I long fantasy, enjoy!
I‘m Giles. 17 years old, almost 18. Not quite 6 foot tall. Somewhat fit, but too lazy in P.E. to get any better. Naturally good build. A little too skinny, I think. My only sibling, Janice is about to turn 14 in a few months.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 1-3
Janice wants to learn and I watch her masturbate.

I was banging away on the keyboard when I heard my door open. I knew it was Janice, as no one else was home. The parents were out and wouldn’t be back until late in the evening.

I instantly yelled “Hey! When will you learn to knock, squirt?”.

“I heard you at the computer, so I knew you weren’t jacking off.”.


“What? I know you do it all the time. Our rooms share a wall.”.


“Oh shush up. I need you to help me. Uh…”.

“Help you with what?”

She fidgeted and played with the hem of her shirt. She looked down at the floor. I waited. She had something on her mind. It was kind of cute watching her struggle with whatever she had inside that little blond head.

“Well I need to know about sex. There. I said it.”.

She was standing with her hands on her hips kind of daring me to sass her. She was fighting her nervousness with that false bravado of hers. Kind of cute. Especially since I could see through it so easily.

“Whoa there, Nellie. Pull in the reins. No fight here. Ya just caught me a bit off guard. Talk to Mom or Dad. Gees. It’s their job to give you the sex talk thing. You can go through it just like I had to.”.

“I can tell you liked that talk so much. Yes, you enjoyed that just so much. They probably tried to talk to you without saying the things you needed to know. Now I want…no I need to know.”.

“OK. Why do you need to know, punk? Where’s the fire? Who’s the snot nosed punk trying to get into your pants?”.

“It’s no one. No one yet anyways. I want to… I want to know what it is all about before I have to deal with a boyfriend.”.

“Why me? Gees. You’re my sister. This is kind of weird. Why not talk to your friends. Find one that is already…well…having sex.”.

“Got no one in that category, if you must know. You’ve already had two girlfriends. You know about sex! You know all about it. Help me. Teach me.”.

I looked at her. She had dropped her hands off her hips. I looked at her. Yes, she was starting to get boobs. And I knew she already had bras. I did the laundry when it was my turn and Mom’s bras are much bigger than Janice’s. Her under clothes were getting a bit more risque. Trying to be adult. I had barely got over handling Mom’s bras when hers started to come into the basket. A guy could get a complex or something.

“Aw gees, kid. This is going to get weird. I just know it. Uh… OK… What do you want to know? Shit!”.

“Don’t get all up and mighty and stop cussing.”.

“Well if we are going to talk about sex, you had better get prepared for dirty words. I will use them as I see fit. Still game, squirt?”.

“OK. Well. Does it feel good? Who starts? Why the tongue? And…”.

“Whoa. Stop. Let me deal with one thing and then we can go on. Yes. It feels good. Damn good, with the right person. If nothing else, learn this. Sex feels good. But sex with someone you care about is way, way better. It ain’t sex anymore. It’s making love. And just having sex is a big thing. It throws a lot on you. Things you're not ready to deal with. Trust me on that one. I started too early. And…”.

“I know you got caught. I heard all the yelling. And Mom and Dad just about turned the house into your private jail cell. I got a lot of shit during that time too -- care of you and Tracy. I remember. That is why I want to learn from you. Maybe avoid getting caught by Mom and Dad.”.

“OK. It feels good. It surely does. That’s why it’s so important. Do you masturbate?”.

“What?! I uh…”.

I looked at her and knew the answer. She was red all over and trying hard to say no, but just couldn’t get it out.”.

“You wanted this, so tell me the truth when I ask questions or else get lost.”.

Again she played with her shirt, looked at the floor, and said “Yes.”.

“Yes what? Yes, you gonna tell me the truth or yes, you masturbate?”.

“Yes. I masturbate. Ugly word. I play with myself.”.

“Great. So you know how good it feels with just you. It goes way over the top with someone else. If that person isn’t a complete lout that is. I had a couple of dates that went all the way and they shouldn’t have. We were not gonna go out again. It was obvious. And in both cases, the girl was the one who pushed the sex. I would have almost felt better wanking off, than fucking them. It was empty and now I gotta look and talk to them at school. Real weird. Yeah. I wish I had said no and jacked off instead. Well…almost.”.

I looked at her and saw her squirming. I wanted to push her buttons, just to push them. I'm her brother and bothers do that crap. I’m no exception. It’s fun.

“Janice. How do you masturbate? Do you use toys? Just your fingers? Hairbrush? What?”.

“What?!”. I looked sternly at her and she remembered she had to tell me the truth. “I mostly use my fingers. I tried the hair brush, but it hurt. And I bled. How‘d ya know about the hair brush?”.

“I’ve read that girls use a hair brush. It’s shaped about right and handy. Oh well that’s actually good. You popped your hymen. All done with that. Have you tried any other things in your pussy?”.


“Pussy. Cunt. Slit. Taco. Pick one. I favor pussy. Dirty enough. And still sexy. So have you shoved anything else up your pussy? Other than fingers and that hair brush.”.


“Ok. Soooo do you play with your tits? Your clit? Or just stick ‘em in and wiggle away?”.

This is fun to tease her and she has to just take it.

“Oh god.”. She was gonna wear out that shirt. “I play with my breasts.”.

“Call ‘em tits or boobies. Use the fun words. Go on. Continue. Give specifics. Details. I gotta know what you do, so I can help you.”.

“I play with my…boobies. Happy? I rub my hands over them. I play with my nipples a lot. I do play with my…clit. God. Don’t tell anyone about this. I rub it.”.

“Do you wet your fingers before you play with your clit? Or do you use your pussy juice to get it all slippery?”.

“I sometimes wet my fingers in my mouth, but mostly I use my own wetness from down there.”.

OK. I was actually getting hard talking about sex with my sister. I could almost see her, in my mind, playing with herself. Wait! I could see her. Oooh I'm so bad.

“OK. Show me.”.


“Get naked and show me what you do. Do it now. Come on. You wanted my help. This is how I'm gonna help you.”.

She looked back to my door and I could see she was considering leaving. Then she turned back to me.

“I gotta get naked and show you what I do?”.

“Hurry up, sis. Or get out. Told you. Sex is a heavy subject. You're probably too young. So not to worry if you want to leave.”.

I threw that last bit to get her dander up. Calling her too young was always a sure fire way to make do something.

“I‘m not too young. You were younger. But I gotta…”.

“Yup. Or leave.”.

She sighed and started to pull her t-shirt up and off. She looked at me and I nodded and waved her to continue. A small “hrumph” from her and she reached behind her and undid her white bra. It came free. Her tits were so small and young and tight, that they just didn’t droop at all. Nice. She looked at me ogling her. I had to say something.

“They look nice. Yes, I know they are small. But look at Mom’s or Aunt Alice‘s. Their’s are a good size. You'll get there. Trust me. Even if they don’t grow. There are plenty of guys who little itty bitty titties. And looking at yours makes me understand. Nice indeed. Get the rest off.”.

I felt my cock twitch and I noticed that I had a hard on. Oh I hope she doesn’t notice. She moved to her pants and undid the snap and the zipper. They were soon down and she stepped out of them. She hesitated and then pushed her pink undies down and then she stepped out of them.

She had a small bit of pussy hair and I could see she trimmed it enough to not show with her swim suit on.

“Nice. You have a lovely pussy.”.

“Things I need to hear from my brother. Gees. Now what?”.

“Do you lay down when you play? Get on my bed. Lay back and close your eyes. I know this is awkward. But pretend I’m not here. Play. Fantasize.”.

She climbed on the bed and laid back. She took a look at me and then she looked at my crotch. I saw her notice my hard on. She looked back up at my eyes with the obvious question. I didn’t back down from her stare. If anything I pushed my hips forward.

“Guys get hard fairly easy. Especially in our early years. From what I’ve heard from Mom when she talks to Aunt Alice, Dad still does too. Lay back. Play.”.

I sat and watched my young sister start to play with herself. Obviously she was well aware that I was there. I just stayed quiet. Let her get into it. Soon, she was rubbing her boobs. She was pinching her nipples. Not too hard. Just enough to stretch them as she pulled them up. They would slip from her fingers and pop back down to her chest. God this was hot to watch. I wanted to pull my cock out and wank to this. I guess later. I watched as her left hand moved down her stomach and on to her thighs. She opened her legs enough to get her fingers room. She curled them down and over her clit and onto her slit. My cock was starting to ache. She poked them into her slit. I watched, wanting to get closer. Why not? I rolled the chair across the floor and got closer to the action.

She heard the chair move or something, cause she stopped, opened her eyes, and looked at me. I waved at her to continue and continued to peer at her sweet, naked body. She closed her eyes and started again.

She pulled her fingers out of her pussy. I could smell her. Nice pussy smell. Nice. I watched as her fingers came out and they were wet. She moved them over her clit and pushed the skin away. She played with her clit. She rubbed it. She pinched it. She pulled it. Her hips were moving up and down. She was making little quiet noises.

She was really getting in to it. She was looking more and more like she was gonna cum. She was starting to thrash about. Her right hand was still working her boobs. Her left hand was working her clit and slit. She sighed and eased back into the bed. She stopped playing with herself. What?

“Why did ya stop? You looked close.”.

“I feel so good, but I feel like I have to pee. So I stopped.”.

“No not pee. You're about to have an orgasm. Here let me take you over the top. Let me show you what it feels like to cum.”.

I didn’t give her a chance to object. I reached my hand to her pussy and slid my fingers into her slit. She was tight, but I got two in right away. She started to say something, but when I rubbed my wet fingers over her clit, she gasped and her mouth stayed open. I took her hand and put it back on her boob. I moved it back and forth. My fingers still working her pussy and clit. I moved my hand off her hand and rubbed her other tit myself. It was firm. Oh so nice and firm. The nipple was hard. I played with her tit and she played with the other. She was copying my moves on her tit. Her eyes closed and she was lolling her head back and forth.

I shoved three fingers into her pussy. She cried out. Janice raised her head to look at my hand. She looked at me almost in a panic. I knew she was getting close. I sawed the three fingers in and out. I increased the speed. I pushed in all the way, with my thumb hitting her clit. I pinched her nipple harder. I watched her face to tell if I was pinching too hard.

“Oh oh. I’m gonna pee. Ya better oh oh. Shit. Stop. Oh please stop. Oh oh oh oh ooooooooooo”.

Her body tightened up and she came up off the bed. Only her heels and head were touching. I kept working my hand into her pussy. It was harder to do, but I kept going in and out. She was making a low moaning noise and hissing. Her wet pussy was almost a moat of wetness. I had brought my sister off. Cool. She finally let out a couple of loud yip noises and fell back to the bed. I slowed up my hand and slid it up and over her clit. She flinched. I slid my fingers slowly back into her very wet pussy.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 2
She sucks me off

“See? You didn’t pee. That’s just pussy juice. Good stuff. Did you like that?”.

I knew full well she liked it. She was still and unmoving on my bed. My fingers had slowed to a stop, but were still in her. She shuddered again and opened her eyes. She looked at me. She smiled and started to cry. Oh gees I hate that. Why do they gotta cry?

“Oh thank you Giles. Thank you. That was… Oh god I don’t know what that was. I…it was…oh oh…”. She shuddered again. “That was great. I never knew. Thank you.”.

“Now as good as that feels, there is more, better.”.

“Better? Oh no. Nothing can be better than that!”.

“Trust me, squirt. Better. Having a guy go down on you and eat your pussy is way better. And fucking is just way more than tops.”.

I moved myself to try and get my cock in a better position in my pants. It was so hard and hurting. It was tangled up in my sweat pants. Janice saw my movement and looked at my cock.

“Is it hard? Can I see it?”.

“Oh shit, yes it’s hard. You want to see my cock? Your brother’s cock? What do you want to do with it?”.

“Do with it? I uh…don’t know. But I do want to see it. Badly. I want to touch it. Maybe kiss it…”.

She looked at me, her eyes pleading. Hell a guy has a hard time of saying no to a naked girl. Even if she’s his sister. Maybe more so. Janice looked so good. Her body had a light sheen from her sweat. Her pussy was very shiny from her pussy juice. And boy oh boy did she smell good. I wanted to slam my face in there and feast.

“OK. You do it.”.

I got up from my chair and stood by the bed. She rolled over and sat up in front of me. Her hands reached for my sweat pants and pulled them down. My hard on caught in the elastic.

“Easy, squirt. Don’t snap it off.”.

She giggled and pulled my pants away from my belly and soon my cock was in her gaze. She moved my pants down a bit more. Not so much on purpose. It was just her hands drooping and taking my pants with them. Oh god it felt good to have it free and not tangled up. I looked at Janice’s naked body and my cock twitched. She giggled. I grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and off.

“Get my pants all the way off.”.

She looked up at me, then down to the pants around my knees. She pushed them down and I stepped out of them. I was naked in front of my sister -- my naked sister. Her eyes were back to my cock. I watched her hand move and then stop. She looked up at me.

“Go ahead. Touch it. Learn. It’s what you wanted. To learn. Oh easy. That’s better. Now up and down. Yes.”.

She was quickly learning how to wank me. It felt good. Her little hand wrapped around my cock, going up and down. I think I was harder knowing it was my baby sister jerking me off.

“It’s warm. Soft. Hard. So big. So big.”.

I smiled and said “I’m not big. Maybe a little bit bigger than average. But there are bigger ones out there and yes, smaller ones. Hit some porn on the computer and you’ll see bigger.”.

“hmmm. Big enough.“.

She leaned forward and kissed the head.

She pulled back, stopped stroking, and looked up to my eyes.

“Sorry. I just had to do that. Sorry.”.

“Nothing to be sorry about. But now you know how I felt looking at you all naked and playing with yourself, knowing I couldn’t join in. Sex is powerful stuff. Very powerful stuff.”.

She leaned in and kissed the head of my cock again. Her hand started going up and down again. Her other hand moved to my balls and gently cupped them in her hand.

“You can rub them. But be careful how hard you do it. Work ‘em easy. Learn. Watch me and how I react. If I flinch, then too hard. If not, keep doing it. Oh god yes. You got magic hands.”.

She kissed my cock again, but this time she pushed her tongue onto it. She got some of my precum on her tongue and pulled back. I saw her roll her tongue around in her mouth. She looked at me, smiled, and dove back down. She opened her mouth and took my cock head in.

“Damn. Fine. Now be careful. No teeth. Only take so much in. Careful not to gag.”.

This is wild. I’m telling my young baby sister how to blow me.

“Use your tongue. Bob your head up and down. Oh fuck me yes. Damn sis. Damn that is nice. Keep the hands working. Oh fuck me. Yes. Oh god. Suck me. Squeeze tighter. Oh fuck. Oh god. I feel it. Here I cum. Oh please take it in your mouth. Take it in your mouth. Don’t take it out. Let me cum in your mouth. Oh shit. Oh god damn. Fu yesssssssss!”.

I came. I exploded into my sister’s mouth. I loosely held her head and my hips humped into her face. I came and my cum went into her mouth. I heard her gag a couple of times, but I just couldn’t stop. I was holding her head tighter. I was shaking and my legs were about to give way. I pushed hard one more time and squirted another load into her mouth. She was twitching as I held her head to my cock. I eased up and she pulled back. She gasped for air.

“Oh shit, sis. Sorry. It felt so good. You ok? Sorry. Damn that was good.”.

“Oh wow.”. Her hand came up and wiped her lips. She looked at my cum there on the back of her hand. She brought it to her mouth and licked it clean. That brought me to think where did the rest of my cum go? Very little was on her lips when she wiped. She looked up at me, smiled weakly, and licked her lips.

“Hmmm. Odd. But not bad. Tasty. I like it. I think I like it a lot because it gave you so much pleasure.. I’m gonna have to have more. Wow. You shoved that thing into my mouth and it went down my throat. I panicked and thought I couldn’t breathe. But I started to breathe through my nose and I settled down. I also thought I was gonna puke. But I wasn’t gonna. I fought hard and I didn‘t puke.”.

“Damn sis. That was great.”.

I sat on the bed next to her. She leaned over to me and kissed my lips. Not a sisterly kiss at all. She leaned back.

“Hmm Now ya gotta teach me about kissing.

- - - -
Sister wants to learn - Chapter 3
Kissing turns to fucking

“I think we skipped a few lessons. Yup. Sure did. Kissing should have been number one. But somehow we got started in the middle.”.

“It was your idea. You had me get naked and start playing with myself. Your fault. I‘m just an innocent little girl.”.

“Not innocent anymore. You're well on your way to being a full blown sex goddess.”.

I leaned down to her and kissed her. This time I pulled her to me and pressed harder. I opened up my mouth and let my tongue slid along her lips. I could taste a bit of my cum on her lips. Hmmm. A first for me. Not bad. I felt her lips open and my tongue pushed in. I met her tongue. I laid back, pulling her sweet naked body on top of me. The kiss was great. I was lost in her lips. Her body was warm as it laid on me. My soft cock was waking up as it was pressed between our bodies. Janice pulled her head back and looked at me.

“Wow! This is awesome. You feel so good under me.”.

She wiggled and moved and my hardening cock slipped between her legs. “Oh that is better. Much better.”. She wiggled some more and my cock was hard again and pressing up towards her pussy. “Much, much better.”.

She leaned down and started kissing me again. She was taking charge of this kiss. I was just putty in her arms. My hands were wandering on her back. Her shoulders. Her butt. Oh her sweet tiny, tight butt. I pulled her butt and my cock slipped into her pussy. I stopped. My eyes shot open. She was looking at me. She grimaced and smiled at the same time -- I know, odd. Now with an intense, determined smile, she up and pushed. I slid into her more.

“Janice. Stop. I don’t want to get you pregnant. Oooh shit.”.

She pushed and I went all the way into her.

“I got…uh fuck…I got condoms…fuck…please…oh damn.”.

Janice was rocking her hips on my cock. She had her tongue out and pushed to the side as she focused on fucking me. I had to take control. But it felt so damn good. Got to stop. I swatted her ass hard to get her attention. She yelped and she looked at me cross, but she stopped fucking me. Our eyes waged a battle. I held her ass tight so it wouldn’t move. OK. So sue me. I was all the way in. Buried to the balls. But she wasn’t moving. I won the battle and she pulled up my cock. Not all the way off, but she was minding me.

“Where is it then? Damn. It was intense going in. But then I opened up. I like that a lot. Where is that condom?! I want you back in me.”.

“In my backpack, by my desk.”.

She slowly pulled herself up and completely off. Oh damn I miss her pussy already. I saw her take a couple of deep breaths. She put a determined look on her face and got off the bed. She brought the back pack to the bed quickly. She straddled me and was trying to get the backpack open and her pussy back onto my cock at the same time. I grabbed the bag and quickly found the package. She had got my cock back in her and was working up and down again. I pushed the bag off the bed and swatted her ass hard again.

“OK. OK. I will. Give it to me. Show me how to do it right. I want that nice cock back in me. Oh damn, I want it back in. Quick. Teach me how.”.

She was almost crying as she opened it.

“Make sure to leave a little bit loose on top to catch the cum. Then just roll it down.”.

She made quick work of it and looked to me for approval. I nodded and she was back pushing her pussy onto my cock. I slid in. Nice. Not near as nice as her bare pussy, but nice. She was quickly moaning and was obviously having a great time. I had my hands on her hips helping her go up and down. Her tiny boobs would jerk up and then down. But they went right back to their place -- tight on her chest. Oh god damn. I’m fucking my sister. Or she’s fucking me. And it’s just grand.

I saw her body get red all over. I felt her pussy tighten up. Damn. She was starting to shudder and shiver. I watched as her muscles did little quivers. She was close. I pulled her hips tightly down onto my hips and held her there, not letting her move. She whined and wildly looked at me. She tried to get my hands to release.

“What? Let me go. I need. I’m so close.”.

“Get off me and get on your hands and knees. Time for the doggie style lesson.”.

“If I do it, will we get back to fucking quickly?”.

“Yes. As quick as you can move, is as quick as I can be.”.

She scampered off me and got onto her hands and knees. I just as quickly got behind her and lined up and was back in her.

“Oh thank you. Nice. Come on Giles. Fuck me. Make me feel real good.”.

I started pumping into her. Her tiny, firm ass cheeks wiggled with each slam into her. I used her hips as handles to pull her on and off my cock. I went in deep. Deep into that tight, tight pussy. I saw her body getting red again. And again I watched as her muscles started to quiver. I pushed into her hard each time. Banging her body. Pull. Bang. Over and over. Oh damn nice.

“ungh. Oh damn oh. Ungh. Oh god you're so deep in me. Oooof. It hurts and feels good at the same time. Oh god damn, Giles. I’m almost there. Oh don’t stop. Please oh please don’t stop. Oh oh. Yes. More. Harder. Oh oooo Oh shit yes yes YESSSSSS!”.

She was in full blown orgasm. Her pussy got so very tight. And wet. Oh my was she wet. I felt it sliding and oozing down my legs. I kept pumping her tight pussy hard, and it pushed her over the top. She was crying and wailing and her hands lost the ability to hold herself up. I kept fucking her. I had her body wildly bouncing on my cock. I was just having a fantastic fuck.

I felt her body go limp. Nothing. She passed out? I slowed down.

“Janice? Squirt? You there? You ok?”.

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