My Day At School
When I was younger my parents worked at the school that I went to. I had access to it almost all the time. So I took that to my advantages and used it for more times to expos myself in public.

After school I would just hang out around the school and would walk down to the gym and the way the gym was is there is the stage with a door to the hallway at the back and then beside the stage was the main stairs to come in .there was a door to the playground at the back side of the gym but it was never used until track and field time so I never had to worry about that one.

I would come into the gym and make sure no one was out in the hallway before I cam in. I would go to the far side of the stage so there was about 20 meters from me to the main stairs and there I would pull my pants down to my ankles so it would have to make me walk slow. I would start walking across the front of the stage. The stage is raised so it would hide my lower half from view if anyone came out on the stage when I was walking across in front.

As I walked slowly across the stage I would hear people walk down the hallway because there where still some kids here and some teachers as it was just after school. When I get to the main stairs I would wait and listen to the hallway and make sure I could not here anyone and I would walk out into the main stairs and stand there and count to 10 with my hands over my head so it would lift my shirt up and my dick was in plain view if someone walked by and then I would make my way back to the other side where I started. I would pull my pants up and then go out and walk around a bit to get my nerves back down.

Next I thought I needed to make it little more dangerous so I picked a number out of a hat from 10sec to 60 sec in 10 sec increments. I got 30 so then I would have to count to 30 before I could hide again and if I didn't I would have to punish myself. So I got to my starting point and got my pants down and walked to the main stairs again and this time when I got out there and the middle of the stairs I closed my eyes and started to count I had the biggest hard on thinking that someone could be there watching me and I would not know tell I open my eyes. I got to 30secs and open my eyes and got back be hide cover and no one seen me but it was such a rush to think someone could be there and I wouldn’t even have known.

It was getting later in the evening now and all the kids and the teachers are gone and it is just me and my parents that are around cleaning fore about and hour and a half before the girls volley ball team comes back fore practice. So being young and full of come I needed to jack-off and I new the best place to do it. I would look though the girl’s lockers and find there gym close and jack-off in there shorts. Off I went to the lockers and I know who’s lockers is who’s because they were in my class so I looked in one girls locker but she had taken all her close home that night, the next one I looked in left her close there and I knew she was on the volley ball team and would be putting them on in and hour. I started looking though the gym bag and I almost blow my load in my pants her little shirt and shorts here there and her panties she must change them for gym class every time. I could blow a load right into her panties and she would be putting them on like right after. I was thinking maybe I could get her pregnant with the come I left in there I don’t know if it would work that way or not but I sure what going to try.

I pull my pants down and take the panties and rap it around my dick so the spot there her cunt will be is right and the end of my dick and I start to jack off I got my eyes closed thinking about getting this girl I like pregnant and it don’t take long for me to put a load of cum in this girls panties. After I’m all done Cumming I look at my work and there is lots in there and they are really wet. I start to panic a little think about when she grabs them out of her bag and they are that wet so I think if I get another girl shorts and put some cum on there shorts too she may still put the panties on to play tonight, so I start looking though the other girls lockers and tell I find one with there close still here and grab there shorts and wipe some cum fro the first girls panties on the second girls shorts and then put them all back where I got them from.

After about 20 more mins its time for the volleyball players to show up and I’m just watching the volleyball thinking about the girl with my cum in her shorts and the other one with my cum running right into her cunt every time she moves. Just thinking about it I got a hard on and needed to jack off again you know us young kids and the cum we have so I went back to my class room and looked though the teachers desk because my teacher was one hot bitch. I found some stuff she used all the time and jacked off on to them and then put them back into the desk. After that it was getting to the time that my parents were getting done and ready to go home so I got my stuff and headed home myself.

After I ate supper at home I would head back to the school and go play on the playground. I would undo my button on my pants and leave the zipper up and start across the monkey bars and every bar I crossed my zipper would go down a little father tell my pants were totally undo and I would have to be spreading my legs to keep my pants up or they would fall right down. Even doing that my cock would still be out just my pants would be right under so it still looked like I had pants on.

After I get across I would go to the big slide, it was a tube slide. I would pull my pants right down to my ankles and hop into the slide and stop myself halfway down and just sit in there holding myself up inside the slide for like 2 mins and then I would have to let myself down the rest of the way not knowing if anyone was walking down the street or even came to the playground .

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2010-07-08 10:36:35
Bored by this one....

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