And we are nearing the end
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 12
Sally and Janice

Well I made it through classes. Even made it through lunch with Brenda. Both without losing it or fading away too bad. After school, Brenda again came up to the car and leaned in and gave me a kiss. A good long kiss with plenty of tongue. She pulled back and her mind registered the girls in the car. I think she didn’t even notice them when she leaned in and now she felt kinda of busted.

I tried to ease her mind and said “Nice kiss. Thank you. See ya Friday. What time do you want me to pick you up?”.

Brenda looked at Janice, then me. I saw her mind working. I didn’t even want to look at Janice. It might give it away.

I said “How about 6?”. I saw her nod. “Good. Well I gotta get these two squirts home and dinner cooking. Sally is staying over with Janice. I just hope they stop giggling in their room early enough so I get some sleep. Later, Babe.”.

She pulled her head out and said “Bye. See ya tomorrow.”.

I pulled out and started off the school lot. I gave a quick glance at Janice.

“What happened there? Brenda looked at you strange.”.

“Nothing -- much.”.

I heard Sally giggle in the back seat. Oh gees. Mom left us money to order pizza, so I got that ordered. We had 45 minutes before it got there. Janice started to undo her blouse. I watched, then thought of the pizza guy yet to come.

“Hey squirt. Not so fast. The pizza will be here in a bit. We don’t want to have the guy catch us naked and doing things.”.

Janice looked thoughtful, then started redoing her buttons. She looked at me. “Damn.”. Her and Sally went upstairs and I waited downstairs.

Once the pizza was here, I got out paper plates, but Janice came into the kitchen and said “It’s here. We can eat it later. My room. Sally. Now. Be sweet.”.

I followed her upstairs, my cock was getting hard just thinking of Sally’s big, thick nipples. We stepped into Janice’s room and there was Sally…naked…on Janice’s bed. Only the lamp by her bed was on. I looked and she was bald down there. Yup, she’s shaved, cause it looked like hair had been there. The skin was white, not un-tanned, but white. But her slit looked wet already. And her tits. And her big fat nipples.

I had stopped just as I came into the room. I felt Janice undo my pants and they slid down. She pulled my undies out and over my cock and then they were at the ground too. Janice stood up and undid my shirt. I was naked. I stepped out of the pile of clothes at my feet and started walking to Sally.

“Hey bro. Where are the condoms?”.

“Uh…oh…in my pants…front pocket.”.

I heard my pants moving, then Janice said “There are different. When did ya get these?”.

I looked at her hand and saw the condoms Mrs. Parks had given to me.

Sally piped up “My mom gave them to him when she was kissing him behind the car.”.

“Oh. Cool. Here big boy, let’s get this on you.”.

Soon Janice had the condom on my hard cock and was guiding me to her best friend. I got up between her legs and was about to start rubbing her and kissing her.

Janice said “Oh don’t worry about the foreplay stuff. I got her fairly well worked up. And I put a bit of cream in her to make it easier for her. I got it from the drug store. It took all I could to put it on the counter. It was Hank at the checkout. He noticed and was about to say something, when I leaned forward and let him look down my blouse. I even unbuttoned the top button while he watched. He’s kind of cute and all for an older guy, so…maybe…later… Well, a girl may want more than just her brother, even if he is her husband too. Go to Sally. Just ease in and make her feel good.”.

She went and sat down in her chair in the corner by her desk, in a dark corner. I looked at her and she waved me back to Sally. I moved in and kissed her belly. I kissed my way up to her tits…and her nipples. I sucked each one and lashed my tongue over them. I was enjoying this, but remembered Janice saying to just get there. So I moved up higher. I kissed her lips. One more move and my cock was at her slit. I bent and kissed her again, with my tongue sliding along her open mouth. I pressed my hips and I slid in just a bit. I heard her gasp into my mouth. I pressed more. I was slowly sliding into her. It was tight, sweet, and very nice. I pulled out a bit and heard her whimper at the loss. I moved back in a little further. She sighed. I moved back again. She smile at me now knowing I was coming back. She looked down, but as I was so close to her I knew she couldn’t see anything. I moved up onto my arms and arched my back. This gave her an open view to where we were joined. I pulled out and pushed in. I was now just about all the way in her. Her hips moved up and I was now all the way in.

She looked over at Janice and smiled. She whispered a soft ‘Thank you’ and then looked up at me. She lifted her head and kissed me. I was pulling back out almost to the very end of my cock. I held it there…waiting. Finally Sally opened her mouth to say something and I pushed forward in one long, modestly fast stroke. All the way in until I was pressed up against her pubic bone with mine. She grunted an ‘oh’ and smiled.

“Oh Giles. Thank you. Thank you. Oh. Oh. Oh that is good. So over so good. Like way better than good. Oh. Oh. Oh yes.”.

I now started to fuck her. This was not as loving as with Janice, but it was nice. I had a love for this girl. Not a big brother love. Not a girl friend love. Well kinda. I did have a big lust for her nipples. I know she likes me. This is nice.

Sally was moving her hips up to met my strokes causing a slapping noise each time. She was wet with her own moisture and the cream Janice had added. I was sliding in and out real easy, even as tight as she was. I heard Sally getting louder and her moans were longer. I looked down her body and her big nipples were taller. The area around her nipples was tightly crinkled up making them even bigger and longer. I wanted to suck those sweet nubs in, but I knew I couldn’t get there and still fuck her. So I just fucked her.

I was lasting longer than I had hoped, which was amazing to me. Sally was now making an almost nonstop noise. Accented with each stroke.

“OoooooOOOoooouuuuuueeeeEEEeeeeoooOOOO. Fuck. YeeeeesssssssssSSSSS Shit!”.

I felt her legs start to quiver. Her arms went to my chest and pressed hard. Her face went all red and she pulled her hips up hard against me. Her teeth clench together and she came. She went all rigid and came. I slowed down, but kept my strokes long and deep. She was wetter now, but tighter, so it was getting harder to push into her. She gave a big shudder and slumped back onto the bed. I slipped out when she fell back. We both sighed.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Wow! I never….I just never. Wow!”.

She was covered in sweat and was breathing hard. I was also breathing hard.

I looked at her and said “That was great. You were great. Thank you.”.

I heard a noise. It was Janice getting up out of the chair. She leaned in and kissed Sally on the forehead. It was kind of strange. Here I was naked, over her naked best friend, having just fucked her to a big orgasm, yet she was still in her clothes. I almost laughed. Janice leaned in and gave me a kiss. A deep kiss with lots of passionate tongue.

“Hey sweet guy. You got more in the big hard cock of yours? Roll over on your back. Sally, move over. Give him room. A bit more. There.”.

She pulled her top off and pushed her skirt to the floor quickly. No underwear. The bra popped free and was off. She got up on the bed and threw her leg over me. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy. I slid in. The condom was slick still from Sally and me. And I think Janice was wet too.

I was still breathing a bit hard and now Janice was going up and down on me. This was obviously her need that was getting satisfied. Her eyes were closed. I looked over at Sally. Her eyes were big as she watched Janice going up and down on my cock. I saw those big nipples and pulled Sally to me so I get at them. I sucked the nearest one in. Oh it was big, tight, fat, just marvelous. I heard Sally sigh.

Janice was making little noises. She almost sounded like a monkey. She was working up and down hard and fast. She was working wildly on top of me. Her hair was flailing about. Sweat was flying off her. It was running down her chest, over and by her tiny tits. Her nipples were also standing up and tall, though nowhere near as big as Sally’s.

“Oh god, Janice. So close. Damn.”.

“Me too. You guys… Oh fuck… Oh yes. Yes…. Oohhhhhhhmmmmmm!”.

She came on top of me and her tight pussy clamped on my cock. Watching her cum and feeling her cum pushed me over the edge and I came. I filled that condom up. Over and over.

Janice slowly eased up and of my cock. I heard her gasp as she pulled up. Finally I popped out. Sally moved off the bed and helped Janice to lay down. The bed was too small to fit all three of us. I thought. Sally climbed on top of both of us and laid her head on my neck. She had one leg between mine, the other between Janice’s legs. She looked at Janice and kissed her.

“Thank you, Janice. Thank you, Giles.”. She kissed me. “I‘m hungry. I guess we gotta zap the pizza to get it hot again.”.

My stomach rumbled. Yes, I was hungry. But I know I was all sweaty and the girls were too.

“Hey how about a quick shower.”. I looked at them sternly. “A quick shower. Then we eat. Let’s move.”.

We made it to the bathroom and got the shower started. Once the water was warm, I had Sally get in -- by herself. She frowned.

“Later. We can play in the shower later. Get washed, quickly. Rinse. Good. You out. Janice in.”.

Janice moved quicker and was soon out. I got in and washed off just as quick. I hung my towel and went to my room for my robe. I went downstairs and got a slab of the pizza onto a plate and into the microwave. It went ding just as the girls came downstairs. Each girl had one of my t-shirts on. Just a t-shirt. It was gonna be a long and wild night. And we had school tomorrow.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 13
Sally’s butt

We moved the pizza box to the garbage and cleaned up the plates and stuff. Janice looked at the room and said “Clean enough that Mom won’t freak. Now upstairs. Move it, ya big lummox.”.

She swatted my ass and pushed me. So I went up the stairs with Janice and Sally right behind me. I heard giggling. If I wasn’t in love with Janice…and a bit in love with Sally…that giggling could become tiring. I stopped near the top of the stairs. I turned and looked at them.

“What?! What’s so funny?”.

Sally looked at the bottom of my robe and said “We can see your things wagging as you walk up the stairs.”.

My robe is not that short…I thought. But add a few feet care of the stairs and yes, they would be able to look up my robe. I walked into Janice’s room and turned around. The girls were still in the hallway. What?

Janice said “Giles. We want to do it in your room. And then she can sleep with you all night.”.

The thought of actually sleeping the whole night with a girl…wild…great. I had an idea.

“OK. I need to play adult here. First off we need to get any homework done. We can’t mess that up. Then we take my mattress and yours and we put them on the floor together. That way we can all sleep together. We would have to wake up early enough to get everything back in place. How much homework you guys got? I only got a little bit of calc left.”.

Janice piped up quickly “None!”.

Sally looked at her and said “Ten questions from Mr Bell’s. But they’re only gonna take a short time. You should have the same questions.”.

Janice smiled proudly and said “I did all my homework at lunch or in class.”.

I walked to my room and started my homework. I heard Janice and Sally from across the hall. It was only an hour and I was on the last question. I heard or felt something and looked around and Sally was in my doorway naked. Janice was behind her, also naked. They had her mattress between them.

“Just one minute more. … Done. Bring it in. There.”.

We three quickly got the two mattresses lined up There was no bare floor anywhere. They were not going to move apart to easily. Good. I looked up and Janice had a red jar.

“Hey bro. Some more lube. And no condoms.”. I started to speak and Janice held up her hand. “No condoms cause you are only going to be in our butts and mouths.”. Again I started to speak. “I have spent some time going over your porn sites. And I found some interesting vids on your hard drive. So don’t tell me you aren’t interested in a little ass to mouth. Or we can just go sleep in my room and…”.

“Hey! OK. But, I never thought any one would look at my stuff.”.

While Janice and I were talking, Sally moving like she was dancing. There were those big thick nipples swaying in front of me. My cock got harder and was poking out the front of my robe. Janice saw my eyes and noticed Sally too. She tugged my robe off.

“Hey big guy. Go lay down and I will teach Sally how to suck you. Go.”.

I went and laid down on the mattresses. Sally was almost there was fast as I got there. She was leaning in and staring at my cock.

“First wrap you hand around it. Easy. Slow. Up and down. Yes. Now use your other hand and rub his balls. Real easy.”.

“He’s all hairy. You made me shave. Why not him too?”.

“Guys don’t shave. And besides you had one hug thick rug. How was he gonna find your hole? Now lean in and kiss it. Up and down. Kiss his balls too. Now push your tongue out. Lick his balls. Now easy…suck one in and move it around.”. Janice looked at me. “Your vids are interesting and gave me all sorts of ideas. Now lick up his cock. Suck the sides of it. Wrap your tongue around. Now take him in. Slowly. Careful. Don‘t push too far. It‘ll make you wanna puke.”.

I was enjoying this I felt pampered and at the same time, I felt like some lab manikin. It helped me maintain without feeling close to cumming. Sally was bobbing up and down. Sucking and licking. It was good. I felt her pull her head up and off. I opened my eyes. I hadn’t even realized they were closed. Janice was moving Sally back.

“Now ease around and put your legs around his head. Careful. Mmmfph.” Janice had sucked me in. “Now spread your legs. Ease down. Let him get at you. Giles. I want you to lick her. Lick her from front to back. Get her wet with your tongue. Yes. Another of your porn vids. I’ll make sure you don’t get soft down here.”.

I grabbed Sally’s legs and pulled my head up and into her crotch. Her pussy smelled nice. I licked her. Nice. Kind of a peach smell over the pussy smell. Oh. The cream. I felt Janice sucking my cock into her mouth. I felt her move down and down. Soon she had all of me in her mouth and throat. She slowly pulled off.

“Be right back o sweet hard cock. I gotta see.”.

She moved and I saw her face in close as I licked her best friend’s pussy. My nose was going all over her butt crack.

“God. This is hot. Now lick her butt. Lick it good, Giles. Get her all slicked up for your cock.”.

I moved and tentatively licked her butt crack. I felt my cock twitch. I licked it again. This time I pushed my tongue out farther and pushed into her crack deep. I was licking Sally’s butt. I pushed and my tongue slipped in. I was almost hurting my tongue, I was pushing it out so far. I felt a greasy, slimy hand wrap around my cock. Nice. I never used lubes before to wank off.. Nice. Sally moved up and my tongue tried to stay with her, but she moved and turned. She straddled me and reached between our legs and grabbed my slippery cock. She got me lined up with her butt hole. Janice leaned down and kissed me. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. She pulled it out and swiped it around my lips.

“Hmmm I knew I would like the peach.”. She looked at Sally and said “Go slow. Real easy. Down a bit, hold, then up. And again and again.”.

My sister, lover, wife was again instructing her best friend at how to do sex with me. My cock head went in a bit. Maybe an inch. Then she held still and she pulled up. She took a big breath and held it. Down she came. This time more of my hard cock went in. She whimpered and her legs shook. Janice scampered up and straddle my head.

I heard Janice say. “Hold it. Slide down a bit more.”. I think I held a smack. Like a kiss smack. “Yes. Now up. Now down. Go all the way down. Push.”. Sally was biting her lip. I see Janice’s pussy over my head. Her pussy lips were wet. I tried to lift my head up to her pussy, but her legs weren’t right. Sally pushed down slowly and bit by bit, I slid in. All the way into to her butt. I heard another smack. “That’s better. It’s all in. You took it all. Now just up and down, small. Just an inch up and then down.”. Another smack.

I heard Sally say “Another kiss. A hard kiss. Help me take my mind off the pain. Mmmfph”.

I was hurting her. I didn’t want to do that. Janice moved and her pussy landed on my face. I started licking like no tomorrow. Sally was moving up and down on my cock. I was having sex with two girls at the same time. How cool!

Sally cried out. She moved up almost all the way off, then slammed down.

“It hurts. It hurts.”. Up and down she went. “So good. It hurts so good. Oooh Ow! Yes. Oh yes. So good.”.

She worked up and down for minutes. She made whining noises. Janice shuddered from my tongue lashing. She moved off me. There. Now I could see Sally as she moved up and down. Her butt sliding over my cock. There were her big, fat nipples. They were hard and standing out hard. Sweat was sliding down her body. I saw some flick off her nipple. Damn that was hot. I felt Janice between my legs with her hand. I felt her fingers slide over my butt. They were greasy. I felt her find my but hole and push. Her fingers went in and I exploded into Sally butt. Sally cried out as my cock pulsed into her ass. I humped up into Sally’s butt hard. She cried. Janice pumped into my ass with her slimy fingers. Again I pulsed into Sally. Again she cried out. Two more times Janice pushed into me. And each time I pulsed cum into Sally.

“So how was it? Like it?”. Sally sighed and nodded her head. She smiled and then shuddered. It made my cock pulse again. Her eyes rolled up. Her arms pulled in tight. “OK. Now to prove to me and Giles you are his to do with as he wants. Pull off him and get down there and suck him. Lick him. Get him clean. And this time try to take as much of his cock in. Quickly before he shrinks all up.”.

Sally pulled up and moved around. Her face was there. She looked at me, at Janice. She scrunched up her face and dove down. She sucked my cock into her mouth. She went deeper than before. She gagged and pulled back. Her mouth was open. She again looked at me. I nodded. She went back down and wrapped her tongue over my cock head. She sucked me in. This time she pushed slowly down. I felt the back of her throat and she stopped.

Janice said “More. Take it all. More. Here I’ll help.”. She grabbed Sally’s hair and pushed down. I went into Sally’s throat. She started gagging and her hands tried to push off. Janice let her up. Sally’s hands relaxed. Janice pushed down again. I was all the way in. Janice was pushing hard. Sally was gagging and wildly thrashing. Janice let her up again. This time all the way off. “Good girl. You took it all. It’s becomes easier. Here watch.”.

Janice leaned in and move Sally out of the way. She licked my cock “Hmm some peach lube is left. Watch.”.

Janice moved her head down and down. I went into her throat. Her stomach flinched, but she went all the way down. She held it and her tongue moved around. She pulled up and licked my cock again.

“Now you do it. Without me having to push you. Do it. Or you can’t have any more sex with him.”.

Sally looked at Janice, then at my cock. She moved in. She picked my cock up in her hand. I was never completely soft, and the blow jobs had me hard again. She moved her mouth down. And like Janice, she went down more. She hit the back of her throat, paused, and pushed down. Down and down. I felt her lips at the base of my cock. She started to move up and gagged again. She pulled off and gasped for air. Janice reached for her head and Sally waved her off. She took me back into her mouth and went down again. And up and down. Then again she pushed all the way down and held it. I felt her tongue and throat moving. She was tense. She slowly pulled up and licked my cock head and then took a big breath.

“Good girl. Very good. Now here lube him up. My turn.”.

While Sally put lube on my cock. Janice got on her hands and knees. I got behind her. I lined my hard cock up with her ass and pushed in. One long slow stroke until I was all the way in. I moved out, then back in. I grabbed her hips and started moving in and out at a good pace. Janice was grunting in time to my thrusts. Sally was watching as I plowed into my sister’s ass. I slapped her ass a good hard slap. Janice howled. I slapped her again on the other side. Sally got up on her knees next to us. She leaned in and kissed me. I was again lost in amazement. I had two naked girls. I had just butt fucked one and then deep throated her. Now I was butt fucking my sister. Hard. Fast. I felt Sally’s hand go between my legs. She slid down and moved her hand along my balls. I felt her fingers slide along my cock as I thrust into Janice. Then Janice jerked her head up. I felt Sally’s finger sliding into Janice’s pussy. I felt her fingers through Janice butt.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh shit. Fuck!”.

I blew my cum into Janice’s ass. It couldn’t have been much after two other cums tonight, but it felt like another good size load. Sally kept working her fingers in Janice’s pussy and around my cock. I was spent. I was tired. I pulled back and Sally said “Wait. Janice. Are you ready? Just like me? Ready?”.

Janice looked back at us and drew in a breath and then nodded her head. I pulled out and sat back on my heels. Janice moved and got her face right on my cock. She licked it up and down. Then she sucked me in. All the way in. She moved up and down licking me clean. Sucking the last of my cum from my poor spent cock. It was wilting fast. Finally she let my soft shrunken cock slip from her mouth. I laid down and was soon asleep.

I awoke later in the night, got up to go pee. Stepping over my two naked lovers. One my younger sister. I got back and set the alarm clock an hour earlier and pulled the blankets up and over us.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 14
Sally’s house

We woke up and I insisted we get the rooms back together and showered for school. We barely had enough time, but we made it to school in time. I was smiling big time all morning long. I was able to hold it together and stay focused in class. I saw Mr. Miles in the hallway and he seemed to look through me. As he walked by, he stopped and said “Wipe that grin off and behave. Now get to class.”. He sounded gruff, but I think he was smiling inwardly at me. Just then Brenda hollered my name. I turned to look for her and Mr. Miles grunted and walked away.

As we got closer, she said “I just can’t wait for Friday. I gotta to hurry.”. She gave me a quick kiss and was gone. I started to my own class and looked and saw Mr. Miles wagging his finger at me. I went over to him.

He said “I told you once. Do I have to give you a detention or will you figure out how to keep it in line during school?”. Before I could answer he added “She kissed you or I would give you one now. Talk to her. Off campus and be smart. She’s better than your other girlfriends. Hang on to her. Now get!”.

I talked with Brenda at lunch and told her we got busted by Mr. Miles. She behaved and we only held hands. At the end of the day, I waited for her and we walked to the parking lot. We got to my car and the girls were already there, bags in hand.

Janice piped up “Hey bro. Give her a good kiss and let’s go. I got too much homework tonight. Sorry Brenda. I need to get home. He’s yours Friday. Use him and abuse. But let’s go, ya lummox.”.

I laughed. If only Brenda knew that Janice just ‘gave me away’ for Friday. I grabbed Brenda and pulled her to me, face to face. Our bodies moved close and I felt her breasts press into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a good kiss. My tongue moved around her lips and pressed. She matched me. I heard a couple of “ahems”.

“Uh right. See ya tomorrow for lunch. Got to get these two squirts home. Later.”.

Once the car was rolling, Janice said “Herns road again.”.

Sally said “Nope, my house. Remember my mom said we can do it there. She meant it.”. I was still not sure. Sally added “She gave you the condoms. Right? See even kissed you…good. Right? And she even grabbed your cock too. She told me. So my house and step on it, my good man.”.

We got there and as we piled out of the car and grabbed all of Sally’s stuff, Mrs. Parks stepped out. “Need a hand hauling things in?”. She came up to me, hugged me, and kissed me. She grabbed my butt. My sister gawked. Mrs. Parks laughed. “Don’t act like that. You guys had a good time. Your folks weren’t home. I knew. She looked at me. “She texted me that you were nice. Thank you. Now get inside and up into my bedroom. Hurry. Go.”.

We went inside and Sally dropped her book bag on the couch. All the other stuff joined it. Sally grabbed my hand and Janice’s hand. She led us down the hall and into her parent’s room. She stopped alongside the bed and started taking her clothes off. Her mom was looking in as she stood in the open doorway. I was nervous and so was Janice.

“Go ahead guys. But be quick. I’ll come in and break it up before Jeff gets home. There’s more in my nightstand.”.

A nude Sally was at my pants and undoing them. She pulled my shoes off and I helped in getting my pants down.

Mrs. Parks said “Janice, dear, do you want to help me in the kitchen or help in here?”. She looked at me as her daughter pulled my shirt off.

I was naked in Sally’s mom’s bedroom in front of Sally’s mom. Sally pushed me down to the bed. She reached in the nightstand and got a condom out.

Sally looked at Janice and said “Please stay. We can share him.”.

I watched as Janice worked the idea in her head.

Mrs. Parks said “Do you want me to help you with your clothes? Here. Hands up.”.

Janice meekly lifted her hands and Mrs. Parks pulled her top up and off. She turned Janice around and undid her bra. She turned her back around and knelt in front of her. She got Janice’s shoes off, then undid her pants.

I watched this as Sally put the condom on my hard cock. Sally got up and aimed my cock and eased down on me. I groaned at the sweet feel of her tight pussy. I looked at her tiny tits and those huge nipples. I reached or them and pinched them. I spun them. I looked at Janice and she was now naked and coming to me. Mrs, Parks was smiling and picking up clothes and turning shirts back inside right. Placing them on the bench by her makeup table. Sally was going to town. Up and down on my hard cock. Janice was leaning in and she sucked one of Sally’s nipples in. Oh damn sweet pussy on my cock. My naked sister was sucking Sally. I looked and saw Mrs. Parks with her dress pulled up and her hand was playing in her undies. She looked full of passion as she watched her daughter fucking me. I looked at Sally. At Janice. At Mrs. Parks.

I was moaning and cried out “Oh damn. Sweet. SWEET! Oh yes.”.

Janice moved up and started kissing Sally hard and deep. I grabbed Janice’s pussy and started fingering her. If I concentrated on Janice, maybe I could last longer. I felt Sally’s pussy getting tighter. She started moaning low and her legs started to shake as she worked up an down. She yelped and slammed down and pressed into me. She pulled Janice to her tightly and hugged her hard. I was breathing hard and all I really did was lay there. Sally was sweaty and breathing real hard. Her pussy was pulsing around my cock. She let go of Janice and Janice stood up.

Sally got of me, leaving my cock pointing at the ceiling. She scooted up to the head board. She spread her legs and said to Janice “Please come up here and lick where your brother just was. Giles, you take her from behind, please. Thank you Mom.”.

I looked and Mrs. Parks had her dress unbuttoned and one of her tits out and playing with it. Her hand moved off and I saw she also had large nipples like her daughter. But Mrs. Parks had the largest boobs I had ever seen.

I heard Sally moan and sigh. “Yes. Thank you. Giles.”.

I looked and Janice was face down in Sally’s pussy and going at it. I moved and got behind her and lined my cock up and slid in. I looked over my sister’s back and at Sally’s tiny tits and big nipples. I started pumping I and out of my sister. Janice was moaning into Sally’s pussy. I grabbed her hips and again started to pound my sister. I felt Mrs. Parks come up behind me and wrap her left arm around me. I felt her naked boobs on my back. I looked and saw her dress on the floor. There was her bra and her underwear. I looked behind me and Mrs. Parks gave me a kiss. She rubbed my chest as I fucked Janice. I felt her right hand down and felt as she started to play with herself. I felt her hand going up and down as I was going in and out.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can last. Come on Janice. Cum. Cum for me.”.

Mr’s Parks added “Cum around your brother’s big hard cock. Feel it going in you. It was just in my daughter. Fucking her. Now it is in you. Fucking you. Cum. Let your brother feel you cum.”.

Her words worked because I watched as Janice back turned red and she start shuddering. I kept hammering at her as she climaxed on my cock. I was so close. Janice went limp under me. Mrs. Parks reached down and pressed her hand against my stomach.

“Easy now. You got her. You made her cum. Easy. Pull out. Let her rest. My turn. Finish in me.”.

Sally moved out from under Janice and moved her to the side. Janice was smiling and assisted. Mrs. Parks laid on the her bed and spread her legs. She lifted her knees and pulled them up higher. Her big boobs lolled to the side and her big nipples, bigger than Sally’s, point outwards. They were hard, her areolas were all crinkled up. Her pussy had a black bush covering it. It was trimmed on top about two inches below her belly button. This was a full grown woman wanting me. My hard cock was throbbing. I had got close twice now. I needed to get off. I got up and between her legs. She grabbed my cock and aimed me. I slid in. She wasn’t loose, but not near as tight as Sally and Janice…or my other girlfriends. Nice. Yes nice. She pulled my head to her big nipples and I started suckling. I smashed my face into her boobs and started fucking her. I was lost in my need. I was barely human. I was just a hungry, fuck machine. Big boobs. Big nipples. Sweet pussy. I was sweaty, hot, horny.

“Oh damn I am close again. Please. Let me. Please. Oh god. Please.”.

I felt fingers around my butt. They worked their way in. Two went into my asshole and I came. I blew my load into the condom that was inside Mrs. Parks. I humped. I pulsed. I screamed. I latched back onto those big boobs and sucked hard. I bit and sucked. I pulled up, taking the glorious nipple with me. It pulled the whole boob up and it stretched. I was still pumping into her. Even as I kept cumming, I pumped. I pushed my lips tighter to her nipple. It was about to slip out. I felt her pussy tighten on me. Her eyes rolled shut and she grabbed the sheets. She started squeaking. Little chipmunk noises. Cute. I let her tit loose. It slapped back down and wobbled around a couple of times. I leaned down and sucked the other breast in. I sucked hard. I bit. I nibbled. I worked that nipple into my mouth. She was rocking around under me. Her legs were wrapped around my back, pulling me into her over and over. My cock had stopped pulsing, but was still hard. I was almost out of breath. I pulled the newest nipple up and again the breast came up with it. This time my teeth were bare as I held that large, tasty nipple. Mrs. Parks was quivering. It looked like every muscle was jerking. She was now making gurgling noises. She finally went limp under me. I stopped pumping. I was still deep in her pussy.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, then grimaced. “My nipple. Oh please easy. Let it down and then let loose. Ow!”.

I did as she asked. I looked at her tits and saw I had left big hickies all over them. Her nipples were bright red. The left one, were I held with my bare teeth. Was showing some blood.

“Oh sorry. Oh wow. I didn’t…I’m sorry…I…”.

“It’s ok. Calm down. Oh honey, that was great.”.

I looked at those big boobs, that I had just assaulted. I was about to attack them again, when Mrs. Parks said “Oh my thank you for that lovely time. That was great. Been a while since I had a nice big cock and that much powerful passion. Oh and don’t worry about my boobs. Wow. Nice. What time is it? We need to get to the shower. And we got to be quick. Giles, Sally go first. Janice help me tidy the bed.”.

We made it. We got dressed and was just walking to my car when Mr. Parks walked up. Sally kissed him and then turned and kissed me. Mrs. Parks rolled her eyes. Sally then kissed Janice -- on the lips and held her head. She turned and laughed. Janice joined in.

Mrs. Parks looked at her husband and said “That girl just did that to blow your mind and it worked. Oh boy did it work. And I think it blew poor Giles’ mind too. Boys. So weak.”.

Janice said “Goodbye Mrs. Parks, Mr. Parks. See ya at school, Sally. Let’s go, ya big lummox.”.

Oh my god. I am in deep. Deep indeed. Janice, Sally, Mrs. Parks, and soon Brenda if everything plays out.

Janice looked at me and said “Well, my sweet brother, my sweet lover, my sweet husband. Did you enjoy yourself? I know I did.”

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