Constructive Criticism is Appreciated

“BEN!” My English teacher yelled.

Ms. Smith woke me up from my daydream. She wanted me to answer a question about comma usage. Frankly I could have stood to pay a little more attention in her class but it was nearing the end of the year and my attention was waning.

“Where does the comma belong in this sentence?” Ms. Smith said as she pointed to the board.

I honestly had no clue as to the answer to the question. Not only had the nice weather drawn my attention out the window, but it had also made the girls in my class dress in a much more revealing manner. In this particular class, the hottest girl in my grade, Danni, sat right in front of me. Her perfect ass and long naturally tan legs were accented with a pair of extremely small and short gym shorts and her round and supple C-cup breasts were almost popping out of the very form fitting low cut top she was wearing. Her ensemble was topped off with the fact that she had her long black hair in a ponytail. The simple fact is that she looked amazing and I had a lot of trouble concealing my boner in class. Throughout the class I snuck glances at her and was lucky that I wasn’t caught staring at her amazing ass. Eventually my mind drifted off into fantasies about me and her laughing and driving off into the sunset and doing some very adult rated things as Mrs. Smith started yelling at me to answer her question.

After about 5 seconds of me just staring at the board Ms. Smith urged me again to answer the question.

“Where does it belong?” This time she said it with a bit of impatience.
I said, “I really don’t know the answer Ms. Smith.”

“Well then, I suppose I better make sure you know the answer for the test at the end of the week. Meet me in this room at the end of the day for mandatory extra work.”

I groaned but Danni must have found it very funny that I had to give up my afternoon because she started giggling.

Ms. Smith noticed this and said, “Danni I don’t know what you are laughing about, you don’t this material nearly as well as Ben and we already know that his grasp on written English is frightful at best. You will be joining us this afternoon.”

At this Danni spoke up. She said, but Ms. Smith, I can’t! I have a cross country meet today!” Ms. Smith said, “Well I suppose that the team will have to run without you.”

Danni was obviously upset but she didn’t respond to Ms. Smith again. Ms. Smith continued with the class until the bell rang and everyone left. As upset as I was that I had to miss the first half of lacrosse practice because of Ms. Smith, I was a little happy about my appointment at the end of the day. I never really knew Danni that well but whenever I saw her we would talk a little and exchange pleasantries. I thought that this extra help at the end of school would help us get to know each other a little better.

As soon as I walked into the classroom, Ms. Smith gave me a stack of worksheets and told me to sit down, don’t talk and that I could leave when I was finished. I immediately thought that my idea of getting to know Danni was a pipe dream. I sat down in the front row in the seat closest to the door and got to work. When Danni walked in Ms. Smith told her the same thing that she had told me and had her sit down next to me. For about 15 minutes Danni and I sat in silence doing these worksheets occasionally asking Ms. Smith questions. Then Ms. Smith got a phone call. Danni and I exchanged glances both hoping that this phone call would mean the end of our imprisonment in this classroom.

“Of course I’ll be right there” Ms. Smith said.

As she got up both Danni and I grabbed our bags hopefully. Ms. Smith said, “That was Mr. Walter; he needs help looking over a contract for the new health insurance plan. As long as you two keep working you can leave when I get back in about 30 minutes.”

Once she left the room, Danni turned to me and said, “I’m so sorry I laughed when you were getting yelled at today. I had my cell phone in my pocket and one of my friends in the class next door thought it would be funny to call me about a thousand times. It just so happened that when you were getting yelled at my friend was calling me again.”

I said, “Oh it’s alright, I just feel bad that you got dragged under the bus with me.”

We talked for a couple of minutes until she dropped her pen and it rolled across the floor. I was about to be a proper gentleman and get it for her but she beat me out of her desk. She walked a couple of feet and bent over and picked up the pen. Seeing her bend over in those shorts made me instantly hard. As she returned to her desk, my dick was making quite a tent in my pants. I was doing everything I could to try to hide the fact that I was so aroused but it was to no avail.

As soon as Danni got back to her desk to resume our talk, she noticed my erection and smiled.

She said, “Is that because of me?” All the while giggling.

By this point I was blushing so hard that all the blood that wasn’t on its way to my cock was filling my cheeks. I nodded looking down at the floor, afraid to look Danni in the eye.

She said, “Don’t be ashamed because of that. It’s flattering that you would react to me like that.”

Now gaining confidence, I said, “Well you aren’t helping any guy conceal his excitement dressing the way you do.” Grinning widely as I said it.

“Well,” Danni said, “I was always told, if you got it, flaunt it.”
I said, “Well Danni you sure got it. Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

After I said this, Danni got up and locked the door and drew the blinds. She said, “Why don’t I show you what I’ve really got” and grabbed my erect cock through my shorts.

My mind was racing. Not only was I alone in a locked room with the hottest girl in the school, but she was grabbing my cock!!

She got on her knees and pulled down my shorts and boxers and slowly started to pump my cock, she asked me, “Do you like when I do this?” Too shocked to deny or accept what Danni was doing, she took my silence and open mouth as a signal to continue with her assault on my manhood.

Her hand moved up and down my cock ever so slowly as she stared into my eyes.

“I said, Danni you’re killing me going so slow. Please speed it up or something!”

Danni took this as an invitation to put my painfully hard dick in her mouth. She sucked licked and drooled all over my cock for what seemed like hours. I had my head thrown back in deep satisfaction as she worked her amazing tongue and mouth on my cock.

Then all of a sudden she stopped. When I looked down on Danni from my desk, I saw her taking off her top and unclasping her bra, releasing her tan perky C-cup tits. What she did next amazed me. Danni spit on her tan tits and quarter size brown nipples and wrapped them around my cock. She pumped them up and down, up and down, each time she pumped my cock hit her chin. After this started, she licked my cock every time it came up to her face. After a few minutes of this, I stopped her and stood up from the desk.

I took her hand and guided her over to Ms. Smith’s desk and had her lay down on it. Once she was on the desk I pulled off her short black gym shorts and black thong and exposed her pussy. It was completely shaved except for a small black triangle that was directly above her lower lips. I said, Danni what you’ve done for me so far has been amazing but now I’m going to give you what you need.”

I slowly lowered my head to her pussy lips and began to lick her opening. Once she got wet I started to pump my middle finger in and out of her while licking and sucking on her delicate clit. She moaned as I put two and then three fingers into her pussy. It was not long until she had her legs wrapped around my head. I could feel the heat from her perfectly full thighs on either side of my head and that just fueled my desire to make her cum.

After about 10 minutes of me pounding Danni’s pussy with my fingers and tongue, she came, screaming “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUUUCK!!” as she did so. She flooded my mouth with her sweet pussy juices and I lapped up every drop.

As she came down from her earth shattering orgasm, she said, “Oh my God Ben, that was the best orgasm that I’ve ever had. I really owe you something special now.”
I said, “I think I have something in mind.”

I sat down in Ms. Smith’s desk chair with my still hard cock pointing up and gestured for Danni to come over and join me. I had her sit down on my cock with her facing away from me. Even though my fingers had already been in this amazing pussy, I was still amazed at how tight Danni was. Her pussy wrapped perfectly around my cock and she started to bounce up and down, both of us enjoying every second of this sexual adventure.

Suddenly, we heard a key enter the lock on the door and we froze. Danni was still impaled on my cock and we were both staring at the door. Not knowing what to do, we looked at each other and looked back at the door.

As the door opened, we heard Ms. Smith say, “Why is this door lo. .”

She couldn’t finish her sentence. She entered the room and stared at two teenagers fucking in her chair her desk covered in pussy juices and clothes all over the class room. Danni and I were both speechless. We sat there, both having mini heart attacks thinking the same thing, suspension, expulsion, police and parents called. For what seemed like an eternity, the three of us looked at each other, no one saying anything. Then, Ms. Smith did something neither Danni or I expected, she turned around and locked the door.

Danni and I looked at each other in confusion and Ms. Smith finally broke the silence. She said, “I never knew that any two students would have the nerve to fuck in my classroom. I’ll make you a deal, let me join you, and I won’t tell anybody what has gone on today.”

Both Danni and I looked at Ms. Smith in amazement as we nodded our heads, giving Ms. Smith our acceptance that she join in on our afternoon delight. Now I had never seen Ms. Smith as a sexual being, but damn. As she undressed I realized that her wardrobe of pants suits and loose fitting dresses had concealed a bombshell of a body. She had extremely perky and round D-cup tits and a perfectly sized ass. Her blonde hair and glasses made her look even better than she already did.

As soon as she was nude I got up and practically pushed Danni off of me. I walked over to Ms. Smith and embraced her in a deep kiss and slapped her on her extremely firm ass. Danni walked over and slapped Ms. Smith on the ass as well. She seemed somewhat upset that she had to share me. All of my ideas of jealousy were thrown out of the window when Danni pulled Ms. Smith away and started to make out with her.

When the kiss ended I took both of the girls and leaned them over Ms. Smith’s desk. I started to fuck each one of them from behind, switching between pussies every few thrusts, with the girls making out and moaning as I did this. I routinely smack each girl’s ass as I moved my cock in and out of the girl’s pussies.

Once I got bored of this position I moved the girls off of the desk and lied down on it myself. Ms. Smith straddled me and started to pretty aggressively ride my cock. As she rode my manhood, Danni sat on my face, facing Ms. Smith. Her perfectly plump ass was right over my nose and almost covering my eyes. I was in heaven. I licked Danni’s pussy and started to slide my finger into her asshole. Danni started to drool and was digging her nails into Ms. Smith’s tits.

Within seconds of each other, both Danni and Ms. Smith came, both screaming loudly as they do. Amazed that I had lasted through this chaotic threesome, I had the girls climb off of me and get on their knees next to each other. They started to lick my cock and balls and their drool soon coated my cock. The simple warmth of their drool and the flicking of their tongues on my cock head was enough to make me cum. Without warning, I shot cum all over the two girls faces. My cum shot over each girls cheeks and nose and a few of my shots mad it into their mouths.

What happened next nearly made me cum again. Danni started to lick my cum off of Ms. Smith’s face and Ms. Smith did the same to Danni. Once each girls face was clean, the girls pulled each other into a long deep kiss, exchanging the cum that they had in their mouths.

Once the cumswapping was over we all got dressed. I made sure to keep each of the girls panties and was about to leave when Ms. Smith said, “I wouldn’t worry about the test on Friday, I’m sure that you two will do just fine.” As she said this, she winked.

When I got the test back, I received a 100 with bonus points, as did Danni. We never spoke about what happened on that day, but I think I might get some extra help from Ms. Smith later on in the year.

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