Susan was not at my locker that afternoon, but since I had practice I did not give it more thought than that. The next morning however, my little girl got on the bus her head hung as she maneuvered to where I was standing. “ Jerome, forgive me please , I am so very sorry I did not meet you after class yesterday” were the first sorrowful words out of her mouth. She had even avoided giving me her usual morning kiss , before she blurted out her statement, so I was a bit curious to say the least. I used the opportunity she had provided to follow suit, trying to sound a bit angry, disappointed about not meeting her yesterday so I replied “ Well yes, I got the feeling that you had avoided me on purpose , what`s the matter you cannot keep up with my demands ?, you want to call it quits ?, you want to break things off ?!” quite rapidly, not giving her a chance to absorb let alone answer my questions.

I continued on, “ Well that is fine with me, there are others that would welcome my company, who would not mind playing my games . We can go our separate ways this morning if that is what you want?” , trusting that I was not going too far as I had grown accustom to having Susan as my plaything and was not quite ready to go looking for another one.

“ No! No! No! it is nothing like that” Susan quickly replied “ I want to explain, I want to apologize, I need you to , I want you , Oh Jerome please forgive me!!!” with that said I felt Susan begin to cry. She began sobbing into my chest holding me very tightly. I began to stroke her back, telling her that it was all right, every thing was going to be ok, I was not that angry, it was just I thought perhaps she had enough and wanted out. Between her sobs, she started to talk “ Yesterday you know after we left the study room Jane accompanied me to our next class, she had me promise to meet her after our last class which I did .” Susan I could feel was taking deep breaths, her sobbing was less evident “ You know Jerome, I told you before why I had not many friends, and now Jane appeared to taking a liking to me, it made me feel good”

Susan continued “ I met Jane after my last class and told her that I usually meet with you before practice, but she said that I was to come with her, if there was any problem she would straighten it out with you later” Turning her head upwards to look at me Susan swallowed hard “ Jane took me by the hand , pulling me quickly , taking me into the girl`s locker room where she backed me to a cubical and began kissing me like she had in the study room earlier on”

Her body was shaking now, trembling as she continued “ I did not know what to do, it felt so good, yet I was not sure you would approve as you did not know and were not there” I could see she was having trouble, I did not know if it was because she was not sure how much she should tell me of if she was just plain afraid any reaction I might have. “ Susan, its ok, every thing will be fine, just continue, tell me all of it, tell me what happened, what did Jane do to you, you do not have to be afraid, I will not get angry or at least I do not think I will” I said, hoping to get the full story before the bus arrived at our school stop.

“ Jane while she was kissing me cupped me you know , down there, between my legs on my sex, and rubbed me like you do, only it was softer, more delicate almost as though I was being touched by a feather” Susan offered taking a gulp of air “ The next thing I realized was that my blouse was open , my bra hanging loose, exposing my breasts bare”

“ I started to panic, I did not know what to do, but Jane`s hold on me was firm, her kiss passionate and her fondling delightful so I let her continue” The story was getting interesting so I decided to help Susan out “ Go on my dear, tell Jerome all that happened, tell me the details, I do not thing you have done anything wrong, did you like what Jane was doing ?”

“ I guess once Jane saw that I was not resisting or fighting her she broke her kiss and told me that it might be better if she removed my clothing as she wanted to clean me of all the afternoon’s sticky residue . Jane eased my blouse , taking the bra with it from my shoulders and hung them up. She then proceeded to undo and slip the skirt down my legs, leaving me totally naked while she hung it with my blouse. Jane pulled me again hauling me over to the showers where she set every thing in motion and put me under the warm water.” Susan stopped taking a another deep breath, I felt her body shudder then she continued “ When Jane came back she also was in her bare skin, naked like I was, she was beautiful, she had no hair on her pussy, it was bare like a newborn baby. Jane began soaping me all over , touching me all over, touching all my parts. Her touch was rough, firm, soft and gentle all at the same time .”

“ I had never felt that way, not even when I washed myself. Jerome it was different from your touch , difficult even to compare it to how you made me feel and the sensations that Jane was providing me”. I could feel Susan reacting now to her own story telling, she was rubbing her lower body on my leg, humping me like a dog often does when he gets excited. We were getting very close to our final destination , I wanted Susan to finish her story, before we got of the bus if at possible, because we never had much time to dally before our first class and if she was getting this excited, then the rest of the time she was with Jane must have been good.

“I`m all ears Susan, keep going, what else happened , tell Jerome all about it my little one .” I said as I rubbed her lower back forcing her harder onto to my leg. Susan continued where she had left off but now her voice was more pensive, almost as she was moaning “ Jane rinsed us off then pushed me up against the wall of the shower, she began kissing me first on the mouth, then descended my neck, on to my tits, then down my tummy flicking her tongue at my tummy button making me shiver. Jane put her hands between my legs and pushed, forcing them to spread wide open then she bent her own knees lowering her body and put her mouth on my sex. At that point I almost jumped out of the shower . I would most likely have collapsed except that Jane was holding me firmly. As she kissed me, I do not know what else to call it, I felt her push her tongue in between my slit, she pushed it right into to my pussy, I felt it flicking at my clit, just like I do when you wiggle your finger there. Well that did it , I cried out, I shrieked out loudly, I could not take her touch any longer, then I came. I felt my own juice shooting out of my body, in large quantities. It was nothing like I had felt before, not even you Jerome had made me feel like that”

I felt Susan stop her movement on my leg and shake, her story telling had made her cum she had achieved an orgasm just by relating what had happed in the shower with Jane. This was just great, I knew I could use all this pertinent information some how I was going to make myself very happy in the long run. It was a good thing she had finished as the bus pulled up to our stop right then, there was no more time, we had to get off. I helped Susan negotiate the steps as she was a bit wobbly, and decided we should take a few minutes before we continued to class, trusting that I could work it to meet the last bell. I moved Susan off to the side of the main path and held her tight. I patted her head gently “ There there, Susan, things are alright, nothing bad happened you simply benefited from a new experience, just like the ones I have put you through. There hopefully will be other occasions to explore different feelings, different sensations.” asking “ Did Jane get you on to your bus so that you would not be late to meet your father?”. “ Well no not quite, my father had to wait until the second bus arrived, although he did not seemed angry he was not too happy, until I explained that I had been with a girl friend”

“ That was not to kind of Jane, to make you late” I said only to have Susan start up again “ Well once Jane decided to stop licking me with her tongue me, she got us some towels and very very gently dried me off, before she ran the towel over her body. She started asking me questions about my relationship with you, she wanted to know how serious I was about boys, telling me that if she had more time she would continue to show me how wonderful it could be with girls” At this point I noticed Susan blushing , perhaps from embarrassment that she was talking about sex between girls. I told her that some times that was possible even though one of the girls, or even both of the girls liked boys. There are times when boys just dreamt about watching two girls together, there are times when the boys are invited to join in, but then the opportunities for all this are far and between, not all opportunities to experiment with sexual situations.

“ Funny you would say that,” Susan quipped “ When we got on the bus Jane said almost the same thing.”

“ What, Jane took the bus home with you?” I was certainly surprised to hear that.

“Oh Oh I did not tell you, Jane gets off at the stop before yours, it is just she never has taken the same bus we do” Susan continued “ Once we got on the bus, she did the same thing you do, she moved us to the far back seats. Jane had not put her underwear back on after her shower and she showed me how to please her on the trip home. You will be proud of me Jerome, I managed to bring her to orgasm . She showed me how and where to touch her hairless pussy, while at the same time had me sucking on her tit, Jerome it was just a great feeling being able to do that. Now I know how you feel when you make me cum. Jerome I wish you could make me cum all the time” Then we heard the bell and had to run so that we would not be locked out of school.
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