This story is for, and about catslut, I hope you like it too.
Mikael had gone off to University, and Sasha was away at camp for two weeks leaving Katerina high, and dry. She went from getting fucked two, and three times a day to nothing just like that, and she was so cock starved, and horny that she was masturbating all the time.
Not to mention that without the boys to distract her, she was concentrating all of her sexual energy into her fantasy of fucking her father, and her teasing became so relentless that sometimes when her mother wasn't looking she would lift her night gown, pull the crotch of her panties aside, and touch herself at the breakfast table.
She always did it in such a way that she could play it off as if she were adjusting her panties if her dad ever said anything, but he never did.
They both knew what was really going on, and it was driving Eric crazy.
He couldn't help but notice how much her body had developed in the last two years.
Especially her breasts, which had gone from perky little bumps to jiggling eye magnets.
She made a habit of walking around the house without a bra so that she could watch his eyes almost bug out when she'd bounce into the room.

One night dad was out drinking with her uncles.
Mom went to bed early, but Katerina was too wound up, and horny to sleep so she just lay in bed masturbating.
She had been rubbing her clit, and fingering herself all night, having had six good, and juicy orgasms when she'd heard her father come in.
Suddenly, knowing that the object of her deepest, darkest desire would soon be walking down the hall caused her to have the most powerful orgasm yet.
Her body was shuddering uncontrollably, and her hot little pussy was practically squirting cum when she suddenly realized that her father was coming toward her door.
She felt a rush of fear, and she quickly turned over on her side, facing away from the door, and pulled her hand from in between her legs.

It had been another one of those nights when Eric had been really sorry that he'd ever mentioned anything to Gleb, and Dimitri about Katya's teasing.
They had been fucking with him all night.
“Why don't you just fuck her?” Dimitri would say, and then Gleb would chime in with, “Do you want her to get fucked by some boy who doesn't care. Better she should learn from someone who loves her, yes?” and so on.
All fucking night they hounded him until he just wanted to punch them both.
Now he was finally home, and he just wanted to see his little girl.
On nights like this he found that all he had to do was go into Katerina's room, and watch her sleep for a minute, or two, and his lust would magically melt away.
She looked so sweet, and innocent in her sleep that all he could think about was how much he loved her, and how glad he was that she was safe, and happy.

As he walked into her room that night approaching her bed, it seemed as though she were shivering, and as he got closer he could see that she had kicked her blanket off in her sleep, or so he assumed.
In reality she hadn't had time to pull her blanket up before he'd come in.
Eric began to lean over her, reaching for the blanket so that he could cover what he presumed to be his daughter's sleeping form, when the smell hit his nostrils.
The unmistakable musky odor of aroused pussy, and although she was trying her best to suppress it, Katerina was still getting off like a rocket.
His alcohol fogged mind was just starting to come to grips with what his nose was telling it when his eyes adjusted enough to see the glisten from the light coming in through the window as a stream of thick cum ran down the back of her quivering thigh.
His cock became hard instantly, and without even thinking, he unzipped his fly, pulled out his throbbing manhood, and began stroking it right there.
“Oh god baby, what are you doing to me?” he whispered pleadingly, as he feasted his eyes on her sexy body. “This is just so wrong.”

Katerina was petrified.
He had come into her room like this before, and sometimes she had just been pretending to be asleep, and he had just watched her for a moment, kissed her on the forehead, and left, but not this time.
He had to know that she was awake, that she was cumming, and he was jacking of right there next to her bed.
She knew that all she had to do was turn around, and she could be sucking her father's hard cock, she could be fucking him in short order, but after all of her fantasizing, and teasing, now that he was within her reach, quite literally, she was suddenly terrified.

“Daddy wants his baby girl's sweet pussy so bad.” He groaned, and from the way his voice strained she could tell that he was crying, and that really freaked her out.
Her father had always been a strong man, and she had never seen him shed a tear in her life, but he wanted her so bad that he was actually crying.
As scared as she was, it also made her start cumming even harder, and as her body began to shudder again, Eric stroked his cock even faster.
“Oh god baby, oh god.” he whispered urgently, and then began grunting rhythmically as Katerina heard his thick sperm land on the mattress next to her.
“Uuuugghhhh, uuuugggghhhh, uuuuggghhhh, uuuuggghhh.” he grunted, squirting load after load right next to her on the bed as she climaxed like never before.
Soon Eric had drained his balls all over his little girl's bed, and with a muttered, “I'm sorry baby.” he stuffed his dick back in his pants, and left the room.
As soon as he was in the hallway, and had closed her door, he leaned against the wall, and with a shuddering sigh her thought to himself, “What in god's name is wrong with you?”

As soon as the door closed Katerina rolled over, and started licking the little puddles of hot cum off of her sheets.
His thick seed tasted so good in her mouth that she began to cry with frustration as she came down off of her orgasm.
He had been right there in her bed room, hard, and ready to do whatever she'd wanted, and she'd just lain there, unable to move.
“Oh god daddy.” she wept quietly, as she continued cleaning his semen with her tongue, rubbing her sensitive little pussy gently through her soaking wet panties.

The next morning at breakfast they could hardly look at each other in the eye, and whether Eric was more ashamed of what he had done, or Katerina was more ashamed of what she hadn't done, is hard to say.
But they both felt that a golden moment had passed them by, and they were sure that they'd never get it back, but what they didn't know was that events were conspiring to make both their fantasies come true, whether they were ready for it, or not.

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