The next morning, I watched as my little girl got on the bus, easing herself towards where I was standing, she had however a very sour look on her unusually bright face . “ Oh Jerome I am so sorry, so sorry” was the first thing out of her mouth. She appeared to be in a quandary, I saw that she was wearing her blouse, it looked like her brasserie was there also so I figured something had happened, perhaps we had been seen, and the game was now up. Susan however continued without allowing me time to ask “ My father’s schedule was altered a bit, apparently this week there is a trial to see if later starts help the work load or something”. Taking a moment to grasp at some air “ He decided that he would be able to drive me to the bus stop every morning and pick me up after school, leaving me no choice but to get on the bus fully dressed” she said “ Well almost , but then I had no time to alter the length of my skit, Oh Jerome I am so sorry” .

“ Do not worry my sweet one” I heard myself saying, “ We shall find some way that you can make amends, but it is you who will suffer not me” I concluded and kissed her forehead. Susan held on to me that morning, held on tightly, as she was I guess concerned that I was angry, which I was not. Disappointed perhaps, but not angry, there was always another way to obtain what I wanted. As we separated for classes I told Susan that at lunch she should pick a place as far out of the way as possible. She was to sit her little bare bottom on the seat and wait for me. I arrived at lunch with three of the guys from the basket ball team, we took our trays headed over to sit with Susan, who was very surprised to see a group of black boys almost crowding her out. The three guys took up seats opposite us, their back to the main room, blocking any immediate direct view that the hall monitors might have of us..

I eased myself into the chair beside Susan , placing a wet sloppy kiss on her quivering young lips, as I reached over and grabbed at a tit squeezing it just so carefully. “ See Susan , I told you we could work something out, it was just a manner of bargaining for a bit of help” I said, then continued “ These friends of ours were willing to act as a human shield, covering for us so as to speak, but it will cost us a little something in return” I looked to see what kind of reaction I was going to receive , however as it looked like Susan was confused, or did not quite catch on I went on to say “ I cut a deal with the guys, while I diddle your little hot cunt to get you off, I told them they would be able to stare at your naked breasts” This got her attention, Susan went red, beet red in the face, her color changed so quickly even I was surprised. She looked at me her jaw open , as though she had just swallowed a canary , dumbfounded might be a good word to describe her look.

“ I want you to undo your blouse and pull your bra up off your beautiful little tits, so our friends can get a good look, then I want you to squirm to the edge of your seat, pull your skirt back and spread your knees as wide as you can” I paused letting this sink in, providing her with time to react. “ Once you are ready I want you so speak up and tell me what you want me to do, and you must be explicit, I want you to tell me exactly what you want me to do”. The look on the guys’ faces added greater pleasure , as I do not think they took me seriously when I asked them during the first class this morning if they would be willing to help me out and that I would provide them with a treat for doing so.

“ Susan you know what I said about hesitation when we first began, nothing at all has changed” I said in a voice that bordered on sounding angry “ I expect you to act quickly, now get your blouse undone, your tits out and your cunt at the edge of the chair!” and I was going to add or you’ll be sorry, but I decided to see what action this statement brought. I turned my full attention to the guys, after all now I would have to apologize for building their anticipation, however as I began to speak, Rudy caught my attention by pointing to where Susan was sitting. I turned to look, only to see that she had begun to undo the buttons of her blouse. The color in her face had not dissipated, she was still flush red, in fact as the first few buttons came apart you could see that the redness had traveled down, for her upper chest was colored a deep pink. My little white girl was embarrassed, or at best humiliated , I felt very satisfied.

Susan stared straight ahead as she finished pulling her blouse from the top of her skirt, as though she was in a trance. I am not sure if she was looking out over the lunch room trying to see where the monitors were, of if she was just trying to avoid eye contact with the guys opposite her, and I did really care, I just wanted her to continue what I had asked, after all it was my reputation on the line, not hers. I had made the deal with my team mates not her. I continued to watch as she eased her bra up, exposing those wonderful lily white globes of her to my friends. I was more than pleased when I heard them gasp as these delicacies came into the open. My team mates would surely be very jealous of me now, I thought.

Having exposed herself in the manner I had requested, Susan struggled a bit in her seat, I would imagine her bare bottom had become stuck on the wooden chair, as she was having a problem moving to the front edge. Finally she placed her hands down on the side of the seat and wiggled her bottom forward. Need I say what effect this wiggling had on her exposed tits. I could tell from the noises the guys were making that they were very pleased indeed. Susan then spread her legs wide, her right leg pushing into my left as she tried to expand the openness. Following which she pickup up the material of her skirt , pulled it back pleating it up and away from her mound, providing me with complete access to her little blond hair covered cunt. Ruddy I must say was a quick one for he bent and took a long sweet look under the table, I had to call him to attention, telling he that he was there for cover and bent like that he was providing very little.
“ Guys “ I said, ‘ if every thing works here an now I promise you will get your chance to see the rest close up, but now I need your protection” loud enough that Susan was able to catch the whole phrase and its meaning.

When Rudy straightened up we heard Susan, speak but in such in a feeble voice, I countered “ Susan, what did you say, we did not hear you properly, could you repeat it, but please in a strong voice that we can understand clearly” . Poor Susan, her throat must have been very dry, for she reached for her glass of juice and took a large gulp. Swallowing , then clearing her throat she started slowly but surely “ Jerome, I want ….. Eh ! I want, … would you please diddle me, I need you to … please Jerome”

“ You want what ? ” I asked “ I do not understand, you have to more clear”

Coughing perhaps all most choking Susan tried again “ Jerome, you know, I want you to … to you know play with my pussy make me feel good”

“ And how do you what me to do that Susan” I interjected

“ You know , Jerome, like you did the other day on the bus, then on the park bench you put your finger into my pussy and rubbed me to orgasm” Susan retorted, now sounding a bit frustrated. Followed by several “Oh shit! Oh shit man ! , you didn’t did you” coming from the mouths of my three friends. I decided then that I had better get on with things, before they got out of hand so I turned and slipped my hand down between Susan’s spread legs.

Her pussy was sopping wet, I had no trouble at all slipping two fingers in and right up to the palm of my hand . I did not know who was more surprised Susan or myself. I got hold of myself realizing that I had better move right along or our time would be up or we would be caught. I pulled my fingers out let them do their magic with her clit. It did not take long before Susan was bucking her cunt on my hand trying to keep the pressure constant. My three friends were getting a good show as she had put her hands to use fondling her own breasts. Susan startled me when she closed her legs tightly trapping my arm, I felt a warm flow of liquid cover my fingers , then watched as she collapsed forward , pressing her tits hard into the cafeteria table while she shuddered vigorously.

“ Man out-a-sight, “ Shit that takes the biscuit”, “ Holy Christ what a show”
“Your white ho is fucking marvelous “ “ When can we see more” “ Can we bring her off next time” “ What else you got her doing man ”

Being a few of the comments that I retained of more than a good two dozen or so, that came out of the mouths of my team mates. I felt that I was then king of the mountain.
Unfortunately the sound of the bell brought me back to reality, I had to get things moving quickly, get Susan back together and able to sort her way to her next class with out incident.. I shook her firmly, calling to her, telling her to get hold of herself. I helped pull her bra back over her heaving globes, slipping the little perky nipples carefully into the holsters. Susan managed to button her blouse, and was slipping it back into her skirt just as one of the monitors came by to tell us to get a move on or we would be late. She did not say anything , so I figured that we had been real lucky she had not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

I was not too sure that Susan had taken too kindly to my subjecting her in the way that I had a lunch, so would not have been surprised if she had not been at my locker after school. I was however delighted to see my little white girl leaning up against my locker patiently waiting for her man. Susan put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard, with passion, with decided firmness. “ Jerome, that was the best, all after noon I could not stop the repeat of little spasms” she offered as she broke our kiss. “ It got so good, that I had to sit bare ass naked on my chairs or I would have soaked my skirt” she continued as she planted another kiss on my lips.

“ Jerome, I know we are riding home together, and I realize that my father had complicated things a bit this morning. I am a little sore however from all the excitement this afternoon, and I was wondering if we could just cuddle on the bus ?” Susan asked letting her eyes flirt with mine. After her prime performance at lunch and her statement that she was not pissed off with how I brought it about., I ceded. “ Susan, I think that could be arranged, however we may have to work something out later to make up for it”
I felt that there was no reason not to show a little compassion, I could always turn things to my advantage later on.

I allowed Susan to snuggle into my body as we sat in the homeward bound bus. It was not long before I distinctly heard her snoring a soft gently sound as we travelled the road. I woke her only at the last minute, before the bus stopped at her stop, kissing her gently , wishing her sweet dreams, I watched her descend, then I saw a man waving to her who I assumed was her father. It was not until Thursday that any opportunity presented itself, the morning rides had been as quiet at that Monday ride home with Susan hanging on to me with a tight grip. Our lunch hours had been off schedule, my basketball practices so important that I could not skip them. The fact that Susan was placating her father, who was very happy picking up his daughter each evening meant that she dared not tell him she wanted to stay after school.

We had our project meeting with Jane and Richard scheduled for the free period class. I was first to arrive as usual, then Jane , Richard showed up with Susan arriving panting and puffing as though she had run out of breath. Being her usual self, she did not hesitate to fold her arms around my chest and squeeze, taking the time to whisper “ Jerome , I desperately need your fingers in my pussy, I do not care who knows or who watches.” Susan then made a big deal , taking her place on the chair beside me. I watched as she spread her skirt back, bunching it up behind her bum, then folding the front hem back as far as she could exposing herself right up to the little blond hairs of her cunt. Susan then wiggled her bottom to the edge of the chair setting her left leg straight out and bending her right leg under the supports of her seat. The position left her wide open for me to play for sure. I could easily let my left hand hang at the side on my body, for it would fall just in front of her sweet pussy.

I decided to wait a bit to let the discussions begin, the conversations to flow, before I made any moves. Susan must have been more desperate that I had thought . Before I could react, she had pulled my left arm from the table and placed it between her legs.
When I realized what she was doing I decided I would make her do most of the work, so I left my hand where it fell, which was about three inches from her pussy, resting on her right thigh. Susan finally let out a loud sigh, that even caught the attention of our two fellow students, then she took hold of my hand and clamped it over her pussy, which by this time was soaking wet. She began rubbing my hand up and down her slit, coating my fingers with her slick juices.

I let Susan play with my arm, my hand, I let her push and pull, making it rub up and down her slit , while I concentrated on what Jane and Richard were saying about the project. I interject several ideas, or situations and we continued discussing them . I paid no mind to Susan, even though I could feel both my arm and hand were now coasted with warm wet liquid. Finally I heard her say, I am certain so did both Jane and Richard “ Jerome please could you crook your finger for me” . I played innocent, I lifted my right hand off the table and bent my index finger “ Like this, is this what you want Susan “ I said wiggling my finger. “ No! No! ‘ she retorted, “ I need you to crook your middle finger, please”

Now I was watching Jane and Richard, looking at the confused expressions of their facile features for they had no idea of what was going on between Susan and I . I was sure they were trying hard to figure out what a crooked middle finger had to do with the project. I guess they had not paid much attention other than to the project at hand for it was not very difficult to see that Susan was panting and breathing vigorously, which would have had nothing to do with the project.

“ No! No! No! , Jerome, I need you to crook the middle finger on your left hand ” Susan said, then to my amazement she added “ just rubbing the palm of your hand is not enough” It was Jane who spoke up at this moment, “ Susan, why should he crook the finger on his left hand” then apparently paying a bit more attention to Susan , she asked “ What the heck are you doing with his left arm?” for it was now quite evident that Susan was holding my arm about the center of her body. Neither Jane nor Richard had even noticed what she was doing until that moment , we had been very occupied with the study project, but now Susan had become the focus of attention. Susan began to sputter “ I ,… I well ….well I needed … to get………off ”

Seeing that Susan was not doing so well on her own with the explanation, I interrupted “ Perhaps Susan would be better able to explain things if she showed you what she was doing, and why she needed my middle finger crooked ” We all heard Richard stutter offer “What the hell do you mean show us?”
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