We had come up to the first stop when I noticed movement in my spherical vision , so I turned my attention back to Susan. As the bus pulled away from the stop, Susan was struggling with her blazer, letting it slip off both her shoulders and down her arms, to stop at the bend of her elbows, her torso was now exposed completely.

Her lovely lacy bra completely uncovered, stretched tight as it held on to her rapidly heaving young tits.

I looked at her then moved closer to the window motioning for her to slip in beside me , providing her with a bit more cover, as now she was sitting on the aisle seat, rather than on the inside. I said nothing, I made no move to touch or show much of any appreciation. I sat there glancing at her, then looking away, and glancing back again.

We were only three short runs before she was to get off , so it was not long before I turned and told her to cover up as she would be getting off. I kissed her on the forehead placing a finger on her lips and said “ Let me think about it OK, second chances are not really my thing” I continued, then I bid her good day, without even a kind word about seeing her tomorrow. Then for the next week I managed to take an earlier bus to school and get to my practice lessons without stopping at my locker, avoiding Susan as best I could. I knew I had gotten to her when on the third day I opened my locker to find several letter like notes all addressed to Master Jerome. Susan had written over and over that she was just so sorry for her mistake, for her hesitation, for her awkward reaction that day on the bus. She wanted to know what she could do to make it up. She wrote that she was ready and willing to do my bidding, no matter what. She wrote that she would do as she was told, without question, without hesitation , adding that even if it cost her, her life, as life was not worth living without me, a bit melodramatic , I thought.

Reading this I felt just a tinge of evilness, I had not wanted to depress her, just to push a few more buttons to take things further, I wanted to enjoy playing with this little white thing, not cause her to think life was not worth living. I decided then that I should give in just a bit, so I wrote a short reply and placed it in her locker. The note stated that I was not an evil person, while I was displeased with her, I was not angry. It was that I just thought it better if she were to be on her own. Then I added however I was willing to bend. I would be willing to meet with her once more and accompany her on the bus after school when I could arrange thing properly . I could also alter my morning schedule so that we were on the same bus.

I then made reference to our first trip home together, I suggested that she meet me at my locker once again after school, however that I would not be entirely satisfied if she were dressed in the same way. I would expect that she understood that things had changed , expectations had changed, and I left it to her to decide just how she should be dressed.
I was hoping that she would understand what I meant, and that she would take it upon herself to decide how much she wanted this relationship, just how far she was willing to go with out my directing her. I would supply the guidance, she would supply the thrill, that was what I wanted. Having satisfied myself that I was going to enjoy this meeting
I waited patiently for the day to finish.

I took my sweet time getting to my locker that afternoon, not that I wanted to delay things, but wanting Susan to feel the anxiety, to stew for a bit. As I got close, I could see that she was indeed leaning up against my locker, just like she had the first time. I stopped to observe what I could, to try and determine what if any thing she had altered to try and interpret what I had written in my reply. From where I stood, it was difficult to tell if she had her blouse on, or if like last time she had left it off. I could see that she was holding her blazer close with one hand however, which was not like last time, when it was hanging loose at her sides. I could not determine if she had indeed figured things out, so finally I decided it was time to make my presence felt.

Once Susan realized that I was standing in front of her, suddenly bringing her back to the present it seemed, she gave me a big smile. Her eyes appeared to be a bit glazed so I figured that she have dropped off almost to sleep or some thing like that while I had made her wait. With her friendly smile, she reached up and placed her arms around my neck just like last time. She did not provide me with a big sloppy kiss, she did not crush her young body against mine but held us at an arms length distance, allowing her blazer to bunch up and open in front. This of course caused me to look down to see and not to see. I could not see any blouse material, for like before there was no blouse, this time however there was no lacy brassiere material either, for there appeared to be no bra covering her assets.

While I was unable to see naked tits, as the blazer was still covering most of her body, I was able to see all that beautiful young torso from her neck , past her belly button to the top of her skirt. Susan had understood the note, she was to decide what she wanted to do , and had chosen to bare her breasts completely. Once she knew I had seen what she had offered and only then, did she squeeze herself into me and offer me her wet lips. This time I was bold, perhaps more so than I had intended to be, but as I crushed her back against the locker , I allowed myself the opportunity to slip my large black hand up under her open blazer to close it over a warm , bare , lily white , pulsating breast and gently squeeze as I returned her kiss.

Needless to say I had to be quick about it, if we were to avoid the hall monitors, but I was not going to miss the opportunity Susan had presented herself to me of her own free will. The sensation was ecstatic, the warmth she offered , the softness of her breast, the firmness of it , the feeling of that little appendage called a nipple growing in the palm of my hand would certainly have justified being caught for taking longer, but my mind was now racing. I was wondering if I could manage a repeat of the last bus ride. Slowly I eased my hand from inside her blazer, telling her to close her blazer and allow me access to my locker. Once I was ready to go I fixed Susan’s blazer so that if closed in a V fashion, showing her where I wanted her to hold the material closed. I adjusted the lapels so that you could see bare flesh all the way to her belly button, but you could not actually see bare tit. I wasn’t interested in getting stuck in school with a detention or some thing worse.

I took hold of her free hand and guided us out the door, on to the path way , along to the bus. Having fixed her blazer in that manner there were no gawking people surprised by her attire, not even the bus driver, who just smiled at us as we got on. I once again ushered Susan as far to the back of the bus as possible, this time perhaps hitting the jack pot as we managed to get the free seat right at the back. I eased Susan into near the window side, then under a pretext of asking the driver a question I moseyed back to the front of the bus . I wanted to see just how much of where we were sitting could be seen by the other passengers on the bus.. If you were standing, you had a better chance of seeing us, if you were standing near or past the rear exit door, then we were almost in full direct sight of your vision I would have to play my cards carefully, but I could certainly mange to keep the game going until Susan had to get off the bus.

Seated once again, I left a decent space between myself and Susan, I was not going to stretch out like last time and run my arm along her shoulder. If any thing was to happen it was to be her own doing. Certainly, I would have liked to strip her right then and there, I mean I am just like any other hot blooded male. If you were sitting beside a half naked girl what would you do. As to that matter if you were a hot blooded girl and interested in playing games think what you would do with a willing half naked girl sitting beside you !!!!

The bus having taken off on it routine journey caused us to bounce a bit in the back, after all we were riding well back behind the rear wheels. This caused Susan to move around and close the gap between us, finally leaning herself into my side and letting loose a very deep sigh. I forced myself to keep my cool, if would have been very easy to slip my arm over her shoulder and I am certain push the blazer off her shoulder. I could almost feel Susan poised ready for this particular action to unfold. I made no move at all, I left my arms down, my hands laying in my lap, as Susan worked her warm body against me. The smell of her sweetness, her freshness, her clean soapy scent was causing me problems, I was uncertain I could hold off. I wanted to touch this live creature just so badly.

The bus having made it’s last passenger stop before hitting the long ride, had allowed the last standing person to exit the bus, now there were only seated passengers, all of them facing forward of course, or looking out the side windows at the passing traffic or scenery if you could call it that. Once again I was sure I heard Susan let out a long low sigh, or may be moan or groan, what ever it was it sounded like disappointment, or frustration, then she moved. Susan sat straight up in her seat and spoke. “ Jerome ” she said getting my attention having me turn my head in her direction. “ Don`t you like me, am I not what you want? ”

Susan looked at me with sad eyes as she continued “ Did I not make the right choice in my dress?”

“ Maybe you were expecting more, maybe you wanted me to meet you in the school hall stark naked” she continued as her eyes began to water

“ Maybe you were right I am not ready to do your bidding” she gasped out almost in despair.

“ Jerome your touch was so gentle, so warm , so sensitive I was sure I had complied with your request” she spoke almost in tears. “ Please! Oh! Please!, Jerome be kind to me, be kind to me” . Then to my astonishment Susan took hold of her blazer and pulled it from her body. She uncovered her bare torso right there while sitting on the seat at the back of the bus. Throwing the blazer down beside her, she reached for my two hands and pulled them up and over onto her quivering tits. Susan held my hands to her breasts, my two large black hands were allowed sufficient room to grasp at , to mould, to squeeze and otherwise fondle with these two beautiful lily white globes.

Susan laid herself back into the seat, closed her eyes and started to whimper, sounds I had never heard before, as she clenched at my mauling hands. This unexpected turn of events caught me off guard , I had wanted to drag things out a bit more, in an attempt to get Susan so frustrated she would do something perhaps a bit more drastic. I was however completely satisfied with what she did decide to do, and kept fondling her tits, until I realized that the next stop was her. I reluctantly released myself from her hold and told her to cover herself as she had to get off.

“ Susan “ I found myself saying “ You have demonstrated that you deserve another chance” Then biting my lips in an attempt not to sound too pleased with her actions , I continued “ Tomorrow we shall see, I will take the regular bus and I want you to be dressed just like you are now , when you get on the bus” By the time I was finished the statement, Susan had turned a beet red color, so I kissed her on the lips patted her little behind and reiterated “ We shall see” and helped her move to exit the bus. I sat back down for the rest of the journey , still feeling the warmth and vibrations of her young tits in the palms of my hands.

True to form Susan got on the bus then next morning , and when she reached up for the hand straps, it was evident that she was not wearing anything under her blazer. I had her holding on to two overhead straps, spreading her arms apart, so that I had free access to her spunky little tits for the entire ride. I honestly cannot say if any of the other passengers got a glimpse of what was going on, but I know Susan tried very hard not to make too many loud sounds, as I played with her bare chest. I explained to her that while I did appreciate her efforts to please, I could not afford to skip too many basket ball practices, so I would not be accompanying her home for a while. It was certain however that we could continue to meet each morning as we did. For the next week, I was afforded the opportunity to play with this little white girl every morning during he ride to school. My friends noticed a change in my attitude and made several comments about the benefits of having a white ho keeping me happy.

I decided that it was time to do something about the afternoon`s activities and one morning I suggested to Susan that she seek her parent`s permission to remain at school later. If they were in agreement then she could come watch the practice and perhaps provide my side with a bit of incentive. The weather had begun to warm up so I decided to alter tactics a bit , to add a bit of flair to our morning game. I told Susan, that I would like her to go back to wearing her school blouse for a bit. When she looked at me with those eyes of query , I quickly explained that I would like her to wear just her blouse and to carry her blazer, and I wanted her to do so for the whole school day, I did not want her putting her bra back on when she attended classes.

True to form when Susan got on the bus you could see her hard nipples poking out into the material of her blouse, if fact I would imagine all the male passengers took a good long look at this wonderful sight, and no doubt a few of the more sophisticated ladies did the same. Unfortunately , I did not play with her that morning, I figured the fact that the blouse material was rubbing against her unprotected nipples, the fact hat she was going to running loose like that during her school day, the fact that it was going to be hard to keep herself composed that she would not need extra stimulate to keep her excited. Enjoying myself immense at the predicaments I was placing Susan in, I continued to alter her dress code for the next two weeks, satisfying myself more with her being naked under her blazer more so that not.

One morning Susan got on the bus appearing more chipper than usual, her parent’s had finally allowed her permission to stay at school after classes, some thing that she had never been allowed to do at any of the schools she had attended, unless it had been requested by a teacher. Her kisses were more intense that morning, as we rode the bus with me fondling her bare bobbies. She had managed to increase the pressure she had placed on my body if that was at all possible, I figured perhaps it was now time to insist on more. As I left her at her locker, I whispered to her “ Now that you have permission to stay after school, you can come to watch me practice, but understand that I will ask more of you, “ I placed a gently kiss on her cheek and continued “ I will expect you at my locker dressed as you are now and will provide further instructions at that time”.

I wanted Susan to think about what I might ask of her all day, hoping that she would be more than willing to follow through that afternoon. We had no class together and even our lunch times were off schedule that day, we would not see one another at all.
Up until now when we were afforded time together at lunch , I allowed her to flaunt over me, to hold onto me to , to be touchy – feely , I would reciprocate with little kisses, warm smiles and general pleasant comments. It was difficult to do much more what with the hall monitors watching so closely over us , some days you would think were we more like inmates rather than high-school students

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