Warning: This story is about fucked up people doing fucked up shit. If Incest, and teen sex are not your thing, do yourself a favor, and turn back now. Now if you read it anyway, and then call me a "sick fuck", or whatever else, I can't stop you, but do keep in mind that you were warned. Kiss, kiss.
“No daddy, please.” Katerina wept as her father's hard cock slowly penetrated her hot, wet pussy.
She was laid out on her bed, her panties had been ripped off, and Eric held one of her thighs against his stomach as he pushed deeper into her swollen little vagina.
“Oh, I'm sorry sweetheart.” he said in a tone of mock sympathy. “Do you not like this?”

She shook her head back, and forth, tears streaming down her face as she sobbed, “No daddy, it's wrong.”

She shrieked as he suddenly slammed all the way into her growling, “Lying little slut. You like to get fucked, and now you're gonna get fucked by daddy.” and with that he started fucking her hard, his balls slapping against her ass as he repeatedly violated her tight little hole, gripping her other thigh firmly, and rubbing her stiff little clitoris with his thumb.

She was so scared, and confused.
How could her father do this to his little girl, but even worse, how could she enjoy it?
As much as she cried, and protested, as she felt his stiff meat slide in, and out of her, she could not stop her impending orgasm.
Before she knew it her flesh began to quiver, and her vagina clenched rhythmically around her father's thrusting cock, pumping cum all over his fuck muscle.
She cried out in fear, and ecstasy, her body shuddering with the force of her climax.
She suddenly noticed that someone else had entered the room, and blinking her tears away she recognized her uncle Gleb.
“Help.” she managed to squeak, looking at him pleadingly.

“Oh, I'm going to help alright.” he chuckled as he began removing his clothes.

“It's about time you got here.” Eric snarled. “Where's Dimitri?”

“He'll be here soon.” Gleb replied as he finished undressing.

“Well get over here, and take over so I can take my clothes off.” Eric ordered impatiently.

As Katerina's father pulled his cock out, and stepped away she tried to close her legs, and crawl backward on her bed, but uncle Gleb grasped hold of her, pulling her ass back to the edge of the bed, and forcing her legs open.
“Where do you think you're going?” he asks, slapping her pubic mound with his hard cock. “We're just getting started.”

She groaned loudly as she felt her uncle enter her pussy, and just then her uncle Dimitri strolled in.
“Alright,” he said enthusiastically pulling his shirt off. “Let's get this party started.”

As Katerina slowly began to realize that her father, and her uncles were about to gang fuck her, she became more horrified, and aroused than she'd ever been in her young life.
This was so much like her fantasies that it was terrifying.

Little did she know that her father was fully aware of those fantasies, and he was about to make them come true, whether she liked it, or not.

Part one:

It would be easy to say that this started two weeks ago, and although the events of the past fortnight were pivotal in bringing this gang bang about, the truth is that this all really started years earlier.

Katerina's body was just beginning to develop, and was finally catching up with her mind which had been curious about sex starting at an unusually young age.
She had started touching herself almost before she could walk, and if her mother's reaction to catching her the first time had taught her anything, it was to keep her self pleasuring under wraps.
She never could understand why adults didn't want her to do that, but she was smart enough to figure out that she could keep doing it as long as she was quiet about it.

"Go wake your father." her mother told her one morning. "I need his help in the garden today, and he's been sleeping long enough."

Katerina had done this dozens of times so it was almost automatic when she ran down the hall, and into her parent's room.
She was just about to jump on the bed when she stopped with a gasp.
Of all the times she'd come into her father's room to wake him, she'd never seen this before.
He had no clothes, or blankets covering him, and there between his legs was the first raging hard-on that she'd ever seen in her life.
It looked so hard, and yet so soft, the way that it's vascular shaft descended from it's smooth, bulbous head.
She didn't fully understand why, but it made her mouth water, and she wanted to touch it, bad.
She began unconsciously rubbing her little pubic mound through her cotton night gown, and when she felt her panties start to get wet, she realized that this was going to look really bad if her mom came in, and she was rubbing herself while staring at her father's hard cock.

She grasped the edge of the blanket, being careful not to wake him, and began pulling it over to cover his sleeping form, but before she could cover him completely she was seized by an uncontrollable urge.
She grasped hold of his hard shaft, and gave it a little squeeze.
Her little pussy tingled at the contact, and even though she didn't really understand why yet, she suddenly wanted to feel his cock touching her all over her body.

When he suddenly grunted, shifting in his sleep, that broke her trance, and she was able to finish covering him before bounding onto the bed, bouncing up, and down, and shrieking, "Wake up daddy!"

"Alright, I'm awake you little monster." he said groggily, grasping her by the wrists to stop the bouncing.

She leaned forward so that she could nonchalantly rub her little nipples against his big chest as she said, "Mom says it's time to get up."
once again, she didn't really understand why fully, but she loved to rub her nipples against her father, and sometimes thought about him touching them, maybe even kissing them, as weird as that seemed, something about the idea made her pussy feel moist, and she was learning to trust her pussy.

He kissed her on the forehead, and said, "Run along, and tell her I'm coming."
She had to run from the room, or risk looking back to catch another glimpse of him.

That night she couldn't stop thinking about her father's hard cock as she touched, and rubbed her little pussy.
She flicked her fingers on either side of her clit as she imagined him rubbing his penis all over her supple young body, and she pushed two fingers, and a thumb into herself as she thought about him stretching her tiny hole with his cock.
She began rubbing herself furiously at the idea of feeling her father's dick filling up her little vagina, and it took all of her strength not to cry out as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life, the image of her father fucking her driving her to heights hitherto undreamed of.
That's how it all really started, with a young girls lust for her father, but little did she suspect where it would all lead.

So she started teasing him, subtly at first.

She would bend over in the hallway, or spread her legs at the breakfast table, but as time went on she got more, and more brazen until it was far too obvious what she was doing, and Eric was unsure of how to handle it.

He had never thought of his daughter in a sexual way before, but now every time she'd sit on his lap, or causally flash her hairless little pussy at him, he'd instantly get a raging hard-on.

One night drinking a bottle of Vodka with his brothers he'd decided to ask them what they thought.

“Just fuck her.” Gleb had said in a matter of fact tone.

“Jesus Christ!” Eric had exclaimed. “She's my fucking daughter!”

“So what.” Gleb scoffed before pouring another glass from the bottle on the table between them. “She's my niece, but she is growing into the kind of hot little slut that I'd like to stick my dick in.”

Eric almost couldn't believe what he was hearing, and he looked over at Dmitri to see what he had to say.

He just shrugged, and said, “Gleb's right. I'd fuck her.”

He should have known that would be their attitude.

His brothers had always been a lot wilder than him, and would not hesitate to fuck anything that couldn't get away from them.

In fact they were rather well known for picking up drunk girls, and double teaming them.

Meanwhile, teasing her father was not thirteen year old Katerina's only sexual activity by a long shot.

Beside masturbating every night, and whenever else she got the chance, she had caught the fourteen year old boy next door, Sasha, jacking off behind the shed in his back yard one day, and when she'd asked bashfully, “Can I play with it?” he'd happily agreed.

He showed her how to stroke it, and after a while suggested, “Why don't you suck it?”

It seemed like kind of a weird idea at first, but as soon as she'd wrapped her lips around the head of his penis, and started sucking, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

He had begun thrusting his hips, and as she felt the head of his cock repeatedly strike the back of her throat she put her hand under her skirt, and started rubbing her little pussy through her panties.

Before long she felt his hot sperm squirt into her mouth, and she swallowed every drop.

She decided it was the best thing that she'd ever tasted, and couldn't wait for more.

So she started sucking Sasha's cock almost every day.

Then one day as she was just started to give him a blow-job, his seventeen year old brother Mikhail came around the corner, and said, “So it's true, you DO like to suck dick.”

Her eyes got wide, and her mouth dropped open as she was literally dumbfounded.

“Don't worry, I won't tell.” he assured her as he unzipped his pants, and pulled out a hard cock that was bigger than Sasha's. “As long as you suck my dick too.”

She just left her mouth open, and stuck her tongue out motioning Mikhail over with one hand as her other hand went back to stroking Sasha's shaft.

He stuck his thick meat into her mouth, and as she sucked him off, bobbing her head up, and down on his hard cock her little pussy got all wet.

She pulled her mouth off of Mikhail with a loud slurp, and looked back, and forth between them with wild eyes as she stroked them up, and down.

A cock in each hand, she began switching back, and forth, slobbering on each of the boys stiff pricks in turn.

Sasha blew his load first, and as she gobbled it up she could feel Mikhail's cock start to pulse in her hand.

She tried to get her mouth on his cock, but the first thick, white ribbon of cum was already blasting out, and it landed on the bridge of her nose leaving a trail down to her chin.

Sasha was still cumming as well, and before she could make up her mind which cock to take into her mouth they had both coated her face with creamy sperm.

Mikhail pretty much took over from there.

I pulled her to her feet, pulled her skirt up, yanked her panties down, and started squeezing her ass, and rubbing her wet little pussy.

“You look so sexy with cum on your face.” he cooed as he played with her prepubescent vagina.

She squirmed, and whimpered in his grasp as she started to get a little bit scared of what he was doing.

Nobody else had ever touched her vagina before, and with Sasha she had always felt like she was in charge, but Mikhail had completely changed that equation as he roughly played with her wet little pussy.

The more she tried to wriggle out of his grasp, the tighter he held her, and it was with a little squeal of shock that she felt him slip his finger into her tight slick little hole.

“Wait, no.” she sobbed, standing up on her tip toes to try and escape his penetrating finger, but it was no use, and before long he was thrusting his finger in, and out of her hot pussy at a pretty fast pace.

“Your mouth says no,” he chuckled lecherously. “But your pussy is saying yes.”

It was true.

The more he finger fucked her the wetter she became, and even though the sudden loss of control had frightened her, it was also turning her on more than she'd ever been turned on before.

Sasha watched all this with his mouth hanging open in disbelief.

He almost couldn't believe that this had never occurred to him before, but he was just so stoked about getting his cock sucked so much that he hadn't wanted to blow it, so to speak, but now as he watched his brother fingering Katerina's tight little hole as she squirmed, and moaned in his grasp his mind was suddenly filled with possibilities.

He stroked his shaft as he felt it grow in his hand, the scent of her aroused pussy wafting up, and into his nostrils making him hornier by the second.

“Look Katya,” Mikhail said, motioning toward his brother. “I think Sasha is ready for another blow job.” forcing her to bend over as he called to his brother. “Come on over her, and fuck her in the mouth.”

Katerina put up some token resistance, but as soon as he stuck his stiff prick in her mouth she began sucking it, wondering what was going to happen next as Mikhail began squeezing, and lightly slapping her tight little ass.

She didn't have to wait long before she felt the head of his penis rubbing through the thick folds of her pussy.

She wanted to say no, but Sasha had grabbed her by the hair, and was shoving his cock down her throat so hard, and fast that she could barely breath.

She had broken her hymen with one of her mother's dildos when she was nine, but she'd never had a cock in there, and she had so wanted her father's to be the first.

In fact she hadn't even realized how much she'd wanted that until now that the penetration of her little cunt was imminent, and unstoppable.

Once he'd gotten the head of his hard cock into her, it took all his will power to not just bury it in her little pussy up to the hilt, and start pounding away like he'd done with his thirty year old teacher, but he knew that she had probably never been fucked before, and he didn't want to hurt her.

The gurgling moan coming out of her mouth as Sasha throat fucked her became higher, and higher pitched as Mikhail slowly pushed his throbbing tool deeper, and deeper into her tiny fuck hole.

He grasped her hips as he he felt her pussy envelope his hard penis.

It was so fucking tight that it almost hurt, and as he finally got his cock all the way inside her she managed to pull her mouth away from Sasha's thrusting dick, and gasp, “Oh my god, wh-what are y-you dooooing to-oo-oo-me?”

He had almost laughed at this, but the feeling of her tight, slick little pussy squeezing the full length of his hard cock was far too intense, so instead he growled, “I'm fucking you in your hot pussy you little slut.” as he started pulling out, and thrusting back in.

She didn't exactly understand why, but hearing Mikhail say that as he began to fuck her while Sasha simultaneously stuck his dick back into her mouth made her cum, hard.

She moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth, her little pussy clenching rhythmically around the cock thrusting into her increasingly wet pussy.

She was completely swept away by her orgasm as she felt the brothers plunging their stiff pricks repeatedly into her mouth, and pussy.

Before long Mikhail was really fucking her good, his hips slapping against her tight little ass as he panted, “Oh yeah, you like that, don't you? You're a little slut that likes a nice hard cock in your pussy, yeah.”

The truth was that she did like it, a lot, and when Sasha's cock exploded again, pumping his cum down her throat she started cumming again.

Her flesh quivered, and writhed, as she swallowed his hot sperm, and Mikhail started pounding her tiny pussy hard.

“Here it comes bitch.” he panted, and then began grunting to the rhythm of his seaman filling her slick, climaxing pussy.

He spread her ass cheeks, pushing all the way up inside her, and staying there.

“Uuuuughhh, uuuuhghhh, uuuggghh, uuuuugghhh.” he grunted, as Katrina felt his stiff prick spurt it's load deep inside her prepubescent vagina.

When he'd finally finished draining his balls inside her, he pulled out, and let her go.

Sasha had already pulled his cock out of her mouth, and stepped back, and after having been fucked so hard, and cum so much her knees were weak, so that with no support she almost instantly fell to her hands, and knees on the ground in between them, gasping for breath.

She could feel the hot cum inside her pussy as she tightened her muscles causing it to leak out of her hot little twat.

“Are you okay Katerina?” Sasha asked, sounding a little concerned.

“She's fine.” Mikhail scoffed. “She's just never been fucked like that before.”

He began stroking his half flaccid cock as he went on. “Goddamn, that was some good, tight pussy. Who knew we had a little cock slut living right next door.”

Then he squeezed the shaft of his dick, producing another drop of pearly white cum, scoping it off with his finger, then bending down, and sticking it into Katrina's mouth.

“Mmmmmmm.” she moaned as she sucked the little drop of sperm off of his finger.

“See,” he said knowingly to Sasha. “she loves it. God, I almost can't wait to fuck her again.”

At that her eyes popped open, and she looked up at him with his finger still in her mouth.

“Oh yeah, you're gonna start getting fucked a lot.” he promised pulling his finger out of her mouth with a little pop.

True to his word, she did start getting fucked a lot.

If it wasn't Mikhail, it was Sasha, or sometimes they would double team her, and this went on until Mikhail graduated, and went to University.

Of course this whole time she was still teasing her father unmercifully, and doing it in such a way that it was obvious what she was doing, but at the same time she could maintain some semblance of plausible deniablity.

One night when she was fifteen it all started to come to a head, and although it wasn't yet the climax to this little dance, it was a night she would never forget.

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