Sister wants to learn - Chapter 4
I fuck her again after she comes to

Nothing. I pulled out and eased her butt to the bed, onto her side. I lightly caressed her face. She was breathing in large gasps, but no other response. Oh god.



“Oh god. You ok?”.


She shuddered and squeaked. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Oh damn that was…”. She shuddered again. “It was great. I’m…”.

She went silent again.

“Janice? Hello? Stay with me.”.

“Huh? Oh hi. Thank you.”.

Her arms reached up and wrapped around me. She pulled herself up and kissed me. I kissed her back. She rolled us and we were soon embraced. My cock which had gotten soft was returning to life. She noticed.

“Did you cum? Did I pass out?” What?”.

“No I didn’t cum. And yes, you passed out. That’s why I stopped. I was afraid I’d killed you.”.

“Aw. How sweet. I… Hoo boy, I'm tired and yet I want more. More please? More sex, please. Oh sweet man. My sweet brother. Please more sex? Please? Please?”.

She spread her legs as she lay under me. I helped her lift them up and watched as she bent so easy. Her ankles were at her head. I eased my hard cock back into her.

“Oh sweet sweet pussy.”.

“Thank you, Giles. Oh nice cock. Nice”.

I slowly fucked my sister. I went in and out. This was love making. Not sex. It was for nice, love. Janice cooed beneath me. I leaned forward causing her to fold up tighter. I kissed her. I pulled back.

“I love you, squirt. You're the best girl I have ever had. The best. Oh damn so sweet.”.

I moved in and out of her, keeping an easy pace.

“Well you're the best I’ve ever had. OK. OK. The only one I’ve had. I can’t imagine it getting any better. No one will ever come up to what you have done to me today. Oh damn, so nice. Nice cock. You need to cum. I need to make you feel good.”.

“Oh I feel good. Better than I have ever felt. I don’t need to cum again. You already sucked a load out of me. Just being in you now, going in and out, this is more than enough.”.

I leaned in and kissed her again. It was nice kissing my sister. We pulled our lips apart.

“I want to get you to cum, sweet brother of mine. I want you to cum. How? In my pussy? What position? In my mouth? Want me to suck you off again? What? Tell me. I want to make you feel so good.”.

I eased back and her legs came up and I grabbed them around her thighs. I used them as handles and started to pump into her harder.

“You want me to cum? You think you’ve learn enough today?”.

I was gaining speed. I was pounding into her. Again her body was almost a rag doll as I used her. I slapped her ass.

“You'll cum first. Cum on me, my sweet slut sister. Cum. Fucking cum.”.

I was now pounding into her as hard as possible. Oh damn I was getting close. I had to hold off until I got her to cum again. I looked down and watched as her arms flailed on my bed. Her tiny tits hardly moving as her body was being ravaged. Ooks and eeks were leaving her mouth. Her eyes popped open and stared blindly. Then they closed. Then I saw her body getting red again. I knew she was getting her there. I poured it on. I was a steam engine trying to move a mountain. Bang bang bang. Janice was now wailing nearly constantly. She started to shudder. She flexed her stomach muscles tight and pulled her arms into her chest. She looked at me and pleaded with her eyes. My sister was cumming on my cock again. She was in one long continuous cum. Her tight pussy was tighter than ever. It was rippling along my cock. I was so damn close.

“Brother…oh…oooh….please cum….oh….oh…god…please…Giles….cum in your sister…oooh…your…lover…cum….oh fuck me! Cum CUM IN ME!”.

“Oh fuck yes!”. I blew into her. I was pounding my pulsing cock into my sister. I was fucking her and cumming. Oh glorious. I was beyond this world. Fantastic. I went rigid and my cock pulsed and pulsed into her. I finally let her legs loose and I slumped back. My cock slipped out of her. And I sat at the foot of the bed panting.

I felt her moving, but my eyes were closed. Tired. Happy. I felt her hands on my cock. I pulsed some more. I felt the condom being pulled off. Then I felt her warm lips sucking my cock into her mouth. I pulsed again. I felt her take all of me into her mouth. Her tongue waggled on my cock. Oh glorious.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 5
Mom and Dad come home

I woke up alone. I heard my door open. I was barely able to open my eyes. There was Janice. She was dressed. She leaned in and kissed me.

“Hey meathead. Wake up. Mom and Dad will be here soon. Get up and take a shower. Hmmm. Sweet kiss.”.

She kissed me again. I think I fell back to sleep.

“Wake up lover boy. Come back to the world. Get moving, ya slug butt.”.

She swatted my ass.


“Fair is fair.”.

I got up and moved into the shower and was soon feeling more awake. I had just had the best sex ever, with my sister. Damn weird, but damn nice! I got out, dried, and got dressed. I went downstairs and smelled dinner. Janice was a good cook. I think it was her meatloaf and carrots and taters. I went into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. She snuggled into me. With her hands full, she just used her butt and body to press into me.

“Ooog! Woman all barefoot and in the kitchen. Ooog!”.

“Pig! Now we have got to behave or Mom and Dad will figure it out. Behave. No no no, kissing my neck is not behaving. And hands off my tits! Behave darn it.”.

Just then I heard the garage opening. They were home. I moved back and got the plates and silverware ready. Soon Mom and Dad were bustling into the house,. Both were talking at the same time. They obviously had a good time and enjoyed themselves. Dad quickly found the bread rolls and butter and he went quiet. Mom helped Janice move the food onto the table. Dinner soon was the main focus. I was beyond hungry and so was Janice. Mom and Dad seemed to dig in with vigor too. We were not a family that talked much during meals. The food was what’s important. Just the minimal “Please pass me…”. But today I was extra quiet, just thinking of what I had done. Could I get to do it again? Did I want to?

Afterwards, while Janice and I were doing the dishes, Mom walked in and said “Giles, who was over today?”.

“No one. Why?”.

“Just checking. You two behave today?”.

I looked at Mom straight in the eye and with the plainest face I could, I said “Well, I lied. We did have the Rockettes over and they all had their passionate way with me. The Chipendales came over and ravaged Janice for hours and hours. Oh then Janice and I attacked each other for the cherry on top. Other than that, nothing. Oh I almost forgot, I started a meth-lab in the basement.”.

Mom laughed and said “This is a slab floor house, you idiot kid. Janice, dear, do not let your brother eat the magic mushrooms again. It makes him a little loopy.”.

“But Mom, it’s all true. The Cheshire Cat made a secret passage under the house for us. It’s a real pretty lab, with pink wall paper.”. She smirk at me. “He only had two batches of meth explode…today. Maybe he’ll do better tomorrow. He forgot to mention the aliens from Mars. They had big three headed things.”.

We all broke out laughing and Dad walked in. He looked at us hoping for an explanation. We couldn’t help him. Each one of us laughing was setting the other off, and again, and again. My stomach hurt. I couldn’t breathe.

After dishes, Janice and I watched TV in the family room. Mom and Dad watched theirs in their bedroom. It was hard not to go over and have my way with Janice. I could see she was having similar thoughts. Finally she got up and gave me a quick kiss.

“I had a great time today. Thank you for teaching me.”.

Oh man. I guess she wants to stop with just a one day thing. Damn.

“This Friday, I got to go over to Sally’s for a sleep over. Would you pick me up on Saturday? Say around noon or eleven? We could go get some burgers or something and take them out to Grant Road”.

Grant Road!? That is the middle of nowhere.

“What’s at Grant Road, squirt?”.

“Nothing but trees and birds and bees…and you and me. You can teach me more.”.

I smiled.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 6
The woods

The week dragged by. Janice and I were never alone to even do a little bit of sexy play. Janice was acting like nothing happened. I was trying, but I found myself looking at her, at her butt, at her tiny tits, and at her legs as they climbed up to her sweet pussy.

Friday morning as we got ready for school, Janice reminded Mom and me that I was going to pick her up after her sleep over.

“Hey big brother, be sure to pick me up around 2:30. Don’t forget, ya big lummox.”.

I took a big, slow, fake swing at her. She ducked, also in slo-mo.

Mom looked at us and said “You two are in high school, yet you act like preschoolers. When will you grow up? I gotta go and so do you. Get going! You’re gonna be late.”.

She was out the door. Janice was also moving out the door with her school bag, and her overnight bag. I put the hustle on, locked the door. I got in my car and got it started.

Once we were rolling, Janice turned to me and said “Remember 11 or 12, not what I told Mom. Two to three hours. That will give us enough time. Ya think so?”.

“What did ya have in mind, squirt?”.

“More teaching, ya silly goof. I sneaked the camping pads and a couple of blankets into your trunk.”. She looked at me with all the regal bearing all her thirteen years could muster “A woman has the right to be comfortable, squire.”.

I swung my right hand at her in slo-mo again. This time she didn’t duck it. She grabbed it and placed it on her tiny tits. My hand opened up and started to fondle her. Getting to school was very enjoyable, but my driving was not the best.

School could not end quick enough. I even ignored Brenda, a junior girl I had been laying the moves on daily for the past few weeks. My little baby sister, Janice, had my thoughts. School was finally over. Now to be able to wait until Saturday.

I was walking to my car when I heard “Hey Giles.”.

I looked and there was Brenda. Oh man, what was I gonna say?

“Where were you today? I kind of expected you to come talk to me at lunch.”.

“I was a bit abstracted. And I had a few things to get covered before Biology.”.

She leaned in to me close and asked “What ya doing this weekend? Want to come over and watch a movie. My folks have a big collection. Something has to be there that you’ll like. Saturday?”.

What? I press her for a couple of weeks and almost nothing. Then I ignore her one day, and now she is making the moves on me. Interesting.

“Saturday… Oh uh no. I got to pick up my sister from her sleep over. And I got a lot of homework. Maybe next Saturday? That is if I don‘t have too much homework.”.

I was hoping Janice and I could find time next weekend too. Brenda was nice looking, smart. She had boobs and hips…but Janice had my mind and I think my heart. I had to keep up appearances. If I just drop her without hitting on someone else… Oh no, no good. That would cause people to start talking.

“Yeah. Maybe next Saturday. Maybe even Wednesday for burgers at Big D’s. I gotta go. See ya, Brenda. Bye. we’ll talk Monday. Later.”.

I got in the car and drove off. Odd. I would have tried to kiss her before… well… before Janice.

Saturday came. My homework was all done Friday night. And so were my most of my chores. I had energy to burn. I used it. I finished my chores early in the morning. I even trimmed the hedge after the lawn. After my chores, I took a shower and got to my car. The time was just 10:15. It’s too early. I know, I’ll go get the food. Then get her.

I now had a car smelling of hot greasy burgers and fries. My stomach wanted to eat. But my mind wanted to get to Janice. I pulled up and was about to honk the horn. I remember Mom saying “Always go to the door for your date.“. I got out instead and rang the door bell.

Sally’s mom answered and said “Hey Giles. She’s all ready. Please take this scamp away. They were up all last night, giggling and what not. My baby girl needs some sleep and she still has homework to do.”.

I was trying hard not to stare at Sally’s mom…but probably not succeeding. She is a very well rounded lady. Nice bold tits, marvelously round hips, firm butt, not even remotely skinny…but oh just bountiful. I was trying to think rational thoughts, behaved thoughts, when Sally scooted up to the door, a bit behind her mother. “Mo-om. Hey Giles. Looking good. Mmmm good.”.

She batted her eyes at me. She always plays this game of super tramp. And her mom just laughed as usual. I would normally play back a bit, then ruffle her hair. Today I looked at her differently. Her tiny frame was similar to Janice’s. No tits to speak of. No hips. But you could tell she was just about to bloom out. Sally’s mom had a nice set of tits, so Sally would likely match them.

“Hey Bro. You’re late. I said 11.”. She looked at Sally and her mom. “Thank you. I had a great time. Sally, leave my poor brother alone.”. She switched to a fake southern accent. “You'll sweep him away with your ample charms. He is just a man. Weak, easy for the picking. Just show ‘em the least encouragement and they fall like leaves.”.

Sally’s mom burst out with a big laugh. “Oh boy, does she nail that one on the head.”.

She bent down and hugged Janice. Sally hugged Janice. I think she held it a bit long. Sally then looked me up and down real slow. She paused at my crotch. She finally looked up at my eyes.

Then in a Mae West kind of voice, Sally said “Later, lover boy. Come on over and see me sometime.”.

She swung her hips and pushed her nearly flat chest out at me. I looked right at her little boobs. The thin t-shirt showed she did not have a bra on. I could see her nipples poking the shirt.

Oh god. All three girls broke out laughing at my silence. I was had. I grabbed Janice’s book bag and headed for the car. I needed away. Janice thankfully followed.

In the car, Janice squealed. “You got the food already. Good that will save some time. Drive. Go. I'm about to burst.”.

She grabbed the bag and got the fries out. She handed me one bag and she started attacking the other. I drove away, pulling the fries out with my lips so I could still have one hand on the wheel. We had gone a few of blocks and the fries were gone. Sally unwrapped my burger and handed it to me. She got hers out. I looked at her eating and I saw my little sister. Young, tiny, innocent. Not some grown girl. I was gonna have sex with her -- again. I can’t do this. I gotta stop.

She swallowed a bite, looked at me and smiled. Her free hand reached for my pants and rubbed over my cock. It had subsided while I drove and ate, but her hand was waking it back up.

“Hmmm. Nice.”.

My burger was about gone by the time we got on Grant Road. I ate the last bite in time to use both hands for the tightly twisted road. Janice was also done and trying to undo my belt. My hands moving back and forth did not help her at all. I wasn’t gonna let her get too far while I was driving.

“Hey knock it off or we’ll crash. Just not safe.”.

Janice stopped trying to open my pants and watched the road. She spotted her goal and said “Hey. Slow down. Just up a bit. There. Take that.”.

She pointed at a dirt side road. I slowed down and took it. It wasn’t too rutted, but it was covered with tall weeds in the middle and pushing in from the sides. Nothing had come this way in a while. Good thing my Geo is small. I heard a few weeds scrape on the sides of the car. No big deal, the car was well and truly beat up, but the engine still worked just fine enough.

“Just up a bit more. Oh there it is. Stop. Here!”.

I stopped and turned the car off. I heard birds and a breeze blowing through the tops of the trees and the tick tick of the engine as it started to cool. Janine resumed her attack on my pants. I stopped her.

“Lets get the stuff out of the back and stretch out. This is not a make-out mobile.”.

Janice quickly got out and went to the back. How did she know about this place? Was that a bit of jealousy?

She must have read my mind. “Sally and I found this on our bikes last year. She would sneak a couple of beers from time to time and we drank them here. We ran around screaming and no one ever came by to figure out what was going on.”.

The pads went down on the soft grassy weeds. The blankets followed. A nice little bed in the middle of a tiny glade, shaded by tall trees…and just my sister and me.

“Hey, ya wanna get naked, or just stare into space, ya big oaf?”.

“Oh I wanna get naked alright.”.

I grabbed her and together we tumbled onto the makeshift bed. Not as soft as a real bed, but not bad. I pulled her shirt up and off. She had on a pale blue bra. It was tiny. I snagged her feet and got her shoes and socks off. She had already undone the snap and zipper, so I just pulled her pants off from the bottom of the pants legs. Oh she had on matching undies. Very tiny too. I had never washed these. They looked new.

“You like them? I bought them Thursday. Just for you. Mom had a small fit, saying I’m too young and all. I think she still wants me to be a baby forever. I talked to her about getting on the pill. Oh she went through the roof. I told her I was thinking about boys a whole lot more and wanted to be smart -- not pregnant. It took awhile. But she finally calmed down and agreed. I got an appointment next week. Mom said I may not be able to get pregnant yet, but I think she is just hoping I can’t.”.

She took a breath and looked at me. I was just staring at her tiny body. The bra just emphasized that her tits were tiny. It made me want to suck on them.

She stood up and came at me and started unbuttoning my shirt. She got in real close and watched as her tiny fingers undid the buttons. She looked up at me after each one. When the last button came free, she pushed the shirt off my shoulders. She knelt in front of me and undid my belt that she had tried to hard to get at while I was driving. This time I did not resist. My pants soon were open and Janice was pushing them down. She quickly figured out she had not taken my shoes off. I flicked them off without untying them. I placed my hands on her shoulders and lifted each foot in turn. We were now both down to out under clothes. I actually picked my best pair of briefs, the pale blue ones. I guess I wanted to show off or look good. I wanted to impress my baby sister. Weird.

“Hmm. I’ve washed these a couple of times. But I’ve never seen them like this. You're all hard and pushing ‘em out. Does it hurt? It looks kind of bent up.”.

“Just go easy and take them off.”.

She pulled the band up and away. My hard cock popped up and she was able to push them down. I stepped out of them. I was naked outdoors. I could feel the breeze blowing by my balls. Wow. I looked at Janice and focused my eyes on hers. I reached and pulled her in tight. I kissed her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. We started this glorious kiss. My hands were wrapping her up and my fingers were trying to undo the bra. I couldn’t find the hooks.

She pulled away and giggled. “In the front. That was one reason Mom freaked. I think she knew I wanted to make it easier for some greasy handed boy to get to my precious bounty.”.

“Well, I got most of the grease off from the fries, but will these hands do?”.

I got the hook undone and the bra opened up. There were her tiny, tiny tits. Oh I just leaned down and sucked one in. I played my tongue over it. I switched to the other It was just as good. My hands moved to her hips, and while I still suckled her tiny tits, I pushed her undies down. I stood up straight and grabbed her tiny naked body to mine. I knelt us down and onto the blankets.

She was on her back and her legs opened up. I got my face down between her legs and started kissing her knees. She giggled and flinched, but she allowed me to kiss and nibble. Her hands were tight against her chest. She almost looked afraid.

“You're gonna like this…a lot. Spread ‘em wider. That’s it. Now just lay there and enjoy.”.

I moved my head up and I kissed her thighs right near her pussy. I could smell her. It blended with the trees and the grass and the dirt. Natural. Nice. I nibbled her thighs. I kissed her sparse pussy hair. I moved all around, but not touching her slit or her clit. I was teasing her. Making her desire climb.

“Damn it. DO IT!”.

“Do what, my little sis? Do what?”.

“Kiss me there. Lick me.”.

“You want me to eat your young pussy? Shove my tongue up and down and…in.?”.

She whispered “oh yes, please, please”.

I did just that. My tongue poked out and speared into her folds. I made sure it was real wet and it went in easy. She gasped and then laid back. I started going to town. She tasted so good. My other girlfriends tasted good, but not this good. I pushed her legs open more and pressed harder into her. I wanted to get as deep into her with my tongue as possible. Then I pulled up and slathered her clit. She buckled up and squealed. I nibbled and kissed and licked and sucked. She was breathing hard. I could feel her muscles getting into a rhythm. Her hips were hunching up at me.

My hands slid under her and grabbed her small, firm butt. One cheek in each hand. I pulled her to me. I lifted her up and feasted at her pussy. She was moaning and crying out. Her toes were just barely touching. Her back was nearly bent in two. Just her shoulders and head were touching the blankets. She started to shudder harder and harder. She was close. I squeezed her butt cheeks and pushed my thumbs into her wet pussy. I sucked her clit into my mouth, passed my lip covered teeth. I bit down. She screamed and came. Her body went nuts. She was thrashing around, but I held her pussy tight against my mouth. I tightened my lips on her clit and sucked harder. She was cumming hard.

“Giles. Yes. Oh eeeeeee oh wow eeeeeeee EEEEEEEEEE SHIT gaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA”.

She collapsed and slipped out of my hands. She lay on the blankets and looked at me. Her eyes were barely open. Her mouth was open as she gasped for air.

In a bland teacher voice, I said “Now that was oral sex. Man munching woman. As you notice the female is happy, contented. She seems to be spent. If you look closely…ouch!”.

She swung at me. I laughed.

“Well you do look quite content. I think I’m happy to have made you that way, squirt. And speaking of squirt. You sure get good and wet.”.

“Behave, big bro. Give me a break. That was awesome. Wow!”.

“Sorry, no rest for the wicked. And you're definitely wicked. Now. Let’s see. You’ve been on top facing me. Cowgirl. We’ve done doggie. How about good old missionary? Them horny ole missionaries knew a thing or two about fuckin‘.”.

“I don’t think I can move much. So do it to me however you want. Be gentle. I‘m not sure how much more I can take.”.

“Oh you'll take more. This was your idea. Remember?”.

I eased up her body and sucked her tiny tits again. Those little wonders were fascinating. Her nipples were rock hard and I had to force myself up further. My legs between hers. I felt my hard cock brush her pussy just as I kissed her lips. Her eyes popped open wide as I started to slide in.

She gasped and said “Oh you're so big. Bigger than last week. I swear. Oh oh OH.”.

I shoved more into her and pulled back. I started going in a bit -- just my cock head. Out a bit. In a bit. Then I pushed more into her. Then back to just the tip. Then back and forth. Then another push deeper into her. Damn she felt nice on my cock. Sweet warm wet pussy. I pushed all the way in and pressed hard our pelvic bones mashed together. Oh damn, I forgot the condom.

“I need to pull out and get a condom on. Damn. Shit. Oh god. It almost hurts to pull out of you. Sweet. Sweet. Damn. Where are my pants? There. Let me… Here…”.

I rolled off her and got the rubber out of my pants.”.

I started to open the package when Janice grabbed my arm and said “Don’t use it. Just this once. I want to feel you in me. Please. I got the appointment next week. Please.”.

She was pulling at me, trying to get me back on top of her. I wanted to, oh how I wanted to.

“Janice. Even if I pull out when I cum. I may have already got you pregnant with just my precum. Hell, I may have done it last week in that short time. We can’t take chances.”.

“So what you’re saying is that I’m already knocked up. Then do me. You can’t do any more damage. Please.”.

“No. I‘m saying it could happen. Odds are, with what little time I was in you bare, you didn’t get pregnant. And I don’t want to press those odds.”.

She looked at me and frowned. I almost gave in. Hell I wanted to make love to her without the damn condoms on.

“Listen, get used to them. When you start going out with other guys, they’ll protect you from more than getting pregnant.”.

She smirked at me. “I know all that AIDS and stuff. I just want YOU in me. You without that. Just you. And what other boys?”.

I looked at her, thinking about other boys touching her. I started to get mad. I was jealous of imaginary little boys. I rolled back on top of her.

“OK, but please help me pull out when I cum. I can’t do that to you. I can’t…..oh geeesssss yesss.”.

I slid back in. So nice. Warm. Tight. Wet. I was moaning. Janice was moaning.

“Thank you. Oh Giles. Thank you. I love you. You. Oh geessss.”.

“I love you too, squirt. Oh damn. Shit. Nice.”.

I fucked my tiny baby sister. She held onto to my waist and moved her hips in time with me. Oh damn nice. For minutes, all I could hear was my rasping breath and Janice’s. From time to time one of us would grunt. This was a slow, gentle rutting. Deep, long thrusts into her. Her head was rocking back and forth in time to our mating.

“I’m getting close. Dammit. I want to last. I want to…oh….I gotta. Oh OH!”.

I pulled out and my cum started to erupted all over her belly and her itty bitty titties. She started hitting my chest with her fists.

“I was close too. Damn it. I wanted you to cum in me. I wanted to feel it. Damn you.”.

“Now now. Janice, my sweet sister. You don’t want to get pregnant, not now. Oh my god, no, not now. Later. With your husband.”.

“I want you as my husband. I want to be your wife!”.

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