Once the door shut behind Naruto a female ANBU jumped down in front of Naruto and gave him a scroll.

“What's this?” Naruto asked, but the female ANBU had already left. Naruto opened it too see that the next spot was on top of the Hokage mountain. Naruto smiled and ran out of the building knowing this required a special treat at Ichiraku's before the next round. Once Naruto got there he ordered his usual ramen order.

“Here you are Naruto, and this one's on the house” Teuchi says handing Naruto his bowl of fresh ramen.

“Really! why?” Naruto asks.

“Well your in the tournament aren't ya?” Teuchi replies.

“Sure am!” Naruto says “Believe it!”

“Well we are rooting for ya then” Teuchi replies “Aren't we Ayame?”

Ayame turns around from stirring the ramen “Sure are” she says with a large grin on her face.

“Time to dig in then!” Naruto says chowing down several bowls of ramen. “What time is it Teuchi?”

“It is 12:55 why?” Teuchi says turning his head to see Naruto already gone. “That boy never stops for a moment does he?” Teuchi chuckles.

“Shit! I'm going to be late” Naruto says as he moves through the village quickly as possible. When he finally got on top of the mountain he notices only a couple dozen ninjas from the village are still standing. As he walks around he notices Neji standing there alone awaiting orders. “Neji! Neji!” Naruto waves as he walks over to Neji.

“Naruto you might want to check the list over there” Neji points to a post where a few ninjas were standing by. Naruto walked over to see what it was about and noticed that his name was the first and right next it said he would be fighting Neji.

Naruto walks back to Neji “So it seems we are fighting once again.”

“I'm sorry to disappoint you Naruto, but it seems while I was waiting for you my clan has asked to take care of an important matter, so I'll be leaving you” Neji says waving his good-bye and leaving Naruto alone.

“Dang and I really wanted to fight Neji again” Naruto sighed.

“Alright everyone find your opponet!” A familiar voice says behind Naruto. Naruto turns around to see Kakashi standing there.

“Kakashi!” Naruto shouts as he runs over to him.

“Ah, Naruto I already know Neji had to take of other matters you won't be fighting today, but you may stay to see how your fellow ninjas fight”

“Isn't there anyone Kakashi that I can fight!” Naruto whines wanting to practice his skills.

“I'm sorry Naru...” Kakashi says before he is interrupted by someone in the crowd.

“I'll duel him” Konohamaru says walking past his superiors who were all snickering.

“Konohamaru” Kakashi says.

“I'll duel him!” Naruto replies.

“I'm sorry, but Konohamaru your dueling an ANBU in your first round” Kakashi says reading his book. An ANBU jumps to Kakashi's side and whispers something in his ear leaving Kakashi nodding “Well Konohamaru, Naruto apparently you'll both be dueling, but you'll be the last ones to fight, because you were both to fight in the next round, so consider your duel as the start of the second duel.”

“Alright we did it we are going to duel for Hokage!” Naruto and Konohamaru say in unison.

“Alright lets begin the second fight!” Kakashi shouts as everyone gets in their position. Six hours had passed with only half the ninjas already fought. Naruto and Konohamaru watching the action with some fights lasting only a few seconds to some that took a couple hours. By the time all the battles had finished for the first round Naruto was sleeping while Konohamaru was working on a strategic plan on how to beat Naruto.

“Alright the first round is over by special request we will begin the first battle of the second round with Naruto Uzumaki versus Konohamaru Sarutobi!” Kakashi shouts with Konohamaru trying to wake up Naruto who seemed not wanting to budge one bit.

Kakashi went over to see Naruto sleeping and quickly woke him up and in no time Naruto was standing in the already worn out battle ground fighting off against Konohamaru.

“Are you ready Naruto!?” Konohamaru shouts toward Naruto.

Naruto shook his head to wake himself up “Sure am and don't think that strategy you were planning is going to work!”

“What you saw me!”Konohamaru says shocked.

“I was only faking sleep I saw the whole thing” Naruto replies.

“Dang, now I need to plan everything out again” Konohamaru says fidgeting.

“And Begin!” Kakashi says as Naruto rushes to Konohamaru in full speed ready to attack.

“Oh no you don't!” Konohamaru says vanishing from Naruto's eyes.

“I'm up here!” Konohamaru shouts as he sends a rasengan straight toward Naruto. A split second as Konohamaru is nearing Naruto, Naruto vanishes as well leaving Konohamaru going into the ground. Shaked up Konohamaru gets right back into it as he tries to find Naruto.

“You think you can beat me so easily” Naruto says walking out of the dust that Konohamaru created.

“I'm going to be the next Hokage!” Konohamaru shouts as he runs toward Naruto once more. Before he could attack Naruto he vanished from Naruto's sights.

“Typical” Naruto says and vanishes just as a Konohamaru comes out of the ground and a Konohamaru comes from behind Naruto. Both attacking each other as they both disappear. “Come on Konohamaru is this the best you can do I've barely used my chakra” Naruto says.

The real Konohamaru standing in the crowd as he sends his clones to attack Naruto, but he was realizing he was running low on chakra and he had to think of something else quick. That's when he got an idea and walked forward to Naruto “Alright lets begin then!” Konohamaru shouts with Naruto staring right back at him.

“I've only been fighting clones are you serious!?” Naruto shouts.

“Sexy no jutsu!” Konohamaru shouts revealing his newly adjusted sexy female justu that showed no clothes on and was a brunette.

“Please I can do far better” Naruto says “Sexy no jutsu!” Revealing a blonde with two pony-tails a face that made Kakashi blush as he hid behind his book. The other ninja that were watching well at least all the male ninjas in the area were all got nose-bleeds by the sight of Konohamaru, and once Naruto revealed his version they literally fainted. Leaving only the female ninjas rolling their eyes as they watch this kiddie fight.

“I can do far better than you Naruto! Konohamaru says in a sexy female voice as he starts rubbing his pussy and playing with his breasts.

“Would you two knock it off and actually fight!” a female ninja says from the crowd. Konohamaru and Naruto stop and look to see only the female ninjas standing with the exception of Kakashi who was reading his book contently not bothering with the duel any longer. Both Naruto and Konohamaru had huge grins on their faces knowing they were thinking the exact same thing. With six female ninjas. Four were ANBU and two others looked like they were the pride of their clans Naruto created 11 clones as Konohamaru created 5 clones as they dispersed among the six female ninjas tearing apart their clothes and plugging all their holes. Just as they were getting into it an alarm went off. Everyone looked to see the alarm was near Kakashi who seemed to of woken up from a short sleep.

“I'm sorry guys did I doze off?” Kakashi says getting up “Anyhow who is the winner of the Naruto vs. Konohamaru battle?” Everyone stared in shock by Kakashi's words.

Konohamaru removed all of his clones and returned to his normal self as well as Naruto. The women were all wearing shredded clothes that barely covered their private parts.

Konohamaru quickly points his finger to Naruto “Naruto wins he barely used any chakra and I barely have enough chakra at this point to continue.”

“Very well I'll mark it on the list and I'll see you all tomorrow outside the village in the training field” Kakashi says and vanishes. Naruto and Konohamaru look back to see the women all gone and all of the men sleeping. Naruto and Konohamaru shrug and leave them.

“So what do you want to do now Naruto?” Konohamaru asks.

“I'm wanting to fuck Kyubi again. I'm just too damn horny right now to be hanging with you right now Konohamaru” Naruto says as he continues his path.

“Right I'm going to find Moegi I know she has been wanting me lately” Konohamaru says as they split up.


Naruto gets into his apartment to see Kyubi cooking a meal “What are you making?”

“I'm making something Ino recommended me trying she said Choji and Shikamaru like it a lot whenever she makes them.

“ I'm going to take a quick shower” Naruto replies “I love you so much Kyubi I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you.” Naruto gives Kyubi a quick kiss while squeezing her little arse then walking away to take a shower.

Kyubi made sure he was taking a shower and took all her clothes off and quickly got dinner finished up and ready to eat. She sat there waiting for a few moments as Naruto got out of the bathroom drying his hair with a huge hard-on as he walks in naked. “Well this is unusual?” Naruto says feeling the awkwardness of both of them naked and a table full of food.

“Lets eat shall we!” Kyubi smiles widely and begins serving herself some food.

“So we are going to eat naked?” Naruto says sitting down staring at Kyubi with a strange feeling on his face.

“Yes, this is a test to see how long we can control our sexual taste for each other. You see Naruto you must have control over your emotions or how are we to have a normal relationship” Kyubi says digging in. Naruto shrugs and begins eating himself while keeping an eye on Kyubi the entire time.


Konohamaru goes over to Moegi's place about to knock on the door when he hears strange noises figuring that someone might be trying to kidnap Moegi from the sounds Moegi was making, so he looked for a window to see who his enemy might be, but it wasn't in the room he had thought it would be, so he opened the door as quietly as possible. Sneaking through Moegi's bedroom he walks to her door and slides the door slightly open to see two figures on the floor looking like they were struggling for something. Konohamaru decided to get closer. He opened the door and quickly hid right above the two figures who seemed to not of noticed his presence. To his astonishment he was watching Moegi and Hanabi in their birthday suits hitting each other's pussies while holding on to each other's legs. Moving back and forth Konohamaru couldn't believe his own eyes he was contently watching the scene in front of him of two wailing teen girls. One that was slightly older than him and the other a partner in crime who he was madly in love with. Without really noticing it he was jacking off right above them subconsciously.

“Oooh Hanabi more! More! Make me come!” Moegi moaned as her wet pussy was slapping with her girlfriends own wet pussy.

“Uuuh...Moegi I'm so grateful we are friends...without you I might be far too busy sucking cock!” Hanabi moans. Konohamaru now realizing that he was masturbating went even faster by what the two were saying. In no time he felt himself ready to explode, and that's when it hit him he was about to come on the two below him and he would be noticed. Then he felt it drip out of his cock and fall right down on the two of them. They both felt it and looked up with shocked faces to see Konohamaru. He looked straight down in horror by what he did and was terrified by what the two might do to him.

“Konohamaru Sarutobi!” Moegi and Hanabi shouted at him. He jumped down scared by the two.

“Now now Konohmaru we aren't going to do anything cruel to you” Hanabi says seductively walking with Moegi toward him as he walks backwards every once in awhile checking behind him.

“Come now Konohamaru why are you so scared of us?” Moegi asks Konohamaru.

“You two aren't going to kill me are you?” Konohamaru asks.

“Ha far from it we want your cock” Hanabi says staring at his hard cock that was slowly limping.

“Yeah Konohamaru we just want to play with you” Moegi replies also staring her teammates wonderful cock. Sure it wasn't as big as Kyubi or Naruto's, but it was a nice size anyhow. Konohamaru still nervous stood there as the two grabbed hold of his cock and started licking and playing with it. After a few moments Konohamaru was starting to quite enjoy the sensation of two chics playing with his cock.

Hanabi is the first to start sucking on his cock. She has one hand holding it while she sucks it off. Moegi goes under and sucks on his ball sac. Konohamaru took off his shirt and now standing there also in his birthday suit enjoying the sight below him. “Hanabi can you switch with Moegi?” Konohamaru asks. Without question Hanabi stops sucking Konohamaru's wet hard cock, and Moegi starts sucking while Hanabi stands up and starts to kiss Konohamaru. Konohamaru was surprised by Hanabi doing this and whats more she moved her tongue into his mouth. He also wanted to explore this new sensation and used his tongue to explore Hanabi's mouth. Konohamaru began to feel something below and grabbed Moegi by the hair and pulled her back and forth as cum began to flow out of his cock once more as he deep-throated Moegi. Cum dripped out of Moegi's mouth as she continued to suck on him.

Hanabi pulled away “How about you fuck me Konohamaru.” Konohamaru got a better idea he made a clone of himself so he could fuck both of them.

“Now that is more like it” Moegi says excited by the clone. The real Konohamaru grabbed Hanabi and moved her to the wall and began to fuck her with her legs wrapped around Konohamaru. The clone Konohamaru went behind Moegi and began fucking her doggy-style.

“AH Fuck Konohamaru! Yes that's it fuck both of us! You dirty boy!” Hanabi screams. Konohamaru quicky shut her up wanting to do what they were doing earlier, so he kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth. In return Hanabi obliged having no other choice as her pussy was getting slammed.

“Oh gaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddddddd yes fuck it! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it good!” Moegi moans with the clone Konohamaru shoving his cock in and out of her pussy. Konohamaru moved downwards and cupped her breasts in his hands making Moegi squeal even louder.


After supper Kyubi and Naruto were cleaning dishes “I've got it taken care of” Kyubi says to Naruto.

“That's alright we can finish faster together” Naruto says slapping her ass causing Kyubi to move closer to the sink. Naruto in one flash grabbed the sprayer and got Kyubi's naked breasts all wet.

“Naruto control yourself” Kyubi shouts at him.

“Sorry I couldn't resist” Naruto apologizes and continues to wash the dishes. Kyubi drys the dishes Naruto gives her.

Kyubi knew Naruto was horny by how his cock was hung, but she had to resist such thoughts if she was to control Naruto's sexual desires. It was the one thing she could never control in all of their training and fighting was his constant horniness. She didn't know if it was herself to blame or if it was him. All she knew was it had to be controlled. If she couldn't she would have to rejoin with the nine-tail, and she was sure he wouldn't be happy by her displeasure. Now that Naruto and the Nine-tail finally made amends during the last year.

After they finished the dishes Naruto jumped on the bed and began to concentrate on his inner training. Kyubi knew this was the time Naruto didn't want any sexual desires, but she couldn't resist wanting to have some fun with him. Now even she was thinking was it her that made Naruto horny or was it Naruto controlling her to have these feelings for her. Either way she couldn't resist Naruto's cock that was standing straight up. She walked over to him and used her hand to stroke Naruto. Kyubi was checking to see if Naruto had taken notice, but it seemed by her that he wasn't paying her much attention.

From Naruto's perspective though he knew he had trained Kyubi this past year well. With the nine-tail also watching what his creation was doing he could only laugh at how cunning Naruto was in getting Kyubi to play with his cock.

Kyubi got more adventurous by sucking on his cock, and after a while she didn't even care if he watching she was too damn horny and she wanted his cock so badly. While sucking him off she also squeezed his ball sac. She was working him up real good that it was making her pussy extremely wet. She stopped working his ball sac and moved her hand over her pussy. Her juices immediately dripped out of her and on to the floor. She moved Naruto back on to the bed as Naruto layed their trying to hold it in. She then separated his legs and moved on top of him positioning his cock into her pussy. She thrust it into her and began moving up and down on it.

Once Naruto realized what she was doing he thrust his cock into her as he opened his eyes surprising her. Instead of jerking back Kyubi could no longer resist her own urges with his cock moving in her. Naruto got up and cupped her breasts in his hands as he kissed her hard on the lips. Now both in rhythm Naruto placed his tongue in her mouth and Kyubi did the same. Intertwined Kyubi knew from then on she would never leave Naruto.


“Make me cum Konohamaru!” Moegi says now laying on the floor staring at the clone Kyubi who is standing above her with his hard-on that is fully wet from her pussy.

“Yes make us cum Konohamaru” Hanabi says seductively laying next to Moegi as the real Konohamaru stands above her. The two Konohamaru's standing there next to each other seeing how both girls are still horny while he was running out of energy to keep up with them. He knew if he had Naruto's chakra he would surely dominate, but instead he releases his clone and falls backward on to the ground exhausted. The two girls realizing that Konohamaru was tired they moved over to him in agreement. Moegi positioned her pussy into his limp cock while Hanabi positioned herself above his head so he could lick her.

The scent above Konohamaru was too overwhelming, but he couldn't simply refuse an offer like this. So for the rest of the night Konohamaru was trapped by the two's sexual prowess over him.


The next morning Naruto woke up first as Kyubi layed their on the bed peacefully. Naruto quickly left and decided to go to Ichiraku's knowing that he does serve a good morning meal for the day that Naruto seemed to love of course not as much as his ramen, but he couldn't complain. Food was food.
Once he finished he left to the training field where the next stage would be and sure enough a dozen or so where standing around waiting for Kakashi to show up. Naruto waited by meditating.

In an hour someone finally showed, but it wasn't Kakashi, but instead it was Shizune. “Alright everyone the third stage of the tournament begins today!” Naruto snapped out of his meditation and was listening to what Shizune was about to say like the rest of the competition. “Now to be Hokage you must be able to summon a creature of some sort and have support from the village, not just your clans! If you are not able to summon a creature please leave immediately!” Afterwards only four people stood there. Naruto, two ANBU, and a clan leader he thought looked like Kiba, but didn't have a dog anywhere in sight.

“Excuse me sir are you part of the same clan as Kiba?” Naruto asks the strange clan leader.

The clan leader looks toward Naruto and smiles “I'm his father”

“You should know I beat Kiba during the Chunin exams years ago” Naruto says.

“Ah yes I remember Kiba being upset by that loss, well I'm far more experienced than is” the clan leader says.

“I'm sorry my name is Naruto Uzumaki!” Naruto says cheerfully toward him.

“I am Hiba Inuzaka” Hiba says with cheerful voice.

“Alright the finals begin with Naruto Uzumaki and Hiba Inuzaka fighting over there” Shizune points to the east of her “...and both of you ANBU will be fighting over there” Shizune points to the west of her. All were in agreement and got into battle position. Just as the battles were begging one of the ANBU's fell and surrendered leaving Naruto to fight Hiba then all he needed to do was beat an ANBU, and he would become Hokage. Naruto looked at Hiba in agreement and right off the bat Hibe summoned a tribe of dogs. Naruto knew he had to summon some sort of creature if he wanted to survive and that's what he did. He pulled out a small scroll and shouted “Reverse Summoning Technique!”

Shima and Fukasaku are appear on Naruto's shoulders. Naruto closes his eyes to collect the natural power around him and goes into his sage mode. “Ready guys!” Naruto shouts as he runs toward Hiba. In one move by Shima and Fukasaku all the dogs were gone. “Now it's my turn to have some fun!” Naruto shouts attacking Hiba furiously and within moments Hiba was down.

“My my you truly do live up to the name Naruto. I do say I am grateful to of at least battled you, and I wish you good luck as the next Hokage” Hiba says and vanishes. Shima and Fukasaku also leave as well as Naruto's sage mode.

“Okay now that the battles are over with Naruto Uzumaki will fight against Yamato!” Shizune shouts in the middle of the field.

“Yamato!?” Naruto says confused then the ANBU takes off his mask to show that it was Yamato. “YAMATO!!” Naruto screams rushing over to him.

“Naruto I would like to congratulate you on becoming the next Hokage, but before hand you don't mind if we have one duel to see how good you really are” Yamato says removing his ANBU robes to show his regular ninja clothing.

“I just ended my sage mode!” Naruto shouts.

“Relax you won't need it. Rely on the basics” Yamato says coolly.

“Right” Naruto says preparing to fight his sensei. Yamato got into his fighting stance ready for Naruto to make the first move. Stillness resided around the field for several minutes as the two watched each other ready for the other to make the first move, but they simply walked around in a circle. Shizune watched from the sidelines in silence. A summer breeze flew by nad the Naruto in front of Shizune and Yamato vanished. Yamato quickly took to the defense waiting to see where Naruto would attack. A kunai was thrown to Yamato's left and Yamato took it down, but at the last second he realized it had a bomb on it and quickly vanished with smoke residing across the field.

Naruto moved into the smoke. Once the smoke resided Yamato saw reflections of himself in a circle with eight Yamato's. “Can you guess which one is the real one?” all the Naruto clones of Yamato ask as the real Yamato hit the ground with a summoning technique where wood branches came out of the ground attacking each of the clones only to find out in the end all were clones. “I've got you NOW!!” Naruto screams above Yamato while holding a rasengan.

As Naruto hit Yamato, Yamato vanished as a wood clone. Naruto hit the ground breaking the wood piece in half.

“Don't think I'm going down that easy Naruto” Yamato shouts from a tree branch behind Shizune.

Naruto smirks “Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” Hundreds of Naruto's came flowing out of the smoke several of them holding rasengans and all of them going after Yamato and the tree that he was residing on. Yamato made some quick hand signals and with his hands branches grew out attacking each and every Naruto he could possibly attack. Mid way through the attacking Naruto wrapped his hand around Yamato's neck holding a kunai. “Do you give sensei?” Yamato disappeared not as a wood clone like before, but as a water clone. Naruto began to feel the ground shake. He looked out to the field to see the ground cup downward like a giant bowl. Yamato stood on the opposite side creating the massive bowl.

Naruto moved forward ready to attack Yamato, but as soon as he started going into the bowl Yamato began closing it like a ball. Naruto ran faster creating a clone to help him create a rasengan. The entire ball shaked for a moment as the ball was complete, and Naruto was in total darkness. He was unable to break the wood figuring Yamato must of made it thicker than usual. Naruto summoned the nine-tail, and the wood ball broke into pieces with Naruto on top of the nine-tail's head staring at Yamato. “Alright alright Naruto you win” Yamato got scared instantly by the sight of the nine-tail appearance.

“Ah come on he hasn't been out in awhile, though can't I have give him some fresh air Sensei!” Naruto begged Yamato

“Go ahead just don't destroy too much of the terrain Hokage!” Yamato screamed from down below. Naruto and the nine-tail stretched around the area enjoying each other's company. Yamato and Shizune knew Naruto was going to be one active Hokage.

Authors notes.
There will be one or two more stories, but they won't be posted for some time. They will be the final two also to complete the series. For the time being I will be focusing on “The Modern American Family” series. Hope you enjoyed the Naruto series so far, and any constructive comments are always helpful.

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