What happened next with Becky and the man who caught her, Rob. Note: you should read the other 'Becky' stories first, or at least 'Becky beside the Seaside' and 'Becky and a Friend'
Over the next few days, Becky couldn't stop thinking of when she'd gone round to Rob's place. She found her thoughts drifting back all the time, and over those few days, she masturbated to fantasies of Rob's throbbing penis, several times. She desperately wanted to do it again, but she didn't know how long she should leave it before she contacted him again. She eventually decided on a week, and tried to concentrate on other things in the meantime, but to no success.

Rob's mind drifted, too: flashing back to when Becky came round to see him, and remembering what happened at the bus stop. That shouldn't have happened, he thought. What if that woman hadn't been turned on, seeing a sixteen-year-old boy playing with himself in his trousers? Whatever might have happened but didn't didn't really disturb him; what had was a hell of an experience. Only bettered, in fact, by what had happened with Becky.

He sat on his sofa with his eyes closed, and remembered what had happened:

It had been about midnight, some day in Autumn a few years ago. He was sat in a bus stop round the corner from his parents' house smoking, when he suddenly wondered how much of a thrill it might be if he masturbated right there. He was already a little bit stiff from the way he was sitting, so he slipped his right hand down his pants and started to run his fingers up and down his shaft. It immediately sent a small tingle up his spine, and he continued doing it. He looked around himself to make sure nobody could see what he was doing, but he couldn't see anyone, so he loosely gripped his penis and began to slowly pump up and down. It felt brilliant, even though he had nothing to lubricate himself, and after a couple of short minutes, he was fully hard. It would have been a shorter time, had he been sat in his own bedroom, where he knew he couldn't possibly be caught, but now he was as hard as he'd ever been in his life.

A little bit of slippery precum dribbled out, and he started using that to lubricate himself. Now he was properly hard, and masturbating properly under the bus shelter, he began to feel that nobody would come and catch him, after all. So, still being careful - just in case - he unzipped his trousers and pulled his jumper over himself, so he could freely masturbate, but still hide the details, should anyone walk past.

One or two minutes later, he had settled into a rhythm, and was getting quite close, so he thought, to the end. His eyes were shut, and his breathing was getting heavy. Then, he heard a voice.

'Ooh, aren't you a dirty little boy?' He stopped immediately and opened his eyes, suddenly feeling immensely ashamed, embarrassed and lightheaded.

'Shit,' he said. It was a woman, maybe forty years old, with shoulder-length brown hair, slighly dark skin (as best as he could tell under the orange street lights), wearing jeans, a dark blouse, and sleek trainers. She looked him up and down, and her eyes lingered on his penis, which was still in his hand, still hidden by his jumper.

'Don't worry, I won't tell.' She winked. 'Can I have a look?'

He breathed sharply and irregularly, and shook violently, as he slowly pulled his jumper up with his left hand to expose his rapidly deflating penis and his hand, still firmly gripping it.

'Aww, it's going away. What a shame - can I help?' She had a wicked look on her face: something like excitement and slight nervousness. She stepped in front of him and took his penis in her hand. 'So, what's your name, dirty little boy?'

'R... Ro... R...'

She saw that he was nervous, but asked anyway. 'Are you nervous? Do you need me to help you relax?' She knelt down in front of him and shook his now-flaccid penis in her warm, soft hands. 'My name's Sarah.'

'R... Rob. I'm Rob.' He wanted to bolt, but his legs had turned to jelly. In fact, his entire body felt limp, like he would collapse if he tried to move himself.

'Just relax, Rob. I'll take care of you. Just let yourself relax and feel good.' She continued to stroke him for a minute or two, but he was too nervous, she couldn't make him hard again. 'Nobody's ever touched you before, have they?'


'Well, don't worry, dirty little Rob. You'll be thoroughly touched when I've finished.' And she bent down and put his penis in her mouth. It was still flaccid, so she could fit it all in her mouth. Rob gasped. What a delicious feeling! Sarah must have picked up on this noise. 'Mmmmm,' she said through his penis, as if to say 'you're enjoying this, aren't you?'

She sucked, and turned his penis around in her mouth with her tongue to make him feel as he'd never felt before. She wasn't a pervert or anything like that, but seeing a young boy masturbating like that had awoken her sexual instincts for the first time in a long time. Ever since her husband - the bastard - had left her for a younger woman, she hadn't really been too interested in men. But Rob, she thought, didn't seem to mind that she wasn't twenty years younger, or more attractive. She hadn't done anything sexual for all this time, and she genuinely wanted Rob to feel as good as he possibly could.

Now, he started getting hard. It must have taken a few minutes to get here, but get here they finally had. She deposited as much saliva as possible on his shaft, and let it fall out of her mouth. As she resumed pumping him with her hand, she looked into his eyes. They were glowing with excitement.

'How old are you, Rob?'

'Six... sixteen.'

'Are you enjoying this? Does it make you feel good and relaxed?'


'That's good. I'm thirty-seven, by the way,' she told him, 'and I haven't touched a man down there for a couple of years. I'm a little bit nervous, too.' Rob couldn't believe that; she must have just said that to make him feel less nervous himself. And it was working: he felt almost completely relaxed now, and was really enjoying the attention her hand was paying his penis.

Sarah sat down on the bench on Rob's left, and turned to face him a little, and he did the same. He was getting really close, now, and Sarah could see it. 'Are you going to come for me, Rob?'

'I'd love to come for you, Sa... Sara... ah!' It started as he said her name: he thrust his pelvis out and came powerfully onto the pavement, Sarah pumping and pumping away on his throbbing, five inch penis as he grunted and continued to pump out semen.

When he had finished spurting semen under the shelter, Sarah gave his penis a last squeeze before she let go of it. 'You enjoyed that, didn't you, Rob?'

Rob couldn't speak. He hadn't came like that before, and she had actually taken his breath away.

'I'm going to go now, but I know you. I live on the same road as you, and I live at number sixty-three. Come and see me whenever you like, you'll always be welcome.' And she walked away with a spring in her step, leaving Rob in the shelter, stunned. When he had recovered, he put his penis away and zipped his trousers up again, and got up. He stood for a minute and stared at the dribbles of semen on the pavement. His. He did it. How exciting!

He suddenly realized - his parents were going to wonder where he'd been. He started briskly walking around the block and lit another cigarette, and decided he'd just tell them that he was enjoying his walk, and carried on for longer than he'd intended. He was too nervous to go and see her at her house, but she became his recurring fantasy for a long time, and he often walked by that bus stop to remind himself of how thrilling that night had been.


Thinking back on what had happened that night made Rob feel slightly bad. He hadn't ever gone back to see Sarah at her house, though they had always greeted each other whenever they saw each other in the street, and she always winked at him, saying 'don't forget - whenever you like.' But he'd let her down. He hadn't returned that favour.

He had an idea to remedy that, though. He jumped off the sofa and strode out of the house, locking the front door as he went, and walked inland a few roads, and round a few corners. The sun was low in the sky, it might be nine o'clock - he hadn't looked at the clock. He came to the road where Sarah lived. He arrived at number sixty-three. There was no front yard or garden, and no bell, so he just rapped on the door with his knuckles. After a moment, the door was opened by Sarah, wearing a green dressing gown.

'Hello... ooh, if it isn't the dirty little boy, Rob! Haven't you grown! What happened? How come you never came to see me?' They went inside and sat down on the Sofa in Sarah's front room.

'I... I was nervous, and worried. I'm sorry, Sarah.'

'That's OK. How are you, anyway?'

'I'm very well, thanks...' and he told her about what had happened a few days ago, from hearing Becky on the beach to her leaving his house the next evening. 'To be honest, I was wondering... if you'd mind me bringing her here?'

She thought about it for a moment. It would be fun to see Rob having fun again. Maybe he might pay some attention to her, as well. She wouldn't mind that, she hadn't had the opportunity to let him see what she looked like at that moment. She decided, after a moment, that actually, she'd like to play with him alone again, first. 'Okay,' she said. 'You bring her round here and we'll all have a little fun. But first, can I play with you on my own?'

Rob smiled. 'Yeah. I never paid you any attention last time.' And he gently stroked her legs. 'I'm a little less nervous than I used to be, now.'

'I can see that. That feels good.' She unfastened her dressing gown and stood up a moment to let it slip off herself, leaving her naked, and sat down again. Considering she must be forty-one or so now, she was in good condition, Rob thought. Didn't really look much older than thirty or so. She definitely looked younger than now than she had under the lamp post, anyway.

He knelt in front of Sarah and stroked inside her thighs. She parted her legs a little bit, exposing her pussy. 'She must shave,' he thought to himself. As he stroked her thighs, he slowly brought his hands up towards her shorn pussy, and when he got there, he brushed his fingers up and down the slit.

'Mmmm, you do know what you're doing, don't you? Not the innocent little boy you were at the bus shelter, ear you?' She parted her legs a bit more, and her lips parted a little bit. He pushed his index finger in an inch or two, and wiggled it around. It was nice and wet in here already. He brought his finger out and took hold of her hips, and brought his face inward to meet her snatch.

'I hope you enjoy this, Sarah. I've never done it before.' And he started flicking her with his tongue.

'So you are still a bit innocent?' She smiled. An innocent boy at sixteen. Still innocent at twenty. She wondered what this Becky girl was like, and how innocent she was.

Rob's tongue went in, and he curled it up and down inside her, before cupping it around her swollen clitoris. Sarah made a noise of approval and pleasure, and Rob pushed his fingers inside her again, moving them in and out.

'Is this instinct, or have you been researching?' Rob didn't answer, and she guessed - correctly - that it was a bit of both. Either way, is was immensely enjoyable for her: even her ex-husband hadn't done this to her. He had generally just fucked her, quickly and badly, and then rolled over and gone to sleep, leaving her to take care of herself. But Rob seemed to enjoy what he was doing. She let her head fall back and shut her eyes as he continued to do what he was doing.

Five or so minutes went by, and Sarah was beginning to feel an orgasm building up inside her. Rob felt it too; her pussy felt more swollen to him, and very warm. As she began to orgasm, he went faster and harder, and further in with his fingers, and sucked her clitoris, and rubbed it quickly with his tongue.

Sarah held her breath in and spasmed as she orgasmed on Rob's fingers and tongue. Innocent as he was, he definitely seemed to know what he was doing.

When she was finished, she let out a low growl, and Rob stood up and looked at Sarah. 'Did you enjoy that as much as I did?'

'You're still just a dirty little boy, aren't you?'

'Yep. I'll call by later on, and you can meet Becky.' Sarah smiled and nodded, and walked him to the front door. She opened it, still naked, and kissed his cheek before he walked out.

Walking back home, Rob couldn't believe what he'd just done. He also couldn't believe how he couldn't have been nervous. Maybe he was too wrapped up in his excitement to be nervous. Whatever it was, he'd have to phone Becky in a bit. He sat and picked a book up from the table. He decided he'd read a few chapters of it before ringing Becky up, so he settled down to read for a couple of hours.

He picked up his phone and dialled her number.

'Hi Rob, are you alright?'

'Yeah, I'm good, thanks. You?'

'I'm good, tank, yeah. Do you want to come round?'


'Now. I'll come and pick you up if you want.'

'Okay.' And she told Rob to pick her up from the park, where she'd played with herself some time ago.

Rob's car was just outside the house, a red two-door Escort he'd got secondhand a year or so ago, and he got in and drove to the park. The sun had set now, and the lamp posts were all lit. When Rob got to the park, he saw Becky sat on one of the swings, looking for him. She saw him, and jogged to the car.

'Hi Rob. Got something new to show me?'

'Yeah, sort of.' He told her about Sarah, and she thought she sounded like good fun. 'Would you like to meet her? She might have something to show you.'

Becky had to think a moment. She had an inkling Rob was going to suggest this, but she still didn't honestly expect it. What might come of it? Would they end up having a proper, all-out threesome? Would they do other things, just play around? 'Rob, you know I'm a virgin, don't you?'

'So am I. Are you worried? It was just a thought, you don't need to see her. Just thought you might like to meet her, the first woman to see - and make - me come.'

'Okay, I'd like to meet her.'

Rob drove to his house, and they got out of the car.

'We'll walk from here, if that's alright. I don't want my parents to see my car outside a house that's not theirs, they live on the same road as Sarah.'


Rob offered Becky a cigarette, which she accepted, and lit one himself. They walked the five-minute walk to Sarah's house, talking about the things they might try out. By the time they got there, Becky was quite excited. Rob told her she'd be alright, that Sarah wouldn't make either of them do anything they didn't want.

They got to number sixty-three, and Rob knocked on the door. Sarah answered again, back in her dressing gown, and invited them in.

'Hi, Rob. This is Becky?' Rob nodded. 'Hi Becky. Rob's told me about you, and how you're a naughy girl, just like he was when her was sixteen.' Becky looked at her and smiled.

'You sound a little naughty, too, you know.'

They sat down on Sara's sofa, and Sarah opened her dressing gown. 'That I am, Becky. I reckon we three'll get along fine.' Becky had never seen another woman naked before, and the sight - though she'd never had lesbian inclinations - was strangely interesting to her. She couldn't help but look at Sarah's breasts. 'You can touch them, if you like.' Sarah had obviously noticed the look of excitement on Becky's face.

Becky, sat on one side of Sarah, felt Sarah's breasts. They were still quite firm, even though she must be old enough to be Becky's mother. Rob, who was sat on Sarah's other side, took his own t-shirt off, and his shoes. Sarah turned round and opened Rob's trousers while Becky took her own jumper, shoes, and jeans off.

'Yeah, let's all get comfortable,' said Sarah, standing up and taking off her dressing gown. Rob and Becky were now in their underwear and socks, which they kept on for the moment, all except their socks, which they took off and put down with their shoes. Becky hadn't been wearing a bra, which she barely ever did anyway. They were both still nervous about being naked, and they both wanted to keep a little bit of modesty for at least a few more minutes. Sarah, on the other hand, seemed perfectly comfortable sat between them, completely naked. 'Are you sure you don't want to take those off, too?' She glanced at each of their underwear.

Sarah leaned back on the sofa and spread her legs out in front of her, resting her hands flat, high on her thighs. Becky looked at Sarah's pussy, and then at the lump in Rob's shorts that was his penis. She started to feel more than a tiny bit horny. Sarah looked at her, and put her hand over Becky's pussy, through her knickers. Her warm hand was met by a warm pussy, and she pushed in with her palm. Becky seemed to like it: she sighed happily and put her hand on top of Sarah's. Rob got off the sofa and crouched himself in front of Becky. He reached up and stroked her breasts, while Sarah began to rub at Becky's snatch, which was beginning to get slightly wet.

As he stroked her breasts with one hand, he brought his other hand down and began to stroke his own penis, which was beginning to inflate, and had fallen out of his shorts through one of the legs. Becky pushed Sarah's hand away and started to remove her knickers, and Rob stood to take his shorts off. His nearly-erect penis stuck out in front of him, and Sarah looked at it.

'Ooh, you've not just grown taller, have you? You're a lot bigger now.' Rob looked at it, and looked back up at Sarah. Becky looked at Rob's penis. She reached out and took hold of it, and gripped it as he stooped down to touch her. She tossed her knickers down with Rob's shorts, and reached round to feel Sarah's pussy.

As Becky masturbated Sarah, and Rob did her, she loosened her grip on Rob slightly, and began to pump up and down.

'Well, we all know how to take care of each other, don't we,' said Sarah. Becky seemed to know what she was doing - she wasn't doing anything wrong, anyway - and Rob was starting to make Becky squirm. Becky was certainly making Rob, who was still stood up, a little shaky on his legs. He couldn't sit down without them having to stop. Becky saw this, so she motioned for them all to move down onto the floor, which they did.

With them all sat on the carpet, it was a lot easier for them to do what they were doing. Rob reached out with his other hand and started playing with Becky's breasts and Sarah played with Rob's balls, while Becky continued pumping up and down on Rob's shaft and masturbating Sarah.

'Let me have a go with that,' said Sarah, and she took Rob's hard penis from Becky's hand. The hand Becky had been using to masturbate Rob moved to where he was masturbating her, and she joined in, playing with her clit while Rob went in and out with two fingers.

They carried on like this for a few minutes, and they all grew more and more horny. Rob, particularly, was beginning to feel like he was getting close. He pushed Sarah's hand away: he didn't want to come on Sarah's carpet, and he didn't want to come before either of them. He brought his head down and pushed Becky's hand away from where she was still playing with her own clit, and started to eat her. At the same time, he started to play with Sarah's snatch as well.

From the sounds of heavy breathing in the room, it seemed quite obvious after a few more minutes that both Becky and Sarah were getting close, too. Rob started, while still eating Becky's pussy and fingering Sarah's, to stroke his penis, which was still hard. He did it slowly, so he didn't stimulate himself too much, but he gripped hard and put more effort into eating Becky. Sarah was still being taken care of by Becky, and she started to play with herself, too, fingering her pussy along with Becky with one hand, and playing with her breasts with the other.

Then, Sarah started to come: she ground her fingers over her clit and pulled Becky's hand in, and thrust a finger in her own anus at the same time. This orgasm was bigger than the last, and, as she moaned and thrust her hips forward and back, Becky pushed her fingers in further, all the way to the knuckles, and Sarah's moaning was replaced by a drawn out, guttural groan. She spasmed hard and fast, and she stopped groaning to take a sharp, uncontrolled breath, and then started moaning again. A small jet of liquid met hers and Becky's hands, and she slapped her own clitoris, sending another wave of pleasure over herself.

Sarah's orgasm lasted a good twenty-five seconds - a long time when three people are wrapped up in it, enjoying every moment - and Rob and Becky got far more excited as they witnessed it. They both felt the familiar pressure building up, and Sarah saw this as she slowly came out of her orgasm. She saw Rob's face, contorted with pleasure and arousal, and pulled away from Becky's hand to engulf Rob's throbbing shaft in her mouth. She wasn't a moment too soon: only a few seconds after she took it in her mouth, he began to spasm violently and propel thick semen into her mouth. Becky, too started to come at around the same time, and when he felt the first spasms he pushed three fingers inside her, still sucking her clit, and flicking it with his tongue.

Sarah sucked hard on Rob's penis as he continued to come, and Rob squeezed Becky's clit between his tongue and top lip. Becky let out a few loud yelps that echoed from the walls, but neither Sarah or Rob were bothered by it. Rob reached up with the hand he wasn't fingering Becky with, and grabbed her breasts, flicking her nipples and squeezing them together.

After what felt like quite some time, the two came down. Rob came down first, and he swallowed the juices that had escaped from Becky's snatch. He moved his face away from her, and stopped squeezing her breasts, to begin to stroke up and down between them instead. Sarah continued sucking Rob for a few seconds after he came down, and then pulled her mouth away. With it still open, she turned to face Rob, and let him see his semen in her mouth before swall1owing it.

They lay there on the carpet for a minute, and then Sarah got up to sit on the sofa again. 'That was fun!' Becky and Rob, still slightly red in the face, still lying on the floor panting, looked at her and grinned widely. 'Don't get dressed just yet,' she said, 'I'll go and make some tea, and we can cool down.'

Sarah got up and bounced out of the room. Rob stood up and stretched himself, while Becky crawled onto the sofa. 'Pretty lively, considering she's forty-one, eh?'

'Yeah,' said Becky. 'She certainly seems comfortable around a pair of naked youths.'

'Well... she was like that when she caught me at that bus stop a few years ago. Hey, I'll show you that bus stop when we've gone. You can see where I had my first ever experience with a woman.' Becky nodded interestedly and stretched her arms behind her head.

By the time Sarah came back, holding three mugs of tea, they all felt a lot cooler; the sweat had evaporated and they weren't flushed any more. She sat with them both on the sofa, and they drank their tea slowly, savouring the atmosphere. Sarah kept looking up and down Becky's and Rob's bodies, smiling.

When they finished their tea, Rob said that he should take Becky back home. Sarah said 'okay,' and they picked their clothes up and dressed, and Sarah put her dressing gown back on. They all went to the front room, and Sarah opened the door to let Becky and Rob out.

'See you later, Sarah,' said Becky as she walked out onto the pavement. Rob went to follow her, but Sarah leaned into him and whispered in his ear.

'You're doing fine. You must have watched a lot of... done a lot of research... to learn all that. Keep it up.'

'Thanks,' he whispered back, and stepped out after Becky. They both waved, and Sarah waved her hand and smiled before shutting the door.

Rob pointed in the direction of the bus stop, and they both walked in that direction and round the corner, until they got there. They both sat on the bench, legs out, and produced and lit cigarettes. They smoked, more or less, in silence, and when they finished their cigarettes, Rob slipped off the bench and crouched on the pavement. He pointed at a point about two inches from the corner of a paving slab, a foot or so in front of the bench.

'That's where it landed, when she made me come. And I was sitting exactly where you are, too.' He looked at her, and stood up again. 'D'you want to walk round the block before I take you home again?'

'Yeah, that'd be nice.'

They walked around, following the pavement until they got back to the road where Sarah lived. They walked back to Rob's house, and he got his car key out and unlocked his car. They both got in.

'Where I picked you up?'

'Yeah, please.'


Rob drove Becky back to the park, and when she was about to open her door and get out, Rob stopped her.

'Please come round and see me again, whenever you want to. Okay?'

'I will, don't worry. Tonight was really fun, but I think I preferred it the other day, when it was just you and me.' She leaned over and kissed him for a minute, and then got out of the car and waved as Rob waved back and drove off. She got another cigarette out of her pocket and slowly started to walk home.

When she got home, she got her key out and tried the door, in case she didn't need to unlock it. She did need to, and she did, and then she went in and locked it again. As she put her key back in her pocket, she walked into the front room to glance at the clock. Half past midnight. She walked out of the room and up the stairs to her bedroom.

She went into her room and shut the door, and turned the light on. She kicked her shoes off and undressed, closed the curtain, and turned the light off again. Thinking about it made her feel horny again, so she got into bed and slowly started to finger herself as she lay there. Under the cover, she rubbed her feet up and down on the bed, and then settled with her legs straight out, separated to she could masturbate.

She continued masturbating with two fingers under the cover in her unlit bedroom, until she felt another orgasm building up. She pushed a third finger into herself, and pulled the cover up, stuffing the edge into her mouth as she made noises of pleasure.

After she had finished and cooled down again, she was still of Rob. Maybe... she'd like to have sex with Rob. But would she wait, perhaps get to know him more, become his girlfriend, play around with him more, or just ask if he'd like to do it, next time they spoke.
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