On a camping trip with her Dad, Cindy had fallen into the ice cold water. The rain prevented a fire, so they spent the night together in the nude, her Dad trying to warm her with his own body heat. But it was too much for her Dad to handle.
Camping With My Dad 2
On a camping trip with her Dad, Cindy had fallen into the ice cold water. The rain prevented a fire, so they spent the night together in the nude, her Dad trying to warm her with his own body heat. But it was too much for her Dad to handle.
When I woke up it took me a minute to come back to reality, to remember where I was and why. I found myself totally nude on my left side in a sleeping bag with my dad nude behind me. I was tight up against the one side of the bag because my dad was taking up most of the room, being on his back. The memories of me falling into the lake and Dad rescuing me all came back, how he warmed me back up and then what he did with me.
I remembered about how some of the older girls at school, the 5th graders, talked about it, the stuff that came out of a penis. They called it cum. One girl talked about how she would take her older brother's penis into her mouth and suck on it, getting it really wet with her saliva and sliding it in and out until he shot his cum into her mouth. Then she would swallow it. I wondered what it would be like to do that with Dad.
He was snoring now, dead to the world. Could I dare look at his penis, or maybe even touch it? Would it wake him up? I just laid there for several minutes thinking about it, debating on whether or not to try. Of course I had to. I ever so carefully rolled over onto my right side so that I was facing my dad. He seemed to be sound asleep so I decided now was the time to do it. I scooted myself downward into the sleeping bag being careful not to make any sudden moves. Eventually my head was even with his waist. I had to bend my knees some as I got to the end of the bag but there I was.
It was pitch black. I couldn't see a thing. But by touch I knew where I was in relation to his body. So I took my left hand and touched his hip, then easily found his penis, ever listening for any indication that he had woken up. All I heard was Dad's continued snoring. He definitely was a deep sleeper.
I let my fingers explore this member of his. Limp though it was, it was longer than the width of my hand. I gently wrapped my fingers around it and angled it up and away from his body. It was soft and pliable yet I could still barely get my fingers around it. Dad kept snoring. Lifting myself up on my right elbow I brought my face to where my hand was. So careful now, I licked the end of his penis with my tongue. He didn't wake up. This made me more bold so I took just the head of his penis into my mouth and held it there, not moving or sucking or anything, just held it gently. I thought I felt a slight twitch but Dad continued to snore.
Moving my left hand down a bit I slid more of it into my mouth. Then I did what the girls at school talked about. I began to gently suck. Again I felt a twitch. Gathering up a lot of saliva I slid my mouth up his shaft and back down one time trying to coat his penis with as much of my spit as I could. I slid up and down again, this time much more easily than before. My heart was racing, I was so excited at what I was doing. But I would be mortified if I got caught.
I kept doing this, keeping his shaft nice and wet with my saliva, and gently sucking on him while I did it. I could tell now for sure, his penis was growing, getting longer and fatter and stiff. It was actually becoming easier to slid in and out of my mouth. I always listened though, to see if he was still snoring. He didn't stop so neither did I.
I picked up the speed and had a rhythm going now. In a one second interval I could slide my mouth up and down his shaft two times, sucking the whole time, taking breaths now and then of course. Dad was fully hard now, like I felt him against my back earlier that evening. My sucking became stronger, more urgent, like when you try to suck on a milkshake and it doesn't want to come up the straw. This went on for several minutes.
Dad's penis was so hard now, like a stiff piece of wood. Then it happened. His penis seemed to take on a new rigidness, becoming like a rod of steel if that's possible. It began to jerk and suddenly was spewing out cum into my mouth. I tried to catch it all and swallow as fast as I could like the girls at school said we should do. But there was just too much. I took my left hand and caught as much of the cum as I could that spilled out of my mouth. Finally his penis stopped jerking and there was no more cum. I think I sucked his penis clean before I quit. I released my mouth's hold and quickly crawled back up the sleeping bag before he could wake up. Dad just kept on snoring. I wondered what kind of dream he was having, if he was dreaming of me, of us together.
I don't know why but I took the cum in my left hand and wiped it across my pussy. I even took a finger and pushed some into my opening. I closed my eyes and pretended it was Dad pushing his erection into me. I thought about the stories some of the 5th grade girls would tell. One girl said that her older sister's boyfriend asked her if he could fuck her. I was shocked when she used that word in her story. She said he put his cock into her cunt and they fucked until she had an orgasm and he climaxed filling her with his cum. All those words seemed like nasty words to me. They made me afraid and yet excited at the same time. I wanted to use them, to say them out loud, to say them to my Dad.

One time about a year before this I had gotten up late at night to use the bathroom and heard my parents in their bedroom. The door was slightly ajar so I peeked in. The moonlight allowed me to see my parents on their bed. Mom had her knees in the air spread wide apart and her legs just hanging free with my dad on top of her thrusting his body up against her. Mom was moaning and Dad was grunting. I got scared and left. Thinking back on it now, I know they must have been fucking. I wanted to say the word out loud so badly that I whispered it, "Fuck." I could barely hear myself say it over my dad's snoring. Again, "Fuck me," I whispered. I giggled at myself, then whispered once more, "Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me." I liked saying this out loud. It made me feel so naughty.

I pretended in my mind that I was Mom and Dad was fucking me. I continued to rub Dad's cum around my pussy, sliding my finger in and out, while I let my imagination run wild. I saw my legs in the air and Dad pushing his peni...pushing his cock into me again and again. I didn't know what an orgasm was but I knew it had to be something good. Then I imagined Dad shooting his cum into my pussy just like he did into my mouth. Then I played the whole scene all over again in my mind.

My mind really began to wander. I imagined that my dad took me shopping. He picked out a loose dress and wanted me to try it on. Walking towards the dressing room he grabbed a pair of panties from a bin. "Here take these in with you but don't put them on yet," he said. "Let me know when you get the dress on."

I went in the changing room and put on the dress then peeked out and said I was ready. Dad slipped into the room with me. "Take off your panties," he instructed. "Slowly." I did as he said, lifting up my new dress and slowing pulling them down and off.

"Now stand up on the seat and face the wall," he told me. Again I did as he asked. He took his hands and starting at my ankles slowly drew them up my legs until he had them around my hips, my new dress pulled up to my waist. "Bend at the knees into a sitting position and let yourself relax back into my chest." I followed his instructions and hadn't noticed that he had dropped his pants until his erection touched my pussy. Reaching around the front of me with one hand he guided his penis into my pussy. Then gripping me around the waist with both hands he pulled me down onto his shaft. Rocking his hips he fucked me from behind right there in the changing booth. It wasn't too long before he was filling me with his cum. "Oh God I love fucking you, Cindy," he whispered into my ear. "Now get out of that dress and wipe off as much cum as you can with your old panties before putting on the new pair. We don't want your mom finding my cum on your panties.

"What do I do with the old panties then," I asked.

"Just leave them," he said. "Maybe someone will want them."

Wow, what an imagination I had, my dad fucking me right there in the store. But then my mind took me home. Andy was out with a friend. Mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Dad and I were in the living room. We were both laying on the couch, Dad behind me.

"Oh you two so cute," Mom said, looking at us watching TV together. I could feel Dad's hard shaft pressing up against my butt.

When Mom went back into the kitchen, Dad pulled his shorts up enough to get his erect penis out. Pushing my shorts up to my crack he pulled my panties to one side and rammed his hard cock into my pussy. From the front you couldn't tell anything was going on but he just rocked his hips, driving his shaft in and out of me.

"What's for dinner hon?" Dad yelled to Mom in the kitchen.

"It's going to be a surprise," Mom yelled back. "So Cindy, keep your dad busy until dinner."

"OK Mom," I yelled back. "I'll do my best."

Dad never stopped fucking me the whole time we were talking to Mom, like nothing was happening. But when Dad climaxed he held me tight against him while he shot his cum inside me. Then he slipped back out of me and whispered, "You had better go clean yourself up before dinner young lady."

Laying there in the sleeping bag, my mind just wouldn't quit thinking of all the different places Dad and I might fuck one day. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was morning. I could smell bacon cooking and heard Dad outside of the tent. I was nude in the sleeping bag. I wondered if it had all been a dream. I hoped it wasn't.

The End (but it's a new day)

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