For Nancy, who says I don't speak enough...well, sometimes...
Oftentimes the many thoughts,
That go on inside my head,
So many thoughts unspoken,
So much remains unsaid.

And sometimes the most precious thoughts,
Just never get put to word,
The ones with the most meaning,
Are the ones that are never heard.

Because when someone means so much,
I don't always have words to say,
For feelings that run much deeper,
Than mere words could ever convey.

And just because words aren't often voiced,
Doesn't make them any less true,
Words that have special meaning,
Words like 'I love you.'

So though I may not often speak,
The words you want to hear,
Know that you are still in my heart,
And my thoughts of you are dear.


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2013-03-01 07:39:24
I can alerday tell that's gonna be super helpful.

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2011-01-04 23:13:14
I've seen this elsewhere. Don't steal

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2011-01-04 23:13:01
I've seen this elsewhere. Don't steal

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2010-08-15 12:51:00
I gave you as well a positive rating. Unlike nancy, I found myself with an individual that didn't say much either, reading this really impressed me......E.G.


2010-07-02 17:21:45
VERY nice.... I gave you a positive vote.

It's not at all what most people come here for or what authors like I am post but it's nice to be reminded that we should let those who matter to us know that we truly cherish them. I just copied and pasted the poem on an email and sent it to my grand daughter, who's having a very bad time in a relationship that she's not yet ready to accept is doomed.

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