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Sister wants to learn - Chapter 7
The next step

I sat back and looked at her. My cum sliding off her belly. I loved her. Definitely. As my sister, for sure. As a girlfriend? Oh god yes. With troubles to spare for sure, but yes. But as a wife. I’m too young to be a husband. But who would I want as a wife? I smiled at her. I knew I wanted her as my wife.

“Yes, I want to be your husband too. But we can’t. Not yet, maybe never. First off, we got to clean this mess up before it gets the blankets all messy. Use my shirt. Quick.”.

She grabbed my shirt and wiped up my cum. She pulled the damp shirt to her face and held it there. Oh god, she was about to cry.

“I want to keep this shirt. It’ll be kind of our wedding ring-to-be.”.

“OK, but can we wash it so Mom doesn’t find out?”.

She giggled. “Of course you big doodoo head.”.

She looked at me and kind of grimaced.

“What? What is going through that little pea brain of yours? I can see something trying to fight its way out. What?”.


“What about Sally?”.

“She wants you to do her too. She wants you to be her first. You know all her play acting mushie mushie to you is her way to hide that she has had a big crush on you for a real long time? I kind of felt bad that I took her man from her. She was always raving about you. It was her that got me looking at you…well…that way. That‘s why I played you by saying I needed to learn. I did need to learn, but I used it. I hope you‘re not mad at me for the trick. So we gotta get you and Sally together soon.”.

“What?! But you just said…”.

“I know. But I know you gotta satisfy all your horde of bimbo girlfriends too. Who’s your latest bimno? Mary?”.

“Mary and I broke up two weeks ago. Nothing big. Just not right for either of us. I have been playing time with Brenda Vance. And none of them have been bimbos. I like my women smart. I leave the dummies for the dummies.”.

“Oooh, I know Brenda. She has big tits.”. She wiggled her chest back and forth. “Not like these little bits.”.

I leaned down and sucked her left tit in. I licked it.

“I like these tits just fine. I haven’t even felt Brenda’s.”. I pulled back. “Now what about Sally? What did you two talk about. You didn’t tell her did you? About us?”.

“Of course I did. We tell each other absolutely everything. I told her how good it felt. And I told her it kind of hurt the first time, even with my hymen gone, you being so big and all. Hmmmm. It doesn’t hurt now. Nooo not at all. Anyways. I popped her last night. I got her cherry. And yes, we used her hair brush too. I guess it’s a tradition. So WHEN you do her, it won’t hurt too bad.”.

“You just said we were going to married and you're already pushing me to someone else?”.

“Silly goose. Yes.”. She got this calm mature look on her face and said “You and I have all our lives to be together. We don’t need to be exclusive now, maybe never. And pull that look right back to where it came from. Someday, not soon, I may want to make love with someone else. Not just for sex. For love. Like you and I have. I hope you find others to make love to also. I’m already feeling a bit jealous now with just Sally, but I know this is the way it will work for us.”. She grabbed my cock and was gently petting it, squeezing it. “We may even marry other people. But we will always have each other. As of right now and forever, we are man and wife. But…oh my… You’re coming back to life there big boy.”.

She took better hold of my cock and started to stroke it. She moved to it and kissed the head. She licked it. Up one side and down the other. I was hard again. Big time hard. My wife, my sister, my lover was playing with my cock. Nice.

She looked at me and said “Sally will just love this. And you'll just love her. Her boobs are just a bit bigger than mine. She shaved…down there already. Last night. Completely. She had a big black mat of hair. It was kind of gross. Do you want me to shave…there?”.

Her hand was going up and down.

I said to her “Hmmm I see time it’s for more sex lessons.”.

I reached for the condom and opened the package. She frowned, but nodded. I put it on.

“Now let’s teach you spooning. Lay down on your side.”.

I got behind her and started kissing her neck.

“Oh yes. That is nice Giles.”.

I snuggled up tighter behind her and my cock slipped into the crack of her butt. She squealed.

“What? Are you going to put that big thing in my butt? I don’t think so. Oh gees no.”.

“Shush. I may one day. But right now, no. So just relax and enjoy.”.

I pushed my cock a bit harder into her ass crack and I felt it line up with her butt hole.


I laughed “Just teasing.” I pushed a bit and my head eased in ever so little. “Just teasing.”.

I held my cock at her butt under pressure. My hands were wrapped around her and stroking her tits, her pussy, her belly, her neck. I was kissing her. Nibbling her. Oh it was hard not to suck on her neck, but that would leave a hickey and Mom would know for sure. I felt her push back against me and my cock went in a bit further. The head was in her now.

“Oh god, Janice. Oh shit!”.

She pulled forward, turned her head to me and said “I can tease too. Now put that marvelous thing in me…where it belongs.”.

“What thing is that, my little butt teaser?”.

“Oh put your big hard cock in my pussy. Happy? I’m trying to be somewhat lady like, you gruff dirty mouthed bear.”.

I pulled her to me and aimed my cock at her pussy. I slid in. I stopped with just the head an inch in her. She moaned.

“Yes. That. More. Damn it, Giles. More!”.

I pushed in and entered her. We both moaned. I started moving in and out. My hands kept moving and playing with her body.

“You really want me to do this with Sally? You want me to push my cock into her pussy. Her shaven pussy.”.

I moved in and out. I pushed deep and held her tight. I pulled almost all the way out.

In a deep hushed voice Janice said “Oh nice. Nice. And yes. I want you to. I -- oh yes -- am not sure -- oh my my -- I’m not sure ‘want’ is the right wo-wo-wo-word. Damn nice, brother. Sally needs it as bad as I did, do. You know she does have the hots -- oh my yes, brother -- she is hot for you. Oh oh oh What a nice cock. Nice. Oh oh oh oh. I almost wanted to have Sally come along. Maybe next weekend.”.

“Shssssh now. Just enjoy. Don’t think about Sally. Just me and you. And if you say another thing before we cum. I will pull out and do your ass. Understand?”.

She was just about to answer, but she stopped. Her lips closed tight. She nodded her head.

I giggled and said “Smart girl. Now this is spooning. Nice easy spooning. Move your hips. You fuck me for a while. Oh yes. Sweet. Sweet. You are the best. Just the best.”.

We fucked slow and easy for maybe twenty minutes. I felt it could last forever and I wanted it to. Janice was cooing and sighing and holding my hands as they caressed her tiny tits. Over and over I pumped into her. When I got tired, I held still and she took over. Not more than a second or two between the breaks.

She turned her head to me and smiled. “Hey, sweet brother. This is nice. Real nice and all, but I want to cum. And I want you to cum. So let me get up on my hands and knees and you can go to town. Oh please. Let me loose. Ungh!”.

I slammed a deep hard thrust into her and held it deep. I squeezed her body tightly to me. I pinched her tiny titties and pulled on her hard nipples. I relented and pulled my cock out of her tight pussy. We both moaned and she scooted into position quickly. I was just as quick to get lined up again.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 8
The Butt

But I had to tease her. I pointed my cock at her butt hole and pressed.

She turned her head, looked back at me, and she stared at me. She said nothing. I pushed more. Her eyes popped open and she grunted. But still she looked back at me -- neither smiling nor looking like she was in pain or upset. I pushed harder and my cock slipped in to her ass. I was now maybe in her two inches.

Her face went through a few shifts. I couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind. I pushed more and now I was more than halfway in her.

She said “I thought you were gonna put that monster back in my pussy. I…oh gees. That is different. It kind of hurts and feels intense and good at the same time. Oh oh. Giles. I think I can only handle…oh oh….only so much. Oh Oh OOOOH”.

I pushed the last inch of my cock into her ass and held it there. This was the first time I fucked a girl’s ass. Nice.

“Hey sweet sis…like my cock in your ass? I know I do. You just got my virginity. You’re my first for this type”.

She grunted as I slid back out and then back in.

“I thought we were supposed to use the dirty words. So say it. Giles. Tell me what I’m the first of for you.”.

I pushed in and out a couple more times. Then I said “You are the first girl I ever fucked in the ass. It’s nice. It’s different than your pussy, and don’t get me wrong, I really like your pussy. But this is also way nice.”.

“Well, big brother. You were the first boy in my mouth, in my pussy, and now in my butt. Oh I’m so…uh… I don’t know how to describe this.”.

I picked up my pace. I held her hips and was pulling her tiny hips back onto my cock. I worked up a gob of spit and drooled it out and onto her butt crack.

She spun her head around again and looked at me. “What was that?!”.

“It’s just some spit. I hoped it would make you more slippery. I wanna go fast and cum now.”.

She smiled and said “OK. Go for it.”. She turned her head back forwards. Then she looked back. “Hey. You can’t get my butt pregnant. Take that condom off and fuck my butt.”.

I smiled and pulled out. I whipped the condom off and threw it onto the blanket. I gobbed some more spit into my hand and onto my cock. I eased back and pushed into her butt again.

She squealed and laid her head down on the blankets. “Yes. Oh Giles that feels better without that damn rubber on.”.

“It can’t feel any different to you. To me….oh boy it does.”.

“It can to. It’s warmer. Feels different. And I KNOW it’s just you. So it’s better. Now get to work and cum in me. Put your sweet baby making cum in me for the first time.”.

I shut up and started to work in and out of her tiny butt. I got more speed going and was starting to feel the urge. I was panting loudly.

“Giles. Let me turn over so I can see your face. Can you get into my butt if I pull my legs up?”.

“I think so. Let’s be quick. I was so close.”.

I pulled out and she twisted under me. Her legs all but leapt up. She grabbed them and pulled. Her pussy and ass were staring up at me. I moved and got my cock aimed back at her butt. Wrong angle.

“Let your legs down a bit. There. Ooooh There.”.

I was back in and was bringing my pace back up. I looked at her eyes and saw tears. I slowed down.

“What wrong? Am I hurting you? You‘re crying.”.

“What? No. Well not much. It feels so different than when you’re in my pussy. But it also feels good. I was just thinking about you cumming in me. Sorry if I’m crying. Can’t help it. I love you. I love this. Come on. I want my man to cum in me.”.

I smiled and went back at it. This starting and stopping was making me last so far longer than I had ever gone. What if I can’t get off again? I looked into her eyes. I leaned forward and she brought her head up. We kissed. I slid my tongue into her mouth. My hips were slamming into her. Her arms were holding onto me.

“Oh. Janice. Oh shit. Oh yes. Fuck. This is…oh…oh OOOO. Damn!”.

I erupted. I exploded. I felt my cock expanding and pulsing like never before. I was still pistoning into her. I couldn’t stop. My balls were so tight. I pushed hard and held myself deep in her ass. My cock pumped a few more times. I relaxed. I eased back and started to pull out.

“No! Stay! Please. Please stay in me a bit longer. I want you to enjoy it as long as you can.”.

“You’re not uncomfortable all folded up like this?”.

I pumped my hips and felt my cock moving in and out. I shuddered and pulsed some more cum into my sweet baby sister’s butt. She smiled and I felt her butt squeeze me.

“oooh! What!? Oh God. Easy. I get kind of sensitive afterwards. Easy.”.

She giggled and said “OK, ya big lummox. I’ll go easy on you. Nice. That was nice to watch you as you gave me your cum. I can’t wait to watch as you do it in my pussy.”.

“Well sweet sis. That was the first time I came in a girl without a condom.”. I saw her about to speak. “OK. Not counting your blowjob. That was my first. Only Gail gave me blow jobs to the point I came. But she pulled off and wanked me through it.”.

“Oh poor, poor baby. That mean ole girl. I’ll always let you cum in me. Wherever you want to. My mouth, my pussy, and my butt.”.

She again squeeze me. This time my cock was so deflated, that it popped out, along with some of my cum.

We both giggled. I rolled to my side and let her unfold. She rolled on top of me and kissed me.

“I don’t want to leave. This is our place. I feel so good.”.

“Sorry. What time is it? We gotta get cleaned up and dressed and get home before Mom and Dad…”.

Brrrrring. Janice’s cell phone rang. Brrrrring.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 9
Phone sex

She rolled over, grabbed her pants, and fished out the phone.

“Hello? Oh Hi Sally.”. She looked at me, smiled. “Oh he did. But it was not in my pussy.”. I grabbed the towel and wash rag Janice had loaded into the trunk and wiped the sweat of me and also wiped my cock. I let the air dry me. I listened to a lot of “Yes”s and “No”s and short bursts of words and giggling. Janice handed the phone to me. I looked at her.

“Talk to Sally. Tell her you will teach her too. And be nice.”.

I grabbed the phone. “Hello?”.

“Hey there, Giles. Really? In her butt?”.

“Uh…yes… It was her idea…I think..”.

I watched as Janice used the other wash rag. I was mesmerized.

“When can you teach me? I wanna do everything Janice did with you. When?”.

I was enjoying the open air flowing around my naked body as I watched my naked sister wipe herself.

I heard Sally’s voice from the phone “Giles!?”.

“Oh hey. Sorry. I got distracted. When? I uh… We’ll see. I gotta lot of things to cover, what with school, my girl friend, and now Janice. I gotta think some. This is a bit much.”.

“You don’t want to teach me. Why not?”.

“No it’s not that. Listen I just had sex…with Janice. I’m not supposed to do that. Now you both want me to have sex with you? And you’re younger than Janice. I gotta think some.”.

Janice walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

“Hey big brother. Be nice.”. She leaned forward, close to the phone and said “Wednesday. You come to our house. My mom and dad will be out. Wednesday he’ll teach you. Hey! Giles. Why don’t you give Sally a lift in the car from school Monday. That way you two can kiss and stuff before Wednesday. Get more acquainted and all.”.

She was reaching for my cock and was soon slithering down and moving her lips down my shoulders, around to my belly, and soon she sucked in my cock. I gasped.

“What? What’s going on?”.

I moaned as Janice sucked my hardening cock hard. She pushed her hand up between my legs and pulled my ass to make me go deeper. I moaned more.


“uh…oh…god…Sally…Janice…she’s…oh damn.”.

“Oh you two. You’re making me so horny.”.

I gasped louder as I felt Janice’s finger press into my butt cheeks. She had some slobber that dripped down my cock on her fingers and that allowed her to slip two fingers into my butt. I howled and almost dropped the phone. I moved it down where Janice was sucking me.

Janice pulled back and said into the phone “I’m sucking him.”. She went back down on me and now was making loud slurping noises. I guess it was for Sally’s benefit, but it was working for me. She pulled her mouth off again. She pushed two fingers into my ass. Then she said to Sally “I also have my fingers pressing into his tight butt. His balls are on my wrist.”. I howled loudly as Janice pushed her fingers harder into my ass and sucked me deep into her mouth. I was going into her throat again.

I was lost in bliss. Janice was going up and down quickly on my cock. Her fingers were working in and out of my butt. My balls were getting slapped by her arm.

“Oh Janice. Oh…OH DAMN! Yessssss!”.

I came in her mouth again. I humped and pumped and spewed more cum that I thought I had left in me.

Janice pulled off and said into the phone. “That got him off. Whoops. Gotta get the bit before it falls off. Hmmm. Tasty stuff after you get used to it the first time. There. All nice and clean.”. She grabbed the phone and said “My fingers are still in his butt.”. She moved them in and out. “Oooh There is some more. Hmmmm. Still tasty.”.

She stood up and pulled her fingers out of my butt as she did. She kissed me and held the phone close. She made humming noises and smacking noises as she kissed me. She pulled back and said “There, that should hold him until he gets home. See ya Monday at school. Make sure your mom OKs you coming over Wednesday and Giles giving you a ride home Monday. We gotta get dressed and home. Later, Sally. Bye.”

She shut the phone and kissed me. “Thanks for letting me show off for Sally.”.

“What? Oh no. Thank you. That was a fucking great blow job.”.

We dressed and went home. I was spent and so was Janice. I held it together enough to get up to my room. I heard Janice rummaging in her room.

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