Seventeen-year-old Becky got cought last night. By a stranger. In public. What might happen?
Rob was sitting up in bed reading, when he heard it: a girl screaming. But it didn't sound like she was in pain. No, it sounded like the opposite. He jumped out of his bed and ran to the front door, and unlocked it. If it was what he thought it was... he fumbled with the key, but got the door open after a moment. When he got the door open, he leaned against the doorway and watched as a teenage-looking girl who looked extremely nervous unlock and mount a bike. Their eyes locked for a moment, and Rob saw the ghost of an orgasm lingering in hers. His penis immediately saluted and sprang to attention. She broke the lock after a moment and, looking as embarrassed as Rob thought anyone could ever be, started riding off down the dark street without her lights on. He ran his finger along his penis though his shorts just as she rode past, and then she was gone. This was a fetish he had always had, public masturbation, so he decided to go after her.

Quick as a flash, Rob grabbed hold of some shoes and a jacket, and ran in the direction she went. He came to a sideroad and looked down it. There she was standing next to her bike at the other end of the road, throwing a cigarette into the gutter, lights now on her bike. Even by the light of the lamp posts he saw that this girl was attractive, probably the best-looking girl he'd seen for a couple of years. A drop of precum formed on his shorts as his poker-straight, poker-hard penis pressed against them. She looked round, saw him, and rushed off again.

'Wow,' he thought to himself. 'Wow.' At twenty years old, he had only just moved into this little house by the sea, with money he'd inherited from a particularly rich grandparent. He hadn't even lived there a month, and this happened! In his excitement, he started stroking himself, even as he walked back to his own house. When he got in, he locked the door and went back to bed, but didn't resume reading...


The next morning, Becky woke up feeling clean and warm in her bed. She thought last night had been a dream for a moment, until she turned round and saw her open drawer, and the diary roughly thrown on top. She sat up in her bed, picked it up, and opened it. There, as she had hoped, was the diary entry and strip of Sellotape she'd put there in the early hours of the morning.

As the day went on, she thought about the man who had caught her last night. She felt extreme embarrassment, but mostly, it made her instantly horny. When she got home from college at the end of the day, she went upstairs and got the diary out. She started writing down, in minute detail, what had happened. As she did this, her hand started to creep between her legs. Once or twice, she realized she was doing it, and stopped herself because she wanted to get her diary entry written, but when it happened again, she just let go and masturbated. Of all the things she'd experienced, last night had been the most thrilling. She came within no time at all, and then finished writing her diary.

She went back downstairs and ate dinner with her parents, and then sat around with them watching TV for a couple of hours. Her mind drifted. She wanted to recapture that thrill again. She had to, because thinking about it made her feel like she'd never have that sort of orgasm again if she didn't.

Hours later, she decided she wanted to smoke, so she got up and walked out of the house to light a cigarette. She walked around the block slowly, and thought of him again. She wanted to see him. She thought about even cycling back, tonight, to give him a show. Lightheaded, she finished her cigarette and arrived back home.

Upstairs, she opened her bedroom door and walked in, kicked off her shoes and shut the door. She sat on her bed and fell back and thought to herself seriously about going back to the beach again tonight. Was it worth it? What would she do if he wanted something she didn't want to give? What if he took it? 'No,' she said aloud, 'he walked after me. He didn't run, and he stopped.'

After much more thought, she decided that she would go again, damn it. She thought she could remember which house he had come from. And if he wanted something, she'd give it to him. She felt dirty, and even sort of wanted him to want to fuck her, even though she was a virgin.

She decided to go and have another shower. If she was going to visit a man, and if it was even slightly possible that one or both of them might end up naked, she wanted to be clean. So she grabbed a change of clothes and threw them onto her bed, stripped down to nothing and went to the bathroom to shower.

It felt wonderful, the hot water flowing around her body. She cleaned herself from her toes up to her hair, and then stood for about half an hour, feeling completely at ease. Eventually, she decided it she had better get out of the shower now, so she turned off the water and began to rub herself dry. She then walked, with the towel around her waist, to her bedroom, and put on the change of clothes she had picked out: black trousers, white socks, a pink t-shirt, and a pair of black shoes. She toweled her hair dry and brushed it. It was dark blonde, nearly light brown, and straight, so it hung nicely down her back. She went back into the bathroom to examine herself. Her skin was pink with the heat of the water, and her bright blue eyes sparkled with excitement. She winked at herself and bounced back downstairs.

She lounged around with her parents again until the time came, again, for them to go upstairs to bed. When she was quite confident that they were asleep, she made sure her keys and bike lights were in her coat pocket and went outside. The sky wasn't quite as clear as it had been last night, but she could still see the moon and a few stars. Her bike was locked round the side of the house: she unlocked it and set off again.

A few times along her way, Becky nearly turned round and went back home. But then she would remember how excited she had been... excited enough to come on her bike last night on the way home! So she pressed on, and eventually arrived at the road she wanted. She got off her bike and walked, to give herself enough time to see that she knew which house she was looking for. But when she saw the front door, she knew she had remembered the right house. There was a small front lawn behind a gate, and she gingerly opened the gate and leaned her bike against the fence between this house and the next.

This was it. No turning back now. She walked up to the door, which was only a few steps away but seemed miles to Becky when her feet suddenly felt like they were made of lead, and knocked on the door, which was opened almost immediately by a young man wearing khaki trousers and a black turtleneck jumper. She looked at his face and knew it was the same man who had caught her last night.

He was so young! She hadn't seen properly in the dark last night, but she would have bet everything she owned that he wasn't more than a couple of years older than her. 'Hi,' he said. Becky swallowed: she didn't want to vomit on the doorstep. When she was confident that she wasn't going to, she said 'hi. I think you saw me cycling past last night.' He looked at her for a moment, and realized with a spasm that this was the girl whose orgasm had disturbed his reading last night. He looked into her eyes and saw fire. Horny fire. A nervous smile crept onto his face as he said 'yes. D'you want to come in, have a drink?'

He led her to his front room, which was decorated very simply, with a dark carpet and light wallpaper. There was a table near the window with a few books on it, and a TV in the corner. The TV had dust on it, but the books didn't: she thought to herself that he must prefer reading.

'What d'you like? Tea, coffee?'

'Cup of tea sounds nice, thank you.'

The man walked off and came back a minute later with two steaming mugs. He sat down on a sofa, and she did the same as he handed her a mug of hot brown tea, which she thanked him for, and took a sip. Hot, sweet tea was just what she had needed.

The man looked at her for a second, with an eyebrow raised. 'My name's Rob. What's yours?'


'Becky. Why did you come back here?'

Becky blushed hard in reply. Of course, it was a silly idea to come here to try and offer him a show. But...

'You came last night, in more ways than one. Did I turn you on, jumping out at... that crucial moment?' Rob was smiling. He looked nervous too, but not nearly as much as she felt. She took a sip of hot tea to try and calm down again, and decided to throw all caution to the winds.

'Yes.' Her heart was in her throat as she forced herself to say it. 'If you had been outside, on the beach with me, you'd've seen the best...' she struggled to say the word '... orgasm a girl ever felt. I saw you... touch yourself... when I rode past, and wanted to know... did I excite you, too?'

Rob couldn't make his mind up what was going on. Had she come to give him a show, or was she just toying with him? 'You excited me... a lot. I came after you because... doing it in public... always turns me on.' It was now Rob's turn to blush as Becky's eyes flicked to his crotch. 'Yes, you excited me. Hearing you, and then seeing you, all nervous, but still excited... yes. When I saw you so few seconds after you'd been coming, I got so excited it hurt. Literally. I'd started... playing with myself before I even got back inside..' The thought made her quite excited. Her nerves were beginning to roll away.

'Do you want to see me do it now,' Becky asked, 'masturbate for you?' She blushed deep crimson as he unconsciously adjusted his underwear. She looked into his eyes again. 'I've never been caught before. When you caught me last night, I realized that the reason why I always like to masturbate outside is because I want to be seen. No one's seen me do it. Ever. But I want you to. I want to come for you.'

Rob's mouth had fallen open. Becky, though still the same shade of red as a radish, winked at him. It was obviously a forced wink, but he knew from then on that she wasn't just playing around. She wanted to be seen. He ran his fingers down the length of his penis. It wasn't hard yet, but not because he wasn't feeling aroused. He'd been feeling it since Becky had arrived, but he had never been in a position like this, and was nervous to the point of impotence.

'I've never seen one before,' she thought. He stared at her: she'd said it aloud. She drunk the last of her tea in one gulp and slowly took her t-shirt off, exposing her breasts to the first ever male to see them. He gasped and licked his lips. By the look of it, he'd never seen a pair of breasts before. 'Haven't you ever seen boobs before?'

'I... girls don't really like me.' Becky stared at him. She smiled, feeling a little bit less nervous.

'You look alright to me. Are you going to let me see what you have?' She stretched her arm out and brushed his crotch. He looked at her as if to say 'are you sure,' and she licked her lips and looked at it again. He stood up and undid his button and fly, and dragged his pants and underpants down to his knees, and sat down again. They both stared at it as though it was something neither had seen before. Becky held the flaccid penis in her hand and rolled it between her fingers. 'Are you not hard for me yet,' she asked. He looked down at her hand around him. 'Just give it a moment. I'm... a little... nervous.'

Becky smiled naughtily and nodded, stood up, and pulled her shoes and socks off, and then her trousers and knickers. She was naked, and Rob looked even more disbelieving, if possible, than he had done a moment ago. She stretched her body in front of him and curled her toes on the dark carpet, and sat cross-legged on the floor, and licked her fingers.

Rob took hold of his penis and started to squeeze it softly and slowly, while Becky began to rub herself. Becky watched Rob with nearly as much excitement as he did her, because she had no more seen penises than he had any part of a girl before. And, of course, neither of them had been seen naked by anyone else, so they were both feeling extremely nervous.

The feeling of arousal was getting painful for Rob, considering he couldn't seem to make himself raise an erection. Becky's face flushed hard as she decided to - literally - take matters into her own hands. She stood slowly in front of Rob, and took his penis out of his hand. She just held it for a moment, wanting to get a feel for it. She looked at it and memorized what it looked like, and squeezed a little bit again. It felt firm, but still soft. She carefully ran the side of her little finger over the very end of it, and said 'do you need me to help you? Or do you want to carry on trying it yourself?' She let go, and it flopped back onto his leg with a light slapping sound.

'Let me see if I can do it myself. It normally isn't a problem, I promise.' She noticed a look of sincere determination on his face that took her quite by surprize. She decided suddenly that she'd make her absolute best effort to make him hard. She'd gone this far, hadn't she? So she turned around and, legs wide apart, bent over in front of him. He could see her tiny little anus, and the very back of her slightly hairy pussy. He groaned openly when he saw her right hand emerging from under her belly, and her fingers starting to stroke up and down along her crack, brushing past both her anus and her pussy.

'Like it?'

'Ooooh, yesss.' He'd watched porn, even seen stuff like this done on video, but seeing it done only inches from your own face was different. Completely different. He was completely enthralled. After few moments, her anus contracted, and she suddenly turned around and stood up straight. Her face was still flush, but now with embarrassment.

'I'm sorry. Can I... can I use your toilet? It's... this always happens to me when I'm nervous.' She looked down at her naked feet. She was sure she'd make a fool of herself now.

'Can I watch?' What? Had he really just blurted that out? Scuppered it now...

'What? If you really want - where is it?'

'Just here, follow me.' Now he was excited, this was something he liked to see sometimes, when he was feeling very excited. His heart was beating like mad, and in his excitement he jumped up and started to walk, but he'd forgotten that his pants were still around his ankles. He fell over. Becky groaned and hopped. Rob slipped his shoes off and pulled his pants off, and led her out of the room to a little room across. They walked in and he hit the switch with his palm. She sat on the seat, at first with her legs together. 'Can't I watch?' He had a look of a child promised a bag of sweets about him. She didn't really want to... but then... how had she felt when she'd had to go by the river last year? She raised herself up and lifted the seat up, and sat on the toilet, hips forward, legs wide. She looked at his face, and lifted her hips high, so she wasn't touching the porcelain.

'Ready?' She pushed, and a warm turd came out from her, accompanied by a wet crackling sound and a splash, and the smallest tinkle of pee. Rob was staring, but not because it was a particular fetish for him, more just nother 'naughty' thing to do with someone you've only just met. The same, in short, as how Becky was feeling.

'Go on, Becky.' There was fire in his eyes, now, and his penis was finally beginning to swell. She gloried, for a moment, in the feeling of having someone so excited over her. As the turd came out, Becky felt it brush and scratch slightly. Rob looked at her again for a moment, and then said 'would you like me to wipe you?' He really wanted to touch her.

'Yes, OK,' she whispered. 'Bit wierd,' she thought, but she wanted to be touched, too. He obliged. When she was clean, she stood up and flushed the toilet. Rob was now starting to stroke himself: it looked like the boner had finally arrived. They silently walked back to the front room, and they sat down next to each other. Rob masturbated slowly, looking across to his left as Becky did the same. Becky couldn't take her eyes off Rob's erect penis, either; the long, smooth shaft with its red helmet on the end make her feel excited in a way she didn't know she could. She could see Rob was looking up and down her body hungrily, and she had an idea. With her left hand, she reached over and took hold of his, which was on his knee. She lifted it and pulled it toward her chest, turning round a little bit to make it easier for him. 'Fancy lending a hand?'

He happilly started fondling her breasts while they both masturbated. 'It's hard to think,' he thought to himself, 'this time yesterday I'd never seen a girl naked, let alone touched one's breasts or done this with her.' The closest he'd came to it, he remembered, was that time with that woman at the bus stop. But this was different.

He stroked himself and her breasts at the same speed, and pretty soon she had settled into his rhythm as well. Becky was remembering what had happened last night, when she'd been taking care of herself on the sand, and he'd heard her as she came. She was glad he'd heard. She was here with him, doing this, having the best fun she'd had in her life. But there was something else she needed to do...

'Can I have a go with that?' Becky flicked her eyes to Rob's penis. He flicked her right nipple playfully and smiled.

'As long as I can have a go with yours.'

They swapped the genitals they were taking care of, so that Becky was gripping Rob's upright penis and Rob was fingering Becky's pussy. This was getting really exciting for him, and he bet he couldn't have lasted much longer before blasting a load out. He asked Becky if she was getting close: he didn't want to come right then and become disinterested in finishing the job.

'Mmmmhm.' Becky was coming close. She was tingling all over: the feeling of a man's penis in her hand and that man's hand on her own snatch was becoming overwhelming for her. Her heart was beating so fast, and head felt so light, that she thought she might faint. But the pleasure was exquisite for her. She felt a small twitch in her hand that told her Rob was feeling similar. 'You too?'

'Yeah, think I'm gonna come,' he panted. Becky thought she must see this, so, still gripping Rob's throbbing penis, she slid off the sofa onto the floor, right in front of it. She slid a hand under herself as well, because she wanted to come at the same time as him - which she guaranteed was about to happen.

'I'd better do this,' she feigned concern, 'don't want to make a mess of the carpet.' And she opened her mouth and put the end of his cock into her mouth, still stroking. Rob felt, for a moment, that he wanted this feeling to last for ever. She was stroking him with her hand and sucking the end with her warm mouth, flicking her tongue around like it was a most delicious treat. 'Look into my eyes,' she dais urgently. She wanted to share the moment properly and truly with him. They locked eyes. And then it happened: the warm feeling around the end of his cock turned to fire as he felt his balls swell, and Becky felt the shuddering feeling build up in the back of her head and in the deepest recesses of her pussy. She found herself sucking fresh semen from his penis, and screaming and grunting into it as she came herself, grinding her pussy into her hand so hard that the carpet started to make the back of her hand sore.

Rob had tensed his entire body as it started, and as it continued, he growled and grunted and panted as Becky, redfaced and making loud noises in her own throat, sucked and sucked every drop out, and came on his carpet.

Then, it finished. Rob finished first, and Becky let his spent penis drop out of her mouth and screamed loud, with her mouth wide enough for Rob to see she hadn't swallowed his load yet. A moment later, she gasped and calmed down, forcing herself to swallow the warm white goo in her mouth.

They stayed in that position, Rob on the sofa and Becky on the floor, for a minute or two. Then Becky spoke. 'Did you enjoy that?'

'Oh, yeah.'

'What do you want to do now?'

'Just sit here for now. You can smoke if you want, I saw you smoking last night.' Becky gratefully picked up her jeans and pulled out her cigarettes and lighter. Rob pointed to an ashtray on the table by the window and took out a box of cigarettes from down the side of the sofa cushion, and they both lit up. Becky sat down on the sofa next to Rob, and they both sat there and smoked in silence for a few minutes, until Rob broke the silence.

'I never thought anything like this could happen.'

'Like what? Like someone like me coming round and doing what we just did?'


'Neither did I.' Becky looked down. There was a little wet splash on the carpet where she must have squirted slightly. She looked at Rob, and down to his penis, now flaccid again.

Rob looked as well. Apart from feeling more relaxed and content, nothing might have happened. It was definitely out of the ordinary: there had only been that time at the bus stop, about two or three years ago, when he'd masturbated - and came - in front of another person.

Becky's thoughts were similar to Rob's. It was hard for her to believe that she'd just given a man a show, for the first time. The first time she'd seen a man jack off. The first... well, second time, to her knowledge, that a man had done that while thinking of her. Definitely the first time she'd touched a man like that, and make him come. Thinking over it made her feel like...

'D'you want to see some more?'

Rob smiled nervously. 'I'd love to. But I don't think I could join in this time.'

'That's okay. Just watch, and remember for next time.' She slid her body off the sofa back onto the floor, and parted her legs wide so Rob could see what was happening. She was wet, almost flowing, and looked very pink.

As Rob watched her with complete fascination, Becky brought her hand down and touched herself. She got some of her own juices on her hand, and brought her hand up to taste it. It tasted, so Becky always said, like excitement. She wanted to share that feeling.

'Want to taste some girl?' And she raised herself off the carpet and offered her fingers to Rob. He licked, and it tasted exciting. He'd remember that for a long time, he thought.

Becky dropped herself back onto the carpet, and spread her legs wide again. She started masturbating deeply and seriously, and looked deep into Rob's eyes again. She saw longing, and he saw the same. She carried on, but the excitement was beginning to get too much for her. She was, even after only a couple of minutes, getting close to the edge. She felt dizzy with sexual excitement. Then she got an idea. She struggled to her feet and, still looking Rob in the eye, sat on his right leg.

'Give me a hand?'

Rob held his right hand out in front of her face, arm curled around her body.

'Two fingers, in there.' She signaled to her pussy with her eyes. Carefully, he went in again with his index and middle fingers. He started to go in and out, but she stopped him.

'Curl them round, inward, and uncurl them.'

He knew what she meant. He toyed with her G-spot for a minute, while Becky breathed harder and deeper, until he began to feel... something... swell deep inside her. He made to withdraw, but...

'Ahaaaah, don't! Stop! Don't stop! HARDER!' She forcefully ground herself against his hand, and he felt her beginning to pulse. Then a quick contraction and relaxation of her muscles. Then...

'AH! AH! AAAAHAAAHAAAH!' She began to contract and release fast, faster than his spasms when he came. And harder, too, it felt like she was crushing his fingers. Then she screamed again, but this time it was more like a sqeal. She kicked her legs wildly, almost falling off him, and he grabbed her right shoulder with his left hand to steady her. He then got an idea: he pulled her closer to himself, into a sort of embrace, just as the spasms were beginning to subside, and began to kiss her. Immediately, the spasms started again, and she grunted ecstatic surprise into his mouth. The pressure inside her doubled, and she kicked her legs violently again. And then it came: she squirted hot, thick, clear, female sexually-charged fluid into his hand, and she let an animal scream out into Rob's mouth, which almost made him choke.

Then, as always, it finished. She stopped kicking and spasming, and they broke the kiss.

'Wow. Where'd you learn to do that?'

'Erm... well... I live alone, and I've never had a girlfriend before. So... I have a lot of time to spend... researching.' Rob felt embarressed at having to admit that he only knew what he knew about sex because he'd learned it from porn. Becky knew this was what he meant, but she didn't let on.

'Well, if you have anything else to try out, I'll be more than happy to volunteer! But I probably should be going back home now.' She glanced at his clock. 'It's nearly two in the morning. I've got to be up for college tomorrow.'

'Okay. Do you want my phone number? Give me a ring some time?'

'Yeah. My number's...' and the exchanged phone numbers. She then put her clothes back on and walked out of the door, stopping to say 'see you later' to Rob, and jumped on her bike. As she cycled home, nobody would have thought that she'd just had her first taste of sexual attention. Nor that she'd loved it.

When she got home, she locked her bike away and crept into the house, and to her bedroom. She quickly scribbled what had happened into her diary - it was a memory she never wanted to lose - and took off her clothes. She put her bedroom light off and slid into bed, where she slept as well as she had for ages. She needed to tire herself out more often.

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