Later that day after the massive orgy Naruto and Kyubi began walking back to the village leaving Kakashi resting under the tree. Both still sore after, so they held up each other hoping to get to their apartment without any disturbance.

Starting to climb up the steps to their apartment no one had bothered them until they heard a voice above them. Both Naruto and Kyubi look up to see Sakura standing in front of them at the top of the stairwell.

“There you two are? I've been looking for you two all day!” Sakura says sounding concerned.

“Oh just you Sakura” Naruto gulped “Can we talk later both Kyubi and I really need to get some rest.”

“Have you two been training with Kakashi!?” Sakura says walking down to them “If you want I made some new solider pills for you to regain your energy.

“Uh no thank you!” Naruto waved his hands in front of her, but it was too late Sakura sticked one in his mouth and Kyubi's. Naruto felt sick, but after a few moments he actually didn't mind it like the past ones Sakura has given too him before.

Kyubi smiled to Sakura as she was chewing it, and says after wards “Do you have another these are delicious!”

Sakura replies “Sure Kyubi” Sakura turns to Naruto “Do you want another one too Naruto?”

“More!? I'll take the whole basket. These are the almost as good as Ichiraku's ramen” Naruto says and Sakura hands him the basket she was holding. He quickly devoured a few and felt refreshed.

“Well I'm glad you liked them I guess I'll have to make more” Sakura says and walks past them, but stops and turns around as they were walking up “Say Kyubi can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

“Uh, sure Sakura” Kyubi says as Naruto walks up with the basket to their apartment “What is it?”

“Tomorrow night you see all the girls are wanting to hang out and we were wondering if you'd be interested?” Sakura says.

“What about Naruto?” Kyubi asks.

“I'm sure you can think of something just don't tell him it's a girls night out, because he'll decide to follow and fuck the shit out of us and the last time he fucked me well...I won't bother, but a night without boys would be a good thing don't you think” Sakura says smiling at her then gave her a quick kiss on the lips and walked away. “I'll see you tomorrow at Ino's at 5 Kyubi.”

Kyubi stood there frozen surprised by Sakura then shook it off and went to see what Naruto was doing. When she got into the apartment she saw him with a few clones meditating. Which was quite normal for them both to do in the past year. Kyubi shut the door and decided to follow suit by making a few clones herself and meditated with Naruto for the rest of the night.


“Huh what time is it?” Kakashi says looking up to see the moon out. He looks at the field to see Naruto and Kyubi have already left “I guessed I dosed off a little too much.” Kakashi got up picked up his book and placed in his pocket and headed back to Konoha.

When he got back in to town Sai stopped him “Kakashi”

“Sai” Kakashi replies both remain in a mono tone with their greetings.

“I haven't seen Yamato in the last few days and was wondering if he has gone back into ANBU?” Sai asks.

“He has temporarily, but after I talk with Shizune he may be returning to help Naruto train” Kakashi replies “Is something wrong Sai?”

“It's hard to explain, but Ino wants me to go further with our relationship, and I can't find any books to help me understand what she is asking of me?” Sai asks.

“I think I know just the books for you I'll get them to you tomorrow” Kakashi says “No worry Sai you'll be fine.” Kakashi assures him and then leaves. Sai stands there in the night in the middle of a street in Konoha looking up to see the night sky, and a falling star. He makes a wish then vanishes leaving the street bare.


The next morning Kakashi wakes up in his bed hearing a knock at the door. He quickly gets up realizing he was still wearing the same clothes from last night. He opens the door to see Sai standing there “Ah Sai it's only you” Kakashi took a quick breath “Can you give me a few minutes I'll have those books for ya.”

“Sorry to disturb you this early, but Ino has been following me for the last hour this morning” Sai says catching his breath a little.

“Is she following you now?” Kakashi asks.

“I think I lost her for a few moments why?” Sai asks.

“Come in” Kakashi says as he quickly summons a couple of dogs to guard his apartment. Sai walks with Kakashi moving around the place looking for the books. After a few moments digging around he finds all of Jiraiya's books and hands them to Sai “Here you are”

“Aren't these...” Sai says confused by Kakashi's gift.

“Don't worry these will do the trick, just don't cause them any damage. Read them here though you won't have any intrusion from Ino. I have to get going and meet up with Shizune right now, so I'll see you later now Sai” Kakashi says and leaves through the window. Sai stands there with several books in his hands as he sees Kakashi leave.


Naruto awakens smelling something good. He looks around to see Kyubi in the kitchen. He gets off his bed and walks over and just as he was a few steps away she vanished showing that it was a clone. “What the...” Naruto says and then someone blocks his sight from behind.

“Guess who?” Kyubi says standing behind Naruto.

“Kyubi what has gotten into you?” Naruto asks.

“What can't I have some fun with you?” Kyubi asks as Naruto turns to face her. He sees himself though.

“What the...” Naruto says again confused.

Kyubi walks out of the bathroom with only a towel “Don't you want me Naruto” she says sad and seductive at the same time opening up the towel to reveal her naked body.

“Do I ever” Naruto stands there with his mouth wide open marveling Kyubi's figure.

“Well then...” Kyubi says whispering behind him in his ear “your going to have to wait.” The Kyubi clone in front of him vanished. Naruto turned around to see no one behind him also, but he does notice a note sticking on the front door.

Naruto takes it and reads it then smirks “That Kyubi.”


Shizune wakes up and takes her morning shower followed by a healthy breakfast. Afterwards she headed to the Hokage palace like any other day. She was finishing up the preparations for the tournament to determine who the next Hokage was to be and their was a huge list. Being this was the first time this tournament has ever occurred lots of names have appeared 128 names to be precise. From the ANBU to clan leaders within Konoha to young kids like Naruto and Konohamaru. The list is full of potential Hokage's. “It's too bad Lady Tsunade couldn't pick a name before she passed I'm sure it would have been Naruto, but now he must fight to earn that spot” Shizune said to herself. She enters the Hokage's office to see a desk already full of papers for the day. By the time she got over to the Hokage's seat someone grabbed her from behind.

“Shizune how are you today?” Kakashi asks.

“Kakashi I thought we had an agreement once every week besides today isn't the day for you fucking me I have to complete all the last minute preparations for the tournament” Shizune says pushing him away, but Kakashi refuses and sticks with her. Kakashi slams her onto the desk and undoes her robes. “Kakashi!!!” Shizune screams.

“Yamato, can you release him from ANBU it seems Naruto needs to learn his second element. If you say yes I'll take it out now” Kakashi says.

“Oooh...yes anything fuck!” Shizune says as Kakashi pulls out and vanishes leaving Shizune alone in the office.


“Sai! Sai where are you!?” Ino shouted running around Konoha finding little trace of him anywhere. She soon stumbles around a corner where she meets Sakura and Hinata chatting away. “Hey Sakura, Hinata!” Ino waves to them.

“Ino we were just talking about tonight” Sakura says “Hinata here says her sister might be interested, and also Kyubi has agreed.”

“Also my sister was talking to Moegi and she seems interested in it also” Hinata says jumping in to the conversation.

“Oooh three pussies to initiate tonight in our sisterhood” Ino says overjoyed by the news.

“How many of us are going to be there tonight anyways Ino?” Hinata asks.

“Let's see there is us three, Kyubi, Moegi, Hanabi, Shizune, Tenten, and umm...oh that's right Kurenai who recently gave birth to a baby boy might be coming” Ino says counting with her fingers.

“What did Kurenai name her child?” Sakura asks.

“Asuma after his father” Ino says.

“Who's going to watch baby Asuma then?” Hinata asks worried about the baby.

“Shikamaru and Temari are going to be watching over him, and I think Choji will be busy with his clan tonight some ceremony for him” Ino replies.

“I'm getting wet just thinking about tonight. What about you Hinata?” Sakura says grabbing one of Hinata's breasts and fonding with it as passersby's watch.

“Ooh Sakura please not in public your embarrassing me” Hinata moans softly by Sakura's touch and embarrassed that she notices public eyes watching the three.

“Sakura save that for later will you” Ino says as the public leaves and Sakura removes her hand from Hinata's breasts.

“Sorry Hinata I'm so anxious that I can't wait for tonight” Sakura says “You'll forgive me right Hinata?”

“Uh sure yes Sakura” Hinata says quickly.

“Anyhow where are you two going anyhow?” Ino asks them.

“Oh we were going to see Moegi it seems her family has an herb that Shizune is in need of, and Hinata here is helping me for the day” Sakura replies to Ino with a cheerful smile.

“Ah good to know if you find Sai let him know that I'm searching for him he owes me a meal after what he did the other day when he spilled a hot bowl of ramen on my clothes. Can you believe the guy?” Ino says.

“Well see you tonight Ino” Hinata says as she bows and Sakura and her go their way as Ino goes her way.


That night Ino is talking with Tenten and Shizune as they wait for the others to come.

“Tenten how is Neji in bed anyhow?” Ino asks.

“He knows where the right places to get me aroused, but he is still having a hard time understanding the joy of it. He's got the same personality as Shikamaru you know” Tenten says.

“Men either they either don't understand it or are too obsessed with it” Ino says.

“I know you should see Kakashi it seems as soon as Lady Tsunade passed away I haven't had a single moment of personal freedom. Either I'm working or Kakashi fucks me” Shizune says.

“What was it like to be in a threesome with Tsunade and Kakashi anyhow Shizune?” Ino asks.

“Well it used to be a foursome when Jiraiya was still alive, which was fine because then we could switch guys every other time. Once Jiraiya passed away Kakashi was all over Tsunade leaving me masturbating myself as I watched them. I mean now and again Tsunade would be too busy and have Kakashi fuck me, but he wasn't very into it. Now all he does is fuck the shit out of me like he did with Tsunade” Shizune replies.

“Wow...” Ino says in disbelief that Kakashi would act like that. Just then the door knocks Ino gets it to see Hanabi, Hinata, and Moegi standing there “Well it looks like our first two fresh pussies have came.”

“Sakura should be here in a few minutes she said she had to help her father with something” Hinata says to Ino.

“I wonder what that could be” Ino says “Anyhow come on in and make yourself at home. Once Kyubi and Sakura get here we'll get started.”

“Is this going to be painful?” Moegi asks.

“Of course not, now if a guy was here you'd be feeling some pain” Ino reassured her.

“That's good to know” Moegi replies back with a cheerful face.

“Oh your so cute I want to break your cherry right now” Ino says to Moegi.

“Hey Moegi” Hanabi says as Moegi turns to her. Hanabi makes out with her as Ino and Hinata stand above them surprised by the two of them.

Hanabi kissed Moegi with unexpected results as Hanabi was kissing her Moegi who has little experience since Konohamaru is always training and Udon is always studying leaving her by herself. Of course Ebisu, but he freaks out every time he sees a naked chick that it almost makes him seem gay at times. Moegi responded to Hanabi's kiss by simply allowing Hanabi take control of the situation. Hanabi moves her tongue into Moegi's mouth feeling around. Moegi responds by wrapping her hands around Hanabi's little butt. Hanabi had snaked her hands under Moegi's shirt and started feeling her little breasts. Hanabi broke the kiss then looked around to see everyone was staring at them. “What?”

“That was so awesome are we going to be doing that more tonight?” Moegi asks.

“That's just the beginning Moegi” Ino states “Once Sakura and Kyubi get here the real fun will begin, but for the time being if you'd like to warm-up you may.” Immediately Shizune and Tenten started to make out. Hanabi walks Moegi to an open area and they begin to start making out themselves. Leaving Hinata and Ino alone. “Oi! Hinata are you ready?” Ino asks moving close to Hinata.

“Um...umm....” Hinata says getting nervous even though she's done this several times in the past then as Ino was about to kiss Hinata there was a knock at the door.

“Hinata get out of the way” Ino says moving past her as she opens the door to see two Kyubi's and Sakura having a threesome make out scene in front of Ino and Hinata. Sakura was in the middle with the two Kyubi's on opposite sides.

The three broke up and Sakura was the first to speak “So is everyone here?”

“We were just getting started” Ino says with Hinata behind her staring at what just happened.

“So where do we begin anyhow” Kyubi asks as her clone stands there behind her.

“Well Sakura and Hinata were getting into it earlier in the day, so lets allow them to finish what they started, and in the meanwhile you and your clone and deal with me Kyubi” Ino replies taking off her shirt to reveal her naked breasts. Ino then pulls on her tits while licking her tongue around her lips seductively.

“ don't mind if I change my hair real quick then?” Kyubi asks as she changes her hair color to blond as does the clone.

“Blond is so your color Kyubi” Ino says moving up to the real Kyubi and stroking her fine blond hair that reached just above the shoulders. Feeling like fine silk Ino stroked it then moved into what she wanted the most which was kissing Kyubi on the lips. Kissing her felt so soft and elegant that Ino was feeling wet down below. Ino pulled away to see that the Kyubi clone had already taken Ino's pants off and was licking her pussy.

Elsewhere in the room Tenten was sticking a kunai in Shizune's pussy while sucking on one of her tit's.

Shizune gyrated her hips moaning out loud “ohhh...oohh...fuck! Fuck the shit out of me...fuck me...fuck meeee...oooohhh yes! Damn faster! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it gooood!”

Tenten kept pumping the kunai in and out of Shizune's pussy enjoying the look that Shizune was getting out of this. She decided to take it a step further and remove the kunai and began licking her pussy. Which sent Shizune into overboard. Stretching her breasts and moving her hips up arching her body. Tenten grabbed onto Shizune's upper legs and ass to hold her in that position. Shizune was having multiple orgasms by now.

“Ooohhh my pussy. Eat it good! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Aaahh...oh yeah!” Shizune says as she brings down her hips. Tenten was enjoying it, but she was in need of some attention too. She pulled away and moved above Shizune and layed right down on Shizune, so she could eat Tenten's pussy. Shizune smiled began licking Tenten.

Hanabi and Moegi are still in their own corner of the room where they are now tribbing. Hanabi is holding on to one of Moegi's legs as Moegi does the same with one of Hanabi's as they push and rub each other's pussies together. Each time they hit their pussies become redder and wetter.

“Ohhh...make me cum Hanabi” Moegi moans as she slaps pussies with Hanabi.

“Fuck! Don't stop Moegi I think I'm going to come!” Hanabi shouts tribbing even harder now with Moegi.

“Lets come together Hanabi!” Moegi says squeezing one of her own breasts as she slams her swollen pussy with Hanabi.

“HARDER!!!” Hanabi screams as they hit their pussies with as much force as they can.

“I'm coming!!” Moegi moans loudly.

“Oh FUCK!” Hanabi moans just as loudly “I'm coming too!” They stop for a moment panting and looking at each other.

“Can we do it again?” Moegi says gleefully.

“Sure why not” Hanabi replies as they go right back at it once more.

“Aaaaahhh!! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck Me! FUCK ME!! That's right eat my pussy!” Sakura says holding down Hinata so she can eat her pussy “Make me cum bitch! Oh Gawd fucking eat my pussy!” Hinata slurped and licked and sucked Sakura's pussy lips as much as she could. She had to breath out of her nose with Sakura holding her down in this position. Sakura holds Hinata with one hand while playing with one of her own breasts as she arches her body forward with Hinata licking her pussy. Her pussy was on fire with Hinata eating her out it sent chills up her body. She was horny and it excited her even more when Hinata moved to licking her asshole it sent Sakura to moan even more. She spread her legs further for Hinata.

“Ohhh, yes! Ohhh, yes! Lick my asshole, it!” Sakura moaned.

Hinata could only blush as she licked her friends asshole. Hinata focused her chakra on her tongue and applied to Sakura sending a shock through her body. The hot wet powerful tongue slashing she was receiving she jammed two fingers in her pussy.

“Hinata don't stop! Lick it! Eat my asshole!” Sakura begged.

Hinata didn't stop from licking her friends asshole either she used her fingers to pull apart Sakura's ass. Hinata shoved her face deeper into Sakura's ass. Sakura was in a state of ecstasy as she not only put her two fingers in, but she decided to shove her entire fist in her pussy.

“Oh Fuck! Yes Hinata don't stop!” Sakura screams “I'm coming!” Sakura's cum drips off her fist down on to Hinata.

Ino standing up with both Kyubi's down on the floor eating her ass and pussy. While they were doing that they were also rubbing their own pussies. “Kyubi...ahh...yes...uhhh...yes!” Ino moans arching her body. The real Kyubi was eating her pussy licking it and sticking her fingers deep into Ino's pussy. The clone Kyubi was sticking her tongue in Ino's asshole while pulling her ass apart. Ino had her legs spread apart with both her holes spread wide open.

The real Kyubi pulls away “Say Ino why don't we take this up another level.” Ino got a wicked smile knowing exactly what Kyubi was talking about. She did a quick hand signal and hit her pussy than pulled away with a cock sticking right out.

Sakura looks on at Ino “I thought we weren't doing that anymore?”

“Oh shut up Sakura we got three new pussies at our disposal do you really think I'm going to waste them with just pussy on pussy” Ino says pointing at Hanabi and Moegi still tribbing.

“Good point” Sakura says “Hinata you know what I'm thinking.”

“Can I take Hanabi first?” Hinata shyly asks.

“Incest!?” Sakura replies “Hinata you sure are odd.”

Hanabi and Moegi stop what they are doing as Sakura and Hinata pull them away. Sakura and Hinata make quick hand signals and place their hands on their pussy and pull away to reveal they too grew cocks.

“How did you two do that?” Moegi asks.

“Get ready to be fucked!” Sakura says forcing Moegi to the wall and positions her cock in Moegi's red swollen pussy.

“Hanabi!” Hinata says strongly ordering the same to her sister. Hanabi obeys and stands near Moegi.

“Okay Kyubi now your turn” Ino says.

“I don't think so” the Kyubi clone says standing behind Ino playing with her cock.

“What the fuck why do I feel something hard behind me?” Ino asks.

“You catch on quickly” The real Kyubi says standing in front of Ino and positioning the cock in to her pussy. The Kyubi clone sticks her cock in Ino's ass.

“Kyubi! Your fucking amazing! Fuck my ass! Ooohh Gawd yes! Ahh!!” Ino moans as she's being fucked in the ass.

“Ohh... fuck Ino your cock in me is so tight!” Kyubi screams.

“Oh fuck...Fuck me sister!” Hanabi moans as she's getting doggy styled fucked by her sister.

“Sakura I always wanted to be just like you, but this is incredible!” Moegi screams.

The door slams wide open everyone stops what they are doing once they heard what was going on and they see Shikamaru. “I don't care what your doing, all I have to say is I'm in need of some help with baby Asuma.” They all look down to see baby Asuma in his hands.

“What happened Shikamaru?” Ino asks.

“Kurenai is out of town to visit a friend and Temari had to cancel at the last moment for a mission, and I can't find anyone else” Shikamaru replies.

“Here I'll help you” Shizune says breaking the silence from the rest of the girls.

“Are you sure who will be my fuck buddy now!?” Tenten asks.

“Thank you Shizune” Shikamaru says and quickly Shizune got her robes on and took baby Asuma into her own hands and walks out of the place with Shikamaru.

“What am I suppose to do now!” Tenten screams.

“Kyubi why don't you take care of her” Ino says looking at Kyubi

“I've got a better idea” Kyubi says to Ino. She does some quick hand signals then the whole room is in a shroud of smoke for a moment.

“What is going on!?” Sakura asks.”Who's behind me!?”

“Ahh!!” Hinata moans as she also feels someone behind her. Once the smoke vanishes Naruto appears with several clones of him and Kyubi all over the room. There was a Naruto clone who has his cock in Tenten's mouth, one Naruto clone is fucking her ass, a Kyubi clone is eating her pussy, A Naruto clone fucking Sakura's ass, A Kyubi clone fucking Hinata's ass. The Kyubi clone that was fucking Ino turned into the real Naruto.

“What the fuck!!” Ino shouts noticing Naruto had raided their girl sleepover.

“What do you think Ino?” Naruto says whispering in her ear seductively.

“NARUTO!” Sakura screams “Get the fuck out of my ASS!!”

“Oh come on Sakura why is it that since coming back you've been a bitch to me” Naruto says playing with her tits and fucking her in the ass “Is it because you have a crush on me?”

“Oh Naruto we have always had a crush on you even Sakura” Ino replies to Naruto's question.

“Shut up Ino” Sakura says.

“Sakura you really do love me!” Naruto says pounding her ass even harder, which resulted in Sakura fucking Moegi in the pussy even harder.

“Naruto can I suck your cock?” Moegi pleas “I've never had a real man's cock in me.

“Certainly” Naruto replies and makes a clone of himself again and stuff's Moegi's mouth “Hanabi do you want a taste too?”

“Uh no thanks Naruto this is plenty for me” Hanabi says as she is getting fucked by her sister still.

The night continued to roll on with Naruto and Kyubi dominating the rest of the girls. The next morning all of them were pretty much sore all over with dry cum all over the place.

“What time is it?” Naruto wakes up with Tenten sleeping right next to him

“Time for you to get to the stadium if you want to become the next Hokage idiot!” Sakura yells at him.

“Why are you wearing a towel Sakura?” Naruto asks. Naruto noticing Sakura noticing she must of taken a shower, but wasn't fully awake to put two and two together.

“It is 10 o'clock in ten minutes they will be starting the tournament you moron!” Sakura shouts at him once more.

“I got you” Naruto says scurry around so not to disturb everyone else who was still sleeping and left running out of the place still getting his shirt on.

When Naruto got to the stadium he notices that there was a large line and they were still getting everyone organized to compete in the tournament. Once he got to the table sitting right across from him was none other than Ibiki Morino. Naruto first met him during the chunin exams, and a few other rare instances.

“Naruto Uzumaki why am I not surprised your here” Ibiki says.

“Heh...Ibiki there isn't another written exam is there?” Naruto half kids, but was hoping he was right.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Naruto, but as long as I'm here you'll be needing to take a written test. Perhaps this time you'll actually get one answer correct” Ibiki says in a serious tone as he hands Naruto his number. Naruto takes it and heads into the room where other ninja in the village talk amongst each other. Naruto took his seat noticing that he knew no one around him until he turned his head to the right where Neji sat right next to him.

“Eek Neji how long have you been sitting there?” Naruto says surprised by Neji's presence.

“I've been sitting here for twenty minutes now Naruto, you just happened to notice me now” Neji says in a very composed posture waiting for the test to begin.

“So Neji...” Naruto says but is soon interrupted by Ibiki's presence standing in front of the room.

“All right Konoha ninja's you'll be competing for Hokage. This test is far harder than the one for the Chunin exams, and Naruto if you say one word like you did the last time I will personally make sure you never become Hokage!” Naruto woke up seeing Ibiki standing in front of him “Eek..Ibiki!”

“Naruto you were daydreaming during the test?” Ibiki says “ten minutes have passed and you haven't done a single question.”

“Sorry about that it won't happen again” Naruto says reassuring Ibiki who didn't care less. Naruto turned back down toward his paper and began looking at the problems. Surprisingly after all the training he had done in the last year he knew all of these problems, even if he still acted like a complete idiot it was Kyubi who set him straight with many new tactics of fighting. In two minutes Naruto finished the test. Neji who was sitting next to him was stumbling on question four. “Hey Ibiki!” Naruto waves his hand to Ibiki.

“What is it now Naruto?” Ibiki asks.

“I'm finished” Naruto says with every one in the room surprised one of the dumbest people in the village say they were finished first.

Ibiki walks up to see his test “Impossible I personally kept my eyes on you the entire time and yet you have every single answer 100% correct!” Neji and all the other ninja taking the test were all dumbstruck that Naruto completed the test first with an A.

“Dattebayo I did it!” Naruto screams.

“Naruto you may take the rest of the morning off. The next part will begin at 1 o'clock I'll have someone let you know the location” Ibiki whispers in his ear. Naruto leaves with a cheerful face as he walks out of the room as he prepares for the next step of the tournament for Hokage.

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