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A year has pass since Naruto and Kyubi began their training to defeat Pain. Since then Pain and for the most part the entire Akatsuki has been destroyed. Sasuke has vanished with whispers of him forming a nation to destroy Konoha. Naruto has tamed the fox within him and with that Kyubi who is originally part of the fox has grown more connected to Naruto. With the war between the Akatsuki and the five major ninja countries all but over.

Naruto and Kyubi head back to Konoha with Sakura, Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai all reporting back with the war finished. Kyubi and Sai are carrying an injured Naruto into Konoha with Sakura and Yamato carrying Kakashi who seemed to be almost as worn as Naruto.

Two guards are sitting at the front entrance of Konoha noticing the group walking through.

“It seems your the last ones in this war to come back home Kakashi” one guard says.

“Is the hospital booked?” Kakashi replies weakly

“I doubt it Shizune and Ino seemed to of cleared all the patients quite quickly, though it is a shame about Tsunade” The second guard replies.

“What of Tsunade!?” Sakura asks more attentively.

“It seems she was poisoned when drinking” the first guard says “apparently it was a simple mistake in the sake's mixture from the bartender.”

“Her funeral?” Kakashi asks.

“It was a couple days ago” the second guard replies “right now there has been no one to take the seat as Hokage. There are rumors that there might be a contest among the shinobi's of this village to determine the strongest shinobi for the job.”

“Heh that'd be me!” Naruto shouts weakly “When does it start?”

The first guard walks up to Naruto and take a good hard look at him then laughs “You must be the famous Naruto Uzumaki everyone has been talking about”

“That would be me” Naruto replies back to the guard in front of him

“I think it is best we get moving on those wounds won't heal on their own” Sakura shouts as she grabs Naruto by the arm dragging him away with the rest following the two.


Naruto awakens in the middle of the night in his hospital bed. Turns his head to see Kyubi sleeping across the room from him. The moonlight glows across the room on Kyubi giving her a bluish white glow. Naruto looks at his body knowing that it is completely healed, but he still has the badges that Sakura placed on him earlier.

Getting up Naruto walks over to Kyubi's bed and begins to stroke her hair marveling at her looks. He leans in ready to kiss her. Kyubi stays still asleep as Naruto kisses her gently on the lips. He kisses her for a moment then pulls away admiring Kyubi as she remains asleep. He looks at the night sky then toward his bandages. He breaks his bandages and walks out of the room.

Kyubi wakes up suddenly from a dream the moment Naruto shuts the door whispering in total silence Naruto's name. Kyubi looks around to see that it is dark out with the moon shining in at her. She then looks at where Naruto is suppose to be resting but only sees an empty bed. She looks around the room to see that Naruto is nowhere in the room. She can sense his presence isn't far, so she gets up and runs out of the room and looks both ways in the empty hallway, but sees nothing nor hears nothing. Her scent of Naruto seems to be running away, so she begins to follow the scent in hopes to find out what Naruto I, and what he could possibly be doing up at this time of night.


Sakura opened her eyes to see Ino sucking on her wet pussy. Ino's tongue swirled around Sakura's pussy. She squeezed her breasts releasing all her cum into Ino's mouth. Moving up and down on the bed Sakura was over due for a female touch with so much masculine figures around her since the war had begun. Kyubi was the closes however she was running around most of the time with Naruto training to defeat the Akatsuki.

“Oooh... shit...fuck...oooh...yes! Fuck me, yes Ino oooh fuck! So god fuck good damn YES!!! Eat it Ino! Eat my pussy!!”

Ino continued to slurp Sakura's cum. Enjoying every single drop of it. Ino pulled Sakura's pussy apart with her fingers and began shoving her tongue deeper into her cunt. Sakura moaned as Ino went further. Sakura ached her back upward with Ino holding onto her inner thighs eating her pussy away. Sakura had been needing this for a long time.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Uuuhh...oooh shit yes Fuck me sideways!! Oh yes fuck me...uugh fuck me!” Sakura pounded her hips up and down on the bed with Ino licking her cunt as fast and as hard as she humanly could.

Ino was enjoying Sakura's pussy as much as Sakura seemed to of been enjoying the eating. Ino pulled away as cum dripped from her mouth she says after she swallows some of the cum that was in her mouth “Now it's your turn to take care of me Sakura.”

Sakura licked her lips and moved toward Ino and licked her chin of the cum that was dripping and moved to her lips as they kissed. Sakura cupped one of Ino's breasts while rubbing her hand on her pussy.

Ino pulled away screaming “Uuugghhh...uuhh...shit...mother..fuck! Sakura!”

“Sakura!” Naruto bursts in to the room seeing Ino layed down on the bed with Sakura getting ready to take care of Ino's pussy. Sakura's red swollen pussy was dripping in front of Naruto's very own eyes.

“What the FUCK!!! NARUTO!!!” Sakura screams “Can't I have at least one lesbian night without a single cock in the way!”

“Sexy no jutsu!” Naruto replies and transforms into his sexy female self “How about this Sakura?”

“Uhm down below” Ino points to Naruto's cock.

Naruto looks down below and couldn't believe it he thought he had his sexy jutsu down pat, but it seems he forgot a part and he returned to his normal self, but this time naked. “You know what the only pussy I've had for a long time was Kyubi's. Tonight it's time to get two pussies that I haven't had in a very long time. “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.” Naruto creates nine clones of himself. The Naruto's spread around Ino and Sakura. Six of the clones have both of the girls holes all plugged up with the cocks, and then the other four Naruto's are split up sucking on the two girls tits.

Ino and Sakura knew they were out matched and outnumbered to escape Naruto's clutches no matter what they did it seemed like they had to give into Naruto.

“Oh yes this is perfect...uughh! God! Fuck! Did I need this...oooh fuck!” the real Naruto says as he's bagging Sakura's ass. His balls smack her ass loudly as he is fucking her from behind. The clone that is fucking her pussy is starting to feel his ball sac churn. The clone that had his cock in her mouth was pulling her hair with Sakura holding his balls in one hand while using her other hand to hold herself up not that she needed it.

As if Sakura's pussy wasn't already swollen red from Ino it was now dripping cum with a constant flow thanks to Naruto she knew she wasn't going to be sitting much less walking for the next week. Her ass and jaw was also sore with Naruto's cocks in her. All Sakura could do was cry as she sweated from all the exertion her body was giving.

On Ino's side of the rape Naruto was giving the two Ino was quite enjoying all the attention. She was sucking Naruto's cock while moving her body with Naruto's rhythm between her pussy and cock. The two sucking her breasts were biting her tits gently, but Ino was acting quite cool under the pressure. She moaned softly as she plays with the Naruto clones cock that is in her mouth.

“Suck it. Suck it clean. That's right...oooo...ugh thats it make me cum in your mouth” Naruto clone says getting his cock sucked by Ino.

Ino popped his cock out her mouth “Whew, your making me so damn horny Naruto.” She went right back to sucking his wet hard cock. She wrapped her arms around the two Naruto's heads that were sucking on her breasts.

“Oh Fuck! I feel my balls aching! Fuck! Fuck!” Naruto clone who was fucking Sakura screams as he becomes the first Naruto to cum out of the six that have their cocks plugged into the two girls. Soon the clone that was getting head from Ino came. Followed by the all the other Naruto clones leaving only the real Naruto who was still fucking Sakura's ass to shoot his load.

“Fuck! Faster! Fuck!!” the real Naruto screams pounding his hard-on into Sakura's ass that was dry red. Naruto knew by fucking Sakura in the ass she wouldn't be able to kill him for a week if not two, but getting the chance to cum in her ass was becoming hard. He continued to pound his cock, but wasn't feeling anything. He decided to give her ass and his cock some chakra to get things moving. He placed his hand on her ass and gave off some of his chakra to relieve his cock which began to work it seemed. “That's right I'm feeling it. I'm coming!!” Naruto screamed. As he screamed all clone Naruto's disappeared. Giving Ino and Sakura some air.

Once Naruto came he pulled out and fell onto the bed behind Sakura. Sakura and Ino couldn't move either much less talk with cum all over them.


Kyubi is standing behind the door to Sakura's bedroom watching the entire scene she decided to leave Naruto alone and head back to the hospital knowing Naruto wasn't going anywhere for quite some time.

As she was walking back a few people pass by on the streets on Konoha, but she soon sees Iruka one of Naruto's first true friends. She has only met him a few times, but that was before all the training and fighting her and Naruto went through in the last year.

“Is that you Kyubi?” Iruka asks walking toward her.

“Iruka it is so good to see you” Kyubi replies.

“Wheres Naruto?” Iruka asks.

Kyubi nervously scratches the back of her neck “Oh Naruto he is passed out I guess with all the fighting we have gone through he has been sleeping a lot.

“Naruto” Iruka smirks at the comment “Say would you like to have some ramen my treat...Oh wait I'm sorry your not Naruto what was I thinking well anyhow are you hungry?”

“I would love to have some ramen with you Iruka after all I do have the same cravings as Naruto if you forgot it's just I don't pig out like Naruto”Kyubi replies.

“Well then shall we head over to Ichiraku's” Iruka says walking with Kyubi.

“Say Iruka can I ask you a question” Kyubi asks.

“Hmm” Iruka turns his head toward her while they walk “Sure what is it?”

“I shouldn't say it's a question more as a favor I guess” Kyubi says as she stops with Iruka turning toward her

“What ever it is I don't mind what is it?”

Kyubi's stomach begins to churn “ know what I tell you after we get some ramen I'm starving.”

Kyubi runs off with Iruka walking behind “Just like Naruto” Iruka smirks and goes after Kyubi.

After several bowls of ramen Kyubi stops and sees Iruka finishing up his first bowl.

“Now I thought you said you didn't eat like a pig like Naruto?” Iruka asks

“Heh...I guess I didn't realize I was so hungry” Kyubi replies “Say Iruka about that favor”

“Yes Kyubi” Iruka now was fully paying attention to Kyubi.

“Is it possible you could get Naruto into that tournament for Hokage” Kyubi asks with a cute face toward Iruka.

“Naruto has already signed up” Iruka replies.

“What!? When? How?” Kyubi asks “I was with him the entire day in the hospital”

“Supposedly Kakashi recommended him though Naruto doesn't know it yet. Kakashi is to give him the news tomorrow” Iruka says.

“I'll be damn hopefully he becomes Hokage because he sure does deserve it” Kyubi replies.

“I'll second that” Iruka replies.


With the day beginning Kakashi sits on a rooftop going over some papers for the tournament, since he would be one of the judges in the tournament.

“Naruto will be fighting Neji in the first round...ah a rematch too bad I missed the last time they dueled. After that hmm...” Kakashi talks to himself looking at Konohamaru's name in the same group as Naruto “Why is that little boy in the tournament?”

“Kakashi... which little boy are you talking about?” Ebisu comes out of nowhere to sitting next to Kakashi.

“Ah...Ebisu you know your student Konohamaru is signed up in the tournament?” Kakashi says coolly.

“Yes, I know he won't win, but this I figure will give him some experience and perhaps some motivation when the time comes when he becomes Hokage” Ebisu states “Besides if he faces Naruto we'll get an early preview of what is to come later.”

“I guess so” Kakashi says writing something down in his notes.

“Have you told Naruto yet?” Ebisu asks.

“No not yet I figure I'll give him the news later in his state now it would be too soon” Kakashi replies.

“Take care Kakashi I've got to get Konohamaru ready for the tournament now” Ebisu says.

“You too” Kakashi says as Ebisu vanishes. Kakashi looks out over the leaf village and folds up his papers “Time to see where Naruto is hiding.”


Sakura walks out of her home with Ino giggling

“When is the Tournament again Ino?” Sakura asks.

“In three days, why?” Ino asks.

“I was thinking I should sign up Naruto” Sakura says.

“You, Sakura must be crazy in love over Naruto if you want to sign him up” Ino says.

“Say that reminds me Kyubi never showed up last night” Sakura replies.

“Yeah, strange perhaps she was busy fucking someone else last night” Ino says.

“Maybe” Sakura says calmly.

“When you do see her remind her tomorrow night is an all girl night at the local hot spa” Ino says.

“You think Hinata will freak out again like the last time when I showed her how I grew a you know what” Sakura says and then both girls laugh.

“With Kyubi showing up it will be interesting that's all I've got to say” Ino says “I've got to run and meet up with Tenten I'll see you later Sakura.” Ino waves and takes off leaving Sakura alone walking the streets of Konoha.

“I wonder what ingredients I can buy for my new medicine?” Sakura says hurrying along into the morning crowd.

After a few minutes and a few products picked out Kakashi stands next to Sakura “Making your famous solider pills again Sakura”

“Kakashi glad to see you, I am, but I'm going to change it a bit” Sakura replies.

“Have you seen Naruto around I didn't see him at the hospital or at his place?” Kakashi asks.

Sakura gulps and turns to Kakashi “He was at my place this morning pretty wiped out from training last night. I'm sure he's still there.”

“Thanks Sakura” Kakashi replies.

“Before you go you think it's alright if I sign up Naruto for the tournament?” Sakura asks.

“No” Kakashi says with Sakura dropping her jaw at Kakashi's response.

“I already signed him up that's why I asked where he was, so I could tell him” Kakashi says and then leaves.

“Kakashi I just hope Naruto can do it” Sakura says looking upward then shrugs and walks off.


Once Sakura and Ino left Kyubi sneaked in to see Naruto resting on Sakura's bed like a little boy. She sneaked up to him noticing that he was completely naked with his clothes on a chair nearby. As she got closer to him she noticed his cock was limp. She licked her lips staring at the cock that she has had so many fucks in the past with. She moved over him and bent down between his legs and started rubbing his cock in her hand. Naruto moved a little, but was still asleep. She took a little more of a risk and began licking the lower shaft. Naruto still sound asleep. Kyubi seductively smiled and made a clone of herself. The clone moved on top of Naruto's head, while the real Kyubi began sucking Naruto's cock that was slowly becoming bigger. Naruto stirred and smelled something strange, and wonderful so he got up only to be pushed down with the Kyubi clone's pussy staring at him above his face.

Naruto got a wicked smile and licked her pussy making the clone coo “I think he's awake!” she replied.

The real Kyubi heard and stopped sucking and got up onto the bed and positioned herself with Naruto's cock in her pussy “If he's awake then I'm going to have some real fun then.”

“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” and twenty Naruto's appeared in the room “So ready for a special treatment Kyubi?” Naruto says sitting under her clone.

“I thought the special was going to be hundreds of us fucking in a field like we always dreamed” Kyubi replies.

“How's tonight?” Naruto replies removing his clones. Kyubi removes her one clone also.

“Why not now!?” Kyubi pleaded with Naruto.

“What if someone notices?” Naruto asks getting up and pulling Kyubi off of him.

“We use a few of our clones to take care of anyone who gets close” Kyubi replies.

“I don't know” Naruto remained uncertain “honestly I really want to first sign up for that tournament.”

“Oh no worries Kakashi signed you up” Kyubi says smiling at him.

“Really, why didn't he tell me already!?” Naruto says confused.

“Oh that's right Kakashi was going to tell you today” Kyubi says hitting her head repetitively “Iruka told me last night and I guess it just slipped.”

“I need to talk to Kakashi now” Naruto says.

“What do you need to talk to me about Naruto?” Kakashi says sitting on a tree trunk outside. Naruto and Kyubi freak and cover themselves with the bed sheets quickly.

“Kakashi why do you do that all the time!?” Naruto says freaked by Kakashi's sudden appearance.

“I need to tell you something” Kakashi says in a more serious tone.

“Kakashi is it true that you signed me up for the tournament?” Naruto asks staring at Kakashi with intent.

“Now who told you that?” Kakashi says curious and surprised that Naruto mentioned it before he did.

“I heard from Iruka last night Kakashi, and told Naruto a few moment's before you came. I'm sorry Kakashi” Kyubi states with Naruto shocked and looking between both of them.

“Why is that I was the last to know that I am signed up for the tournament!!” Naruto yelled.

“Naruto are you ready for your training?” Kakashi says with Naruto nodding with a smirk.

“Is Yamato going to be joining us?” Kyubi asks.

“Sadly no, I'm afraid he has returned to the ANBU now that Tsunade has passed away his orders to assist Naruto are on temporary hold, but we really don't need him now that Naruto here has controlled the nine-tail now do we?”

“I guess not” Naruto replies.

“Great I'll meet you in the field in half an hour. I need to send some info over to Shizune and we can start your training” Kakashi says and then leaves. Naruto and Kyubi got dressed and then left to head over to their apartment to grab their equipment. An hour passed as Naruto and Kyubi wait in the field for Kakashi to finally show up.

“What took you so damn long Kakashi!?” Naruto yells at him for being late.

“Sorry guys I had to take care of something” Kakashi replies “Alright Naruto for this you'll be learning a second element.”

“Right lets start!” Naruto said prepared “So what do I need to do first?”

“It is the same as when you learned the wind element, but this time your going to have to go deeper. It might take a few days or weeks before we can determine your next element” Kakashi says.

Naruto and Kyubi make their hand symbols and shout in unison “ Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” with that hundreds of Naruto's and Kyubi's appeared in the field. Kakashi goes over to a nearby tree and begins to daydream from what he did before he got to the field to help Naruto.


Shizune was handily the duties as the temp for Hokage until someone won the tournament. She heard a knock at the door “Come in!” she yelled as she hurriedly signed papers.

Kakashi walked in “I'm sorry to disturb you Shizune with more papers.”

“Oh no that's alright I'll get them signed off sometime today I'm sure” Shizune replies.

“Say Shizune why don't you take a break for a moment and we can have some fun. I know it won't be the same without Tsunade, but I did enjoy the fucks with you the most” Kakashi says. Shizune writes her signature a couple times as Kakashi stands there then she drops her pen on the desk. Kakashi quickly moves behind Shizune wrapping one hand around her breasts, and with the other hand digging into her pants rubbing her freshly wet pussy.

“Oooooohh Kakashi...please eat me first will you” Shizune says with Kakashi pulling away. Shizune took off her robe to reveal that she had nothing under. Kakashi moved without hesitation and began licking her pussy. Kakashi inhaled deeply and rapidly licking her sweet pussy. With the smell of her pussy going into his nostrils Kakashi pulled out his cock and started playing with his fully erect cock. He needed this after seeing Kyubi naked a few moments ago with a bare pussy that was dripping and her perky breasts with fully erected tit's only made him hornier, but with Naruto there he couldn't do it. Now with Shizune he was pumping his cock while sucking her pussy.

Shizune was loving Kakashi's tongue lashes. She was pulling her erect tits and moaning loudly as Kakashi took care of her. She opened her pussy more and Kakashi went deeper with his tongue into her wet pussy. “Ah...oooh...Fuck Kakashi! It feels so damn good Fuck! Fuck me Aahh...yes..ugh...uuuhhh...ooh Fuck! Kakashi! I'm going to come!!!” Shizune's cum gushed out into Kakashi's mouth.

Kakashi pulled away and then sticked his cock in her pussy. “You don't mind do you?” Kakashi asked and Shizune didn't care she was far too horny to care. With all the papers that were on the desk now all are over the ground. Kakashi grabbed Shizune's thighs and began thrusting his cock into her.

“Oooh shit yes...fuck!...Goddammit! Fuck...ah...uuh..fuck! Oooooooooooohhh...gggggaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddd Fuck!” Shizune moaned hitting multiple orgasms with Kakashi fucking her for what felt like an hour was only five minutes of fucking.

“Oh Shizune I think I'm going to come!” Kakashi shot his load deep into her pussy.

“That felt so good Kakashi” Shizune says feeling exhausted. Kakashi moved down to kiss Shizune on the lips.

“Kakashi” Shizune says repeating it until Kakashi wakes up seeing Naruto and Kyubi standing above him as they are staring at him. He looks down too see that he was playing with himself and covers himself with the book he had.

“Yes?” Kakashi asks the two

“My next element it's water!” Naruto shouted.

“Then I guess it is time to summon Yamato back” Kakashi says “But first I need to take nap why don't you two take the day off or something.” Kakashi falls asleep leaving Naruto and Kyubi standing there smiling at each other knowing what was to come next.

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