I hear the Darkness call my name;
I am drawn closer to the Flame.
I hold back; I must resist.
But how can I forget the Darkness that exists?
My Dark Desire, my Beloved One;
Two hearts beating one by one.
I hear your Voice, I see the Darkness smile.
I'd walk on coals, crawl for miles,
Just to feed my Dark Desire,
To draw closer to the Fire.
I must give in, be taken whole;
Give away my very soul.
To the Darkness I will give,
Every breath, every tear,
All my love, all my fears.
His mistress I shall become,
Devoid of emotion, not quite numb.
To throw myself into the Flames,
Burning brightly,
The Darkness calls my name.
I feel his Breath upon my face;
I am forgetful now of time and space.
When the Darkness is near I forget myself,
Forgetting all but the Darkness itself.
Feeling his Fingers burning hot on my skin,
Whispering in my ear, 'Now let me in.'
The Darkest of Desires consumes my soul, my flesh.
And I give in, I give in.
Take me now, my Darkness Within.

Copyright 2010 Nicola Matthews. All Rights Reserved
This poem is featured in a novel of short stories entitled Temptation by Nicola Matthews.

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-21 20:31:49
You are so very talented and have a buuatifel unique style all your own in everything you do! LOVE your what's yet to come ;)<3

anonymous readerReport

2011-09-02 08:53:12
wow i can really relate to this thanks so much for sharing


2010-12-20 23:03:46
I love it! Honestly i could favorite everything you write.

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-10 01:29:28
amazing. just amazing.

Nicola MatthewsReport

2010-07-01 15:06:55
Seriously, who CARES if he doesn't like it? I'm the author of it and I don't give 2 cents if he hates it or loves it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it when my fans like my work. But I write for ME and if others love it, great, and if they don't, oh well. You can't please all the readers all the time and I certainly don't try. Bottom line is that I have written many pieces which have been chosen for poetry awards as well as traditional publication, so I'm pretty sure I'm a fairly decent writer of poetry. If BR doesn't like my work, that's his opinion and he's certainly entitled to it. I disagree with his opinion, and so do others, and BR disagrees with me, and that's his priority as a free human being. I'm pretty sure I won't curl up and die simply because he doesn't like it.

That's enough said on the subject. Peace.

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