I met my new neighbor and I like her.
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My New Neighbor

I had been away with my family for the weekend so Monday morning after I got my husband and two children off for the day I went out back to relax.

It was a warm July day. I was in my new bikini, which hardly covered a thing. It made me feel sexy and my husband really liked it. So I decided to work on my tan.

I heard a sound off to my right and looked over to see an attractive young woman hanging up her laundry. I watched her until she noticed me.

She said, “Hi.”

I said, “I love your panties.”

She said, “Then you’ll really love the ones that I’m wearing.”

I said, “Show me.”

She looked around to make sure that we were somewhat secluded then she lifted her shirt up over her head, removed her shorts, and then she walked straight for me. She had an incredible figure, perfect skin, and she was wearing the prettiest bra and panty set that I had seen. As she got closer I could tell that the material was transparent. As she got closer yet I could see that her nipples were poking through small slits in the end of her bra cups and her panties had a slit in the crotch too.

She said, “My husband likes my good parts to be easily accessible to him.”

I said, “I wish they were easily accessible to me too.”

She stepped forward putting her crotch in my face and said, “They are, if you mean it.”

I leaned into her, kissed her bald pubic mound and then ran my tongue up her slit causing her to shiver.

She said, “I’m Julie and you are my new best friend.”

I replied, “I’m Traci and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Julie asked, “Shall we finish this indoors? Or are you comfortable making out right here?”

I replied, “The thought of getting caught excites the hell out of me but if we go inside we can really get it on. My children come home at three though so I might have to finish you off tomorrow.”

Julie said, “I have only been married for a year now, I have no children, and I’m twenty-two years old.”

I replied, “I have been married for ten years, have two children, and I’m thirty-five years old.”

Julie asked, “Have you been with a lot of girls?”

I replied, “Not a lot, none since marriage, and only a dozen or so in high school and college. How about you?”

Julie replied, “I’ve had intimate girlfriends since puberty. I love my husband but his cock doesn’t do it for me. I crave the touch of a woman. When we moved here from the mid-west I had to leave my girlfriend behind. I miss her so much.”

I said, “Maybe I can take her place. Come on inside so I can show you my talents.”


Julie was twenty-two years old and had a two-year degree from a Community College in Liberal Arts. She stood five feet six inches tall, weighed a hundred and three pounds, and wore a 32-B bra. She was a natural blonde and had pale skin. She was in desperate need of a tan. She was also very pretty.

I on the other hand am thirty-five years old, married for ten years and have two children. They are Kim age nine and Carol who is age seven. I have a Master’s Degree in Business that I have never used. My husband runs a local car dealership and makes plenty of money to support us.

I am five feet eight inches tall, a hundred and twenty-three pounds, and I wear a 34-C bra. My husband likes me to keep a little tuff of pubic hair on my love mound just to prove that I have some. He isn’t into bald little girl pussies, although you couldn’t tell by the way he looks at our daughters after their baths. My hair is a natural brown at the moment even though I have tried various colors over the years. I have a dark complexion and I can get great tan lines when I sunbathe.


I took Julie up to my bedroom. My bedroom is in the back of the house on the side where Julie lives. It I leave a window open she and her husband can see in. Julie’s bedroom is in the back and on my side of her house too. We discussed letting each other’s husbands catch us coming out of the shower or getting ready for a night out.

I removed my bikini and then watched Julie remove her bra and panties.

She asked, “Should we shower?”

I replied, “I would like to taste you just as you are.”

Julie blushed and said, “My husband fucked me last night and I haven’t cleaned it out yet.”

I replied, “My husband fucked me last night too. I guess that makes us even.”

I took her hand and led to my bed. I pulled the bedspread down to the foot of the bed. Then Julie got on the other side and helped me fold it over a couple more times until it lay nicely at the foot of my bed. Together we pulled the sheet down about halfway and crawled in.

I turned her onto her back, leaned over her, and kissed her. I was gentle at first, then I got a little more forceful, and finally I was in complete control of that young woman under me. I smashed my breast into her breast trying to crush our nipples together.

Once I had her all hot and bothered I went to work on her breasts. She loved to have her tiny nipples gently bitten. All the while my fingers were working on her clit.

When I crawled down between her legs and lowered my face to her crotch she opened up to me like a flower blooming. Her fragrance was strong but nice, her clit looked tiny, then I got my first taste of her. It was everything that I had imagined that it would be. There was the pungent taste of day old cum, a trace of urine, and a hint of sweat. She was all woman through and through. Once I had gotten over my initial yearning for her I settled in on her clit. I sealed my lips around it, drew a slight vacuum, and then I started to rotate my head causing her to whimper with pleasure. Julie wrapped her fingers into my shoulder length hair and ground her pelvis up into my face. I opened my lips and allowed my teeth to clamp down gently onto her clit. She loved it and cooed. As I worked on her she got louder and her breathing became labored. Finally I took her to the point of no return. She held me tight, she thrust up against me, and she let out a scream of passion that only women would know. It started in the soles of her feet, ran threw her groin, threw her breasts, and came out her mouth. It started out as a low gruntal sound, building in pitch and volume, until she was in a steady high pitch scream. Her mind was clearly in overload, her body was thrashing about, and I wasn’t about to give up until she passed out.

I accomplished my mission and a few minutes later Julie was snoring slightly, completely contented. I held her in my arms, stroking her hair, and kissing her forehead.

Quite some time later she opened her eyes, smiled at me, and then said, “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my entire life.”

I said, “Glad I could help.”

Julie asked, “Can I do you now?”

I kissed her and said, “Maybe tomorrow. My girls will be home in a few minutes. We better get dressed. Will you help me make the bed first?”

We made the bed, I got dressed, Julie put on all of her clothes, and then we greeted my daughters when they came in the door.

The four of us women were sunbathing in the backyard when our husbands came home. They stood there admiring us until I told my husband to start grilling the steaks that were in the refrigerator. Julie told her husband to go help him. When he hesitated, I informed him that I was not going to change and that he could stare at my tits all night long. He liked that and then he went to see what help he could be.

He made every opportunity to check me out by asking me if I needed more to drink, how I liked my steak done, and if I needed him to rub suntan lotion on my back. What he really wanted was to rub it on my front.

That night Julie called me and said that she was taking her husband up to bed, that she would be putting on a very sexy striptease for him, and that my husband could watch if he wanted too. When I asked him he got all excited and ran upstairs. When I got to him I told him that I was also going to be putting on a sexy striptease for Julie’s husband. He could hardly care as long as he got to watch Julie undress and then fuck my brains out afterwards. This was going to be a great friendship.

The End
My New Neighbor
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