A teenage boy fulfilling his needs in all the wrong places.
Here I am, 17, sitting in my car at the state park just outside of town. You wouldn’t have thought that a kid like me would be seen in a place like this waiting for what I’m waiting for. I come from a very conservative family, in fact, my dad’s a chaplain for the triple-a baseball team in town. I live the life of a chaplain’s kid too. I go to church every week, I respect my parents, and I never break the rules. My parents don’t worry about me anymore because of how much I have earned their trust. Boy would they be upset if they knew what I did out here.

You see, this specific parking lot in this specific state park happens to be the place men go to when they want some boy love. I have been coming here for years for the sole purpose of providing that love. I get paid for it, but I would probably do it for free. This park is the only place that I can truly be myself without worrying about what other people might think. Its my escape.

You’re probably wondering how a good kid like me could even hear about a place like this, well I got the idea from a friend about three years ago. He was my neighbor and he was two years older than me. I spent much time around him, because I thought he was really cool; I looked up to him. He didn’t mind and we actually became really good friends. In hindsight, I probably should have noticed the way he always looked at me.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Jake was gay. It really wouldn’t have been that hard to tell had I been less naive. He was about six feet tall and had a thin but muscular and he always wore tight designer clothing. He had brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. He talked with a lisp and didn’t do much to hide his sexuality. But being the naive kid that I was I thought he was a really awesome totally normal guy. My parents didn’t really like me hanging out with him and I guess I know why now, but he took me under his wing and we became great friends.

I wanted to be just like him so I got a paper route to earn money to buy clothes like his. I think he noticed this too because he began to treat me a little differently, better in a way. I think that’s when he started to guess that I might be gay too, and began to develop a crush on me.

We had been friends for years so on his sixteenth birthday he had a party and invited me to spend the night at his house. My parents said no until I told them that it was going to be with a bunch of other guys too. That was a lie. Jake told me that he had some big news to tell me and that he was going to tell me that night. I had to lie so I could hear his news.

The night was normal, we watched a couple movies and then talked for a while until we started to get tired. I just started changing into my sleeping shorts when it hit me that he hadn’t told me his big news yet. So I asked him about it. “Well,” he said, “I figure since we have been friends for so long, and you have gotten older, that its about time I tell you what I have kept from you all these years.” I nodded in pride and excitement because I felt like I was being included on something because I was getting older. “You see, Cody, I am different from most guys. Most guys like girls and wanna date them, but I, like other guys, I’m gay.”

I knew what gay was, I wasn’t that naive, but I was shocked to hear that Jake was gay. That made me wonder whether he looked at me that way and I blushed because I was shirtless with just some shorts and boxers on. He smiled at my blush and sat next to me on his bed. He looked me in the eyes and said, “To be more specific, I like you, Cody,” and with that he kissed me.

Until that point I hadn’t really thought much about my sexuality. I hadn’t really looked at girls, but I hadn’t looked at guys either. When he kissed me my confusion disappeared. I realized that my admiration for Jake over the years was really a crush. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I returned the kissed anyway.

I guess back then I was what some might call a cute kid. I was thin, but still had a bit of my baby fat. I was outside a lot with my shirt off so I stayed tan. I have golden blond hair and at the time it was cut pretty short. I have greenish blue eyes and what has been called a beautiful smile.

When I had begun kissing him back, Jake took the kiss to the next level of passion. He put one hand on the side of my face and the other on my bare chest and stuck his tongue into my mouth. It felt so good I had to moan. He must have been horny because the hand that was on my chest snaked its way down to my shorts and he grabbed my dick through them. I moaned again, he wasn’t playing around. He broke the kiss and pulled his shirt over his head and immediately pulled my shorts and boxers down.

He took my small hard dick into his mouth and began to suck on it. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I was in heaven. He took it in slowly and twisted his lips around it. He offered his fingers for me to suck on, I assumed to keep me quiet, but once they were wet with my saliva he took his hand away and began to play with my hole. He stuck his finger in and at first it was uncomfortable, but then it felt amazing and I cummed in his mouth.

He swallowed it all and added a second finger to my hole, it felt so good I was starting to get hard again. I guess he felt that I was ready because he pulled his fingers out and asked me to suck on his cock a little bit to lube it up. It was six inches and curved upwards toward the ceiling. I knew what was coming next so I made sure to leave a lot of spit on it. After a few sucks he turned me around and pushed into me. He went quickly but it still felt good. In fact, I began to like this better than when he was sucking on my dick.

It felt so great to be filled by his cock that I didn’t want it to end, but, all too soon, just moments later he spilled his seed into my ass. We were both exhausted the whole thing had gone by in a blur. It felt like it had taken just a couple of minutes, and that wasn’t far from the truth, the whole experience couldn’t have lasted much more than twenty minutes.

We cleaned up and got ready to get some sleep together in his bed. This is when he told me another bit of news that he had to tell me. His family was moving in a week. I was shocked and upset. It seemed cruel of him to do what he just did when he was going to be leaving forever. I felt cheap because it seemed like he really just needed to get off and used me for it. But mostly I was desperate, I was introduced to this spectacular feeling, and then it was going to be stripped away. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to cope.

I didn’t want to, but I started to cry. He comforted me and asked what was wrong. When I told him my feelings about wanting to feel this again, he told me about where he always went to get laid. And for the three years since then I have been coming out to this parking lot looking for guys to fulfill my need. That’s where I sit now, but a storm is coming in and I am giving up hope that anyone is coming.

Then I see a kid on a bike ride into the parking lot. He looks like he is about twelve or thirteen and he is headed my direction. He rides right up to my car, drops his bike and gets in the passenger seat.

“How much?” he asks me. I realize that he wants to pay me for sex. I’m shocked because looking at him, he shouldn’t have to pay anyone for sex. He is about 5’4” and skinny with a bit of muscle on him. He has shaggy dirty blond hair and green eyes. He’s beautiful and there is no doubt that I want him.

“How old are you?” I ask him.

He gives me a dirty look and replies, “None of your business how much?”

“You’ve never done anything with a guy before have you?”

His face softens out of shock, but then hardens again, “What’s it to you?”

He started to remind me of me when I first made my trip out to this park. I was nervous, but determined to get my way. I had to wait in the parking lot for someone else to show up and as soon as someone did I was already really horny. I walked up to the car and knocked on the window.

The guy in the car didn’t look that old and was pretty attractive. He was tall and had short brown hair and a nice face. He rolled the window down and told me that he would give me a hundred bucks for the whole package. I didn’t understand at first because I hadn’t thought about accepting money I just wanted the sex, but I nodded my head and got in the car.

He drove to a nearby motel and got a room for us. “So here’s the deal,” he told me, “I suck you and then I fuck you and then you find your own way home.” I wasn’t sure how I’d get home, but I was really horny and stepped closer to him to kiss him. He grabbed me and threw me against the wall, “I’m not gay you faggot, I didn’t say anything about kissing.”

I was a little scared and started to shy away from him, but he grabbed my hair and forced me to my feet. Before I knew what was happening he had my shirt over my head and my jeans around my ankles. He shoved me onto the bed and knelt between my legs as he began to pull my boxers down. Then I felt the warmth of his mouth engulf my cock and I was in bliss. His tongue did wonders, and despite what he said about not being gay I could tell that he had done this before, many times. He continued sucking as he ran his hands up my sides and felt my flat stomach. I could tell he was enjoying himself, but I didn’t care about him, I was in heaven.

Then very abruptly he stopped, and began to undress himself. I whined because I hadn’t been able to finish. He heard me and after he got his shirt off he leaned over me and grabbed me by the throat, “Don’t you whine, because this isn’t about you, all that matters is my pleasure.” With that he dropped his pants and briefs to the ground revealing his nine inch, very thick cock. I started to get scared, because I knew he wasn’t going to be easy on me.

He pulled me up from the bed and told me to suck on his dick to lube it up. You can bet that I slobbered saliva all over it. Before long he slid a condom on and bent me over the bed and jammed his cock into my hole. It was painful and I screamed into the bed. Eventually it started feeling better. In fact, it felt great when on each stroke he hit my prostate. My cock re-hardened and I was close to coming. He grabbed my shoulders and slammed himself deeper into me. That did it for me as I came all over the bed, I shot four big loads and made a mess of everything. He continued for a few more minutes until he too shot jet after jet filling the condom.

He pulled out, threw the condom out, and dropped a hundred on my back as he walked to the bathroom and said, “You better be gone by the time I get out.” That was the last I saw of him, I never got his name and he never got mine. The experience as a whole was terrible, but the sex was fantastic. So I continued to go to that park and have sex for money. Most of my experiences were better than that, but some were worse. I am still not sure if the sex is worth all the crap I have been put through. That’s why when I look at this kid next to me now, I pity him. I don’t want this kid to repeat the same mistakes I made.

“Listen kid, I was about your age when I started coming here and let me tell you, it ain’t worth it.”

“Then why are you still coming here?” he asks with a more sober face.

“I’m addicted, I know I shouldn’t be here, but I just can’t stay away,” I reply.

“Well, I don’t care what you say, I want sex, and if you won’t give it to me then I’ll wait for someone else,” he starts to get out of the car as he says this. I think to myself that if he is really determined to do this, then it might as well be with me, I’ll be kind to him and then maybe I can persuade him to never come back here.

“Wait,” I call and he stops, “if you are so determined to have sex, I’ll do it,” he shuts the door and gives me a smirk, “better me than some creep, after all.”

After an awkward silence he looks up at me and asks, “So, what now?”

This kid is so precious and hot too, I really want him, but want to be sure its what he wants, “Are you sure you want this, kid?”

“Absolutely,” he says as he gives me an adorable smile, “and you can call me Brandon.”

“Well, okay, Brandon, my name’s Cody, and the first thing I think we should do is hop in the back seat since we don’t really have any place else to go.” We both move to the back seat and I ask, “So what is it that you are looking to do?”

“I wanna get fucked,” he blurts out as he starts giggling. He is so cute I couldn’t help but jump him. I lean over and kiss him right on the lips. He moans at the touch and I extend my tongue into his mouth. My golden hair is longer now so he grabs it and runs his fingers through it as my hands travel down his back. As my hands reach the bottom of his shirt I pull it up and over his head and then do the same with my own shirt. He has a firm chest and a smooth flat stomach.

I kiss his lips again briefly and then work my way down his face and his neck and suck on his neck. He moans my name and I continue down his chest sucking on each nipple. I lay him down on the seat as I kiss lower and lower. I suck on his outie belly button and he writhes around on the seat. I sit up and slowly pull down his shorts and boxer-briefs. His cock is rock hard and about six inches long. I’m impressed by its size for such a young kid. I tell him that and he blushes. I can’t resist any longer I lean down and lick and suck on his dick.

He tastes very good, but that’s not what I’m here to do. As I continue to suck I start playing with his hole and he again writhes around on the seat. I lean back a little and lift his legs onto my shoulders to reveal his cute little bud. I devour it with my tongue. I bath it in saliva and slowly start to stick my tongue inside. I break through the resistance and it goes in. He lays above me whimpering my name. I pull my tongue out and begin to slide my finger in layering it with spit as it goes. His back arches to give me more space and I can feel his heels digging into my back.

He whimpers above me and I can just make out what he says, “Please, Cody, just do it.” I can’t disappoint him so I pull back and take off my own shorts and underwear revealing my seven inch cock. I reach for a condom, but he says he wants to feel me in him, so I drop it. I line myself up and then lean forward so I can look him in the face when I start to push in. His eyes go wide and he grunts from the pain. As I continue to move in slowly I capture his lips with mine to distract him from the pain. It seems to have worked as I’m am able to move more quickly and reach my hilt. I hold it in for a little while as I continue to make out with him.

His legs tighten around my waist signally me that it was okay to continue. I slowly pulled most of the way out and began to push back in just as slowly until his legs tighten again and he pulls me all the way into him. I speed up going in and out very quickly, all the while we are still making out. I love the feel of his tongue in my mouth and his hands on my back while my dick is in his ass. I can feel his hard cock trapped between our stomachs with each thrust that I take. I love everything about this kid, I think I might be falling for him.

My speed increases as I get closer and closer to an orgasm. The friction of my moving stomach on his cock causes him to release all over both of our stomachs. He moans into my mouth as he loses it. He breaks our kiss because he is out of breath. He looks me in the eyes and smiles. It is that smile that sends me over the edge as I cum deep into him.

I lay exhausted next to him in the spooning position as we both catch our breaths. He is the first to speak, “So, how much is that gonna cost?”

“That’s on the house bud, on one condition. You never come back to this park ever again,” I reply with a small smile on my face.

He remains quiet for a minute or so and then replies, “Only if you agree to the same.”

My smile fades, “I told you, Brandon, I’m addicted to this, I can’t just stop.”

“But if this life is as bad as you say I don’t want you being here either, if you keep coming so will I,” he turns over and smiles at me as he says, “besides, you can be addicted to me now.”

I am shocked and it must show on my face because his smile fades and he explains himself, “I figure we both want sex, but want it discreetly, what’s to stop us from meeting up secretly and having sex.” His face becomes more somber, “Besides, I think I love you,” He kisses me and I kiss back.

During the kiss I think things over and realize that he does have a point and I realize something else as well and broke the kiss to say, “You know, in all the times I have had sex in the last three years, this is the first time I have topped someone else. I have experienced something new and exciting with you. It isn’t just the sex though, I feel a connection to you. I think I love you too.”

“So is it a deal,” he asks with a smile.

“You bet it is,” I take his lips with mine and we settle into another kiss. I have a sense of relief now that I will never have to sell myself like this ever again. I also feel wonderful finally having someone that I can share anything with. Before today I have had trouble coping with my secret and accepting it as true, but now I have hope and confidence in myself and believe that my life will be much better from here on out.


2012-09-24 16:20:12
very well written story, i really enjoyed it and i think that you could take it a bit further if you wanted to, i would read some more, definately

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hey i want u and zack to fuck me up and down all through da night aight


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i love it when younger kids come in, makes me horny ;)

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YUM! PLEASE write more!

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I liked the kid part most so I wish you can make more chapters of Cody and Brandon.

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