Wild times
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 9

“Damn. I’m too late.”.

Wendy said “Sorry. You looked so tired, I let you sleep. But please enjoy yourself. Wash up. You need to get clean before going home. You husband doesn’t need to smell us on you.”.

“Well, if I must. But I would rather get another fucking before going home. Then a shower… Sam, that nice hard cock looks nice. Can I…? Will you…?”.

“Well, I believe I can accommodate you. But Wendy got me all hard. Is that fair, do you think? She does the work, you get the reward?”.

Susan looked at Wendy and Wendy said “Go ahead. My pussy is a little sore still. It felt nice, but it is sore. A nice sore, sir. Thank you again.”.

“Oh yes, Sam. Thank you. I’m gonna just love that fucking…and with that nice big, sweet, hard cock. Oh thank you, sir. Thank you, Wendy. You can have at him after I leave, if he can get it back up that is.”.

I said “OK. Then let’s do it in the bed. My knees are a little rug burned.”.

Susan said “Sweet. Sam, I will let you lay there and I will get on top and fuck you. How’s that? Wendy, you can sit on his face, like you did with me if you want to join in.”.

I laid on the bed and Susan got on and swung her leg over me. She quickly positioned herself and grabbed my cock.

“I think I'm wet enough, but I will go slow to make sure, sir.”.

She pressed down and her pussy enveloped my cock.

“Damn. Nice. Nice pussy, Susan. Nice.”.

She was pushing down and soon I was all the way in. She sat there impaled and then started to grind around. She made a ‘ook’ noise when her clit hit my pubic bone.

“Oh damn, big fat cock. Oh shit, I love this…deep…there my clit…oooh…yesssss.”.

She pulled up and slid back down. Wendy leaned in and kissed Susan, then leaned down and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and we kissed with passion. Susan continued to slide up and down slowly.

Susan hissed and said “Oh god. Don’t cum too soon. Let me make it last. I just need a good one. Oh yesssss.”.

Wendy pulled up and said “I’ll let you two be. I will make some snacks. I'm hungry.”.

She left the room. Susan continued to work up and down at an easy pace. She would sit all the way down and grind. Then she would crank up and down. She would roll her hips left, then right, to my belly, to my legs. She was purring and smiling. Sweat was forming on her forehead and in the cleft of her bouncing boobs.

Susan said “You be real nice to her when I leave. Real nice. That is one sweet kid.”.

“You’re sweet too. Damn I love this. You feel so tight. Such a nice, nice pussy.”. I swatted her ass. “And a fine ass too.”.

“And Wendy is not the only one with a sore pussy. You hit places George never did, but damn this is glorious. Your big fat cock is just glorious”.

That made me feel like a super porn stud. I flexed and made my cock larger. Her eyes opened up and she looked at me.

“Oh yes. Do that again…uh…sir.”.

I flexed and held it as long as I could, then released.

She smiled and said “Oh damn that is one nice, big, fat cock. You had that in my ass. I never had anyone in my ass before. It felt way different. Wanna try it again. My pussy is really sore. God it is the nicest sore I have ever felt, but you have stretched me. George will never do it for me again. I’m not sure I will feel him. Oh well. He doesn’t use it hardly ever anyways. Fuck him. I wanna fuck you instead.”.

She rubbed her clit hard against me again and moaned. She then pulled up and reached for my cock before I slid all the way out. She lifted higher and positioned my cock at her ass and started to slide down. Her eyes were wide open and her face was kind of scrunched. She got about two inches down and pulled up until I was almost out.

“Oh damn. That stretches me back there too. I don’t know. But let me do it again. I will try harder.”.

I held her hips as she pressed down. This time I was almost half way in. She held still with my cock in her. She pulled up a bit and then down. That same small distance, up and down. Then she pressed harder on a down stoke and she got almost all of me in her ass. She squeaked and held still.

“Oh damn. Oh damn. Oh damn.”.

I felt her legs trembling. She looked at me, smile and said “Here goes nothing.”.

She let loose and sat down all the way. She howled, and pulled back up, but not off.

“I did it. Oh damn.”.

I felt her ass spasming around my cock.

Just then Wendy came into the room.

“You alright? Damn! You got him in your ass?!”.

“Yes. I got him in my ass. He is big. Oh god damn big.”.

She started to slide back down.

“oh oh oh shit damn. Eeeek!”.

She was almost all the way back down. She pulled up and slid down. Then started a regular rhythm.

“Oh -- god -- damn -- that -- is good. It hurts, but damn it is good! Oh shit oh shit oh OH OOOOOH!”.

She started shuddering. Her legs went limp and she slammed down all the way on my cock. She wailed and shuddered. I rubbed her belly and breasts and thighs. Her body was going into large twitches causing my cock to slide into and then nearly out of her ass. One large twitch and I did pop out. When she came back down, my cock had moved and I slid into her pussy. She wailed louder, but kept going up and down. She was in the longest orgasm I had ever seen. She finally got through it and her whole body went limp. She fell forward and laid on my chest. She was crying and shuddering. I stroked her back and shoulders. I could see Wendy petting her ass and legs.

She lifted her head. “Oh my. Never. Never. Ever. Oh wow! My ass is burning. It is twitching. I can still feel where you were in my ass. Oh god when you went into my pussy -- oh I was not mentally ready for it. Oh god damn I must have blown the top of my head off. Oh god. You didn’t fit. Oh damn. I hurt in my ass and my pussy. I feel so good. The hurt is good. A well earned soreness from fucking. Oh damn.”.

She clenched her pussy around my cock and I let out a squeak. She giggled and said. “Time for my shower. Oh please help me to the bathroom. I don’t know if I can stand. Oh fuck that was good. Damn.”.

Wendy helped her off me. My cock slapped my belly when I came free. I got up and helped pull her upright. We guided her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet while Wendy started the shower. We her pulled up and all three of us got in the shower and we washed her body. I speared my fingers into her pussy and ass a couple of times and watched her tremble. Wendy gave me dirty looks after the second time and told me to stop it. I giggled, but behaved. Wendy shampooed her hair.

We got her out of the shower and sat her on the toilet again. She was looking a little better, more alive and steady after we had her dry. I dried Wendy as she used a hair drier on Susan’s hair. I then dried myself.

“Sam, there are some sandwiches in the kitchen and some juice. Go get them.”.

As I left, I heard Wendy say “Damn lady. You had that huge thing in your ass. You gonna be able to drive? I gotta try that. It looked beyond intense.

After Susan left for home, Wendy and I went and sat on the couch. I was spent. I don’t think I could fuck again -- maybe never -- well not that long. Wendy looked about the same. I sipped my juice and looked at her.

She smiled and said “Sir, is there anything I can do for you? I’m not sure I wanna try that monster in my ass -- right now anyways. But anything else?”.

“No. I think you two girls got all there is to get out of me.”.

We watched as Susan got dressed. I felt odd to see her I clothes again. I liked seeing two women naked. It’s almost the way things should be all the time. We hugged and kissed and soon she was out the door.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 10

Wendy and I walked to the couch, where I sat down. She sat along side me. She reached over and fondled my limp cock. She looked at it and watched her fingers playing with it. I watched her face and she was watching my cock. She looked comfortably pleased. I felt my cock starting to lengthen. What? Not possible. Wendy’s smile increased. She leaned down and started sucking my cock. She pulled up and looked at me.

“See sir? You can get hard again.”.

She went back down and licked and sucked. I was tired, but damn my poor cock was getting a blow job. It was happy, so I was happy. She pulled her head up and stroked my cock with her hand.

She looked at me and said “Sorry, my jaws are sore. A hand job ok, sir?”.

“Yes, it is just fine. You are fine. Susan was fine. Life is fine.”.

She stroked my cock and played with my balls. She kissed it from time to time and even popped it into her mouth for a quick suck. I just sat there and let her do all the work. I was tired. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back.. I felt her fingers sliding back behind my balls. Her fingers slid into my butt crack. She slipped one finger into my asshole. I guess we didn’t dry or rinse the inside of my ass that well cause once she got in, her finger slipped quickly up to the knuckles. She leaned in and kissed the head again, her hand still stroking me. She pulled her finger out and then two were pressed into my asshole.

“Oh god damn! Girl that is nice. Oh suck me. Get me off. Fuck yes!”.

She lowered her head and her hand had to just deal with the bottom section of my cock. Her fingers were working in and out of my ass. I started to move my hips, forcing more cock into her mouth, in time with her finger pumping into my ass.

“Oh god damn. Almost there. Shit!”.

She pulled her fingers out of my ass. She pulled her hand from around my cock. Just her head was left on my cock. And she slowly pulled it off, leaving my cock dripping with her slobber. I was about to go nuts.

“I changed my mind. I want you big, sweet cock in my ass. If I may, sir”.

She stood up and turned around and lowered her ass to my lap. She reached under her and grabbed my hard beslobbered cock. She placed it at her tiny and cute asshole. I watched as she lowered herself onto to it. My head pressed into her butt. She squeaked and held still. She turned her head and looked at me.

“Sorry sir. I never felt something that big in me, in my butt before. I will get it all. Oh shit. Susan did this. So can I. Ow. Shit!”.

She pressed harder and about two inches were now embedded in her tight ass. Her legs were quivering. She pulled up until just my head was in her. She turned her head back to look at me, smiled, and then pushed back down, taking nearly all of it. She held her smile, but it was obviously forced. Up she went, still smiling at me. Then down hard. Her smile cracked and a grimace was there to take its place. She held herself down. My cock was almost all the way in.

“You almost got it all, sweet Wendy. Now just hump on it. Make me cum. Make me cum hard deep in your ass.”.

“Yes sir. Oh god. This hurts and feels intense. Good. Painful. Oh damn I want to say tasty good. Oh I need a word that doesn’t exist to describe this. The pressure. The feeling. Deliciously painful.”.

She started to move more quickly now and I was getting back to feeling closer to cumming. I wanted to last for her. I wanted her to cum with my cock up her ass. Oh I may not make it that long.

“Shit girl. Your ass is sweet. Tight. Keep that up. Now faster. Harder. Slam me deeper into your butt. Push hard!”.

She responded and was now working her hips up and down hard and fast. Each time she hit bottom, she pushed deep onto me.

“Oh fuck, sir. Shit! Oh god damn. I eeeee I ooooo fu fuu meeeeeeee”.

I grabbed her hips and helped her keep her rhythm on me. I was close. Her ass was spasming on me. It was about to take me over the edge. Her legs were weakening. I was pumping my hips, using my hands to keep her going. She was squealing loud and almost nonstop.

“Oh damn, here it comes. I’m almost there. Fuck. Oh god damn my balls are trying to pull out through my cock. Oh shit shi shi shhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

I came. I felt my cock get larger and pulse deep in her ass. I felt my cum spurt out into her two, three good hard jets. Then there were just a few tiny spurts. I held her tightly down on my ass and enjoyed my post cum bliss. Wendy was motionless on top of my lap. Her head was hanging low. Her hands were on her thighs holding her self up. I reached around and pulled her body back to me. She helped and was soon laying on me face up. My hands played with her boobs. My cock was still in her ass and still kind of hard. Her body shuddered from time to time, then mine responded with a shudder of its own.

“There I have been in your mouth, your sweet pussy, and your tight ass. All happy, girl?”.

“Yes sir. Yes master. Anytime you want to, come and do me however you want. Virginity was over rated. Sex is damn good. Oh I feel like I gotta take a shit. I feel your cum leaking out. Oh I think I gotta get to the bathroom now! Help me up. Please!”.

I helped her sit up and she got up off my cock and I heard a squishy pop as I left her ass. I giggled at the sound and helped her walk to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and started grunting. Her face was full of pain. She strained and pushed. I walked to the sink and got a wash cloth wet and washed my cock, balls, and my ass. I grabbed another washcloth and used it to wash her forehead. As she sat on the toilet.

“I can feel your cum squishing out and I need to shit, but it is just not coming out. I may be awhile. Damn. It felt good laying on you, you still hard up my butt, your hands fondling me. It felt good. I felt loved and wanted.”.

Oh yes you felt good on top of me. I could play with your tits, your belly, your sweet pussy, whatever I wanted to. I loved it. I think that was the last fuck I have in me. Maybe forever. No don’t get that look in your face. It was hyperbole. Just nothing left in the ammo box for today. Just for today. Them thar balls of mine are all used up -- for today. Damn girl. Don’t pout.”.

I heard a plop. Wendy giggled.

“Sorry. But I needed that.”.

More plops. I laughed and left the bathroom. I went to the get some more of those sandwiches. After a few minutes, Wendy came out of the bathroom and grabbed a sandwich too. We ate and smiled at each other. The phone rang. Wendy got up and answered it.


“Oh yes. I took him in my butt too. Oh wow it was great.”. She covered the mouth piece and whispered “Susan”. She uncovered and said “Yes. He was”. She listened for a bit then giggled and looked at me. “Yes I think so.”. She listened and gave out a big laugh. “OK. Bye then.”.

She hung up. “Susan gives you her best and says she is trying hard not to walk funny in front of her husband. She had to sit on the toilet for a long time to take a shit too.”.

She came over to me and cuddled my face into her boobs.

“Hmmm my sweet master. I’m tired. Let’s go to bed…to sleep. Then when we wake up, I’ll make us some breakfast. That is unless you want some more. Susan said to watch out for your morning hard on. Come on. To bed.”.

We all but fell into the bed, covered up and I think I passed out cold in a matter of seconds.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 11

Morning came and after I figured out where the hell I was. I figured out who was next to me. Wendy. She was still asleep. She was making the softest snore I have ever heard. It was almost a quiet kitten purring noise. And yes, my morning woodie was ready for action. And here was a naked lady alongside me. Morning sex, here I come! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I eased over and nustled my hard cock into her side. I eased the blankets down, exposing her sweet, naked body. Oh yes. Morning sex. I love it!

“hmmm. Wha? Huh? Oh. Mornin. Huh?! Oh.”.

I rolled her onto to her back and spread her legs. I got between her legs and aimed. Morning sex. Here I cum! I gently pressed forward and …

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