Niece Angie's love of oral sex

This is about my 43 year old niece's love of oral sex. One day while having a sexual encounter with my niece Angie. She is 5'6” 135# C cup tit's, a perfect ass and legs. I'm 58 5'8” 150# 7” x 2” average otherwise. She an I have been having sex for about 2 years now. Up til this time she never really offered to suck my dick.
I stopped over to see her husband , he was gone with a friend to stock car races. She invited me in and asked if I wanted coffee. Yea , I'd like that. She poured me one and to my surprise she poured her one too. I asked when did you start drinking coffee? She says Oh I drink one when I can get real cream. Real cream I said? Yea real cream you know real cream. I was still baffled. I thought you were lactose intolerant? She laughs and say yea I am. She then walks over and rubs my crotch and says real cream.
I was shocked a little and said well you'll have to milk it. She smiles and starts to unbuckle my pants and slid my zipper down. No problem there , letting my pants drop to floor. Then she pushes me back onto a kitchen chair. Walks back to our cups and brings them over to the table. Placing one in front of me and the other on the floor by my chair. Then kneels on floor between my legs. Takes my soft dick and begins to work it with her hand. I love the feel of you cock she says. I have been thinking that I haven't paid enough attention to it. It's the biggest I've ever fucked and I love it. I have never really likes sucking a mans cock before . Till I started sucking yours. I love the taste of it the feel of it in my mouth and I really love it when you cum in my mouth. I really love it when you suck me too I say. I didn't always want a blow job when we fucked as I just was happy with fucking you.
Today she says is going to start a new relationship with us. I want to suck you every time we see each other. I needless to say am over joyed with the thought of her sucking my cock every time we are together. My cock is now nearly at full attention from her stroking and talking about her going to suck me. I spread my legs wide as possible to give her ample room to get at my cock.. She leans in and licks the tip it jumps from her touch. Oh it's anxious too. Then slipping the head between her lips and starts running her tongue around the head. She has to almost open her mouth fully to get it in. Then closing her lips around the head she starts to suck gently on the tip. I give a audible moan and she responds with a stronger sucking of the head. Then she starts to work it into her mouth taking it in till I feel the back of her throat. She gags a little , I say easy don't choke. She pulls it out and says I want to get it all in. I say it would work better if you were laying down. That's the only way May (my wife ) and Bekka my great niece can get it all the way. Angie says Bekka has had it all the way in her mouth. Yes I say but only if she lays on her back with her head of the edge of the bed. If she can do it I can do it she says.
Taking me by the hand she says lets go to my room. I pull my pants up and follow her. Her lovely ass swaying as we head upstairs to her room. I love her ass it's perfect . She pules her top off as we go up stairs reveling a pink bra and next her shorts slide down her legs. She kicks them up the stairs and picks them up near the top. Shes wearing a pair of red panties as she bends to pick up her shorts I can see a wet spot from her pussy. I reach out and run my hand across her soaked panties crotch. She wiggles her ass and lets me rub her for a minute. Then says come on I need this. We enter her room , she goes over and lays on her back at the edge of the bed. Like this she says , a little further off , she moves and lets her head droop of the edge. That better I say. I let my pants drop and slid my briefs down and step out of them. I move to the edge of the bed where she laying. My cock is still hard . I find there is a problem though. Her head is far to low for me to stand and her suck it. I kneel and find the opposite problem. Wait I say and grab two pillows form the bed. Putting one down I kneel on better but still to low. I place the other one and puts my cock at the perfect height. I forward a little and she take the head into her mouth. I begin to work my cock into her mouth and feel her tongue working on the under side of my cock. I pull back out and ask if she's OK. Hell yes,she responds and reaches out for my cock and pulls it back to her mouth. She sucks the head for a minute and pulls my hips and shoves about 4” into her mouth. She gags for a second and pulls again. I feel the head meet a slight restriction and then it slides most the way in. I pull back and she pulls me right back in this time my balls hit her in the nose. She holds me there for a second and lets me pull out. She has a slight problem talking at first. God that was great she says. Did you like it too. Hell yes I say. Do it again this time fuck my throat till you cum. I can't do that you won't be able to breath. Yes I can some I just did it. OK I say if you can't push me out. I won't need to I want to feel your cum in my throat. Have you fucked Bekka's throat till you cum? No,she can't breathe and take it all in at the same time. I can she says and grabs my cock and pulls it to her mouth. She sucks the head for a couple of minutes and I'm nearly ready to shoot. Keep that up and I'll shoot now I say. She then pulls my hips and I slid in till I hit the back of her throat . She pulls again and I slid in and begin to pump her throat. In a matter of five or ten strokes I start to cum. God dam I say and shoot my load down her willing throat. After five or six ropes I pull out she stops me with the head still in her mouth. Sucking on the head getting the last drops from it. Finally letting it out she smiles. That was great I'm so fucking wet , do you think you can get it up so I can fuck it too.
I was already getting hard and said. I am ready for you any time. She rolls over and I crawl between her legs and rub my cock at the entrance to her cunt. I hold my nearly had cock and push against her cunt. The head pops in and it's so tight it hard to get any more in. She is grunting and pushing her hips to meet me . I work and get half in and she's shuttering below me. I can tell she's having an orgasm her hips are pumping hard to get more in. I work till I get it all in and she wraps her legs around my back . Holding me in as deep as possible. She releases her legs a little and I start to pump it to her. Harder she says so I begin to pup faster and harder. I can feel my cock getting harder and my balls tighten as I begin to feel an orgasm coming on. I'm fucking her as fats and hard as I can. She lets out a loud FUCK YES and I feel her pussy tighten. I also am at the very edge and that put me over. I shoot my load deep into her pussy and continue to pump hard . She wraps her legs around me again and pulls me deep till I stop. She unwraps her legs and lays limp on the bed beneath me. My god I think that was the best cum I've ever had. I had to say it was at the very top of my list too.
We got dressed and went down stairs. Sitting at the table she says our coffee is cold. She pours me another cup and her one too. I say coffee you have on cream. Oh yes I do walking over to me right here. Rubbing my crotch I think it still has one more for my coffee. Unzipping my pants reaches in and pulls out my cock. I'll bet I can get one more shot for it. Stroking me with one hand and kisses me if your up to it. I'm willing if he is . She kneels before me and starts sucking my cock one more time. It wasn't long before it was hard and getting ready to explode again. She could tell I was near orgasm and worked even harder. Here it comes I say. I shoot in to her mouth and she swallow most. She then pickup her coffee and spits a good part of my load into it. Then she licks the head clean , gives it a kiss and puts it away. Then she kisses me and says , I can't get enough of that. I'd suck it all day if I could. I say I'd be willing to let you if you want sometime. OK it's a date one day.
We sat there talking a while then her husband showed up. The races were over and it was almost 11 pm. We had been at it for nearly 3 hrs. He said I hope Angie has been a good hostess. Always I say to him , Aunt May ask me stop and talk to Angie about going shopping tomorrow. She was working and is working till 1. She figured it would be to late to call so asked me to stop over and have Angie call in morning. I better go didn't realize it was so late. Have a good night. Angie kisses me on the cheek and says love you uncle and tell and May tomorrows is a sure thing.


2010-06-18 02:55:37
I think it was a good story, spell check is needed greatly with this story, but for the most it was a good story.

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2010-06-14 01:09:56
Pretty good story, but too short. In future stories, get her pregnant.

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2010-06-13 22:35:29
Space between paragraphs, please?

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