Written by an online friend, this story concerns my wife Susie's adventures as a young teen.
SUZOORS – Preteen Sex Machine - Part 2

For the pill to be effective I had to wait one entire menstrual cycle. Since I was two weeks into one when I saw the Doctor that meant I had to wait about six weeks before I could fuck. It was the longest six weeks of my life. I was trying to think of whom to give the honor of my technical virginity to. Since I had been fingered a lot and masturbated with long tapered candles, I was not sure whether I had any cherry left or not. I certainly didn’t want a big scene like some of my friends had when they got theirs busted. My friend Jane bled all over some guy’s front seat. Emily said it hurt so bad that she had trouble walking. I continued my blow jobs and gave my first fuck a lot of thought.

One day when I was giving my Dad one of my special BJ’s, he said that he heard from Mom that I was going on the pill and asked was I still a virgin? I told him I still was. He wanted to know who was going to be the first. He also said that he would be glad to do the honors. I thought about it while I was sucking and swallowing and came to the conclusion if there was going to be a chance of screaming, pain and blood, I was better off with him. I told him he could do it when the time came.

Dad then said he wanted to do something to me to help get me ready and told me to take off my pants. I stripped and he had me lay on the couch with my legs spread. He started licking my inner thighs and softly running his fingers through my very thick bush. I immediately became wet; soaked would be a better word. He then started running his tongue up and down my slit from my asshole to my clit. He would take my clit between his teeth and kind of nibble on it.

Then he would go back down and stick his tongue in my asshole. He went back and forth like this for a while until I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. When he was done, he was hard again so I gave him his second blow job in an hour. After he came, he lay on his stomach and I sucked and licked his ass for about twenty minutes.

Then he turned me over and brought me to another orgasm with his mouth. This was the first time Dad and I actually had sex. Prior to this I just sucked him off. Our relationship was definitely improving. I had completely forgiven him for what had happened a few months ago.

The big day finally came. Dad told Mom and Liz that he was taking me shopping. Kind of a bonding thing. He would take Mom and Dad would each take one of us out alone so that we could communicate one on one. I guess this came from some parenting book. We were going to communicate one on one alright. Instead of the mall we went to a motel outside of the city limits. We parked the car in back where it couldn’t be seen from the road. The room was pretty standard but nice. It had a king size bed and refrigerator as well as a nice bath.

Dad was full of surprises. He brought some nice finger sandwiches from a deli, some cokes and a bottle of champagne. We got in the room and both got naked. He was already hard. He opened the champagne and poured us each a glass. I didn’t really like it but I drank it anyway. It started making me light headed. Then he gave me a pretty wrapped box. I opened it and it contained a frilly white camisole, garter belt, stocking and crotch less panties. I was now starting to get a little drunk and went into the bathroom to put the outfit on. I looked in the full length mirror on the door. God did I look hot! I certainly didn’t look fourteen.

I came back into the room and Dad whistled. He grabbed me and gave me a big kiss. I was ready. We kissed and touched each other for a while. He put a towel on the bed and laid me on it with my legs spread and a pillow under my ass. He knelt between my legs and produced a bottle of baby oil that he had brought along. He squirted in on his hard cock and rubbed it around. He also squirted the oil into my vagina. I don’t think that I needed any more lubrication but he wanted this to be as good as possible. He put the head of his monster (still the thickest dick I had encountered) against my hole and slowly pushed in.

It was over in a few seconds. I felt a sharp pain then I just felt stuffed. He held hid dick in me as deep as possible for a few minutes for me to get used to the fullness. Then he started going in and out. This kind of hurt but I was not really in pain. After a few minutes he said he was ready to cum and for me to concentrate and see if I could feel it. He pumped a few more times and I could feel the warm cum spurt inside of me. He got soft and pulled out. I looked at my pussy; there was cum and blood running down on my ass and on the pillow case and towel. I was no longer a virgin. It wasn’t as traumatic as some of my friends but it still hurt and I bled.

We kissed and cuddled for a while then ate and drank and went back for seconds. The second time was a little better but I still didn’t cum. We left the motel and went to the store so that we could make it look good when we got home. We threw my sexy outfit in the trash. There was no way I could explain that to Mom.

We got home about six in the afternoon and I had a date at eight. I took a shower and got ready. The guy I went out with took me to a drive in movie. I got fucked for the third time that day. He didn’t last long and I didn’t cum but it was kind of satisfying. I knew that I was going to like fucking.

It didn’t take long for me to become as big a slut with my pussy as I had become with my mouth. A date with me was a guaranteed fuck or a blow job or both. It also didn’t take long for me to get back in to the multiple guy thing that I had been doing when I was just sucking. It was not uncommon for me to have two or even three loads of cum in my pussy in a single day.

I haven’t talked much about the Lizard (my sister) in this chapter. She was now twelve and incredibly jealous of the fact that I was out fucking and sucking and on the pill while she wasn’t. I decided it was time for her to suck cock.

She didn’t have the advantage of Jimmy down the street like I did. He joined the Marines. Mom for some reason seemed to keep a closer eye on her than she had with me. I think it is probably because she was working less. She was home every Saturday now so Liz will never have the opportunities that I did. I spoke to one of my regular fuck buddies about the situation and he volunteered to pick both of us up to take us to the store or for a coke or whatever. Mom didn’t mind Liz going as long as it was in the daytime and she was with me. We would go somewhere private, park and let Liz suck him off. I enjoyed watching her suck and gave her pointers on how to do it better. I really am a great sister.

Liz liked doing it but wasn’t as addicted to it like I was. I was able to get her a dick every couple of weeks or so and she was fine with that. She was more interested in hearing about my fucking activities, looking at my cream filled pussy and masturbating. She was also using the candles now. She knew what Dad and I had done but for some reason Dad had never approached her. I was still a little in awe of her tits. She wore a C cup to my B.

Dad and I never had much of a chance for sex and that was actually fine with me. I knew that it was totally wrong. We would get a quickie in now and then. I remember meeting him in the garage, bending over on the hood of the car, peeling down my cut-off shorts and getting a fast furious fuck. I still loved that thick cock; I just wished it belonged to someone else.

When I got to high school, I was the only freshman to make the cheerleading squad. All of those stories that you hear about cheerleaders; don’t believe them. They are worse! If you think I am a slut, you ought to meet some of them. I was in heaven. I would now be invited to the parties that I had been hearing about for all of these years.

First I had to be initiated. The initiation was set for a Saturday night. I told my parents I was staying over with one of the other cheerleaders. I was blindfolded and driven somewhere out of town. We were in some kind of a large building, probably a barn from the smells. There were a lot of people there but I didn’t know who. I knew they were drinking and I smelled marijuana. They made me take several hits off a joint and chug a shot of tequila.

They then brought me to the center of the room; I could hear people whispering from all directions, and undressed me. I was standing naked in front of God knows how many people. I was getting a little scared but I wanted in the group and I was going to do whatever it took. All of a sudden there were hands all over me groping my tits, pussy and ass. There were hard dicks in each of my hands. I started jacking them. In a few minutes they both came all over me.

I was then placed in a chair and a very large dick pushed into my mouth. I sucked until he came. Then I was placed in my knees in front of the chair and my mouth was pushed into a pussy. I was told to eat her until she came. This was my first time eating pussy but I did the best I could. While I was eating the girl, another anonymous dick was stuck in my very wet pussy and I got a very good doggy fuck. I came and so did the girl I was eating. It became a blur after that, I was given more weed and some beer. For the next couple of hours I was fucked continually in the mouth, pussy and, for the first time, took a cock in the ass which kinda hurt but in a good way !

I also sucked on several pussies many of which had already been fucked. I was given more smoke and beer until I barely knew what was happening. When I was about to pass out I was led outside and laid down on some grass. Then everyone started pissing on me. They even made me drink it. I guess I passed out. The next thing I remember, the blindfold was off and I was in a bathtub being cleaned up by two of the senior cheerleaders. They said I had passed the initiation with flying colors and was now a member of the club. I just felt like throwing up. This was the first hangover of my life. When I went home I was sore everywhere especially my ass. I have no idea how many people I fucked, but it must have been a lot.

I was now an official member of the inner circle. There were about a dozen girls, all cheerleaders or pom pom girls and about twice as many guys, all jocks. I gave up all of my old fuck buddies and concentrated on satisfying the athletes. There were great parties every weekend with plenty of drink, smoke and even cocaine. Of course there was always sex. A lot of the girls wouldn’t fuck the black guys but to me a dick was a dick and a black dick was a really big dick.

As I soon found out, many of the girls were bi and I found myself in a lot of 69’s at sleepovers with them. When I told Liz about this she wanted to try and we did. I loved sucking on her big tits and licking her sweet pussy. She was a quick learner herself and could make me cum so hard my toes would curl into tight little knots. We had lots of fun.

When I turned sixteen, Dad bought me a car. The fucking and blow jobs were paying off. It was a 1972 Mustang convertible blue with white interior and top. It was not an easy car to fuck in, but I always found a way. About that same time Liz was starting to date, again against Mom’s wishes. I called in one more favor from Dad and had him make sure that Liz got on the pill. The Lizard was not near the slut that I was. She said she didn’t want my reputation. I didn’t care. We still enjoyed comparing our creamy pussies and eating each other after a date.

I used to take my car to a mechanic near the school for service. The owner of the shop was in his early thirties and really a hunk and married. I had never thought about older men before, but hey, I was fucking my Dad. He took a liking to me right away. I started bartering sex for work. He got me some great mag wheels for almost nothing as well as new dual exhausts and a lot of engine work. My car was one of the fastest in school. It started with me going into the office and blowing him.

Sometimes he would fuck me on the back seat of some customer’s car. We did it in a new Lincoln once. It turned out that this guy was very kinky. He would have me sit on his face while he ate me and then have me pee in his mouth, something he said his wife wouldn't do. He would drink every drop like it was French champagne.

He also liked to tie me up. He would hang ropes over the rafters in the shop and tie my wrists. He then would put a bar between my ankles to hold my legs apart. I would be hanging a couple of inches off of the ground. He would then use a small paddle on my ass, pussy and tits. He never hit me hard enough to hurt me but it did make my skin red. When he was done spanking me, he would fuck me in the ass. Then he would let me down to sit on his face and pee. I don’t know why I put up with this but I did. To me I guess any kind of sex is fun.

One day he told me that I would have to start taking my car somewhere else. His wife was getting suspicious about us. I was actually kind of relieved.

After that I went back to the parties, drinking and drugs. I was able to keep my grades up enough to stay on the cheer squad and out of trouble at home. I had found that there were all kinds of these guys, what we now would call geeks, that would do almost anything for a blow job. They would write my papers, let me copy off of them on tests and whatever else it took to keep me out of trouble.

I almost got in serious trouble during my senior year but, once again, my hot mouth got me out of it. I was driving alone from a party out of town when I lost control and drove the Mustang through a fence. The Deputy that came to investigate knew immediately that I was under the influence and was going to arrest me for DUI.

I cried and told him I would do anything. He took me to the police car and pulled out his dick. This was the nicest dick I had ever seen. He was as thick as my father but a couple of inches longer. He was also uncut and had the longest foreskin I had ever seen. I sucked him off in the police car and promised him a lot more, which I delivered. He wrote me a ticket for driving too fast for road conditions.

I told Dad that I had swerved to miss a dog and gone off of the road. Our insurance paid for the car repairs and the fence. I started having an affair with the deputy who, like the mechanic, was married. I couldn’t get enough of his beautiful cock. I could cum two or three times in one fucking. He also had the best tasting cum I had ever experienced. It turned out he was a vegetarian but I didn’t know then that food affected the taste of semen. I continued my affair with him until the next September when I went away to college. Fortunately we never got caught.

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