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My name is Jack. My wife and I live in a small town just 39 kilometers north of Tokyo, Japan. I develop software for a large Japanese computer manufacturer that has an R&D Center just 5 kilometers from our house. My wife, Michio, is Japanese. She’s an acupuncturist. People from hundreds of kilometers away come to her for treatment. I’ve been told that she is one of the best acupuncture therapists in all of Japan, as was her mother and grandmother before her. Two large rooms on the first floor of our home are set aside for her practice. The reception area and office in one and the actual therapy room in the other. I have a small office upstairs, where I spend most of the day working on codes and new IT concepts. My company only requires me to go to the R&D Center once a week for a progress meeting; however, I usually ride my bike over there three times a week to collaborate with other researchers.

I watch the people come and go from my wife’s clinic every day. On an average day, about ten patients are scheduled, Monday through Friday, from 9 to 12 in the morning and 1 to 4 in the afternoon. There are two men who come over on Saturday about once a month; but, for the most part, we have our weekends open for travel and recreation together. My wife employs a young female receptionist to serve tea and answer phones.

Although, we have been married and living in her family home (both her parents have passed away) for five years, I didn’t notice until recently that 70% of her patients are men. I make a very good six figure annual salary (USD) and she probably makes double what I do, although I have never looked at her accounting books and have no real knowledge of her finances, except for the total balance in my bank account, where she regularly deposits money into our joint account. Two weeks ago, I became very curious as to what exactly she does during her therapy sessions and why so many patients are men. At dinner, I asked about the process and disproportionate number of men to women; but she never really answered my questions with details… only generalities.

Being somewhat of an IT geek, I decided to find out more using some of the technologies that I designed or helped develop. Early in the morning, while she was taking her bath, I installed two tiny, remote, wireless cameras in her therapy room. They were well hidden, so that no one could see them. I was able to monitor the cameras from my office, as well as zoom in and out if necessary. I inputed the signal to an external hard drive, in case I wanted to record anything.

At 9 am, I clicked onto to the camera input and waited for answers to my many questions. The first patient was a woman, in her mid 30s. Upon entering the room she stripped down to her under pants. She was in excellent shape with nice-sized breasts. I thought to myself, why I didn’t do this a long time ago. While lying on her stomach my wife inserted long, thin needles in her upper and lower back. Once in place she slightly pinged each needle with her finger, causing it to vibrate. My wife then connected wires, with alligator clips, to each needle. The wires were attached to a small battery back that apparently sent a small electric charge to the needles. The patient didn’t seem to feel any pain; but rather a high level of pleasure. The first session took about 20 minutes. The next three patients were men; but, the treatment was basically the same.

At 11 am, a tall, elderly man (maybe in his 60s) entered the room. He must have been an important person, because my wife bowed to him. Unlike the previous patients, he took off all his clothes and lied down face up on the treatment table. I couldn’t believe the size of his cock. It must have been 7 inches long while soft and three to four inches in circumference. I couldn’t imagine how large it would get when hard. It was then that I was in for a shock. My wife was wearing her usual uniform, which included white silk , ankle-length pants and a matching white, silk happi coat that tied together like an summer Yukata (Japanese robe). She took off her pants and stood before him with nothing bit her short robe and white t-back thong. She never wears a bra, although she has nice firm 34-C breasts.

She then proceeded to stick four long needles into his balls. There seemed to be a strategy as to where to place them; for she would feel his sack for at least 30 seconds before placing each needle. A fifth needle was reserved for the skin (sulcus coronaries), just beneath the tip of his penis. My wife then leaned down and licked his shaft, from the base to the tip. Switching camera angles, I could see here smiling at him. He let out a soft sigh. She then repeated the licking motion several times until his cock stood at least 9 inches straight up; and needless to say was throbbing. My wife then slowly withdrew the needles. Stepping back she untied her top and neatly laid it on a side table. Then she quickly shimmied out of her thong. There she was, totally naked and smiling with a lusty look on her face. The man nodded his head and she stepped forward and began licking and sucking the tip of his cock. I wished that I had installed sound, so I could hear the slurps and sucks. She was only able to get half of it in her mouth. However, her sensual lip and tongue action more than made up for any lack of depth. She then pushed his legs back towards his shoulders and was soon licking and sucking his huge balls. I could see his lips moving, but had no idea what he was saying. Then to my surprised, she moved her tongue to the opening of his anus and continued her oral assault. He was squirming on the table, overcome with sexual arousal. Suddenly, she stopped, as if she was told by him that something was about to happen.

Placing her lips just beneath the tip of his cock, her tongue rapidly licked that one small area, as she stared deep into his eyes without blinking. I zoomed the camera in until I had her face and his cock perfectly framed. He shot a huge load of cum onto forehead, eyes and left cheek. Another wad ricocheted off her nose and onto her top lip. The third and fourth were not so powerful and oozed into her open mouth. She the licked all the remaining semen off his cock and to my disbelief swallowed. She had never swallowed my cum. Standing up, she went to a small tabled and pulled some tissue from a box to clean the sperm in her eyes and on her forehead. She then picked up a wet cloth and went over to wipe off his groin area. While she put her clothes back on, he did the same. She bowed to him again and then he handed her an envelope, before leaving with a big smile on his face. After he had gone, she opened the envelop and counted 10 bills worth 10,000 yen each (about $1,000). I watched her move a small painting on the wall, behind which was a safe. By the number of stacked bills inside, I guessed she had over three hundred thousand dollars worth of Japanese cash.

Looking up at the clock I noted it was 11:50. I slowly walked downstairs to the kitchen and began to prepare lunch. It was my turn, so I made her favorite… cold noodles with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Today, when I watched her stroll into the kitchen, she seemed different. My feelings were different. I wasn’t angry or jealous, just excited that I had discovered her erotic secret and she didn’t know that I knew. Our conversation was about normal everyday topics and we even talked about going to a hot spring bath (Onsen) over the weekend. I briefly thought about telling her what I had seen; but decided that voyeurism was better and much more interesting than the embarrassment and negative feelings my confession would produce.

That afternoon the remaining patients received the usual straight forward therapy. Obviously, the oral sex was only offered to those able and willing to pay the price. The next morning, I was in store for another astonishing revelation. The first patient was a woman. She appeared to be in her late 40s; yet she had firm tits and an ass that a 20 year old would be proud of. Like the man on the previous day, she stripped naked and lied down on her back with her legs spread wide open. Again my wife took off her pants and then started inserting needles in her patient’s breast area, around the areolas and one in each nipple. Five more were carefully placed in the labia of her vagina. Like the man, my wife took a lot of time feeling the woman’s pussy lips, in order to determine where to insert each needle. By the time she was finished her patient was restlessly moving her hips around. My wife took of her happy coat, dropped her thong and after withdrawing the needles, began to suck on the woman’s nipples. Although I couldn’t hear, there was no doubt that the woman was moaning with pleasure. Next, my wife moved to her clitoris and flicked her tongue rapidly against the protruding nub. Within one minute, streams of fluid were shooting out of her wet cunt. Some of it spattered on my wife’s face and even landed in her hair. The patient was literally vibrating with orgasmic bliss. By the time she settled down, my wife had cleaned herself up, put on her clothes and was in position to wipe of the woman’s vaginal region with a wet cloth. Again, an envelope was handed to my wife and the two women kissed on the lips before the patient left.

I hadn’t realized until it was all over that I had pulled out my cock and was masturbating while watching the amazing scene that had just unfolded before me. Throughout the week, there were two other men who paid for my wife’s special oral massage; but only the one woman, who came ever Wednesday morning at 9. I have recorded dozens of hours of Michio’s sexual sessions and now am trying to decide what to do with the data. I am thinking that since she has a secret stash of cash gained by immoral means, maybe I can do the same by sharing the images… for a price. We’ll see!

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