being the best husband ever.
We waited a few days so my cock and her pussy could heal up and be ready for the excitement. The day arrived, and it was all we could do to keep from fucking each others brains out.
I had setup the camera discreetly so it couldn’t be detected and took my place in the closet. I had a decent view through the crack in the doors, and took out my cock in anticipation. It didn’t take long at all for them to hit the bedroom and land on the bed. My wife told him that she wanted to suck him off and swallow his cum, so that when they fucked he would last longer. He said “just like the old days sis” and he quickly got undressed. My wife had already got naked, and as she prepared to take his cock in her mouth, I got an ego boost noticing that his cock was a good two inches shorter than mine and not as thick. I did get a surprise though when she deepthroated him with ease. She wasn’t able to do that for me due to the thickness of my cock. He came in record time and she didn’t spill any of it, although I must admit it would have been a turn on watching his cum dribble from her mouth. They took a break, checked the clock to see when I would be coming home, and then resumed sex.
It was pretty standard missionary sex, but I gotta give him his dues. He fucked like a stallion and his balls slapping off her ass was very loud. This got me so horny I knew I was going to shoot and with just a few more short strokes I blew all over the place. Soon after I came, so did her brother, and my wife orgasmed at the same time. While they were laying back recovering I was starting to get cramped and hoped that they wouldn’t be too much longer. I was relieved to see him finally getting up, and disappearing from my view. I thought he must have gone to the bathroom, until the closet doors flew open and he asked me if I enjoyed the show. That is about as close as I have ever come to a coronary, and I was so much in shock that I had no idea what to do or say. The uncomfortable silence was broken when he started to laugh and told me that he and his sister had this all planned out. I suppose I should have been annoyed, but I also started to laugh with him, and told him that he had got me good. From my vantage point, I couldn’t help but notice his cum running down my wifes legs, and this caused my cock to jump to attention. Both of them looked at my cock and felt that I needed some relief, so they suggested that I join them for round two. I told him that I was impressed by his stallion like fucking, and thought I might enjoy it if both of us entered her pussy at the same time. They both agreed so I got on my back with my wife straddling me and impaling herself on my cock. He approached her from the rear and tried to get into her pussy with me, but to no avail. The size of my cock pretty much filled my wifes pussy, so he decided to bumfuck her while I was thrusting up into her pussy. That worked out perfectly. I had never been involved in this type of sex, but enjoyed feeling his cock thrusting into her bum. The sensation had me coming in no time. It was wonderful because I could feel his cock shooting cum into my wifes bum at the same time. She also came with us, and as we all rolled over to relax, we all agreed that this was our best sex experience ever. After he left, my wife and I started planning my encounter with my sister. We knew that we couldn’t repeat this encounter, because the element of surprise was lost. My wife said to leave it to her and she would make sure I enjoyed the experience.
Two days later my sister showed up, and it was a little harder convincing her to come to the bedroom because she worried that my wife could come home and catch us. After much coaxing I got her into the bed, and she too wanted to suck me off, so I could last longer fucking. No arguments from me. After I recovered from being sucked off, I mounted her and tried to duplicate the stallions moves. As I pounded her hard we were both lost in the moment and were turned on by the loud slapping of my balls off of her bum. Both of us jumped at the same time, when a juicy finger rubbed our bumholes and then was fully inserted. We both knew where each others hands were and were a little in shock. We looked behind us, and there was my wife naked and fingering our bums. The shock was momentarily overcome by each of us climaxing together, since the fingering of our bums had sent us over the edge. There was a lot of explaining to do, but after my wife told her the entire story, we all laughed. Listening to the story had my cock at full attention, so my sister and my wife decided to give me a double blowjob. My sister took my cock in her mouth and my wife sucked on my balls. My wife continued the bum fingering, as she sucked my balls, and within 30 seconds, I was cumming. I pulled out of my sisters mouth and tried to spray my cum equally to both women. I did pretty well, as they both had big white gobs all over their mouths. When they started to kiss and swap the cum back and forth, I couldn’t take it and immediately mounted my sister from behind. As I fucked her I asked my wife to kneel beside my sister, so that I could alternate pussies. Needless to say this was a wonderful experience, one I will never forget.
The following week the four of us got together and agreed that we would try foursomes from time to time, and that worked out beautifully. Unfortunately we were discovered by our grown up kids one day and that precarious situation will be described in my next story.

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2010-07-11 17:57:54
Wow! Wish that was us instead. I was talking to a friend years ago and she said she spent the weekend comforting an old friend. Seems her parents had been friends for years with another couple, and had vacationed with them and spent a lot of time with them, and with all of their kids, with the kids frequently going on trips with each others families. Well one weekend the parents sat everyone down and announced that the two couples had been swapping lovers for years since before they were married, and no one was really sure who was the dad of any of them. The babies born in both families were as likely one man's as the others. The kids were in shock, of course. They were all siblings in a communal family and never knew it. (I always wondered if an adult child caught them and that forced the confession.) My friend said that the parents told the kids, "You young people think you invented sex, but the truth is, sex is OLD!" You guys are not as different at you might think. Enjoy!

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