Have you ever fantasised about cocks and cum ?
For several years I had had fantasies about cocks and cum. I’m hetro, or was, but now I had developed a fascination with cocks and wanted to experience having a cock shoot cum over me and inside me.

I surfed porn sites, feasting and jerking off to vids of guys shooting copious loads over willing girls, or guys, and sometimes trannies jerking themselves. But it was time to go and see for myself how exciting that might be.

I joined a dating site, but posed as a normal hetro, all the time though approaching gays or bi’s looking to lead me into my first experience.

I got into a relationship with Joe, 35, gay, a top, and an all round good bloke.

After a month of erotic and hot emails, we agreed to meet up at his place. I was nervous, but one morning I told my office I’d be in a meeting for the rest of the day and I took off.

When I arrived at his place, he opened the door, dressed, as we’d discussed, in his bath robe. He was obviously pleased to see me judging by what was protruding underneath!!!

We went up to his room where he had some porn on his 60” plasma TV, cum shot porn, just for me !!! He lay down, and I stripped off completely, by now hard myself, but nothing compared to what he was sporting underneath his robe. I lay down beside him, moved aside the robe, and out sprang his cut 8” manhood. Not so thick, but long. And wet. It was now or never and I wrapped my hand around his shaft. It was hot, and man was it hard. Very hard. I leaned over and licked the pre-cum off the tip. It was sticky, no real taste, but lots of it. I then moved my hand down to his shaven balls. They were huge, and the thought of what was inside there made my own balls ache with expectancy. I knew now that this was what I wanted, and I was going to feast on my first taste of cum. I moved my hand off his huge cum filled sac, and down to his hole, gently pressing into it, as he fondled my buttocks and stroked my back. I now moved down, my tongue sliding down his shaft to his balls, then below, down to his hole. It was sweet, and he moaned in pleasure, as my tongue retraced back up, slowly up his shaft, then my lips encircled his cock and began to blow him, using my tongue to flick his tip and shaft. After a few minutes, I rolled onto my back and he straddled my chest. Then he began to face fuck me, slapping his balls against my neck, and I wanked my own cock but stopped quickly as I was so near cumming. Within a few minutes, he said ‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming, how do you want me?’ but I was beyond caring and just waited for the moment, which happened without further ado as Joe’s first load of cum went straight down my throat, hot, burning, delicious. The second I caught without swallowing, and the third hit my cheek as he pulled his cock out and wanked it slowly. Another load dribbled out and I licked it off to join the load already in my mouth. Wow, what a taste. Different to mine, and I savoured it, as I swallowed some and dribbled the rest onto my hand to rub onto my cock and balls, then round to my hole. I then grabbed my own shaft, and within seconds I shot the biggest load I’ve ever managed onto my chest and stomach. Joe helped clean it off, running his tongue up my body, a hand fondling my softening cock.!

We lay there, side by side, my back to Joe. I felt him part my ass cheeks and rub some lube around my hole. I immediately became hard again, and I felt his cock grow to hardness as it pressed against my upper thigh. Man I wanted him. In me, bareback. He worked a finger into me, then 2. It hurt, and I rolled onto my back, legs apart. He climbed over me, lifted my legs, and put his cock at my hole. Slowly he entered me. It hurt but I begged him to fill me and he slowly did, then began to fuck me with short strokes. They became longer and faster as the pain gave way to a pleasure I could not have imagined. We looked into each other’s eyes and knew that this was the beginning of something different. I felt his cock grow larger, filling me, possessing me, like I was his to own. Then he yelled ‘Oh fuck, fuck, I’m CUMMING, I’M CUMMING and with that I felt this surge of warmth in my body as his seed erupted from his cock, as his balls emptied their juice into me. I felt wave after wave of cum shoot deep inside me. With three tugs of my cock I came too, another load onto my chest. Slowly he slid out of me, cum oozing from my hole. His Cum. Joes' cum. We embraced and then kissed. I wanted him again but I was sore and perhaps he was spent. I cradled his balls, wanting them to be replenished so I could have his cum in my mouth again, but it wasn't to be today.

We now meet almost every week, with the same fun and a variation. I like him to piss on my balls and cock. The hot sensation is erotic and invigorating. We do this in the shower, a kind of foreplay, and a tiny drop remains on the tip for me to lick off.

Soon I want to have a group session, with cocks spraying me with their cum, and me blowing them till they are empty. Soon, in my next episode.

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2013-10-14 14:25:41
reminds me of my first time with frank at the newly built garage i will never forget that day

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2013-08-07 23:13:26
Guys only preferably from Virginia mostly around the Williamsburg area if not it is ok I love you all ;) I am a 17 m looking for someone to trade pics with accepts all ages if interested send a pic and you will receive one back ;)
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ps: I have young boy porn pics and vids ;)

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2013-01-29 01:34:23
These tpocis are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.


2012-08-05 20:56:52
Man i love dick and sperm drinking!... i watch gay porn every day...i love to be used like a woman...i need cock every day...this story was so hot...growing up i had sex with all my moms took gay pics of me in my mommas clothes and sold them at the prison he was a guard at...i get hot every time i think of that!!!

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2012-04-02 01:29:19
Hi 16 year old who wants to sext and trade pics text me at 562 278 6653

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