Susan was once more leaning against my locker, when I arrived after the last class.
She did not appear to be as concerned with her state of dress as she had been the first time, she was not holding her blazer closed, yet was not holding a stance that caused it to fall open exposing her body. That day I pretty well realized that I had created the creature I wanted. A beautiful creature who while no doubt conscious of their state of dress was not over concerned of what might be showing. I decided it was time to test her a bit more. I placed myself in front of her, not blocking anyone’s complete view of her , yet provided sufficient cover to make it appear that she was out of anyone’s direct sight.

I leaned in kissing her forehead at first , then lifting her chin upwards, bringing my mouth onto her soft lips and slipping my tongue into hers. Immediately, she reacted , kissing me back with her now familiar passion. I eased both my hands down inserting them in the folds of her unbuttoned school blazer and began fondling her two firm tits. This action of mine of course caused the material of her blazer to move to the side of her body, effectively exposing her naked torso, in such a manner that it would be hard not to figure out what was going on. It was evident that she was in an already excited state, as her little nipples were as hard as rock. Upon my contact I felt her desperately suck on my tongue , then ground her lower body into mine, Susan had forgotten that she was standing there in the school hall, she was well on the road to oblivion.

Convinced that she was ready, primed and pumped, I broke all contact, pushing her gently off to the side so that I could get into my locker. For several seconds, I doubt that it was a minute, she remained up against the metal lockers panting, her chest heaving,
her body vibrating , before she realized that her blazer was open wide enough to have left her exposed naked for any and all to see. I knew that several of my classmates, those with who I played basketball were close enough to have gotten a real good look at her assets, as I heard several comments.

Susan herself had now turned her red beet color , realizing that these school mates had had a good look at her nakedness. Finally set with my equipment, I turned my attention back to Susan . “ Well done my Princess” I offered “ now for the next part, I want you to slip in to the boy’s locker room and hang your panties on the hook near the back wall, so that when we guys enter they are in full view” .

Leaving a minute for this to sink in, I took Susan’s hands and brought them to my mouth where I proceeded to cover them with little kisses. “ You will have to be quick about it , as I cannot guarantee that I can keep the boys out of the room for more than five minutes, after which you might find yourself with a lot of spectators”

“ You will then meet me in the gym, where I shall instruct you further” I then tapped my little girl on the bum and told her to get a move on. Susan was standing near the door to the gym, looking like , what she was a little white girl desperately trying to conceal the fact that she was almost naked, standing there in an audience of mostly young blacks. We turned out for basketball, the white boys played football, even though the races were mixed a bit but not enough to say 50 -50 so a young white girl would certainly stand out at a basketball practice and draw attention to herself.

I stopped beside her, placing my arm around her tiny waist and directed her to the benches. “ I want you to go sit on the top row for me” I said in a firm voice. “ I want you to sit in a spot were there will not be too many other students in front of you ” . I pointed a good spot for her to take “When I sink the ball, I want you to spread your legs wide open, I want to able to look right up under your skirt”

“ When any of my teammates sinks a ball, I want you to sit up real straight, to set your shoulders square, I do not want you grabbing at the side of your blazer,” I continued. “ Do you understand ” I watched as Susan looked at me with piercing eyes, as though she was in disbelief that I would ask such of her. I must give her, her due credit however, as she shook her head in the affirmative and moved away from me up the stairs to where I had pointed a vacant spot.

It was not until I had sunk my third ball, that my team mates caught on, after each basket, I would walk towards where I could see Susan and look up at her awkwardly, moving her legs apart . Unfortunately from my standing spot I could see very little, but she did not know this and that was just fine with me for the moment. As I said, my teammates only caught on after I had sunk my third ball, however some of them knew already that Susan had been sent into the locker room to leave her panties. It was amusing to watch them trying to out do one another to get the ball and sink it, then wander over towards Susan , no doubt expecting to see what ever I had been looking at.

You could see disappointment on their faces when all Susan did was straighten herself in her seat, leaving her legs closed. Mind you by the time the 15th or so ball had been sunk, all this movement on Susan’s part caused her blazer to open fairly wide, providing all those looking with a great show of young white flesh. By the time we had finished out practice and had sunk a good quantity of baskets, Susan’s blazer was held from being completely open most likely only by her nipples as a good deal of her soft round mounds were on full display. I motioned for her to stay put as we went to take our showers, and wasted no time getting back to her

I told her she had done well by me and that I was pleased, this brought an immediate sparkle to her face followed by “ I am happy I was able to please you Jerome, thank you.”
As it was indeed late I told Susan I would accompany her right to her door this evening which caused her to tighten her grip on my arm and brought another “ Thank you Jerome”.

Once on the bus I directed us , as was now my habit to the furthest seat available, this being the later bus there was at least more choice. As Susan turned to slide into seat, I tugged at the sleeve of her blazer . A simple gesture that meant many things, Susan understood and without further ado slipped the blazer from her torso, baring herself for what every activity I so desired. I wasted no time setting my hands upon her perky tits and began gently fondling her.

When Susan set her head back on the seat , she allowed a guttural groan to escape from her lips . I eased my head down and took a nipple into my mouth causing her to shudder with such force that I had difficulty keeping my lips on their objective. Once I sensed the vibrations of her body slowing down, assuming a smoother rhythm, allowing my mouth to enjoy sucking her tit, I eased a hand between her legs slipping it part way up her leg tenderly rubbing all the prime flesh.

Susan reacted immediately, clamping her two legs together tightly fixing my hand where it was , stopping me from moving further up her leg . I could feel her trying to get more air, she was inhaling , taking large gulps of air as she tried to deal with the fact that I had a firm hand on her bare upper thigh. I eased my mouth from her tit, brought it close to her ear and whispered “It’s OK baby girl, I know this is new, try and relax, I won’t rush you” Then I continued “ Draw your breath slower, draw longer breaths, there, there now, that is better” as I saw her seized body begin to relax.

Knowing that I was intending to walk Susan home, I was trying to pay attention to where the bus was on its route while I prepared this little girl for a new experience. I wanted it to happen just before we had to get off, incase she made a scene, but also so that she was properly primed for the walk to her house. Softly I once again began to whisper in Susan’s ear “ Relax my darling little one, go with the flow, let your feelings guide you”
I reached around her pulled her trembling naked torso into my body and slipped my right hand over her tit, thumbing gently at her hard nipple. “ Open your legs, Susan, spread your knees wide, like you did when I sunk my baskets” I cooed softy yet firmly.

I did not move my hand right away when I sensed her complete this request, I just let my large black hand squeeze and mould her thigh, letting her get accustomed to this new sensation. “ That’s my girl, nice and wide, keep them open , feel the warmth of my hand the sensation of my fingers” I continued . I really just wanted to shove my hand right up and push my fingers into her virgin box as hard as I could , but would be counter productive. I needed to go slow, yet quickly as the bus had come of the long stretch and was again making his short stop and starts, Susan’s stop was not far off.

With all the control I could manage I let my hand move slowly over her upper thigh stretching my fingers forward, seeking contact with the sparse hairs of her young mound. “ Spread yourself wider my dear, push your bottom to the edge of the sit” I said as I eased my hand off her leg , my fingers directed to the center of her body. “ That is good Susan, move a bit further forward, push your bottom out, seek to make contact” Then as an added incentive, I said, “ Reach out and pull your skirt up, pull it up, bunch it at your tummy, so that we can see what is going to happen” Suddenly it happened Susan moved and the tip of my major finger, slipped in between the folds of a very very wet, warm cunt. Susan cried out in a gasping voice. “ OoooooH! ”

I had not poked into her, I had not ravished her, Susan had done most of the work, I had just placed my hand in the correct position, it was she who advanced her body, it was she who slipped her cunt onto my waiting finger. This is what I wanted , she would be ready for more I assured myself certainly if she knew she was able to do it her way, well practically her way . It was certain a sight , this long brown finger sticking out from this lovely lily white cunt enveloped by a mass of little blond hairs.

Our stop was next, we would have to get off, so I eased my finger in just a bit more and wiggled, extracting a series of convulsions from Susan, as she bounced her bottom on the seat of the bus. Then as the bus pulled up to the stop, I retracted my finger with a “POP”, grabbed for Susan’s blazer, slipping it over her shoulders as I guided her out the back door of the bus in to the evening’s cooler air.

I stood at the stop holding Susan who was still vibrating, shuddering, not quite uncontrollably but shaking enough that she was a bit too weak kneed to begin walking.
The next thing I heard was “ Jerome, Please !, please put your finger back in”, delightful words to any male’s ears. I quickly looked around for a suitable stop so that I could yield to Susan’s request, and saw a park bench not far from the stop, so to there it was I directed my sweet little white nymph. Once there I turned my little girl to face me, holding her tightly against my warm body. I slipped the blazer from her shoulders throwing it to the end of he bench and began massaging her back, rubbing my warm hands up and down her small ribcage, her arms, over her shoulders down her spine and over her skirt covered bottom.

I wanted her relaxed, warm, as docile as possible. I know it was she who asked for more, so I wanted her to realize just how pleasant it might be going to be. As I let my hands roam over her back side, I sought out the button and zipper of her skirt. I began talking telling her how nice it was that we were so comfortable, so close, how I could feel her heart beat , any thing I could think of to distract her from what my fingers were doing behind her. Once I had attained my objective, I reached around and lifted her mouth to mine. Forcing my tongue between her lips , filling her mouth, dueling with her own, I moved my hand up her naked torso, up under her arms pushing them up and around my neck. This movement of course provided the required results, Susan backed away from her tightly held position and in doing so allowed her skirt to fall to her feet, effectively baring her complete body as we stood before the park bench.

Before she could react, I bent her down, and sat her on the bench itself, eliminating any and all possibility for her to pull her skirt back up to cover her precious treasures. Perhaps I was to quick to judge, making certain that I left her no opportunity, for Susan simply allowed me to seat her, with out even breaking our kiss. When I saw that she was not objecting in any manner, to being totally exposed as she was, I settled down on the bench beside her. Adjusting our two bodies to a more comfortable position, I once more placed a hand on her now bare upper thigh. Susan reacted immediately, untangling her feet from the skirt, she spread herself as wide as possible, moving her bottom to the edge ,allowing me full unencumbered access to her little virgin cunt. Needless to say I wasted no time at all inserting my long major finger into her hot waiting hole.

I rubbed my finger along her slit , in order to coat it with the juices she was leaking, then began in earnest to pleasure my little girl toy. I rubbed from her little back hole to up over her knob, then back down and around, I brought all of my fingers into play, then used the ball of my hand to apply pressure. I slipped more fingers into her sweet hole , scooping up what liquid I could , then repeated my motions. Susan began bucking, almost hyperventilating, gyrating, bouncing, to the point that I was having difficulty working her sex. I had broken the kiss a bit before hand to allow for her breathing requirements, knowing that she would no doubt be gasping for air. I used my other arm and hand hold her on the bench , I did not want her slipping off and hurting herself.

Then she screamed “ Oh ! Oh! Oh! Oh my gawd !” and I do mean screamed Susan had become very verbal. “ Jerome! Jerome! . No more! No more! Please! Please! I can’t take it ! Please! Please!” and with that she brought her legs up to her chest and squeezed my arm firmly . It was indeed an awkward position for me, but I had managed to do what I wanted, so I let myself be held in this position while I used my other hand to stroke her head, hoping to relax her, to let her ride out the sensations and perhaps release my arm while I held her tight , protectively , loving against my body.

It was now getting late, I had no idea of how much later Susan had been permitted to stay. I did not want to cause problems with her parents, certainly not to the point that Susan would once again be required to leave directly after school for her return home. I had plans for other afternoon activities , this was just the beginning. I jostled Susan gently, “ It is time to go my sweet one,” I said quietly “ We must get you home on time, we can play this game another day if you so desire” . Finally she let go of her legs, leaving them to drop back to the ground, she was now on display in a limp manner slumped into the bench, her arms languished to her side, her legs out , her knees spread wide to each side ,exposing a little vivid pink cunt that was still pulsating and spitting out a cloudy white liquid .

I roused her from her stupor, got hold of her blazer and slipped her arms into it, covering at least a good part of her now sweaty little body. I helped her stand, then holding her the best I could, I lifted each foot and placed it back into her skirt. Bent like I was in front of her, I could not help myself, as I drew the skirt up her legs to her waist, I eased my mouth in between her legs, and inserted my tongue in her hot box, lapping at what I could. This caused Susan to jerk forward letting out a loud moan, almost pushing me off balance. The act however was well worth the effort, as the flavour of that sweet nectar was nothing like what I had tasted before.

Finally I had my little doll covered and ready to proceed, when I asked how she got into and out of the house without her bra and blouse. “ Oh that !” she replied with ease, “ I manage to stop ofF at the corner store, telling them I have to pee, and I use their wash room to change” . As we approached the corner store, Susan left me for a minute, went into the alley and came back with a little sack. “ See I hide my stuff in the old coal chute , no one bothers to look for anything there” she said as we entered the store .
She spoke briefly with the woman behind the counter and entered the washroom, coming out properly attired with her school blouse in clear evidence. “ I have another blouse and bra sitting in my locker at school, so I do not have to carry anything” she offered with enthusiasm . An ingenious little creature I thought, this was good to know. We walked hand in hand to the front of her place, where we lingered a moment, kissing the built up passion of the day away. Before taking my leave, I took hold of her hands, eased her back a bit and said “ I would be very pleased if you decided not to wear panties any more”. Looking directly at her bright hazel eyes, I offered “If you want more of what transpired this afternoon, then I would expect you to get on the morning bus, dressed as you were this morning, but with your skirt rolled high up on your thighs” I brought her hand to my lips, kissed them both then said “ I can then do you as we ride to school if you want”. I turned and left , leaving her no time to reply, but lots of time to think about it
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