you should read part one first
The rest of the week went the same where the different age groups only fucked each other. Only in the last day did we venture out of our age groups b/c it got boring fucking the same two people for a week. I spent most of my time fucking Rachel in all three of her holes and most of the time matt was either in another or than same hole as me. If he wasn’t then he was in one of my two holes. I wanted to try more men and see which sex I liked better to fuck and be fucked by.
I woke up that morning with my hard dick up Matt’s ass. Matt had his dick up Rachel's ass and they too were both still asleep. I was fully awake by now so I walked down stairs. Fucking on the living room couch was Jake and Nate both eleven year olds. Nate was much further into puberty. He had a good amount of pubes and a similar sized dick in width to his brother, but in length it was only 3 ½ in. it is what would be considered as a choad. Jake on the other hand was completely hairless (my kind of boy). His dick was no longer that three inches and as thin as my index finger.
I cleared my throat so they both noticed me. They looked up and waved me over. As I walked over Nate got off of Jake’s dick Jake was obviously an anal virgin. They just started to stroke each other’s cocks. I walked up to Jake and grabbed him by the dick. He stood up so I could grab his ass and lift him so our eyes were level. I kissed him passionately enjoying the softness of his boy lips. He squirmed out of my arms and went down on his knees. He gasped at the size of my average, 6 ½ in. cock. He wasn’t scared though. He immediately grabbed my dick and stuffed it in his mouth. I have never felt a blow job like to one I received from that eleven year old boy that day.
He sucked, licked, and massaged my dick until I gave him a warning that I was close to cumming. He immediately jumped away and told me he wanted to save it for later. I then walked over to Nate who was rubbing his choad happily on the sofa. I stood him up off the couch and pushed him down on his knees. I told him to suck Jake. He did so and then I laid down and started to suck him. It was hard to open my mouth wide enough to take in Nate’s wide cock but once I did he did not stop moaning into Jake’s cock. Jake was also moaning and throwing his head back from the extreme pleasure. Nate is an incredible dick sucker b/c the first dick he sucked was his brother’s huge dick. I heard Jake moan very loudly and then I felt Nate start to tense up. He shot very little cum into my mouth but it was enough to save. Nate and me both stood up and started to three was make out mixing the little cum that was produced by Jake and Nate together.
I then pushed Jake and Nate down to my dick and told them to lube it up. They started to make out around my dick, spiting and slobbering all over my member. I then said to Jake stand up and bend over. He did as told and then I pressed my head against his virgin ass. He asked me to go slow because it was his first time. I continued to push till my head was in his ass and then I stopped to let him get used to having something in his ass. He whispers to keep going and I slowly push in further and further until my pubes are touching his ass. I ask him if he is ready for the fucking of his life. He says yes. I pulled out till nothing was in but my head and then push in with all the force I had till my dick was all the way back in. after pumping in and out of Jake for a while I pulled out. Nate was laying on the couch and jacking off again. I laid Jake on top of Nate and put Jake’s legs on my shoulders. I entered his ass again but now I could see his face as well as Nate’s. I start to go back and forth kissing both of them. Nate then starts to try to enter and Jake screamed. I feel Nate’s cock rubbing against mine and pushing forward until he is all the way in. Jake is screaming ridiculously loud and I can not stop him by making out with him. All of a sudden an ass appears in my face and Jake stopped screaming. The person who stuffed his dick in Jake’s mouth is my brother Jordan. Jordan starts to pump his dick into Jake’s mouth as Nate and I pump into Jake’s ass. I start to eat out Jordan’s ass because I know that because of all the screaming Jake just did some one else woke up and will want to fuck this beautiful ass.
I was correct and this person was Jake and Rachel’s mom Karen with a huge strap on 2 sided dildo. One side was up her dripping wet pussy and the other end was ready to fuck Jordan’s spit covered ass thanks to me.
She came over and put her dildo right into Jordan’s ass. This meant that Karen’s beautiful ass and dripping pussy was right in front of my face (lucky me). I went right in licking from the top of her ass crack to her pussy lips stopping at her clit and giving it a suck. She really liked the feeling of her clit being sucked so I went further and gave it a little bite. I continued this but I also noticed that Jake’s ass is now much more lubricated. I realize that Nate must have finished but is still staying in. I continued to pound Jake’s ass and drink Karen’s juices till noon when everyone had came at least three times if not more. We all went out to the pool where the rest of the families were and hung around. I enjoyed the rest of the day with my mom and Rachel on the grass next to the pool. My mom is much better than Rachel is a dick sucker and by the end of the day I had never came so many times. I had a bad case of empty balls for the next three days.


2012-02-28 12:07:42
Hi, I liked it, but it needs breaks in the paragraphs to make reading it easier. My first story was like that, so I went back and broke it up. Please take a look at the difference between the PART 1 that I resubmitted. Also, give us some more detail, especially with the cocks and bodies of the characters. I like the idea of different aged guys; I did something similar years ago. If you have any questions, please drop me a line. All the best.

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2010-08-03 00:17:34
What's the rush! Slow`down. Give more details.

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2010-06-23 16:16:58
Really good but slow down the parts that read too fast. Can't wait for more


2010-06-07 17:45:41
please comment so i know what to do to make it better or to make my next story better

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