This was going to be part of the replacements, but I felt it needed to stand on its own.
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 1

I am Sam. I’m in my mid 30’s. Here’s my tale of my life after marriage to Lorna, my wife of 7 years.

I woke up in the bed of my new apartment. An apartment I had to get because I’m getting divorced. We loved each other at first, but time caused us both to despise little things in the other. I had endured, and was going to endure, that is until she dropped the divorce papers on me. That was the past. This is now.

I had started playing with the idea of dating, but I only knew a few gals outside of work and most of these were my ex-wife’s friends. So I relied on my hand and web porno to fight the ever increasing urges.

Oh well. Another night without sex. Another morning without sex. Sigh.

I got up and headed downstairs. My morning woodie was leading the way down the stairs and was poking out he front of my pj‘s. I soon had the smell of bacon and eggs and toast filling the little kitchen. My poor hard-on had subsided while I was cooking. Oh well, the food was great, but gone all too fast. The time was also moving fast. I had to go to work. I hit the shower, dressed and headed out to work. No morning blow job or morning fucking again. Damn.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 2

I spent the morning at work in a bit of a horn-dog daze. I was horny and playing little sexy scenarios in my head. It was making me smile a lot. I was not slacking in my work, just not at full song. I was even looking at the ladies in the office with an eye to what they would feel like if I could be fucking them. OK, I always was more than a bit over sexed than normally. No sex for a while starts to get to you.

Susan was a dark, short haired gal, a little older than me. We were friends. She had worked here the same length of time as me. She sat in the cube opposite mine. She noticed my stares and smiled. I blushed and tried to get my head together. I gave myself a bit of a smirk on the inside. I played a quick scene in my head with Susan, a mental fantasy I have embellished for years. I grinned big time, then tried to focus on work. No need to get fired just because I wasn’t getting any.

Susan walked to my cube and said to me “Tch. Tch. You need to get back to work and stop day dreaming -- especially those kind of day dreams.“

Was I emitting my internal mental sex fanatic movie through e.s.p.? I had to get it together.

“I uh well…”.

Susan laughed and went back to her cube. Just busted.

After lunch Susan came to my desk and quietly said “You look horny, way hornier than I have seen you in a long time. And you never stared at my breasts before -- well at least not so openly. Yes, I catch you. All us gals know when you guys stare at our boobs. We just don‘t let on -- part of our mystery.”. She did a very small shimmy with her shoulders that made her breasts wiggle. I was staring again. “I think you like them. George hasn’t stared at the little girls like that for a while. It feels nice that you like them. You do, don’t you? You have a bit of a bulge in your pants. Yup. You like ‘em.”.

“Uh uh Yes. You have nice…uh…breasts. We need to be quieter.”.

“Don’t worry. Most of the cubes nearby are empty. They’re in a meeting with Wilson. They’ll be there for another hour or so.”. She leaned forward and sagged her shoulders forward causing her blouse to open. It was open enough to show me part of her bra. Her bra sagged open a bit too. I was able to see the tops of her breasts. I was definitely staring at her breasts. She giggled and then wiggled her breasts. They swayed and lightly slapped together. Damn!

“Tomorrow, I’ll wear a different blouse that has a bit deeper, looser cleavage. Maybe a different bra too. It’ll make it better. This is fun -- sexy. So why are you so different today?”.

“I uh… Well… Nothing really. I was just being a bad boy inside my head. I got a bit carried away. Sorry.”.

“hmmm. Are ya having an affair? Or did Lorna do a one lady gangbang on you last night?”.

“No. Nothing like that. Now behave, dang it. Someone might hear.”.

“I don’t believe you. You must be getting some. Even a lot. Something is kicking that leering smile of yours into high gear. It is getting a lot of the ladies hot. More than one said they’re gonna bang their hubbies and boyfriends hard tonight. Their dudes will have you to thank.”.

“A lot of them?! Really? You must be kidding.”.

“Yes a lot. We girls sneak looks at you guys just as you do to the girls. Here have another good look.”.

She leaned forward and shook her shoulders. My eyes went to her exposed cleavage. She smiled and shook her shoulders harder. Bang-eddy bang-eddy. I watched. She wiggled. My hard-on seemed to throb in time with her shoulders.

“Ya liking the little girls? Who are ya banging, if not Lorna?”.

“Yes your -- uh -- little girls are nice to stare at. Lorna and I have been…well….getting divorced, so I‘m not banging anyone.”.

“Oh, sorry to hear that. Because normally a man does not look this good, this relaxed, that manly, and that horn-illy without getting some sex. Ya sure there‘s no one?”.

“What?! It… I… Just having day dreams. And no, I haven‘t been getting any. Thank you for reminding me. Now shush before someone hears.”.

“Hmmmm Not your wife then. Someone else. Did you have an affair? That’s the cause of the divorce? I always thought you were monogamous or at least discrete. Obviously I was wrong.”.

“No I did not have an affair, thank you. We just fell out of love -- hard. We were just constantly fighting. And I'm not dating anyone.”.

She smiled and said “Well, Lorna is out of the way. That gives us ladies here a chance. I hope it does. And I know Wendy hopes so big time. She has a crush on you that is just so sweet. She just about pees her pants when you walk by her.”.

Wendy? Little Wendy, the quiet, short, red headed mouse. The young girl is just barely out of high school. But little Wendy has nice boobs -- big B or small C cups I guess. And with her small size, they really stand out. And there are other women who want me. Oh my. I… uh… I'm even stuttering I my head. This is weird and awesome.

Susan leaned in further, closer to me and said “Please. Tell me I have a chance with you, a chance at some the fun. If you want you can feel the little girls. It would be real great to have someone fondle them. Lord knows George doesn‘t play with them at all.”.


“Yes just reach up and give them a nice squeeze. Even reach in.”. With that she really scrunched her shoulders and leaned forward, making her bra completely visible and sag some more. I could see the edge of her areolas. My hand started moving all on its own and I watched as my hand slipped into her blouse and towards her bra. My fingers slipped under her left cup and I felt her hanging boob, and then her nipple. Her stiff nipple. I rubbed and pinched it gently and then grabbed her whole boob in my hand and squeezed it. Susan’s eyes were closed and I heard a soft moan from her. My poor under-used dick was up, hard, throbbing, and making my pants bulge. It hadn’t been this hard and unsatisfied since my teens and 20’s. And just rubbing Susan’s boobs might make me go off in my pants.

“Nice. Thank you, Sam. That feels so nice. Anytime you want to play with my little girls, let me know. Or maybe after work we can find someplace to get a quickie in. Hey! Wendy only lives a few blocks from here. She walks to work each day. If you promise to do her, I'm sure she would let us use her apartment for a small orgy. Oh, I hear them coming out of the meeting. Damn. Must have been a shorter meeting than I thought. Back to the grindstone.”.

She pulled back and my hand slid out of her blouse. My mind was still enjoying the feelings from fondling her boob. Then she moved her hand down to my lap and rubbed my hard dick through my pants. “Oh shit that feels like a nice big one. Just say yes. Just say when. I will talk with Wendy. Damn I hope we can keep it between us two girls… I don’t want to share any more than I have to. George has left me high and dry. Well high and wet, I guess would be a better way to say it. Hee hee”.

With that she stood and walked away. The others came noisily into their cubes, muttering about some big project and the new deadlines. More work, less time, do dah do dah. Some things never change.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 3

Near the end of the day, Susan and Wendy came to my cube. Wendy was shyly smiling. Susan was definitely the much more confident of the two. Susan pushed Wendy close to me, forcing her breasts onto my shoulder. She quietly said “Ask him. Ask him if he’s going to say yes.”. Susan grabbed Wendy’s arms and pulled them slightly behind her. This forced Wendy’s breasts to push out harder onto my shoulder. Her abdomen was pressed against my side. Her blushing face was above me, but just inches from mine. Her face was getting beet red. Along with her freckles, it was beyond cute.

She whispered “Did you… Are you… Say yes, please.”.

I looked to her face and then down to her breasts pressed onto my shoulder. I reached up with my hand and rubbed her arm near her shoulder. She looked scared, helpless to do anything but watch my hand. Susan was smiling big time, holding her. Besides trapping Wendy up against me, she was also blocking anyone’s view from my hand on Wendy. I guess if someone looked in, it would look like we were all looking at my screen or something on my desk. My hand moved over closer to her breast. I grazed her side, near her breast. Wendy’s knees buckled. If she wasn’t trapped between Susan and me, I think she would have fallen. I felt her get her legs under control. Then, as my hand rubbed the side of her breast, I felt her shudder slightly as she stood there watching my hand feel her up. I hadn’t even touched her full breast yet.

Susan leaned forward and around Wendy and got close to my ear. “She is a virgin. Tell her…tell us…say yessss”. She then stuck her tongue out and pressed it against my ear. “Say yesssss. Tell sweet little wet Wendy here you will pop her cherry.”. My hand grabbed Wendy’s breast. I squeezed it firmly. I heard her let out a small squeak. I started to maul her breast. I rubbed it. I pinched it. I moved it around.

Susan said “I will take that as a yes. Do you think that is a yes, Wendy? Wendy?”.

I looked up and saw her eyes shut tightly. I felt her body shuddering. Was she orgasming from just a tittie squeeze? She sighed, relaxed, opened her eyes, looked at us, and said “What?”.

Susan was staring at the little girl trapped between us. In a very small tiny whisper she asked “Did you just…have a big O?”.

“Uh no. But it felt real, real good.”.

“You did too. I felt you shudder. I felt you go off from just one short fondling. You slut. Oh my Sam, we’re going to have a live one here.”. She then surprise us both by reaching her hand up and cupping Wendy’s other boob. She hefted up and down a couple of times. Wendy’s eyes closed again, her body started shuddering again. Susan giggled and then focused on little Wendy’s nipple. She pinched and rubbed. I moved my hand and found her other nipple. I also pinched and rubbed. Damn if Wendy didn’t go off again. This time there was no mistake. She was having an orgasm, right here in my office cube, from just having her tits felt up.

Susan giggled and said “Oh my god, Sam. There she goes again.”.

We played some more. Wendy’s eyes were closed tight, she was breathing deep, she was shuddering, and goosebumps were all over her arms. I heard some people coming closer, so did Susan. I do not think Wendy would have heard a jet. Susan stood back and pulled Wendy upright with her. She let Wendy’s arms loose. Then she said in a moderately loud business like voice “Yes. I think it is a yes then. We will make the arrangements and coordinate with you. Wendy did you understand and get all of that? Good. Let’s go take a break outside? Later, Sam”.

Susan herded poor dazed Wendy out the nearby door that led to the outside. I saw them pass by my window. Susan looked in and smiled. I know she could not see in. The windows looked like mirrors from the outside. They walked to the smoker’s bench behind the trees and went out of sight. I tried to work and yet I tried to watch, to see if I could see them, knowing I couldn’t. After a few minutes the girls came walking back to the building. Wendy’s hair was mussed up. Her blouse was not as straight as it was. Did Susan molest her? It looked that way. As they passed my window, Susan looked in my direction again and smiled.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 4

The last hours of work finally ended. The day at work was finally, finally over. I shut down and walked out. Everyone was walking to their cars and a few stragglers from swing shift were running into to work. Susan and Wendy came along side me. And Susan corralled Wendy and me along side her car. I leaned in close and asked Susan “Did you molest little Wendy there on the bench?” Wendy went a deep red in the face. Her pale skin was almost matching her red hair.

“Yes I did. I gave her a quick, but good going over. She’s a great kisser. Here’s a gift.”. She reached her hand into her pants pocket and pulled out a pair of light green undies. She held them out for me and said “Wendy, tell Sam he can have your underwear. Tell him to smell them. Do it.”. Susan seem to be very dominant over little Wendy and Wendy seem to slip deeper into her little mouse mode. “Tell him”.

“Uh er Sam uh Please take my underwear.”. A nudge from Susan and she added “And please smell them. Smell me on them.”.

Susan smiled big and said “See little one, not hard at all. Sam?”.

I took the undies and looked around. No one near by or remotely even looking at us three. I pulled my clenched hand up to my nose and inhaled. Pussy. A smell I had not been getting a lot of lately. Her smell was rich. It was almost a perfume musk. Heady stuff. Wait! If I have her undies, then she is standing here commando. And she finished her day at work that way.

“Wendy. Your undies smell nice. But I think they have been off you too long.”. I paused and looked at her. She was looking worried. “What I mean to say is that I want to smell you, not your undies. Come closer and turn around. Face Susan.”.

She looked at me, then at Susan. Then she turned her back to me and stepped back closer to me. Susan also stepped closer to us. Again she was blocking the view. I reached my hand down and slid it along Wendy’s butt. Nice tight firm butt. I used just my fingers to grab the skirt and start bunching it up. I looked at Susan and she was staring at Wendy and smiling…almost evilly…certainly lustily. I felt little Wendy start to shake. I looked down. I had the back of her skirt almost up. I could see her bare ass. There! My hand touched her bare ass. She shuddered again. Damn I can’t imagine what she will do when I fuck her. Damn! I'm gonna fuck this young girl…and Susan too. After so long with little, then no sex, now I might get a lot. Can a guy die from too much fucking? Let me find out.

“Reach back and hold your skirt up so I can feel your ass and then your pussy. I’m guessing it’s wet. Is it?” Whap! I slapped her ass lightly.

“Eeek!” Her hands reached back to protect her butt. I grabbed her hands and moved them onto her bunched skirt. She quickly got the idea, obeyed my order, and held the material. Yes, Wendy is a meek mouse. My fingers stroked her butt. I slapped her butt again.

“Tell me. Answer me. Are you wet?”.

“Yes. I’m wet. Very wet. I can feel it going down my legs, dripping. Oh god. I haven‘t been this horny ever. You two have me turned on.”.

“Say it with ‘Yes sir’ or ‘Yes master‘. Are you wet, my little worm? Say it properly.”. I wanted to see how deep she wanted to be ordered around.

“Yes master. I'm wet. My pussy is wet. All because you two are making me wet, master.”.

My fingers were sliding deep into her butt crease and down under towards her pussy. Slick wet, hairy pussy lips greeted my probing fingers. Susan reached her hand up and near my nose.

Susan giggled and said “Keep rubbing her a bit. But here, smell her on my fingers.”.

Wow Susan must have fingered her on the bench and didn‘t wash her fingers off! Yes. That is the same pussy smell as from her undies. I pushed two fingers into her. She was shuddering hard and moaning. I pulled my fingers from her, not wanting to get caught finger fucking a coworker in the parking lot. I looked around and most cars were already driving away to their various homes. I pulled the wet fingers to my nose. Wow! Rich, musky, overpowering, sweet smell of wet pussy flooded my nose. My cock was very hard. I moved the fingers into my mouth. Tasty. “Hmmmm you taste good. I reached back down, pushed my fingers in again, and pulled out another sample. I pulled my hand up and placed it in front of Wendy’s and Susan’s faces. “Smell. Taste.”.

Susan grabbed my hand and sucked one finger into her mouth, staring at little Wendy. She then pushed my other wet finger to Wendy and pushed it into her mouth. “Suck it clean for Sam. You don’t want him going home stinking of your pussy, do you? Suck it very clean.”. She sucked and licked like this was going to be her last meal. I pulled my wet hand from her mouth and Susan pushed her fingers into Wendy‘s mouth. “Clean mine too.”.

Susan giggled and said “So Sam. When do we get that dick of yours? Soon?”.

“I will let you know. Maybe Saturday. This is all so sudden. We’ve got to get out of this parking lot before we start any rumors. I got to think.”. My pants covered cock was pressed against Wendy’s bare ass. Wendy was not the only one on fire.

Some more people were walking out of the building and toward the few cars near us. Susan said “Wendy, drop your skirt and stand up straight. We gotta go before we are noticed staying too long. Sam, here are our home numbers and Wendy’s address. Call us. Please soon. I need it and you can tell this little minx is in very serious need. Do NOT start without me. I want to see you pop her. Anytime.”. She grabbed Wendy and said “Get in my car. I will take you to your apartment.”. She looked at me and said “I will enjoy her pussy and her tongue and her fingers.”. She looked at Wendy and said “You are my little sex bitch tonight. George is at his brothers working on his old van. We will have some time. Night Sam.” She entered her car, Wendy sat, like a zombie, in Susan’s car, and I walked with a stiff cock to mine.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fun With Coworkers, Chapter 5

Friday at the office started heavy, what with everyone trying to meet the new, tighter deadlines. It was heads down, fingers and phones flying. It wasn’t until about 2 that Susan crossed over into my cube.

“Hi there, sweet thang.”.

I looked up and Susan was standing there bent forward a bit, her dark blouse hung open and she was showing her bra completely. The bra was also hanging open a bit. Her breasts were visible all the way to her areolas. She had on a light colored skirt. It was shorter than her normal skirts. It showed her legs far more. It wasn’t a mini, but came mid thigh.

“Like the view? I practiced a bit yesterday, just for you. Had to re-hone old skills.” She moved in closer keeping her open blouse loose, exposing her breasts to my view. She then leaned in close to my ear. “Little Wendy’s tongue is a bit tired today. And my cunt is happier than it has been in months. She licked and fingered me for about an hour before I licked her off. I kept my fingers out of her. I wanted to wait for your cock to push on through her cherry first. She comes easy, real easy. The little slut went ballistic almost the moment my face got in there. Her nipples might be a bit sore today too. I pinched them hard -- a lot.”

My cock was jumping and twitching at the thought of them writhing around, faces in the other’s crotch. Susan looked at my crotch and saw my cock moving, saw it bulging my pants. She whispered in my ear “I think your little man likes the idea of us, naked, sucking, licking, cumming. What do you think?”.

She reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. I was being jerked off in the office. There were people in their cubes, near us. Thankfully the closest ones were not occupied. We had to keep quiet or at least make it sound like work.

“Here uh, do you see this field? That is the problem. Oh. There.”. I reached to her skirt and slipped my hand under. I rubbed her legs. I move my hand higher. Her hand squeezed my cock firmer and she kept rubbing. My hand reached higher and felt…her bare, wet pussy. My fingers slipped right into her pussy without stop. Her hand on my cock stopped. She gasped quietly.

She reopened her eyes and said “Oh yes, Sam. I see the field. You entered -- a good value, but I think more can go in there. And here is the file you asked for. She handed me a manila envelope. I removed my fingers and took the folder.

She leaned in close to my ear again and said “These are mine. Wendy got me off twice with her mouth before I let her take them off. They were soaked. Smell good?”.

I opened the folder and looked in -- and saw underwear. I smelled the strong aroma of pussy. It exploded from the envelope. I closed it fast to keep my cube from smelling like a whorehouse. I then noticed my fingers, my pussy wet fingers, smelled of her pussy too. So much for that effort. Shit. I licked my fingers in an attempt to limit the smell. Hmmm good.

“Wendy and I want to see you this evening…her apartment.”.

Getting divorced or not, this felt like cheating. Something I never did. For Susan it was cheating for sure. I needed to twist my head to this new reality. I have been dragging my feet about everything since this divorce. Maybe this is the kick I need to get on with my life.

I whispered back “I uh… Well how about Saturday? I think I can make it Saturday. You two free?”.

“Wendy will be -- especially if I tell her. If George is home, I’ll just tell that useless husband I’m going to visit a friend. He will not even notice I'm gone. He has his beer in the fridge and his sports on the TV. Let us say high noon? Care for a couple of noon quickies? Or a couple of longies? Or hell, a lot of them?”.

“Yes. Noon.”. I looked at her eyes, hard. I was trying to say with just my eyes how much I needed this sex.

She smiled, wiggled her shoulders making her boobs bang around again. She looked behind her, then back at me. She lifted her skirt front. Her dark pussy hair was trimmed into a small triangle. Her pussy lips were bare. I was so very hard and throbbing.

“I trimmed up just for you.“. She stood up straight and dropped her skirt back into place. “Saturday then.”.

She left soon after that and it was a good thing as my boss, Audrey, came to my cube to sling some new specs art me. Our department was getting the overflow from Wilson’s department. My boss kept looking around oddly, then she asked ‘Do you smelled something odd? Uh… well odd.”.

“I don’t smell anything, my allergies are acting up today. Could be someone ate their lunch in their cube. Trying to get all this extra work done.”

“Yeah a lot of that lately. The lunch room wasn’t near as full as normal.“ She sniffed the air. “Fish? No. That is close… It smells like… Well don’t get offended and don‘t cry sexual harassment on me, but it smells like some female is super horny.”.

I giggled and looked at her and said “Well, you are here…hmmm.”.

“Good comeback, Sam. I may be, but that is a different story. Dang. I think we both need to behave. But it was my fault. I started it. It’s almost time to go home. Look over those specs, but then get gone. It’s Friday. Come Monday, I want you to have a solid look at your workload and then let me know what can move to your back burner. We need these done quickly. Sorry.”.

After a quick scanning through the specs, I shut down. The project was doable in the time needed, if I dropped all other projects. With that, I walked out to my car. Susan and Wendy caught up with me and we walked together. Again Susan’s car was closest.

“Sam, I told her Saturday. Noon. I will be there at her place. I will have her in just her birthday suit…waiting for you to plunder.”.

“Susan, come here.”. She came close and I reached under her skirt and again slipped two fingers up into her pussy. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, but did not move away. “Do not have her naked. Getting her and you undressed will be my job. My pleasure.”. I wiggled my fingers, then pulled them harshly up, pressing against her clit. “Got it?”. I pressed harder and was almost lifting her by her pussy.

If I was going to be dominant over Wendy, I may as well do it for Susan too.

She gasped again. Wendy was watching and nodding her head.

Susan whispered “Yes, Sam. I will be dressed. Oh god. Please don’t stand me up. Don’t stand us up. Please come…and…do me…do us.”.

I hissed at Susan “Say ‘Yes sir‘.”

“Uh, yes sir. We will have our clothes on…uh…sir.”.

“And you two behave. No starting without me. Sit and talk, but clothes stay on, fingers and tongues keep off each other. Wendy your turn, come here.”.

“Yes sir.”. She quickly moved closer.

I pulled my fingers from Susan’s pussy. She sighed, then moved out of Wendy’s way. I used my other hand, holding the wet one off to the side. My fingers reached under Wendy’s skirt and found she had her undies on. I slid my fingers under the leg band and got to her pussy. Two fingers went in, slowly this time. Wendy was starting to shudder. I can’t wait to see a full fledge orgasm. I pushed and felt her hymen. Damn. I pulled my fingers out and smell both hands. Nice and nice. “See you two tomorrow.”. I licked my fingers. “hmmm Tasty.”.

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