Holiday get together,Niece Angie is dessert.
For the Memorial Holiday my wife's family always has a get together in the park. I always ride my Harley as all the kids want a ride. After eating we were all sitting around talking when Justin ,Bekka boy ask for a ride. So began my seemingly endless rides for the kids. After all the youngsters got rides,it was the mom's ad nieces wanting rides. I couldn't wait for this time as most of the ladies were scantly clothed and had big tits. I love the feel of boobs squished on my back. All like to hold on tight and rub their tit all over my back side. After two or three I'm hard as a rock. A couple of the women noticed and (accidentally let their hand slip to my crotch for a feel.) I am sure it's no accident. I know if I wanted to stop I could have had a couple of them no problem. I gal,Deb cousin Bob's wife even said nice holding bar after reaching down and grabbing my cock through my shorts. Wish Bob's
was this big she said. I just said thanks as I know she was fucking 2 other guys already. When I was done with all the women but two. I was glad as the last two were my great niece Bekka and Angie her mom. I have had the sheer pleasure to have fucked them both. Believe me it was a real pleasure.
Angie said she couldn't ride as her back was sore,I was very disappointed. Bekka on the other hand was more than willing. We take off and she is squeezing me tight and pressing her no bra tits into my back. The felt like to hot hard pokers against my back. While riding she slid her hand into my shorts and started stroking my cock. I said if you keep that up I'm going to wreck. OK then stop she says. So I pull of into a quiet alley and she gets off the back. Kisses me and says you need some relief it feels like. I say kind of hard to in a public place. Not that public looking around. With that she slid one hand into my shorts and pushed down to revel my 7” cock had as a rock.. She kisses me again and then slips the tip into her mouth. Wait I say she stops and looks at me funny. I then throw my leg over the bike to stand on one side and to let my short down further. She smiles and starts sucking my dick again. I love to watch as she works to get my moth full of a cock as deep as she can. She stars to gag and I laugh and say it's not required to take it all in. She says it would not be so hard to do if she were laying on a bed instead of standing and bending over to do it. I say this was your idea, laughing she says OK your right. Then goes back to sucking me I feel her tongue running around the head and I feel my self getting ready to shoot. Here it comes I say and she sucks even harder swallowing it as fast as it come out. When I have finished she smiles and says mummm dessert. I pull my shorts up and we ride back to the park. I get a hard look from my wife as I know we were gone far to long to suite her.
The next thing is Angie saying she needs to go home to get a dessert and Ice cream she forgot to bring.
She ask my wife if she would want to go and help. But she having trouble breathing her COPD is acting up. Every one else is playing baseball or Frisbee golf. May says take me along if she needs help. I am more than glad to go.
Along the way there as Angie's driving she reaches over and rubs my cock. This is what I was hoping for anyway, just the two of us alone for a while. We're not expected back for a while so it will give us time to play a bit. She says slid you shouts down I want to play while driving home. I raise up and slip my shorts to my knees. She begins to squeeze and stroke me. I try to reach over and get a hand up her dress. She stops me and says if you do that we might wreck. I can drive and play fir now. I reach down and let my seat lean back some, this gives her better access to my cock. I'm worried someone might see her but she says so what they will just be jealous. At one stop sign a guy pulls up next to us in a big 4 wheel drive, he can see what she doing. He stares and she works harder on me then bends over and sucks the tip. He almost ran the light. She just laughed , she really got turned on by that incident.
Her sucking the tip even for a few seconds got me close to shooting. I told her she better stop or I'll shoot all over the front of the car. Quickly she pulls into a store parking lot. Put car in park and sucks my cock into her mouth. Oh God I moan and shoot into her waiting mouth. She has cum dripping out the side of her lips but manages to swallow most. She sits up and smiles licks the rest of my cum from her lips. Saying that just made her wet her pants. Lifting her dress she takes and napkin and puts it in her obviously wet panties to soak up the extra pussy fluid. Lets get home.
We arrive at her house in what seem like a flash of time. We enter house and she says I need a quick shower. Come on join me , that's a impossible request to deny. We go to her bedroom and master bathroom. She removes her dress and soiled panties. I am still amazed how beautiful she is even at 43. Her slightly sagging C tits are perfect. I prefer a little sag makes tit fucking much easier. Her long legs are perfect and her ass is also. She shows a little laugh lines in her face but they only ass character to her other wise beautiful face. She uses no cosmetics which I really like as most women use far too much. I quickly remove my shoes,shorts and shirt. We step into her shower and the slightly cool water hits us it feels fantastic,as it's about 90 outside. She grabs the soap and begins to soap my chest and shoulders. She works down my body and begins to soap my cock. Immediately it responds with a jerk and starts to get hard. Feeling her hands working on me I'm hard almost instantly. I take the soap ans begin to soap her neck and shoulders. We kiss for a moment her tongue entering my mouth and I suck on it. I return mine as her with draws and she sucks on mine. We break the kiss and I begin to soap her tits working the firm nubs of her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. They respond and get harder
I work my way down to her pussy and begin to run a soapy fingers around her pussy and then just along the lips. Then I slip my middle finger into the first knuckle and rub her clit with the rest. Humm she moans and her hands slid up and down my soapy cock. I can't take it any more and turn her around. Tell her to lean over and I bend my knees to match her pussy height. I have a problem getting the right angle to penetrate her she obliges and reaches down and lines me up and starts the tip in. It is very tight I try to push my self in but she almost slips and falls. I grab her hips to catch her from falling and pull back the same time. About half my cock slides in and she gasps. I pull and push another couple inches in on the third try I feel my balls slap her legs. I begin to work in and out she also moves to my rhythm. I let go of her hips and reach under and forward to squeeze and pull her nipples. I feel her cunt tighten if that was possible to get any tighter. I knew she was going to cum I started to work harder I wanted to cum at the same time. Quickly I could feel my self getting there too. I shot my load into her hot awaiting pussy and she nearly collapsed. I pulled her up and back to me to help keep her from slipping. My cock slid out and she turned around and kissed me hard. Fuck that was great she says. Yea I agree but we need to get back before your aunt calls and want's to know where we are. OK she says reluctantly ,believe me I had a hard time wanting to get out of that shower. I grabbed a towel and began to dry her off , a chore I would love to do every time she showered. I told her this too. She laughed and did the same for me. Kissing me and my cock upon completion.
We grabbed the stuff needed and hurried back to park. She says I'll call tonight and Need help so you can come over and finish. I said I'll be disappointed if you don't.

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good story write in paragraphs please next time

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