I saw Susan flush her beet red color then it drained completely from her face, she had become more than lily white, she had taken on the color that you might as well call death white, or perhaps panic white. In any case as she appeared to have frozen, not offering any more words, not even sounds. I took the occasion to crook the middle finger of my left hand and in doing so slipped it right into her steaming hot box. Susan jumped at the intrusion , letting out a long low moan, as though my action had caused her to cum.

I spoke up, in a firm almost controlling voice “ Guys, I am sure Susan would be willing to demonstrate exactly what she is using my finger for, but first there are some things we must get straight”

“One, you both have to keep your wits about you”

“ Two you cannot go around shooting your mouth about what you might see”

“Three you may not like what you see, but remember you asked so be polite and shut your mouths.”

With that said , both of them accepting to behave, I told Richard to go lock the classroom door. While he did that I leaned to whisper in Susan’s ear “ Now my little girl since you started this, I expect you to finish it .” Waiting a moment for that to register I continued “ You will have my crooked middle finger, your will have my hand , you will have my arm, but it is you who will have to make them work the way you need them to, I will not control them in anyway, I will not do you, you will have to do yourself”

“ Jane , Richard, come over here , pull the table away from Susan then come stand beside her” I instructed our two curious classmates. “ Holly shit! ” offered Richard as it dawned on him just what Susan was doing . Jane with her high pitched “ Oh! My! Gawd!” clamping her hands over her mouth was a bit more polite about what she was looking at.

Susan had certainly been desperate, for before they had even moved the table, exposing her seated position, her wide spread legs, her skirt around up around her hips, had begun moving my hand with quickening movements, making my crooked middle finger pump in and out of her little pink cunt as fast as she could. She was verbalizing, loudly now that the cat was out of the bag, she had no need to hold her words back. Her “ Ahs! and Ohs!” filled the room, music to my ears it was. I watched Jane, her wide open eyes taking this all in, she was beginning to flush pink, either in excitement or embarrassment I did not really care, the color however added to her own beauty. Richard on the other hand was manhandling his meat from the outside of his slacks, he was either rubbing it or trying hard to hide its growing size.

Susan seemed a bit flustered, not having me working her cunt, but having to do it all alone, she was getting there, but was not quite getting what she wanted, or in her words what she needed. I wanted to make the best of this . We still had a good twenty minutes before the period ran out and since we had never ever before been bothered by anyone, teachers, or monitors or students stopping by I felt I could increase the excitement. I gently touched Susan with my free hand , not wanting to spook her, then as I got her attention I asked, well more like suggested, then again perhaps by the tone of my voice insisted “ Susan, you appear to be having a difficult time in that position, things don’t seem to be working for you , perhaps you should stop for a moment and release my arm”

Susan quivered at my suggestion and whimpered some soft sounds, but she let go of my arm, which I moved uncovering the full view of her leaking , pulsating, now very swollen red pussy lips. I heard both Jane and Richard taking in their breaths and making loud gasping sounds as Susan’s beautiful wide open sex came into sight . Susan was still looking at me with her little puppy dog eyes almost gazed over, you could tell she indeed was in need of release, she needed a good orgasm.

It was time to play another card, I brought my finger to my nose and inhaled, I needed a fix. Then I offered a solution to Susan. “ Susan “ I said getting her attention “ we are among friends are we not” . To which she replied with a tiny very weak “ Yes I guess so”

“It’s OK, I’m sure they are now our very good friends” I concluded

Both Jane and Richard repeating several times over “ Yes Yes Yes we sure are ”

“So why don’t we get you in a better position so that you can finish properly and get you what you want ” said I very deviously. “ if you got up on the table, we could use your school blazer, and yours if you would not mind Jane as a cushion for you to lie on”
Waiting for a reaction, but only receiving a “ Well ok that might be better” from Susan.

So far so good I thought to myself, lets go for broke, I knew and Susan knew that she needed her orgasm, otherwise she would be frustrated like old hell for quite a long time.
At once Jane had taken off her blazer and was laying it on the study table, Richard even offered up his wool sweater saying it would make a good pillow. This was nice, every one was on board, I thought , so I continued “ Susan you remember the other day in the lunch room, and afterwards saying how much more you had experienced from the situation don’t you” Again I got a positive response even though it was a weak “Yes”

“Well” I queried, leaving it up to Susan to interpret what I meant and what she would do.

As to Jane and Richard you could almost see their tongues hanging out and drool running down their chins as the listened to the conversation, and saw Susan get up off the chair. Unfortunately this action caused her skirt to drop straight down covering her bare pussy . I thought for a moment I heard Richard groan as he had this delicious sight taken from him. Then I saw Susan reach for the buttons of her blouse and knew I had her. I was not sure just what she was going to do, but I was ready to interpose suggestions, well probably instructions if I thought this might be more convenient. First I wanted to see just where Susan might be taking us.

Susan did not disappointment me , if fact she did not disappoint anyone of the three of us. She undid her blouse completely, then she pulled it out from her skirt, where she left it hanging. Unlike the day in the cafeteria, she did not pull the bra up off her tits, but she reached back under her blouse , unclipped it , letting it fall loose in front, to the sound of Richard gasping for air. Susan turned to face me, staring me straight in my eyes, and shucked both her blouse and bra from her shoulders, letting them drop to the floor, before turning back to provide Jane and Richard with a full unencumbered view of her perky naked breasts.

Susan moved over to the table and prepared to climb up, when Jane approached her seemingly coming out of a trance “ Here let me help you my dear friend,” placing her hands on Susan’s bare rib cage “ In fact you know leaking like you are, you will most likely get your skirt all stained” Jane added. Then knowingly I watched, but I am sure Richard’s eyes were glued to the scene , Jane reach around in front of Susan saying, “ Let’s undo this and slip it off also, so that it does not get stained”

With that said Jane proceeded to slip Susan’s skirt from her body effectively leaving her completely naked , exposed to our prying eyes. Jane then helped Susan lay herself out prone on the study table spreading her legs so that her knees bent at the edge, leaving the lower part of her legs to hang down off the sides. Susan looked as though she was prepared for a medical examination. She turned her head to me and said “ Jerome, please would you mind helping me just a bit”

What could I say, what could I do, here my little white girl, had practically stripped herself naked, had allowed herself to be stripped of her last covering by another girl, who had help her spread herself wide on the table in the hope that she could get herself off.

I immediately moved to an opportune spot beside her and placed my hand over her vibrating mound. I crooked my middle finger and slipped it once again into her still slopping wet box. Jane was still leaning on the table, one hand on Susan’s shoulder, one hand resting on her side jut below a beautiful round globe, she was not looking at Susan but directly at me. From the look on her face I figured I knew exactly what she wanted., after all you could see her nipples pushing hard, poking the material of her bra and blouse out in clear view. “ Be my guest” I said, “ Any thing you want , enjoy yourself” then I looked towards Richard and told him to get his mouth over to Susan’s other tit as it needed caring for, you thought Superman was quick, Ha! you did not see Richard move and get his mouth, and his hands on Susan’s tit.

As I delicately worked Susan’s cunt, probing it’s depths, frigging her, rubbing her swollen pussy lips, pinching at her clit ,I watched Jane expertly I must say fondle Susan’s other tit, while at the same time lean over and begin kissing her with , from my point of view, great passion. We now had Susan bucking her whole body, to the point I used my other hand to hold her as still as I could, we did not want her falling off the table. I managed to bring her to the edge several times, stopping just when necessary. You could not hear her cries as her mouth was full of Jane’s, but you could sense them. I decided to take things a bit further as there were three of us playing with her body holding it as steady as we could, surely if there was any intense reaction the three of us would be able to handle it.

I slipped my finger from her lovely warm cunt, and let it trace down over the sensual membrane between her holes, I made contact with little puckered ass hole, then I ran my finger back up , through her leaking slit and ended rubbing her little knob. I repeated this action several times, then Susan managed to raise her bottom as I settled the tip of my finger on her anus ring. This movement of hers caused the end of my finger to slip passed the tightness and into her shit shoot, which in turn got her to twist and turn her body on the table.

I began to think that Jane was a bit more experienced that I had thought. I watched as she took Susan’s hand and slipped in under her own skirt. This was good , I began to think of how I might engage Jane in more of the activities I had planed for Susan . I knew I would not mind watching two lily white girls have a go at one another. Just as that thought settled in my mind, Jane moved off Susan’s mouth , breaking her contact with Susan’s tit, leaving Susan howling for more, crying out “ More Jerome, More don’t stop please” followed by “ Richard oh! Richard suck harder , bite my nipples come on boy come on ”

Susan continued to call out, letting us know that she was getting there , that she was almost there, for us not to stop . “ Jane kiss me kiss me, pinch my nipples, hurry hurry, I need you” I heard Susan say, as I watched Jane lift the front of her skirt and fold the hem into the waist band. I watched not believing my eyes as Jane slipped her own panties off , and kicked them from her legs. She reached again for Susan’s hand and this time slipped it on to bare pussy holding it steady with her own. Once arranged in this position she returned her mouth to Susan’s and her free hand to Susan’s other tit. I looked then at the clock, I wanted to see just how much longer we would have for our carnal activities.

There was sufficient time to give Susan a couple of short runs, then one long lasting ride to the end of her trip and let her orgasm arrive with as much pleasure as it could. I repeated my movements, rubbing the entire area of her sex , from the top of her mound where I applied a force of pressure down thought the swollen lips, over the membrane, on to her little back hole were once again I applied a force of pressure. Once we had Susan bouncing and bucking, flailing her free arm all over, almost kicking me with her feet, I decided that it was time. I slipped my middle finger back into her cunt, seeking to flick at her clit and at the same time I eased the middle finger of my other hand very slowly up her back chute. That did it, I caused Susan to go into convulsions, her body rocked so vigorously that Richard lost contact with her tit, Jane broke her mouth to mouth contact herself standing very straight sending both her hands to either hold Susan’s on her cunt, or to stop Susan from what every she was doing and let out her own bloody shriek . Satisfied that Susan had reached her pinnacle, I stopped wiggling my fingers, but left them set firmly in her holes.

I looked over at Richard, and saw a large wet spot in the front of his pants, and thought silly white boy you got off too easy, you’ll have to learn how to hold it back if you want to play games like this. Jane had collapsed forward, holding the table with her two hands, moaning and grunting as Susan’s hand lay limp between her legs, dripping with liquid, Jane had cum also, and from the looks of it she had cum as hard as Susan had. Susan had cum , there was no question about it her body fluids covered the table, they were still leaking out the sides of my fingers, creating a puddle , that was running like a stream and cascading off the table on to the floor like a small water fall. Susan was spent.

Finally I decided to pull my fingers from her innards, extracting a mournful cry for Susan as her holes were vacated. While we still had a bit of time before the bell rang, we would need it to get every thing back in order. I eased Susan into a sitting position on the table, slipped her bra and blouse back on telling her at the same time just how great she had been. Telling her that her performance had been very well thought out, and had come off very nicely. I went on to tell her that now that I knew she could undertake projects like that I would be getting her to do more of the same. This little bit of information caused her body to shudder quite obviously.

Jane put her panties back on and fixed her skirt, taking another pretty view out of sight, which was really too bad because I had wanted to look at her pussy in a bit more detail.
She then came over to help me with Susan, who’s skirt she handed me. While I was shaking it out trying to figure the back from the front I watched Jane reach in between Susan’s legs and cup her now poor raw mound. Jane stroked Susan very gently, extracting a number of soft guttural moans from her. She then brought her hand up to her mouth and licked the palm that had been covered with Susan’s juices, bringing a deep groan from Richard who’s wet spot suddenly appeared to get larger.

Before I was able to get Susan’s skirt back up and fastened at her waist , Jane had repeated her gathering of the juices twice more, each time providing us with a provocative display of her licking the palm of her hand. Once the girls had adjusted their school blazers we were ready to go, I unlocked the door and followed them out , Richard holding his sweater in front of his pants, Jane holding Susan by the arm as they strolled off to their next class. As for myself, well I walked the hall with the smile of a Cheshire cat, thinking.

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