An evening of lust
Kinky Evening in the park Rape, cuckold, bondage, cheating, wife, threesome

For almost a year now, Sally and I had been experimenting with a little innocent bondage. She had enjoyed me tying her to the bedposts. We tried it with me too but I felt too uncomfortable with it, even though she was wonderful in her efforts to please me. I am 43 and average, Sally is just 40 and has a fabulous voluptuous body. We added a blindfold to the mix and it was such a turn on for Sally to not be able to see my actions. I would lick for awhile. Switch to suckling on her marvelous breasts, then use a dildo, then my cock in her mouth before fucking her. She is multi orgasmic and the first time we did the blind fold she told me she came intensely almost right away.

I was grateful that she accepted our experiments. When I blindfolded her after I tied her completely, Sally would just be so totally quiet when I did it except for her whimpering when she came. A silk rope around her wrists and ankles, then the black silk over her eyes. She told me she had such an erotic lust when she was tied and blindfolded and her imagination made it wonderful. I loved seeing her white voluptuous body spread out for me like that too. It was the freedom of owning a slave you could do anything to.

I would take a long time with her, coming in and giving her kisses, then moving away silently before returning to lick at her pussy. I would bring her to the edge of orgasm, then stop and remain totally silent. She waited without a whimper and sometimes I did nothing, watching her twitch and breath faster in her inner thoughts. That was when I learned that she could orgasm without any physical stimulation at all!

And she admitted that sometimes when she was alone at work, she’d let her mind wander and have the most delicious secret orgasms! Without touching herself! But told me she often did play with herself if no one was around!

When we did it on the bed, tied and blindfolded, I only saw her quiver and shudder and knew it was happening. When I mounted her right after her, pussy was so slippery and juicy it was wonderful.

So of course, like a horny old man, when these sessions went on, I began to have all kinds of other fantasies about it. Like she was my sex toy. I had thought once that anyone could easily sneak into our bedroom, and just slip their cock into Sally and she would have no idea it was not me! That idea began to manifest in my mind. Sally lying there naked, unable to do anything except get fucked by whoever came in.

So every summer we go to a small wooded park just outside of town. There is a little secluded lake there and lots of grass for picnics among the trees. Most go to the far edge of the lake where there is a sandy beach, but we’ve always brought our supper and books to read to while away a great day at the opposite side beneath the shade of trees. Hardly anyone goes there and it is quiet with only a few bird chirps.

We had a wonderful afternoon and watched a glorious sunset while eating and drinking a cool bottle of white wine. As the afterglow weakened, I began to think of how exciting it might be to tie Sally right here, outdoors and have a session of lust. We talked quietly for a while until I suggested it. I knew by her reaction that the notion excited her.
“What? You mean right here? How could that work?”
“Well it could. There’s enough twine here and the bungee cords for the cooler would do it.”

She glanced around and I knew she was hooked on the potential excitement right away. “Someone could see. Way too dangerous.”
“Way exciting.”
“Nooo. You mean right here?”
“Well, sort of over there by those trees. Actually TO the trees.”
“Oh my gawd.”
Sally was probably moistening with the thought. I looked around, there were only a few people still at the other side of the lake, way too far away to see anything now. Another couple by a picnic table many yards away.
“Why don’t we just stroll over there?” I smiled with the lust in my stomach. Sally swallowed and looked all around again. The other couple were packing up. A few figures moved far off. Dusk was settling in the park.

Sally stood and started slowly toward the trees I had mentioned. A cluster of small maples. I quickly undid the twine and cords from the cooler and followed. The trunks of the trees were small and wouldn’t need much twine to encircle them.
“Tom, you are crazy, this is much too dangerous.” The excitement in her voice was undeniable. I brought out the black napkins from our meal, moved close to Sally, kissed her and said, “There’s no wild animals here. Only me.”

“Gawd.” was all she could say as I tied the napkins around her eyes. She was breathing harder already and limp as I led her to a position at the trees. Silently I tied first one wrist, then the second to overhead branches. Sally stood now with her arms spread out and I could almost feel her heart pounding. I slowly opened the buttons of her blouse, undid her bra and twisted it around. Kissed those marvelous heavy breasts and suckled each.

Then slid her skirt down, stooped and pulled her panties off in one swift motion. Sally emitted a little cry of surprise. I looked at her with admiration for a long moment, her white skin glowing in the descending gloom and her black patch bulging out. Her large breasts begging for attention. I used the two bungee cords around each ankle to a stem of the tree. She had some movement in her legs by the elastic of the cords, but was spread-eagled and naked except for her loose open blouse. She looked wonderful and I began kissing her slowly.

Her white body was spectacular in that fading light against the darkness behind her in the trees. I stood watching her for a long time, touching her in between. Caressing, kissing without a sound. A kiss on one breast, sucking one nipple then the other. Letting my fingers barely brush the hair of her pussy. Letting her feel my hot breath on her slit, barely allowing my tongue to touch it. To slip in.

I was now crazy with lust. Sally seemed like a Goddess being sacrificed. My slave to do what I wanted with. Helpless and beautiful and vulnerable. I slipped off my shorts and moved close, letting my cock just touch her slit. Slid it upward and back. Slid it under between her legs. Her pussy was already emitting liquid. She made almost imperceptible whimpers of pleasure. I stooped down and pressed my tongue into her slit, sucked softly on her clit, could feel it pulsing with excitement.
Finally slowly pushed into her, letting my cock stop after every tiny bit of pressure. Pulled out again.

That was when I saw the guy watching. He was standing near another tree. We made eye contact. In the dusk. There was indecision there for only a moment. I was enthralled at having this personal lusty Goddess at my whim. I raised my finger to my lips to be silent, but beckoned him closer. Sally was squirming with anticipation without any idea someone else had arrived. He saw I had removed my shorts and then turned his gaze to Sally. His eyes wide as he realised she was gorgeous, tied and unaware he was there.

I motioned again he should be silent, stepped forward and again kissed Sally’s breasts. One after the other. The guy came closer. With my heart pounding I moved one hand to her breast and offered it to him. Again with my finger to be silent. He leaned forward and cupped it in his hand, then kissed it and started suckling on it. Sally moaned and he stepped back.

“Tom, this is way too much.” Sally whimpered.
I emitted a hum and said quietly, “No, this is great.”
I stepped forward and slowly slid my cock into her. Barely holding back my cum. My cock was throbbing and the guy took his out. It was only slightly larger than mine. He began stroking it. We both knew what was next. I had no choice at all, he was going to fuck my wife. The scene was too lusty to resist. I knew from Sally’s movements that she had already orgasmed.

I rubbed her pussy slowly, feeling it’s wetness and stood to the side while motioning to our new third party that he should fuck her too. He needed no second prodding. He stepped close to Sally and slid his cock into her gently. Closing his eyes in pleasure. Sally gasped. And moved her hips. He began long strokes. I again put my finger to lips and pulled him back. His cock came out, pulsing and jerking.

Then I sucked her breast again. He took that as a cue to do the same and started sucking her other breast at the same time until I quickly moved away. I could sense something that Sally was thinking. And quickly fondled both her breasts, hoping she wouldn’t believe what she thought she felt. Then kissed her lips and slid into her again. She moved so quickly on my cock now I was unable to hold off my orgasm. She was breathing hard. Her heart pounding. I pretended I was just moving and hoped she didn’t feel me spurting. I was hardly able to stop from yelling out. I pulled out again, waited another moment then offered her to my new friend again.

He slid into her, his cock seemed way bigger now. He stroked and she had a loud orgasm this time. Moaning into the darkness. The sight was so exciting my cock was up and throbbing again. Our new friend continued stroking Sally, with long deep strokes, breathing in huge gasps now himself, until he finally looked at me. He was asking to cum in her and I grinned and nodded yes. He shuddered and grabbed her ass cheeks and plunged into her again, jerked his orgasm as Sally moaned aloud and gasped in pleasure. Only uttered a ‘Gawd.’ He stifled his own cry but emitted a grunt as he came.

Sally said, “Oh my gawd.” I slid into her once more and fucked steadily even though I didn’t think I would cum again.
She had a series of orgasms that made her shudder with delight.

I finally murmured to Sally, “We should maybe go, we’ll have mosquitoes all over us.”
Sally sagged against the twine. Only emitted anoter soft moan.

I quickly pulled my friend aside and whispered, “If you want to do this again, get lost quickly, okay? If the weather holds we’ll be back on Tuesday. Okay?”
He answered, “Sheeze yes, that was fucking unreal.”
“Leave quiet now, I’m Tom.”
“William.” He started moving away. I tapped his shoulder
with one last wild thought, “William, if you have a discreet friend, bring him Tuesday evening. But the same rules apply or no go. Agree?”
“You got it, Tom.” He flashed a smile, we shook hands and he disappeared into the dark.
“Here Hon.”
“I thought I heard a voice.”
“Just me Hon, saying to myself how marvelous you are.”
I undid her blindfold and stepped close, now ready to go again and fucked my wonderful wife once more. Cuming the second time.

On the drive home she was vibrant. “Gawd that was something. I felt like I was being touched all over at once. Never had that in our bedroom. You seemed different too. The caressing and the smells. And your fucking. Your cock even. I had like twenty-five orgasms.”
“So you liked my kinky idea?”
She nestled into my shoulder, “Mmmmm, yesssssss. Can we do that again? I’d love more.”

I grinned inwardly, I didn’t know how long I could keep this lusty thing going on, or what Sally would do if she found out, but I did know Sally was going to get much much more.


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2013-03-03 16:48:50
Finally first to comment. Hey Peter this has to be one of your best photo sothos ever. And for me, your hottest model to date. He is hunky like you nice dark skin awesome tatto and great smile. How you do it I will never know. Hope to see more of him or you guy's together in a video. Keep it up Bud EXCELLENT.Will

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2011-08-14 15:23:39
we tie each other up, but have never taken in outside, great idea.. thanks for the story.


2011-07-13 03:28:52
Did this with a boyfriend I play with when I have the opportunity, and I knew straight away it was a different man, due to smelling cigarettes on his clothes. Didn't stop me enjoying myself though, very exciting, and now I do it with him deliberately to get unsuspecting males to play..

Great story as well by the way!


2011-07-13 03:13:53
Did this with a boyfriend I play with when I have the opportunity, and I knew straight away it was a different man, due to smelling cigarettes on his clothes. Didn't stop me enjoying myself though, very exciting, and now I do it with him deliberately to get unsuspecting males to play..

Great story as well by the way!


2011-05-07 18:45:08
Amazing! my wife and I have fantasised about this, but I know she would never do it. I would so love to do this with her!

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