Cindy was on a camping trip with her dad. Circumstances found them sleeping together nude in the same sleeping bag. Did she really make him cum into her mouth while he slept or was it all just a dream.
Camping With My Dad 3

Cindy was on a camping trip with her dad. Circumstances found them sleeping together nude in the same sleeping bag. Did she really make him cum into her mouth while he slept or was it all just a dream.

The smell of bacon and the crisp cold air was wonderful. I put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and ran off to the bathroom.

"Good morning sleepy head," I heard my dad yell. I found a private spot in the bushes and took care of business, burying everything with a hand shovel just like my dad taught me.

When I got back to the camp Dad asked, "So what do you want to do today?"

"Not go swimming with my clothes on," I said. We both laughed. I looked over by our equipment tent and saw my clothes hanging over a rope, drying out. What a difference from yesterday. The sky was clear, the sun just coming up over the hills, the fire felt wonderful, and all I could think about was what happened in the sleeping bag last night and wondering how I could make it happen again.

After we ate breakfast Dad wanted to take a hike. I was up for that. "Just don't walk so fast you leave me in the dust."

"I would never leave you baby," Dad reassured me, giving me a hug. He didn't either, staying right with me the whole time, helping me when I needed it and letting me rest often. It ended up being a two-hour hike and I was pretty bushed. Once back at the camp I grabbed some snacks, a drink, and just relaxed. Dad walked down to the lake and did some fishing.

I think I fell asleep because it seemed like a minute later Dad was waking me up to help him with the bucket of fish he had caught.

"You can help me clean these," Dad directed.

"Oh gross, I don't want to clean any fish," I complained. It's so yuckee!"

"You are such a girl," Dad cried.

"It's about time you noticed," I said, then put my hand over my mouth. But he didn't catch any hidden meaning. He just smiled and went about cleaning the fish.

I didn't do any fishing that day at all, just piddled around the camp, collecting twigs for the fire, throwing rocks into the lake, that sort of thing. Before I realized it I had piddled away the whole day.

When dinner was ready, Dad had cooked up the most delicious looking blue-gills. I may not have wanted to clean the fish but I sure loved eating them. We had some minute rice along with it and a soda for me, beer for dad.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could end up in the same sleeping bag with my dad again but couldn't come up with a good idea. I wasn't going to jump into the lake again, not that the first time was on purpose or anything.

After we cleaned up everything from dinner I decided to get my dad another beer. This time I opened it for him and standing in front of him took a long swig before telling him what it was.

"Give me that you little urchin," he yelled at me, grabbing the can of beer.

"That's awful tasting," I said. I then went over and got another can of beer and pretending it was a soda drank from it. Dad finished his pretty quick. Mine was only half gone when I handed the can to him. "You probably should finish this."

"You dang squirt," Dad said as he discovered how little was left. "Do you want me to put you over my knee and spank you?"

What a great idea I thought, but I had to act fast. I grabbed the can out of his hand and ran off, drinking and spilling beer as I went. Dad was right behind me and caught me right away but there wasn't much left. I spilled most of what was left down the front of my t-shirt. You could see my tits poking out pretty clearly, not that Dad hadn't seen me fully nude already. But it did look a bit erotic.

Dad took the can from me and pulled me over to a nearby log. Sitting down he put me over his knees. I looked up at him as he finished off the beer can and tossed it back towards the tents, to pick up later I was sure.

"So you didn't think I would actually do it, did you?" he asked. But I didn't answer as I was laughing too hard. He swatted me, kind of light. It didn't hurt at all. Then swatted me again but I just kept laughing.

On the third time I said, "Well either you are a weakling or my jeans have got lots of padding. I can't feel it at all."

The next thing I knew Dad had me standing up with my back against him and his arms around me so I couldn't get away. He undid my jeans and yanked them down to my knees. Though I don't think he intended to, my panties were caught in the jeans and went down with them.

Dad put me back onto his knees and said, "Now we'll see how you like it." He swatted me on my bare butt twice in quick succession.

"Ow," I yelled. It stung a little. "Ow," I yelled again as he spanked me twice more. Then he held his hand on my butt, like he was absorbing the pain. It did make it feel better.

"Are you going to be a good girl and leave my beer alone?" he asked me.

"That's two questions," I replied. He swatted me again but immediately wrapped his hand around my upper left leg by my butt. Though the spanking hurt, it felt so good having his hand touching me there, so close to my pussy. I didn't want him to stop.

"What if I want to be a bad girl?" I asked.

"Whack, whack," came the swats to my butt. Then his hand was definitely down between my legs. I felt the edge of his index finger pressed slightly against my pussy, as he wrapped his hand around the inside of my leg.

"Not even a sip?" I asked being a smart alec.

"Whack," came another hit and then his hand on my leg again, his index finger pressed firm against my pussy. I didn't want this to stop. I had to keep him spanking me.

"What if I was a bad girl just one more night?" I asked.

"Whack," came the expected slap, this time on the back of both legs and then another on my but. I was stinging pretty bad now but it was followed by Dad's hand between my legs. This time he didn't just press his hand against my pussy. He moved his hand up and down between my legs massaging my leg, butt and pussy. Still laying across Dad's lap I felt him get hard, felt it against my left side. I hardly felt the soreness on my butt and the back of my legs anymore, just thinking about him getting hard for me.

When camping in the mountains the sun sets quickly. There isn't much of a twilight. That's what happened here. I suddenly realized that it was getting dark. Dad was still rubbing me when he said, "You need to get ready for bed while we still have a little bit of light." He stood me up and walked off, letting me pull up my own pants. I watched as he left, watched him adjust his pants because of his erection.

Dad put out the fire while I brushed my teeth and then got into my pajamas. Sometime during the day he had my sleeping bag all set and ready, next to his. I climbed in and yelled out, "I'm done."

A minute later he came in. "Close your eyes," he said as he used a flashlight to help him get ready. I glanced at him anyway and saw that he had got on his pajamas too.

He saw me peeking and said, "Don't laugh. Your mother made me bring these and promise to wear them to make you feel more comfortable."

Dad put out the light and hopped into his sleeping bag. We both laid there a minute before I said, "It's kind of cold, isn't it?"

"A little," he replied.

I waited a minute and then asked, "Can I get in there with you? I stayed so warm last night. I don't want to freeze to death."

There was a pause and then I heard Dad say, "Don't you tell anybody I let you sleep with me."

"Oh thank you, thank you Daddy," I said as I got out of my sleeping bag. It was pretty dark now and you couldn't see much of anything. I decided this was my one and only chance. Before getting into my Dad's sleeping bag I removed my pajamas, even my panties. I was totally nude, only Dad couldn't tell until I got in.

"Where are your pajamas?" Dad asked.

"I told you I was going to be a naughty girl tonight," I explained. "I am going to sleep without my pajamas, just like last night. I bet you can't do it."

"I could but I shouldn't," Dad said. "Last night I did it to save your life. This would be different."

"Well I'm sorry but you can't wear them in here with me," I protested. "They are just too rough on my skin after you whipped me so hard. You will just have to take them off. I'm not fooling, my bottom and legs are sore and your pajamas hurt when they touch my skin.

Dad did it. He removed his pajamas so it was just him and me in the same sleeping bag, both nude. Dad was on his back and I was on my side laying up against him. I slid my left knee up across his hip and felt what I had hoped was there, an erection. Gently I moved my leg up and down lightly rubbing him.

"You know you are going to get us both in trouble if you keep doing that," Dad warned me.

"I told you I wanted to be a bad girl tonight," I replied. This was the time to make my move. I slid down a little in the bag and took his penis in my hand. Wrapping my fingers around it I moved it up and down the length of his erection, just like the girls at school told us to do.

Dad moaned and then said, "Oh Cindy we can't be doing this." But he made no effort to stop me.

He was hard as rock. I slid down further in the bag and took him into my mouth.

"Oh God in heaven," he cried as I began to give my dad the best blow job I knew how, only having done one before and knowing just what I learned from my school mates. I sucked him off for several minutes. He moaned some more and when I sucked him really hard he yelled out, "Oh Christ I'm going to hell for sure."

That's when he erupted. I caught as much as I could in my mouth but made sure I let some go into my hand just like the night before. I swallowed several times before he was through. I quickly got up on my knees and wiped the cum in my hands all around my pussy, again making sure there was plenty pushed inside.

Dad's penis was going limp and I wasn't done with him yet. "Am I being a naughty girl for you Daddy," I asked as I crawled my way back up his body.

"I'm the naughty one, Cindy," he said, "not you."

I made sure as I moved up his body that I kept my skin, my chest and stomach in contact with his skin, sliding up across his withering penis. But when my pussy reached his penis I stopped, letting the head nuzzle up against my pussy lips.

"Then I want you to be really naughty with me, Daddy," I told him as I continued to play with his penis against my pussy. I could actually feel his shaft start to take shape again. "I think you want to be too. I can feel it."

"Honey, baby we can't do that," he said. "That is going way too far."

"But Daddy didn't you enjoy it when I sucked your cock," I said, holding my breath immediately afterward, afraid he would yell at me for using that word.

"Oh baby yes, it was wonderful," he agreed.

He was getting hard now. I kept the pressure up by holding my pussy firm against the end of his growing erection.

"And Daddy, don't you want to put that hard cock of yours into my little cunt?" I asked him, feeling more bold now.

"Oh God Cindy, you have to stop this," he pleaded.

"Don't you want to fuck me Daddy?" I asked him. He was hard now and I felt the tip of his cock part my pussy lips. "Please Daddy, fuck your little girl. Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me."

Then it happened. Dad grabbed me by the waist, one hand on each side. Holding on hard he tipped his hips downward, his stomach pushing out slightly, and suddenly rammed his cock into my pussy, knocking the wind out of me. He ripped through my hymen in one stroke. I screamed because of the pain and the suddenness of it. Dad pulled back and then rammed me again, going deeper this time. He hesitated a few moments and then did it again. After this third time he began a rhythm of thrusting in and out, once a second, still holding me tight in that grip of his.

I finally got my breath back as he continued fucking me. The pain was gone, replaced with a sort of numbness to my body. Dad moved his hands up and around my body, my legs spread out around his.

"You little fucking tease," Dad said between gritted teeth, "I'm going to cum."

"Oh Daddy yes, fill me with your cum, Daddy, fill me up," I said.

He began jerking and I felt the flow of cum into my pussy, just like I dreamed. It was warm and wonderful and I wondered if this was what an orgasm felt like. How little I knew right then.

He did fill me up. I knew we were a sloppy mess down there but I didn't care.

When he was done cumming he just let his hands fall to his sides and cried out, "What have I done? Oh God forgive me. What have I done?"

I couldn't let him get into this mode. So I pulled myself off and slid back down in the sleeping bag until I could take his shaft back into my mouth. I sucked off the cum there and began sliding him in and out of my mouth again. He was sensitive down there but he didn't stop me.

I actually worked on him for nearly ten minutes before his limp penis began to show life again. But when it did it was as hard as ever.

"Oh honey what are we doing?" he asked.

"You are fucking your 9, almost 10, year old daughter, Daddy," I said as I got back up his body, ready to slide him into my pussy again. "You took me up camping by yourself, got me drunk with your beer, and then fucked me, that's what."

As I got myself into position, ready to take him in again, he reached around me and rolled me over onto my back, the whole sleeping bag going with us. Somehow Dad managed to get the bag unzipped enough for me to get my legs out. I lifted my knees into the air just like I had seen my mom do. Dad leaned between them and positioned his cock at my opening.

"You fucking little bitch," he said. Then he pushed in. This time it didn't hurt. Pulling out he pushed in deeper. He repeated this until he was in as far as he could go, completely filling me. Then he fucked me, his little girl, fucked me hard.

"Fuck your little girl, Daddy," I taunted him. "Make me a bad girl again."

"You are a bad girl, you fucking whore," he said as he thrust in and out of me. "And I'm going to teach you a lesson, you little witch. I'm going to fuck you till you can't even walk."

"Oh Daddy, yes, fuck me hard," I yelled back. "Ram that hard cock of yours into my poor little cunt. It needs more of your cum, Daddy." I just kept screaming, "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me." I loved saying those words out loud to my dad. It made this whole experience more intense.

I didn't understand what was happening but every nerve in my body felt like it was on high alert, like I was being poked with needles everywhere. Somewhere down deep in my gut there was this burning that was growing moving outward. Then it was like my whole midsection exploded, fire and lightening shooting out to all parts of my body. Involuntarily my legs went to the floor as my hips jerked up lifting my butt off the sleeping bag, arching my back. My whole body went stiff as if every muscle was knotted up while wave after wave of fire rushed through me. It was the most glorious feeling I have ever had.

Gradually the waves of pleasure abated and I collapsed back down, just in time to realize Dad was about to climax. He pushed in one last time really hard and held himself there, deep inside of me, as he spasmed his cum into me. Another quick wave of pleasure ran through me as he finished filling me with his cum. The whole experience was glorious.

"Cindy, Cindy," came the voice. "Cindy, wake up."

I opened my eyes to see my brother. What was he doing here? I looked around. I was in my room, not camping at all.

"Man, you were having one heck of a dream," Andy said. "Your arms and legs were moving all around and you were talking in your sleep too."

"What...what was I saying?" I asked, afraid that he may have heard too much.

"Well nothing I could understand," he said. I felt relieved. "Nothing except one thing you kept saying over and over."

"Uh, what was that?" I asked him.

Andy leaned down close to my ear and whispered, "You kept saying 'fuck me' while you were thrashing around. What were you dreaming about?"

"Oh you know dreams, you can never remember them once you wake up," I lied. "Now get out so I can get dressed.

Later that morning I saw Dad sitting on the end of the couch reading the paper. No one else was around. I went to him, laid down on the couch and placed my head in his lap like I had done countless times before.

"How's my good little girl this morning?" he asked.

I ignored the question. I took his left hand and place it on my stomach, holding it there with my left hand. With my right I traced my fingers across the back of his hand and up and down his bare arm. "Daddy."

"Yes honey," he said.

"How old was Andy when you two first went camping together?" I asked him.

"Let's see, I think he was ten."

"I'll be ten next month," I reminded him. "Can you take me camping, just the two of us?"

"I guess that would only be fair," he consented. I kept tracing his hand and arm with my fingers.

"Can I do anything I want when we're camping?" I asked him.

"Sure honey, anything you want, well anything except drink my beer," he laughed.

"What would you do if I did drink some of your beer?" I prodded.

"Well then I guess I would just have to spank you," he laughed again.

I looked up at him and said, "Promise?" He looked at me a little funny so I added, "Daddy, what if, while we were up there camping, what if I didn't want to be a good little girl? What if I wanted to do all sorts of naughty things like drink your beer? What if I wanted to be a bad little girl all day long?"

"Well…uh…," he was lost for words.

I looked right into his eyes now and added, "and all night long too if you want me to?"

That's when I felt it, his cock twitch. I knew then all my dreams were about to come true.

The End

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