My name is Jerome and to put all those racial profilers to rest, YES I am Afro-American, a Nego, a black man and YES I am very proud of it to be short. I would like to put in words, YES I can read and write, some of my experiences with young innocent, naive white girls who perhaps think black is better, or black is beautiful

Now do not get me wrong at the outset, I do believe that we were all born with apparent differences that were most likely designed to ensure that each of us sought out and matched up with those who demonstrated similar attributes, you know like the white supremacists believe.

Myself , well I had my eyes on this young black beauty since I was fifteen , my plans are to fusion with her once I graduate from University, and land a decent job. This end plan is however a few years off as of yet. In the meantime I have allowed her to enjoy the partners she has chosen to be with , as I have mine. Mine of course are the ones I am going to write about. Those that I did not go out of my way to seek , those who appeared on the other hand to have become obsessed with me, and stuck with me until I fixed their problem. I will admit that I took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves, to enjoy myself intentionally at their expense.

The first one, I shall call Susan, she was a blonde, very well constructed, perhaps a few years ahead of her developing female companions. Her father was a military man, as she explained things to me , the family moved more often than it settled down anywhere, there in perhaps the origin of her problems. In any case this is irrelevant, the first time I really noticed Susan , was when she got on the same bus that I was taking to school.

I am uncertain of the time frame, but it was about the second month after that, that we were put together on a school project. There were four of us assembled as a team, one black (me) and three whities , Susan , Jane and Richard. While we were not the A plus group, we were not that far behind in intelligence and the four of us managed to get along very well. Susan began flirting, I guess you could call it , with me about that time. I tried very hard to avoid reacting, I was not really interested, well that is at the beginning I was not .

The general flirting passed from body language to touching, with in a short period of time, Susan took every opportunity she could to touch. She touched my hands when we passed papers or notes. She touched my arms when making a point or suggestion . If I found myself seated at the study room desk before her, she would, at her arrival place her hands on my shoulders, making small talk, but being very subtle in her gestures before she managed to take her own seat, pushing it as close to mine as she thought she might without me saying anything. I became accustomed to her mannerisms and figured I might as well enjoy them so I never reacted negatively.

Then things moved up a notch, one morning Susan got on the bus and instead of taking a seat in the front section like she had on so many other occasions, I saw her looking around. Once she had spotted me she eased her body between the other passengers, coming to halt alongside of me and grabbed onto a hand ring. Well you can imagine, the two of us standing , not quite packed amongst the other but close enough in proximity that no matter what you did you rubbed up against someone.

Susan , appeared to be delighted with this arrangement as she kept banging her whole body into mine, even when the bus had halted at a stop. I on the other hand made sure that she could only come into contact with the side of my body. I held my ground not providing her the satisfaction with a swinging reaction each time she collided with me. I still had not intention of getting involved with this little white girl, we had been designed as far as I was concerned for specific , strikingly difference reasons, and I was not thinking male –female reasons. Susan made it very difficult, to keep my composure however. Each morning she improved her methods for rubbing up against me, allowing me to inhale her sweet fresh scent. She even found a way to maneuver her school sac so that she was able to side step just enough to let some part of her back side rub up against a portion of the front of my muscular body.

I guess Susan decided the simple advances she had been making were not working. I was finding her standing beside my locker when the end of the school day arrived. Leaning up against the metal lockers, she indicated that she would like to enjoy my company on the bus ride home. Try as I could to stay aloof of the situation, Susan kept coming back, knowing that I would most likely have to refuse her offer as I was involved in the school’s basket ball program. Most afternoons, and some times evenings I was practicing my moves, and not taking the bus home until much later. I was not rude to her, however I did not encourage her in any way. I kept it simple, I tried not responding to any of her advances or suggestions in any way . I did not however push her away or tell her off, nor state that I was not pleased with her actions. This may or may not have lead her to think that she was getting somewhere with me.

I did not really know what to reply. I was not sure I wanted to reply. I really had not thought of being involved with this little white girl. I could not be too serious, so I tried to be evasive, sharp, perhaps a bit on the nasty side. I replied to Susan that my type of girl was a bit more provocative, more daring, at times freely making a spectacle of her. Nice little white girls like herself appeared to be just a tad too blas?or my tastes. I had hoped with this pleasant yet nasty comment would turn her off, or at least tune her overtures towards me down a bit , leaving her to go flaunting her attributes over someone else.

I was however surprised to find her getting on the bus the next day and making a B-line straight to where I was standing. As she grabbed hold of a hand strap Susan maneuvered her body so that she was standing in front of me . As the bus jerked off to its start, Susan allowed her full body to bang up against mine as innocently as she could. I sensed that she was fidgeting more than just rocking with the rhythm of the bus’s vibrations.
Her rubbing against me was causing my rod to twitch, so I tried hard to concentrate on other thoughts. I was trying to avoid allowing Susan to realize that she was indeed creating this reaction.

We were about half way along on our trip, when the bus made a sudden unexpected stop, almost as though the driver had jammed on his brakes as an emergency procedure. This caused every one on the bus, those seated as much as those of us who were standing to lurch forward seeking to brace ourselves in any way we could. Susan was no different than the rest , however she was quick to wrap her arms around me , pulling very tight against my body. As suddenly we were shifted forward, once the bus had halted we all rocked back, those seated, to their original position, but those of us who were standing were obliged again to grab hold of something to steady ourselves.

Susan somehow, managed to reach one hand up and grab the ring I was holding, her soft hand pressing on mine. This effectively blocked her body from moving completely away from me and disconnecting our warm contact. Once things settled , the bus having resumed its trajectory, Susan reached up with her other hand and grabbed hold of a loose strap. Susan had managed to place herself in a position similar to an X, her two hands spread wide holding onto the bus straps, her feet firmly placed on the floor, in not quite a wide stance, but wide enough to provide her the support she needed to hold her position should the bus come to a sharp halt once again.

I felt an increase in her body movement, or fidgeting, perhaps agitation you could call it , as curious as I was , yet not wanting to involve myself more than I should, I lowered my gaze between our two bodies. Low and behold , the sight I got, was quite unexpected, for I gazed upon, not only an open blazer, but an open blouse, in fact all I got to see were the tops of two beautiful round white globes of her lovely young breast, held in place by the frilliest of lace brassieres. Susan was now standing in front of me exposing herself, I was almost certain that her blouse had been completely unbuttoned and was hanging loose.

I must have gasped, or made some kind of noise sucking in air as I took in the view that was being offered, for Susan slowly raise her face, looking me in the eyes and demurely said `` Is this what your type of girl would do for you ?????``.

To say I was caught off guard is the least, I was flabbergast, at a loss for words, in fact I was still staring down upon those lovely white globes, watching them heavy as Susan perhaps exaggerated her breathing . I realized that Susan was speaking to me, asking this time if I liked what I saw, if what I was looking at was comparable to any thing I had seen before. Suddenly I felt perhaps I had been too quick to judge this little white hottie, so thinking on my feet as quickly as I could, I tried to act nonchalant, yet positively.

I slowly began to respond, choosing my words carefully. I tried to convey my appreciation to Susan for her suggestive offering, telling her that yes I did indeed like what I saw. I phrased my wording in such a way that she broke out in a big grin, pushing herself back from my body, as best she could given the situation we were in.

This effectively increased the amount of cleavage that she was showing, also allowing me to confirm the fact that her blouse was indeed undone all the way, in fact it was not even tucked into her uniform school skirt.. I continued to explain that what she was showing me was very nice , pleasing to the eye and very much unexpected from her. Then I offered, finally considering that maybe I could play a few games with this sweet white thing and reap some benefits, without getting too involved, that yes this was more or less what my typical girl might do for me.

I continued on , quickly, as the bus was about to arrive at our destination, that while this was a nice simple gesture on her part , I usually expected much more from the girls that I frequented to the point that they were willing to do my bidding without question, without hesitation. I told her that while her attempt to gain my interest, was indeed a bold one, and appreciated, she might not understand nor be willing to follow through with any of my suggestions. That of course was the main reason I had avoided encouraging her, I told her. Susan looking a bit disappointed asked me if I would be willing to try and work things out with her, as she liked me very much. She then offered to pass a trial test, telling me to try her, give her some instruction, give her some guidance, to see how she would react.

The bus had stopped, the passenger were on the move, we had to get going, so I said
“ OK, we have to get off, leave yourself unbuttoned, let your covering hang naturally, if you show, you show.” Then I continued “ Do not make an effort to cover up but do not make any gestures that would increase your exposure” . I watched as Susan flushed pink in color then saw her trying to swallow. She released her grasp of the straps, and brought her arms straight to her sides. I eased myself behind her and we jostled with the other passengers as we exited. I watched to see if anyone noticed this little white thing was moving amongst them with not only her blazer open, but her blouse undone, provided them with a good chance to see her pretty lacy brassiere and its beautiful treats.

If any one looked, I was not able to catch them, for no one in particular stared back upon this little girl, not one altered their daily routine, they all moved along quickly, each in their own individual shell to their destination. As the crowd thinned out leaving just the two of us on our particular path, I was certain I heard Susan let out a little gasp. I could not tell if was because she was relieved she had not been seen, or from disappointment at not been seen. Almost as if in defiance, Susan turned to me, her face supporting traces of a little smirk, then she smiled and took my hand as if seeking further approval.

I was much quicker this time, I said “Well that was alright, but now you are to continue, the way you are, you are not to fix your blouse until you put your things in your locker:” This was not much of a deal, because we were pretty well at the door of the school, and hence not very far from her locker, but I wanted to test her willingness. She was to remain in a precarious situation , the movements she would have to make placing things in her locker then to fix her blouse in it’s proper place, put her at risk of being noticed for sure.
I followed with , knowing that we had no classes together that day, “ I will skip practice to night and ride the bus home with you after school, if and only if you turn up at my locker , with your blazer open like it is, but with out your blouse” . I kissed Susan on the forehead and bid her a good day taking off for my first course.

To tell you the truth I did not expect Susan to turn up at my locker after classes had finished, but to my disbelief there she was resting up against mine as I arrived from way off in the back hall. You could see that she was a bit apprehensive, you could see her trying to survey the surroundings, yet not appear to be doing so if you know what I mean. When she spotted me a tiny smile appeared from within that concerned face. Susan did not move off my locker door but remained backed up against the metal until I came right up to her position. You could tell that she was nervous, or perhaps jumpy you might say, her neck showed signs of her having been flushed as she had been this morning on the bus.

The first thing she did was wrap her arms around my neck. Susan then placed a sloppy wet kiss over my mouth, not a long one as the hall monitors would have descended upon us immediately. She asked with a slight quiver in her voice “ Jerome, you told me that you would take the bus home with me this afternoon , skipping your practice, were you just kidding me!!” . I eased her back up against the lockers and replied “ Well, if I remember correctly, I said something like that, yes “ , then I waited a second or so seeing that she appeared to be relieved, then added “ but there was some condition that I had stipulated, did I not !!!”

Susan lowered her arms from my neck, then lowered her head and struggled with some words that I did not catch, so I asked her what she was saying. She lifted her head straight up and said “ You told me that if I wanted your company on the bus this afternoon, I had to come like this” . Susan pulled the edges of her blazer, showing me that all she had on was her brassiere, her blouse was completely gone, no where insight. You could see that she was having difficulty as her whole upper body was flushed deep pink and her globes were vibrating as she took her breath. Quite a pleasant sight it was ,I must say.

“It looks like you kept your end of the bargain” I said “ so indeed I shall accompany you on the bus ride this afternoon” . I advanced no more than that, I had had the whole day to think things over, figuring out that if I played my cards right, I might benefit if I appeared more stern, less pleased, perhaps even more disappointed for a while and all to Susan’s degradation. I eased Susan aside, got what I needed from my locker, then gently put my arm around her shoulder, directing her down the hall and out the door.

I hoped that Susan would be a bit more at ease if I showed a bit of affection. The fact that my arm rested on her shoulder, provided her with the needed support, or feeling that she was seeking, so much so that she did not realize that is position I more or less controlled the material of her blazer. I was not looking to get us into any trouble, so I was very careful . Susan helped without really knowing that she was doing so when she wrapped her arm around my waist as we strolled along the pathway to the bus stop.
With her arm around me that side of the blazer fell completely away from the front of her body, exposing a good half of her brassiere. I slowly manipulated the other side of the blazer so it came away from the other side of her body, effectively allowing most of her to become exposed to any and all who were on the path with us.

Susan , I am certain had no idea at all of how much of her was uncovered, but there were several others that did double takes as we crossed paths that afternoon. Getting on the bus, we were in single file, breaking our contact allowed the blazer to fall, partly back into place. I saw the bus driver look at Susan, then look as though he thought he had seen something but was not sure what he had seen, sort of thing. I ushered Susan further down the aisle directing her to an empty place fairly well at the back of the bus.

Once seated , I allowed her to crush her body into mine, as I eased my arm over onto her shoulder. There were several short runs between stops, then we had a much longer ride until we once again got into the stop start operation. As soon as we began the long stretch, I tugged at Susan’s blazer, moving it down off her shoulders and on to her upper arms. Susan reacted quickly, moving herself away from me and slipping as far as she could towards the widow side of the seat. When she grabbed her blazer to pull it closed, I commented out loud in a distaining voice “Tut! Tut! Tut! “ I said “ Not really ready to do my bidding are we ???. That is exactly what I thought my little tease”

I then moved from my seat and located myself two rows further to the front. I waited patiently to see what her reaction was going to be. I was not angry, I was not disappointed, I just wanted to see just how she was going to react. I mean I had no intention of doing much but seeing if I could get her to sit there in her lacy brassiere.
I was not planning anything diabolical at least not just then. I was just testing the waters.

The bus was almost coming to the end of the long stretch of the run and would once again begin stopping and starting, which meant there were about four stops before Susan would be getting off , when I sensed her person standing beside my seat. “ Jerome please” I heard her say “ Please I did not think, I was not prepared, I am sorry” she continued on “ I am not a tease, I want to be yours, can you not understand “ . Susan took a deep breath “ Could I have a second chance, could I be one of your girls, Please Jerome” With this said I moved my body towards the window so that Susan could sit, but I did not respond. I wanted her to decide what was requested of her, let her come to terms with the situation. Once she settled herself, I looked at her blazer , then up to her eyes, repeating this movement several times before I directed my vision off to the front of the bus. I hoped that she had understood my body language, but realized that if she had not then there was not much use taking things further.


2011-04-15 10:30:19
I thought this a very good start and a good story line. Looking forward to reading more.

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2010-09-03 17:50:48
well,I like this story,it's interesting...and i think that the girls that are dating the black guys aren't completely looking at the color of their skin..maybe it's how they treat them..or how well they have sex or something other than them just being "coloured" or black.and by the way it's African American. not Afro-American


2010-05-19 22:29:00
Too bad for you , I put this in the fiction section becasue that is just what it is . BUT I always wondered why those little white girls seem so happy with thier black boyfriends so i decided to write a story what it might be like if I was that young black guy and not the poor old white man that I am . Fiction leaves you lots of room to work with .. some of my other stories are base mr on what actually happened perhasp you would like them better after all they are not coded interracial . I mean what did you expect a love story !!!!!!

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2010-05-19 17:40:04
typical of a coloured with attitude will not bother to read any more garbage

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