Here is where the fun really starts
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 6

I got to Wendy’s house a few minutes before noon. I'm horny, getting divorced, and about to get not one piece of ass, but two. Nice.

I knocked and the door opened quickly, as if Wendy was standing there waiting. She had on a pair of white shorts and a dark blue t-shirt. I saw Susan sitting on the couch. She had a brown skirt and a gold knit pull-over.

“Good girls. You obeyed me and kept your clothes on. Let me smell your fingers. Now!”.

Wendy raised her fingers to me and I grabbed her wrists and smelled her. Clean. No pussy smell. I released her and grabbed Susan’s hands. I sniffed. Pussy. I looked at her sternly.

“I said no playing until I got here. Shame you can’t obey.”.

“Oh I didn’t play with little Wendy. I just rubbed myself a little in the car while driving over. It was just a couple of quick rubs. I pulled my hand away as soon as I noticed I was doing it. It wasn’t on purpose. It wasn‘t with Wendy. Honest.”.

I looked at her and squeezed her wrists a little harder. I looked at her and hissed “…sir…?”.

“Sorry, sir. It was just a couple of rubs, sir.”.

“Well if it was just a couple of tiny rubs, then just a light spanking for disobeying me. Wendy was a good girl.”. I saw her beam a big smile. Just like a little puppy dog -- say their name in a sweet soothing voice and their tail wiggles. Hmmm, that gives me an idea for later.

“Susan, go sit in that chair and wait for your spanking while I attend to Wendy. Wendy raise your hands so I can remove your shirt.”.

Her hands reached up. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it. I stared at her from her hips to her eyes and back. Soon the material covered her chin and I saw the bottom edge of her bra. I stopped and looked into her eyes. “Ask me to finish taking off you shirt. Beg me.”.

“Oh please, sir. Please pull off my shirt. Please, sir. I want to be naked for you. I want to do what you want me to do. Please, sir.”.

I pulled higher. Her bra cups were now completely visible. Her face was covered. I held her shirt with one hand and grabbed her left tit. “Hmmm. Nice boobies.”. I pulled the shirt higher and her bra covered chest was completely exposed all the way. I pulled it off and tossed it onto the couch. “Turn around so I can undo this bra.”.

She turned and presented her back to me. Smooth skin. A freckle here and there but, not many. I got the clasp undid. I pushed the bra straps of her shoulders and it fell to the rug. I knelt behind her and reached around. I undid her belt and then the button. Then I slowly unzipped her. I reached for the sides of her shorts. I leaned in and kissed the small of her back. Then I pulled the shorts down to her ankles. I could smell her pussy. Her panties must be wet, soaking wet.

“Spread your legs.”.

She started to step out of her shorts. “No! Leave them on. Spread your legs as far as you can.”.

“Yes, sir.”.

Her legs moved apart and the shorts stretched. I almost expected to hear them rip. I moved my hand to her hips and slid them over her covered ass cheeks. I kissed her left cheek, then her right. I moved my hands between her legs and pushed her thighs farther apart. She had to squat to allow her knees to spread. My left hand slid up and rubbed the panties near her ass. Then I slid my hand forward, slowly along the gusset. It was wet. Very wet indeed. I felt her shudder as my hand cupped her pussy. I wiggled my fingers into each side of her gusset and started to pull down. The material stretched. The way her legs were spread, the sides could not slide off. I pulled harder on the material. Harder. I heard a small rip. Then another. I kept pulling harder. Suddenly it gave way from the front. Wendy gasped and struggled to stay upright. I shoved my arm up through her legs, passed her pussy hair, and splayed my hand on her abdomen for support. I pulled her close to me and helped her stand steady.

“Good girl. Now you may step out of your clothes. Would you like to open my pants, Wendy?”.

“Oh god, yes sir. Please sir. May I open your pants? May I get your…dick out?”.

I stood up and turned her around using her shoulders. I then pushed her down to her knees. Her hands were at my pants and undoing my belt.


She froze. Her fingers holding the end of my belt. She was staring hard at my crotch -- at my hard-on. “I never gave permission.”.

This being dominant was a new toy. My wife, my soon to be ex-wife, and I always acted like equals. But, I was slipping into this dominant role fairly easy. Maybe if I had played the dominant head of the house…? Oh well.

“Wendy, go stand in that corner. Shame on you.”.

Her eyes were sad to the point of almost crying. But she walked to the corner and put her nose deep into the wall. Naked except for the ripped undies. Not a bad look. I turned and looked at Susan. I watched as she fidgeted. Her hands holding onto her thighs tightly.

“Come here. Let’s get you naked for your spanking. Then I will let Wendy blow me while I use the belt on you.”.

She held her hands up ready for me to remove her top. So I grabbed it and pulled it up. Her bare boobs bounced out of the shirt and slapped down. I stopped and looked at them. I pulled the shirt the rest of the way off. I reached for the snap of her skirt. I pulled the zipper down. The skirt dropped to the floor. She was wearing a tiny black thong. Just a small triangle at her pussy. The rest was strings. I grabbed it and pulled it up. The triangle was forced between her pussy lips. She gasped and squeaked. I pulled harder.


I let go. She sighed in relief. Her hands started to go to her pussy, to sooth the pain away, but she stopped herself. She looked at me and smiled timidly.

“Sorry, sir.”.

I looked around and saw a short padded stool.

“Lay on that. Grab the legs and don’t move. Wendy! Come here and take my shoes off, then my pants and underwear.”.

Susan laid over the stool. Her ass was big, round, firm looking. The black thong popped into view at the top of her butt crack and around her hips. It was otherwise not visible. Wendy was at my feet. I lifted my left foot. She untied the shoe and pulled it off then the sock I lowered it and raise my other foot.

“After you get the socks off, kiss each toe.”.

She pulled the shoe and sock off. It was now bare too. She leaned down and planted a kiss on my baby toe on my left foot. She looked up at me, then went down for the next toe. This repeated. Kiss. Look. Smile. Kiss. Look. Smile. I was undoing my shirt while watching this. I was able to get it off before she finished kissing my toes.

“Now my pants and underwear.”.

“Yes, master. Thank you, sir.”.

Her hands made quick work with my belt and the snap on my pants. I tapped her on her shoulder. She stopped and looked at me.

“Remove the belt first. I need it to spank you two.“.

She worked it free from the loops and handed it to me. Her hands reached for my pants again. She stopped and looked.

I nodded. Her fingers pulled the zipper down. She grabbed the sides of my pants and pulled them down. She then grabbed my underwear and pulled the front away from my hard cock. She look at me, then at my crotch. She pulled them down. My hard cock bounced free.

I placed my hands on her head for stability and raised my left foot. She pulled the bunched garments away. I step out of the other side. I was naked. Wendy had just her ripped undies on and Susan had just her thong on.

I got in position behind Susan and said “Wendy, you may start sucking on my cock.”.

“Yes, sir.”

She scampered over and knelt. Her hand wrapped around my cock and her lips engulfed the head.

“Shit! Nice.”.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed. I heard Wendy gag. I opened my eyes and saw Susan waiting. I swung the belt lightly…testing how hard I could go. It slapped her ass and slid off. It barely made a noise.

“guck guck”.

I looked down at Wendy. Tears were forming at her eyes, but she pushed forward until my cock hit the back of her throat. “guck”. She pulled almost off and then back down. “guck”.

“Good girl. Yes. Oh fucking A yes.”.

I swung the belt harder at Susan’s ass and heard a nice loud whap. Susan yelped.

“guck guck guck”.

I swung. Whap!


I saw red slashes appearing on Susan’s ass. I swung the other way. Whap!


“guck guck guck”.

“Oh fuck. I'm going to cum. Swallow it. Oh shit fucking swallow it.”.

I swung back and forth in time with Wendy’s head.

Whap guck whap guck. Over and over. Wendy’s wet lips sliding on my cock. The belt slapping Susan’s ass.

I dropped the belt and grabbed Wendy’s head and pulled. I pulled her down deeper. Up. Down. Up and down. I pulled her hard into my crotch. I held her head hard with her nose at my stomach. My cock was deep in her mouth. She was whimpering and struggling. I held on and humped hard into her mouth and came.

“Oh god damn! Shit! YES!”.

I eased up and let her pull her head back some of the way. I kept a hold of her. She humped and sucked the last bit of cum into her mouth, onto her tongue.

“Oh god damn I needed that. Damn. Whew!”.

I looked at Susan’s red ass. Her fingers were still tightly holding onto the stool legs. She was sobbing. I must have hit her harder than I intended. I pushed Wendy off my wilting cock. I knelt by Susan and ask “How ya doing there?”. I rubbed her red, welted ass, trying to soothe the pain.

“Fine, sir. Thank you, sir. I will be better in the future. Honest, sir. Thank you. I feel like I did when my father use to whip me for being bad. He really loved me, and he always wanted me to be good, to behave, to mind him. Oh nice. He always rubbed my ass after spanking me too. I will be good. I will mind you. Thank you. I feel all loved, like I did with my father. Thank you, sir. Oh just like Daddy‘s fingers on my sore bottom. Oh nice.”.

Whoa!? She liked it. She really liked it. Her ass was red striped. I continued to rub it, trying to soothe the heated welts. Her sobs were subsiding. I looked at Wendy. She was kneeling, head hanging down, cum was hanging from her mouth.

“How are you doing, Wendy?”.

Her head came up, she smiled at me. “Good, sir. I…I wasn’t quite ready for taking all of your prick that way. I never did it before. I hope I was good enough for you, sir.”. She coughed and wiped her mouth. She look at me and smiled. “Is it time for my spanking now? Then will you take my cherry? Will you fuck me hard like you did my mouth? Please, sir?”.

“In a bit. Let’s get something to drink and rest a bit.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 7

After taking a break, I told Wendy, that I wanted to spank her ass with my hand, not the belt. She smiled. Having two nearly naked women attend to me was getting me ready quickly.

“Wendy, take off those ripped undies. Sorry about that. Susan, take off that thong.”.

I heard two voices almost in unison say “Yes, sir.”.

The garments were off and on the floor in seconds. I smiled and sat down on the couch.

“Wendy, lay across my lap. Yes. Like that. Keep your hands out of the way, or else…”.

Susan said “Lock your fingers together tightly. That is what I always did with my father.”.

“Oh god…I haven’t been spanked since I was a real, real young girl. Oh I know it will hurt. But, please spank me, sir. Help me to be better for you.”.

I rubbed her bare ass. “Susan grab her legs and hold them still.”.

I pulled my hand back and swung. Whap!


“Hold still, little girl.”.

Whap! “Ouch!”.

I rubbed her ass again. I looked at the palm prints starting to show in red on her white butt.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Four shots covering the areas not hit with the first two swings.

“Ouch! Oh ow! Ooooow!”.

I saw her ass getting redder. I pulled back and then let loose a barrage of swings. Her legs were wriggling, but Susan held firmly. Wendy’s hands were tightly held under her chest along side my leg. I stopped and looked at her very red ass.

“Now that’s a nice color. Smoother color than Susan’s was with the belt. And I can enjoy rubbing it when I want to feel how hot it is getting. Nice and warm.”. I heard Wendy sobbing quietly as I rubbed her ass. “Now young ladies. I expect you to mind me much better. I may have to spank you every now and then, just to remind you, but I hope I won’t have to correct any major mistakes or bad behaviors.”.

Wendy whimpered “I will be good,…” Whap! “…,sir Ouch!”. Whap! Whap! “Ouch!”.

Those were three good and hard swings. Even on her reddened ass, those three palm prints stood out.

“Raise up and spread your legs. Let’s get the inside of your thighs red too.”.

“Oh god. Uh…Yes, sir.”.

She raised up and spread as requested. Susan adjusted her grip. I moved to get a better angle, then swung and caught the inside of her thigh. Wendy squealed loudly. I swung and got the other thigh. Another squeal. Wendy was full on crying now. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! There her thighs looked good and red. I rubbed her ass, then along her red thighs. I moved my hand to her pussy. She flinched. I guess she thought I was going to spank her pussy. It was really wet. She was as wet as any gal I ever felt. I was hard and ready for fucking. I was going to pop her cherry. A first for me.

“Off me. Susan, come sit on the couch. Pull your legs up. Spread ‘em wide. Wendy, on your hands and knees. Get your face near her pussy and ass, but do not touch. Your first fuck will be doggie style.”.

I got off the couch and got behind Wendy. Susan looked at me and trembled, waiting for Wendy’s tongue.

“When I’m all the way in, I’ll tell you to start eating Susan from her asshole to her clit. Hard licking. Make it wild. Ready?”.

‘Oh yes, sir”.

I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her wet pussy. I rubbed the head along her slit. I heard her gasp and watched as she twitched. I rubbed and got my cock wet. I slid it under her pussy, along her clit. That got the length wet. I pulled back and aimed.

“Here it comes.”.

I pressed forward and entered her an inch. I paused, not so much to give her time to get used to a cock, but because she was so tight and warm and wet that I almost blew my load.

“Oh god damn. You are tight. Nice. Real nice.”.

I looked at Susan and smiled. I thrust forward and pierced her hymen. She yelped. I held her hips firmly so she couldn’t pull off.

“Oh god. It hurts. Oh god. Oh god. Oh shit. Ooohhhh.”.

Susan said “It will feel better soon. Try to slide back and forth. Try to rub the pain away. Fuck his cock slowly. Easy fucks. Yes like that.”.

Susan was instructing Wendy on how to fuck me.

“Oh. Ow. I think I can feel past the pain. I’m full down there. Oh god, full. Oh yes. Oh god. Yes! Oh it still hurts, but who cares? It feels good. Oh god damn.”.

She started to really hump on and off my cock. She was making little grunts every time she shoved deep onto my cock. I saw goose bumps on her arms. She was shuddering. Her pussy was pulsating. Yup, she comes easy. I was getting close again. I grabbed her hips and held her firmly still. I heard her whimper.

She turned her head back to me “Please, sir. Please let me fuck you. Please. I like it. Please.”.

I held on and looked at her. There were tears on her face. I said “Lean forward and start licking Susan now.”.

I pressed us forward and I heard Susan sigh, then moan.

“Thank you, sir. Oh god her tongue feels good.”.

“Be sure to lick her ass too.”.

Wendy pulled her head back and said “Yes, sir.”.

I started to hump slowly into and out of Wendy’s pussy. I did not want to cum so soon. I wanted Susan to enjoy this too. Wendy was now in a constant shudder. I could hear her speaking into Susan’s pussy and ass. It was muffled as her tongue was in use, so her words were not clear. But she was talking and licking at the same time. She started to make higher pitch noises, her pussy was really pulsing around my cock. Her legs muscles started to shake. She wrapped her hands around Susan’s legs tightly. I picked up my pace and started slamming into her. I watched her butt cheeks wobble as I pounded her.

Susan yelled “Oh damn girl, your tongue is deep in my ass. Oh god damn. Never before. Oh so nasty. Oh so good. I never…oh….oh damn.”.

Susan’s body was turning red all over. She was shaking. Wendy was starting to make one long wailing noise. It changed into a strangled sound and her pussy let loose a lot more fluids. Her thighs, my thighs were wet.

She stiffened up and pulled her head out of Susan’s crotch. “Oooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck fuck fuck aaaaaaAAAAAAA!”.

Her body went into a big spasm. It looked like all her muscles were firing at once in random. I just held on. There was no way I could fuck her anymore. I just held on, trying to keep my cock in her. Wendy went all rigid, then collapsed into Susan’s crotch and off my cock. Her legs gave out and she slipped to the floor. She laid there quivering and trembling. My hard cock wanted back in. I was so close.

Susan was looking at her and said “Yup. That is our little quick cummer. I think you got her good. Better than I did to her, I think.”.

Wendy rolled onto her side in the fetal position and continued to tremble and whimper. Her arms were wrapped around her legs.

I smiled, but I needed to get my rocks off. I looked at Susan and said “Now you get in the doggie position. I need to cum.”.

Susan scrambled off the couch and got into position where Wendy was I looked at her ass. There were still a few of the red belt welts visible. I swatted her ass a quick couple of hits. I then slid my wet cock along her ass crack and over her asshole. I pressed forward and my cock popped into her ass and inch.

“Oh god! Ow! Oh please.”.

I'm not sure what she wanted…more of my cock in her ass…or for me to pull it out. I pulled out. Right now I really wanted her pussy.. I wanted to cum in her pussy.

“Oh damn. You were in my ass. Ooooh. You…my…pussy…oh fuck! YES! Oh so fucking big!”.

Big? My cock was average from what I saw in gym class as a high schooler and college. Oh well. I pressed my cock into her pussy in one smooth stroke. I pulled back and then back in. I slowly worked my speed up. I leaned forward reached around and grabbed her swinging boobs. I got my fingers on her nipples and used them as reins as I fucked her. She was squealing little ‘eek eek’ noises in time with my thrusts.

“Oh fuck yes. Nice pussy. I…am…not…gonna…last…oh damn.”.

“Fuck me hard. Do me. Eeeek! EEEEEEK!”.

Her pussy clenched down on my cock tighter than anything I had ever felt. I started to cum, but it was all in my balls. She was clamped too tight on my cock. Oh god. I was cumming, but the cum was blocked.

“Oh Shit! Too tight. Shit.”.

My cock felt harder than it has ever felt. It seemed to get larger, thicker, maybe even longer. She shuddered and started to go limp. My cum burst out and into her pussy. I resumed slam banging her. I was holding on to her tits, mauling them in my fingers. It was just the best handle to allow me to slam into to her with force. I shuddered hard and my butt cheeks clenched. My cock pressed into her deep and it pulsed out shot after shot of cum. I finally felt completely released and let go of her poor boobs. I slowly eased out a bit.

“Oh god. It is so sensitive. Shit.”. I shoved back in. “Better. Much better.”.

I sat back a bit and brought my arms up to her hips. I held her tightly. I looked at Wendy, still curled up on the floor. I think she was asleep. I looked at Susan. She was laying on the couch with her upper body, almost to her waist, on the cushions. Her head was tilted to the side where she pressed against the back of the couch. Her eyes were closed. I felt myself getting that post-fuck tiredness also. I tried again to pull out. I did it slowly. I heard Susan whimper as I finally came free. More cum spurted out and dribbled onto her leg.

I slapped Susan’s ass. “Girl, spin around and lick me clean.”. I leaned down and slapped Wendy’s ass. “You! Wake up. Get you mouth into Susan’s cum filled pussy. Lick her clean.”.

Susan had turned around and was starting to lick my wet cock. Wendy got up and bent and got her face into Susan’s crotch.

After a minute, I pulled Susan’s head up and said “That should do it. Is your pussy clean?”.

“Oh, I can’t tell. It is tingling. You were so much bigger than George. God. So much bigger.”.

I pulled her head up and repeated “Are you clean?”.

She got the idea and asked “Uh, Wendy am I all clean? Did you get all his cum?”.

She pulled her head out and up. “I think I got it all. You taste good. I was just going for it again.”.

Susan looked back to me and said “Yes, sir. I’m all clean….ooook.”.

Wendy was back at her pussy. I laughed. “Go ahead a get into a 69. Make sure you are both clean. I will take a break and enjoy the show.”.

Susan rolled over and grabbed at Wendy’s legs. They quickly got in the classic position and started dual licking, Wendy on top. The sight was great. It was one of the sexiest thing I ever saw. Two girls I had just fucked licking each other out. I only wished my cock could come back to life, it was still long-ish, but limp. I laid on the couch and just watched.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 8

I woke up and looked around. I was in Wendy’s living room. They were not on the floor where I remembered them to be. I listened and didn’t hear them. I got up and went into the hall to find the bathroom. I had to pee. I found it and sat on the toilet and peed. I held my head in my hands and rested my elbows on my knees. I felt hands caressing my head. I lifted my head and saw a naked Wendy looking at me, smiling.

“Susan’s asleep in my bed. You fell asleep on the couch. You looked so spent, yet happy. Thank you. Thank you for fucking me, sir.”.

“No thank you for letting me fuck you. I needed that big time. Both you girls. You were great.”.

“I need a shower. I smell like pussy and sweat. How about you? Wanna join me?”.

“Not a bad idea. Sure.”.

She leaned into the tub and started the water. I flushed and stood up. She adjusted it, pulled the lever to get the shower to spray, and then stepped in. I stepped in right behind her and closed the curtain. It was a tight fit., but the warm water that splashed by her felt good. I grabbed the soap and started to wash her.

She giggled and said “It has been a long, long time since anyone washed me. I must have been 5 or 6. Nice.”.

I rubbed her back with the wet soap. I massaged her shoulders, her back, her ass cheeks. I slipped my fingers into her butt crack. That made her giggle more. I wiggled my slick, soapy fingers and slipped one finger into her ass. She squeaked.

“Oh you are…eeek!”.

I pressed a second finger in. I started finger fucking her ass. She squeaked each time. I pulled my fingers out and turned her around.

“Oh my. That was different. Not as bad as I had thought it would be. Not bad at all actually.”.

I was soaping up her chest, her tits. I was rubbing down to her hairy crotch. I leaned over and my fingers slipped into her pussy and I got another squeak. I finger fucked her pussy with my soapy fingers, then stood back up. I spun her around to rinse her front and back.

When I thought she was rinsed, I handed her the soap. She grabbed the shower hose and rinse me. The full stream felt good. She put the hose back and started to soap my front. My shoulders, my chest. She played with my tiny nipples a while before soaping my belly and then she leaned down and soaped up my hard cock. She was jerking me off in her soapy hands. Then she pulled her hand off, turned me around and started on my back. Damn. Her rubbing my cock felt good. Damn. Oh, but her fingers digging into my shoulder muscles…nice… Her hands soaped up my lower back, then my butt cheeks. I felt her fingers slide into and out of my butt crack. She was tentative. She went back to my butt cheeks. She then knelt behind me and her fingers slipped back into my butt crack. She pushed a finger into my asshole. She slid it in and out. Then she added a second finger. Oh damn. Nice. Her other hand slipped between my legs and grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it in time to her fingers in my ass. Oh damn this is nice. She stopped and stood back up. What?! I turned and got hit in the face with the water from the shower hose. She rinsed my front and then turned me around to rinse my back.

She put the hose up, then soaped up her face and rinsed it. She handed me the soap. I wash my face and then put it up and then rinsed my face and hands. Wendy shut the shower off. We got out and there was Susan stepping into the bathroom.

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