Teen boy rescues little girl and doctors her body with special care
JackassTales…Tale # 49…Readers; this is a taboo story, it’s dirty, it’s filthy, and it’s perverted (according to the eye of the beholder). Yet, you might also find here a bit of juvenile romance and passion. If young sex (teen boy of 15, preteen girl of 8) bothers you then you won’t like this! This is a fictional fantasy from the mind of a Horny Old Dog of a man who writes tales full of exaggerated circumstances, sexual actions, and dialogue.

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Good Little 3rd Grade Girl

(Part One) Innocence Tested

Mom and Dad trusted me to stay out of trouble, so they went to visit my aunt and uncle without me. I was a good boy and I considered myself fairly mature for a fella with 15 years of age under his belt. At this very moment, I was nearly finished reassembling a moped I had dismantled and repaired inside our garage. I loved tinkering on mechanical things and, to tell the truth, I was a pretty dang good mechanic!

BOOM! What the hell? Was that a gunshot? Looking out the opened doublewide garage door, I spied a little girl trying her best to control a runaway bicycle which had blown a front tire. I suppose my protective instincts kicked into high gear. Before I could think, I reacted. Jumping up, I raced out the door, sprinted out to the sidewalk, and attempted to intercept the renegade vehicle.

As Yoda might say, too late, I was. Luckily, the bike careened into our grassy yard instead of out into the street. Not so fortunately, the bicycle jackknifed and threw its rider head over heels over the handlebars. The screaming girl child’s body was thrown into an overgrown, bushy, brambly flowerbed.

“Girl, are you okay?” I raced up and asked. Without awaiting an answer, I waded out into the thorny flowerbed and snatched the child up into my arms.

The girl was trembling. She’d had a scare, that’s for sure. “I don’t know,” she answered. “Oh no, I’m bleeding!” she cried.

Sure enough, she was bleeding from multiple injuries. They looked to be minor scrapes and scratches, but you never could tell without a thorough examination. Cradling the kid against my shirtless summer-tanned chest, I trotted back into the garage. As I ran, I realized who the girl was. She lived two houses down, her name was Aimee, and she was an 8-year-old 3rd grader. I didn’t know her last name and I’d never spoken a word to her before.

In an effort to comfort this kid, I made a quick introduction. “Hey girl, I’m Jack,” I reassured hoping and praying I was right. “Don’t worry, you will be okay.”

A small workshop occupied a back corner of the garage. I sat Aimee on a four-foot wide by six-foot long worktable. I dashed into the house and returned with soap, water, disinfectant, and bandages. I suppose it never occurred to me that this was a job more suited for a girl child’s mother. Perhaps the girl was in shock because she made no attempt to set me straight.

Luckily, this girl’s face was relatively unscathed. Oh, and what a pretty face she had! Dimpled cheeks, heart-shaped lips, and sparkling green eyes were framed by a flyaway wreath of jet black curls. I dabbed my wet cloth at several errant tears. This sweetheart of a girl looked so innocent and vulnerable I just wanted to reach out, kiss her, and make it ‘all better’.

Impulsively, that’s just what I did! My lips gently touched her forehead. When she raised her head, an impetuous impulse caused me to brush her lips with mine. For some reason my lips lingered a few precious seconds. Without my permission, the tip of my tongue daringly ran over her mouth. Resisting threatening temptation, I pulled away.

Aimee’s short, sleeveless halter top was speckled with bloody patches. This was not a time for standing on the rigid rules of propriety. I may not be a doctor, but I was the guy administering emergency care. “Girl, this has to come off,” I informed. Grabbing the top’s hem, I lifted the garment and pulled it over the girl’s head.

Despite her youthful age, Aimee was old enough to feel self-conscious with her upper body exposed to a boy. Too late, she had grabbed for the top to stop its removal. Now that it was gone, her hands desperately clutched her chest in an attempt to conceal feminine flesh.

To be truthful, I suppose I expected to see a bra. With the girl being only 8, I guess this was a bit unrealistic. There was no bra. As there were no tits, there was no need for a bra. Although she was definitely flat-chested, there was an unmistakable look of femininity to the girl’s body.

Aimee was a trooper, I can say that. Even though her face was blushing, she sat right there on the edge of the worktable while I washed and disinfected her upper body wounds. Luckily, none of the cuts or scrapes required more than a bandaid or two to cover them. Other than the scrapes and cuts, there were no other blemishes marring this girl’s flawless flesh. So tempting was the appealing feminine sight, my fingers used the pretense of seeking out wounds to touch it. The silky warm skin seemed to melt as I caressed it.

Temptation gnawed at me as cheese in a trap would torturously lure a rat. The very same lips which had touched this girl’s mouth now wanted to kiss her belly and chest. Tits or not, she was nonetheless a handful of feminine delight. “Oh, goodness me,” I whispered huskily. “Forgive me Sweetie, but I just have to do this!”

Slipping my hands under the girl’s armpits, I lifted her featherweight body up to where she was dangling above me. My lips kissed her seductive belly bump and tickled her tiny bellybutton. “Oh Jack, maybe you’re not supposed to do this,” her timid voice shyly pronounced.

Even as she protested, her hands involuntarily pulled away leaving herself exposed. My exploring mouth touched her flat, boobless chest. I could swear my sucky-kissy lips felt the swell of a bosom and the stiffening rise of a couple of budding nipples! My imagination must be playing tricks on me!

Abruptly as it began, it ended. I sat Aimee’s sweet little ass back down on the table. After taking a seat on a chair, I lifted this girl’s barefooted legs one after the other and doctored their wounds. Slim, sexy, and oh so soft, these appealing little walking sticks definitely were pretty!

Now came the moment of truth. A momentous decision must be made. Do I dare treat and care for the wounds hidden beneath this girl child’s shorts and panties? Perhaps this is one part of the doctoring task I should leave to more appropriate hands! Even as my mind debated the question of proper behavior, my nimble-fingered hands were already taking action. The hook holding Aimee’s pale blue shorts closed popped open. The zipper magically unzipped. For one whole minute, the girl stopped me from going further. A barely audible voice said, “Do you have to?” Before the echo of the words faded away, more followed, “Okay, do it if you must.”

Whether it was God or the Devil or the Man in the Moon directing our movements, I didn’t know, but Aimee lay back flat on the table and I stripped every remaining stitch of her clothing off!

Boy oh boy, I had me a real live, jaybird naked little girl lying in front of me with every inch of her forbidden flesh exposed to my eyes! I guess Aimee saw my mesmerized stare. She was not a ‘bad’ girl. This child’s hands cupped her uncovered pubic mound in a flash and flipped over on her belly.

Aimee was quick, I’ll say that, but she was not so quick I didn’t get an eyeful of the nicest little mounded pussy I had ever seen. There was a mighty fine crack splitting the pretty pubic hill right into two perfect halves! And, the kicker here was this; there was not even the slightest hint of a pubic hair anywhere! Yesiree, the girl’s pussy was bare-nude bald!

My brain was sidetracked by the sight of an angry abrasion which ran across the sweetest little ass I’d ever seen. Several inches in length, the scratch didn’t look all that deep, but it did look painful. Wetting my cloth, I proceeded to cleanse this wound with warm, clean water. I was fairly certain my disinfectant had alcohol in it and I could guess that this tender ass skin would burn like hell when I applied it.

As if reading my mine, Aimee tearfully pleaded. “Jack, do you have something which doesn’t burn bad?” she asked. “Sorry, but I’m a big baby!”

I was for sure stumped for an answer. As far as I knew, everything I had either stung, or burned, or both! “Sorry honey, but I don’t think I have anything else,” I regretfully admitted.

Whimpering cries broke my heart. Damnit, it just wasn’t fair that this sweetie should suffer! Just when I too was about to cry an inspired bit of home-remedy trivia popped into my head. Whether it worked or not, I didn’t know.

“Hey Aimee, I have an idea,” I eagerly announced. “I’m only 15 so I don’t know a lot about medicinal things, but I’ve heard about a simple remedy which is both a pain reliever and a disinfectant! It is saliva out of your mouth! Don’t you just naturally put your finger in your mouth and suck on it if you stick it or cut if? It feels good too, doesn’t it? Wanna try?”

Aimee lifted her head and twisted to look at her naked derriere. Her eyes stared into mine with hope. “Jack, I can’t suck on my own…behind,” she said. “Will you suck on it for me?”

Well now, I wasn’t right sure about the sanitation involved in allowing someone else to suck on you, but damnit, I wasn’t going to be the one to dash this girl’s hopes! Besides dumbass, how did I expect her to kiss her own ass anyway? “Sure Sweetie,” I answered. “Lie down and I’ll fix you up right up!”

Bending over, my lips found the abrasion and went to town. Oh god, I just couldn’t get over the incredible feeling I got when my hands or lips touched this girl’s supersoft skin! My tongue and lips thoroughly cleansed the wound but didn’t stop there. Without seeking permission, I kissed this sweet little girl’s ass all over. My tongue traced down into the deep crack and tickled a puckered asshole. My hands massaged flesh.

Laying the cheek of my face against the erotic ass cheek of this little girl, I whispered, “Is that better?”

Aimee, at first, nodded without speaking. When she did talk, words tumbled out. “Yes, that part is much better,” she admitted. “But Jack, that’s not the part hurting the worse! I…I think I did something to my…my pee-pee! I’m scared because it’s bleeding inside, I think?”

Bone-chilling fear shot down my spine. Now I know what it feels like to have somebody walk on your grave. God, please don’t let this innocent babe be hurt beyond repair!

“Jack, if you don’t mind,” Aimee timidly asked. “Will you examine me…down there?”

I suppose fear of the unknown can alter normal behavior. Any other time and any other place this innocent girl would not stretch out on her back, spread her legs, and offer her naked pussy mound up for inspection. But, this is what she was doing now.

Little girl for sure was what this child was, but the swollen mound between her legs was a prime piece of all-female flesh! If you wished upon a star for a nice piece of pussy then this is what you would get if your wish came true!

One of my hands gingerly spread over Aimee’s mound and cupped it gently. The puffy pussy was the softest place I had yet touched on her body! Using just my fingertips, I spread the outer lips and studied the crack running down to the underside of her ass. What had to be the prettiest little clitoral treasure any girl ever had, my eyes found right here! Small, perky, and sticking up stiff, it was breathtaking in its exotic beauty!

And then I saw the dreaded blood! Right there hiding at the entrance to a delicate little inner pussyhole were several droplets of already drying blood. Here I was expecting to find a hemorrhaging gusher, but in fact, I found only a trickle.

“Oh shit, Aimee, I know what this is!” I announced. “Girl, when you tumbled head over heels off your bike, you busted your virginal cherry!”

The girl looked back at me quizzically. “I did?” she asked. “Doesn’t this mean I’m not going to bleed to death? Of course it does! But Jack, it still burns and stings. Do you think you can reach where it hurts and doctor it like you did my…butt?”

This young lady was now showing the real depth of her sexual innocence. She didn’t even know what she was asking for. Why, the girl was behaving as if I would be doing ‘her’ a big favor by licking on and sucking her pussy!

As a fairly decent minded young man who likes to consider himself somewhat of a gentleman, I knew I should send this girl child home right this minute. On the other hand, who am I to look opportunity in the eye and spit in it? Damnit, if I did that I’d loose my lifetime membership to the Pussylovers Club of America!

“Okay Babydoll, I’ll try,” I shrugged and said. “You just trust me. Lie back and I’ll see if I can ease your discomfort.”

Aimee was so trusting she relaxed completely. When I leaned my head between her legs, I felt the tentative touch of her fingers as her hands settled on the top of my head. Suddenly, my lips collided head-on with the swollen mass of this girl’s pussy mound! I kissed. I kissed the puffy lips and kissed down into the silky valleys which led to thighs. The sweet, sensuous scent of an all natural female pussy wafted into my nostrils and set my loins on fire!

As natural as night follows day, I moved from concentrating on Aimee’s outer pussy to her inner pussy. I spread her swollen folds, found the clitoral jewel I wanted, and slurped it into my mouth. The tiny protrusion stiffened harder and it grew in size. I tasted, I flicked, I licked, and I played with it.

Okay, I’m not supposed to be playing pussy-fun games! I’m supposed to be administering comforting first aid. My fingers spread the little girl’s inner pussy lips. There, surrounded by a field of vibrant pink flesh, was the inflamed opening of Aimee’s cherry-busted vaginal cavity.

I really and truly wanted to soothe the innocent girl’s discomfiture, but was there any reason why I couldn’t have some fun too? I don’t think so! I’m no vampire, but I don’t believe I’ll be squeamish about a little taste of virginal blood. Heck, any fella who’d let a little squeamishness get in the way of his getting himself a piece of pussy to eat is a guy who doesn’t deserve to get any!

And I was getting me a piece of pussy, I was, oh yes, I was! My saliva-wet tongue slid right through where a cherry barrier had been and started playing in a place made by nature for a cock to roam. Once started, I couldn’t stop. I ate my new little girl friend’s pussy with the hearty appetite of a starving man. I kissed pussylips. I sucked honey clit. I tongue-fucked the sweetest, tightest, hottest little pussyhole I know I’ll ever find this side of heaven!

“Jack, oh what are you doing to me?” a faraway voice asked. “Oh, what is this feeling you’re making me have? Oh no, no, oh yes, yes, oh good god yes!”

A reclining girl’s feet climbed up my arms and searched until they found a head to wrap around. As I buried my face deeper into this girl’s pussy, I heard her whimpering cries of orgasmic cheer resounding around the garage. If I were to make a wild guess, I’d bet that Aimee had never cum before! Well boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, this little gal is cumming now! There on the garage table a little girl was trembling and quivering with shiver after shiver of carnal joy. Not knowing whether or not to shout out in happiness, she continued with her blissful whimpering cries.

I had a feeling Aimee was about at the end of her orgasmic rope. For good measure, I drove my cupped and stiffened tongue deep into her pussy in a series of probing, penetrating thrusts. The girl rode one more multiple wave of pleasure then collapsed beneath me.

Neither Aimee nor I spoke. This girl was either going to remember this fondly and love me forever or else she was going to feel violated and remorseful. Oh please, let it be the former!

As an answer to my silent request, the sweet child slipped from the table and dropped into my lap. Throwing her arms around my shirtless chest, she held her nude body against me. “Thank you, Jack,” was all she said. But, it was enough.

I enfolded this sweet child into my arms, hugged her close, and rained kisses on her head. The girl scrunched against me and settled in as if she might be staying a while. This would be just fine with me! There was only problem with the position I was setting in now and it was causing me quite a bit of discomfort. With all my fidgeting, this girl was bound to notice. And, she did. “What’s wrong, Jack?” she asked.

Well heck, I might as well tell the truth! “Sweetie, I’ve kinda got my penis in an uncomfortable position and I need to get it straightened out!” I blurted out.

“What can I do to help?” Aimee innocently asked. “You helped me tremendously today, Jack. I guess I can help you, too!”

The naked girl stood on the floor between my legs. All semblance of her timid reluctance was fading away. “Doesn’t this have to open?” she asked. With quick-flying, nimble fingers, Aimee unsnapped and unzipped my cutoff jeans. Reaching a hand inside my waistband, this girl searched for then found something to hold on to.

Aimee’s hand came out with the surprise catch of the day. “Oh my goodness, that’s a big one!” she exclaimed. “Jack, what do you want me to do with it?”

I’ll be damned if I’m gonna expose this little girl to the nasty thing boys have between their horny legs! Hell, I’m not that perverted and wicked! Damnit, yes you are so!

And, so I was. I jerked off my briefs and cutoff jeans. “Just stay where you are, Aimee,” I said. “If you really want to help me, just play with this. You can pump it like a bike pump. You can jerk on it or you can pull it. Damn, if you want, you can even kiss it!”

The girl was young, but she wasn’t one bit hard of hearing. Unbelievably, the child took to cockplay like a duck takes to water. She was awkward and inexperienced, but she beat my meat, she jerked, she tugged, and yes she did kiss my penile rod.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself, but this little girl seemed to be completely fascinated with the feel of my cock against her in her face and lips! She kissed, she nippled, and she fondled my cockflesh with her lips and hands. Guys, watch out when this girl really learns to suck cock!

Summoning my strength, I pulled my enraged erection out of the clutches of Aimee’s biting teeth. I wrapped her hands around my elongated manhood and ordered, “Pump this hard and fast! I’m getting ready to cum! God, you’re just too damn sexy for me to take this any longer!”

The girl pumped. She pumped fast. If she doesn’t already know what’s coming, then she is in for a rude awakening! If I’m any judge of girls, I’d say that this one has never seen a one-eyed cocksnake discharging its load of creamy cum.

The venomous serpent enclosed in Aimee’s hands spit. A whiplash of milky fire shot over this girl’s head. Unfazed by the surprise, she pumped more energetically. A creamy foam spray barely missed drowning us both.

Aimee beat my meat, she milked me, and she spurred my body to visit orgasmic heights it had never known. Perched up in a lofty high, I was the King of the World!

Even kings have to come down from their lofty perch sometimes. I came down before I was ready, but god it was good while it lasted! Even though it was her first sexual experience, I believe Aimee had a good time, too. At least this child wasn’t running away in fear or shame!

“Hey Sweetie, that was fun!” I said as I hugged the girl’s nude body in my arms. After planting a few kisses on her cheeks and lips then grabbing another handful of young pussy, I pushed my luck, “Honey, do you think we can do this again sometime soon?”

The little girl gave an enthusiastic affirmative nod. “Jack, I’d really like to!” she said merrily. “That’s the most fun I’ve ever had! Oh, I had a better time than I had at the fair last week! Hey, can I do something?”

Without awaiting an answer, Aimee reached up into her shimmering raven hair, fumbled in the curls, then held out a foot long length of blue silk ribbon. Before I could even imagine what she was about to do, the girl stood in front of me and looped the ribbon around my cock then tied it into a delicate bow.

“You win First Prize for the best penis in my world!’ Aimee announced. “I have to go home now but I’ll come back soon. Jack, I know my pee-pee hole is really small, but do you think my hole is big enough to hold your penis? Can we try sometime? I’ve already lost my cherry! Don’t answer now, just wait.”

Aimee and I dressed and prepared for her departure. The girl ran to me and jumped up into my arms. I had no idea that a girl of this age could be such a bundle of smoldering passion. For five furtive minutes we hugged, we kissed, and we made plans for mating our loins together in the bonds of puppy-love and forbidden lust.

Surprisingly, Aimee’s bike was relatively undamaged. After I pulled it out of the flowerbed and patched the blowout, the sweet child mounted it and rode home. Strange, now that she’s gone because I can still feel her, smell her, and taste her.

Soon, if I’m lucky, I really will have her again, yes soon!

(Part Two) Innocence Lost

At first thought people might think a boy of 15 years in age is a little too old to be playing in a treehouse. But, most teen guys have not already made up their minds that their future careers will be as architects or structural engineers. And, most such boys didn’t have such a tempting architectural and engineering challenge to work on as I had been working on for the past six months.

An abandoned radio signal repeater tower had sat deserted for over a year in a small, fenced-in lot behind our property. As a kid, I was never supposed to climb it, but of course, I did. Now I had taken this streak of rebellion to its ultimate heights. I had engineered a structural platform within the tower’s girders and braces and with the assistance of a couple of friends I had built the finest one-of-a-kind ‘treehouse’ in town.

Standing forty feet above the ground, my ten foot by ten foot treehouse had a wraparound walking deck. Inside, the dwelling could boast of electric power and cable TV reception courtesy of a bootlegged signal. A kitchen table with three chairs, a ratty old couch, and a bunk bed made the structure a welcoming abode.

From my lofty perch on high I could use my binoculars or telescope to spy on the world. I was spying right now. As I focused my lenses, I saw two walking figures turn from the sidewalk and head for our house. When recognition came, my heart stopped. Holy shit, it was Aimee and it was her mother!

I was caught! The little girl had confessed all that had happened yesterday! The indignant mother had come to send my child-molesting ass to juvenile hall!

Through the powerful spyglasses I could see the resemblance between mother and daughter. Aimee’s mother was a knockout! Yet, pretty as she was, I had eyes only for my sweet little girl. Dressed in her Sunday church clothes, the girl was an angelic vision! A flower-petaled hairband crowned her dark-as-sin headfull of curly hair. A frilly, flower-patterned sundress draped her feminine form with its hem stopping several inches above her knees. Bright white anklets covered dainty feet enclosed in polished patent leather slippers.

Oh no, here comes my mom! As I gazed in dread, the two adult women engaged in a lively conversation. After several minutes, the trio of females turned and walked towards my spy nest in the sky. Surrendering to my inevitable fate, I climbed down the long treehouse ladder and prepared to take my medicine. I had knowingly done the ‘crime’ so now I’d have to do the ‘time’. I walked toward my accusers.

Long story shortened…why, I was not being accused of a crime at all! Aimee’s mother had come to ‘thank’ her little girl’s knight-in-shining-armor for rushing to the damsel-in-distress’s rescue yesterday. Praise for selfless devotion to duty was heaped on me. Commendations for excellent medical treatments followed.

I can’t say I wasn’t pleased with this unexpected turn of events because I most certainly was! I had dodged a bullet and emerged a hero! I didn’t milk it, in fact, I tried to make light of the whole incident. The two mothers wouldn’t have it.

Looking towards the sweet, innocent little girl, my heart swelled with the realization that she had saved my bacon! I can’t believe I did it, but I asked her if she would like to see the view from my sky top outlook. The girl nodded her head with a vigorous affirmative gesture. After gazing up at the dizzying heights, her mother apprehensively trusted me to take care of her child and gave her permission.

Both moms headed for the house for a coffee time break. Knowing our private time together was limited, I hurried Aimee over to the ladder. The girl’s body was trembling as she climbed up one rung after another, but she was comforted by my close, protective presence on the step beneath her.

I was having a difficult task with this upward ascent. Aimee’s short-hemmed dress was rising each time she stepped higher. I had a catbird’s seat to a beautiful up-skirt show staring slim legs and girly-pink panties stretched over a sweet young ass! I’m just the fella to know how succulent and sweet that tasty little ass was!

I had forgotten to close the trapdoor hatch in the floor, so Aimee started in through it. As soon as her waist disappeared out of sight from the ground, I reached above me, slipped my hands under her dress, and then pulled her panties off her ass. I suppose I was taking it for granted that this girl would let me do this. Thankfully, I was right!

I couldn’t wait one second longer. I started kissing exposed ass flesh with hungry lips. My watering mouth sucked, my lips licked, and my hands caressed. Trying not to disturb bandaids, I merrily played.

Taking a step up, I reached around the girl and cupped a handful of pussy. The little mound swelled and stiffened. Speaking of stiff, the meaty erection inside my pants stretched to such a swollen size it strained the fabric of the cloth.

“Climb on up, Sweetie,” I instructed. “We have to decide upon whether or not we’re going to do something which is extremely naughty, but which feels exceptionally nice!”

Aimee scampered up the ladder. When I climbed in, I closed the trapdoor then turned to find my guest visitor staring out a bank of observation windows. “Wow, this is a great view!” she exclaimed. “Hey, there’s my house! Oh my goodness, there’s my big sis sunbathing! Good god, she’s naked!” Turning towards me, Aimee accused, “I bet you watch when we girls swim and sunbath, don’t you? Do you watch Mom? Ain’t she a doll?”

Stepping behind Aimee, I encircled her waist and pulled her back against me. The girl’s soft, feminine body molded against my masculine hardness. “Sweetheart,” I huskily whispered. “The only ‘doll’ I’m interested in right now is you! Let’s sit on the bed here and talk.”

I pulled off my shoes and jumped into the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. Aimee kicked off her shiny shoes and plopped her sweet little ass into the middle of my lap. “Whatcha wanna talk about?” she teasingly asked. “If it has anything to do with your penis playing with my pee-pee, then I’m all for it!”

What a difference a day makes! The innocent little girl had begun the transformation from naive virgin to curious sexual explorer. “First of all girl,” I answered. “I think it’s about time you started calling that nice mound between your legs by a more appropriate name. Can you say ‘pussy’?”

“Yes, I can say ‘pussy’!” Aimee wailed. “And Mister, if you have plans for my ‘pussy’ you had better hurry up with them because Mommy won’t be waiting for me for long! But first, can I kiss you?”

Without awaiting consent, the dollbaby girl wrapped her arms around my neck and sat my lips afire with about a dozen stinger kisses. My hands grabbed two handfuls of Sunday School dress and pulled the frilly garment up over the girl’s head.

Aimee stopped kissing then fell back in the bed with her ass lying between my legs and her back and thighs lying across my upper legs. This petite girl child was now clothed only in girly-pink panties and white anklets. Dressed in this skimpy costume, the girl was so seductively sexy I almost hated to take anything else off.

Yet, with no time to lose, I ran a hand under the panty waistband and grabbed a handful of pussy. With not a second to spare, I went ahead and pulled the thin panties down over her ass and off of her super-slim legs. Now the anklets were the only things preventing total nudity. My horny mind was smitten with the glorious sight of all the sexy young female flesh sandwiched between the gleaming white socks at one end and the raven black hair at the other.

While my eyes gloried in beauty, my hands played with feminine skin which had not yet lost all of its baby fat purity. Aimee’s flat-chested bosom did its best to swell and her tiny nipples stiffened to hardened nubs. My hands played with the hottest little pussy they had ever had the privilege to touch.

Just to confirm what I knew to be fact, I wet a finger with saliva and tenderly inserted it into this girl’s sweet pussy hole. Happily, I felt no hymen barrier to offer resistance. Yes, this girl had indeed busted her cherry in her bike wreck yesterday! Another of my wet fingers joined the first and they played follow-the-leader inside a diminutive vaginal cavity.

Out of the blue, Aimee spoke. “Jack, yesterday you said you wanted to put your penis in my hole,” she reminded me. “Do you still want to? If you do, then you’d better shake a leg! And Mister, I think you know which leg I mean!”

Such brazen boldness sounded unnatural coming from a young girl. Why, most 3rd grade girls didn’t even like boys! Most 3rd grade girls would be sickened by the thought of a boy’s dirty penile pole skewering their sacred virginal vaginas! Yep, that’s what the rules of nature say.

Proving the exception to the rule, Aimee was defying convention by practically inviting her pussy to be penetrated! Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I reached over and jerked the girl child’s anklets off. I wanted my ‘lover girl’ completely naked!

Aimee must have believed that ‘turnabout is fair play’ because she jerked off my socks, took off my shirt, and helped to strip me naked. I ended up flat on my back with a nude little girl lying atop me. A stiffened little pussy mound was grinding against my inflexible erection.

Now if I had the time, I would take forever with foreplay including lots of sucking, licking, fondling, and kissing. But with time limited, I hurried along. I cupped two ass cheeks and pulled the naked girl’s nude body up to where she could hear my whispered words. “Are you sure you want to ‘do it’ Babydoll?” I asked. “Is your pussy still sore from busting your cherry?”

“Oh no, it’s not sore!” Aimee lied. “Your fingers didn’t hurt when you put them in it! But Jack, if you don’t really want to ‘do it’ then we don’t have too!”

Here was my ‘out’ and here was hers, too. A real gentleman would decline this chance to stick his pollination pole into the honey pot of a too damn young baby bee. And, a truly innocent little lady bee would also resist the copulation urge.

Neither Aimee nor I spoke for a full minute or two. I swear, rapid thumping heartbeats could be heard echoing within the treehouse room. The unbearable silence was broken by a softly spoken feminine observation. “Besides Jack,” the girl said. “Your…your penis is too big to fit inside my little pee…pussyhole anyways, isn’t it?”

“Not necessarily so!” I quickly answered. “If I licked your pussylips with my wet tongue and filled your pussyhole with some slick spit, then if you licked the head of my penis and got it super-spitty wet, I betcha it would slip right into your hole with ease! Wanna try?”

Aimee sprang into action. “Sure, if you think it will work, I’ll try,” she eagerly said. “I’ll even go first!”

This wasn’t this little girl’s first cock licking rodeo. She had participated in one yesterday with me. She must have given the experience quite a bit of thought last night because she was doing a much better job of it today. Aimee had scooted down in the bed and her firm little hand was holding my cock while her lips planted wet kisses all over the elongated shaft.

Next thing I knew, a spit-slick tongue was circling my cockhead with slow, deliberate lubricating licks which were driving me crazy! Little girl, Aimee was, but she was getting so caught up in her cock-pleasing enthusiasm her dripping lips closed over my sensitive cock bulge. With no intentional plans to do so, the girl sucked the entire first two or three first inches of my cockshaft into her mouth!

Surprised beyond belief, she jerked her head off the ‘nasty’ boy-toy penis! Aimee had heard that some girl’s liked sucking, but she didn’t! But, oh yes, she did! Yes, she liked it very much! So much did she like it, she grabbed a firm hold on the rigid rod and plopped it back into her mouth. She had been instructed to get this pussy penetrater super-slicky, spit-wet, so this is what she intended to do! As she enthusiastically sucked, globs of saliva dripped from her mouth and coated the hardened flesh.

When it was finally my turn to make Aimee’s pussy wet, I had one hell of a time getting my meat extricated out of the ravenous cocksucking mouth it was captured within! Razor-sharp teeth came within an inch of clamping on and devouring me like blood-crazed piranha.

Finally, I was able to pry myself out from under the child and scamper out from beneath her. Grabbing her tiny torso, I flipped her around and threw her on the bed with her legs sticking over the edge. I dropped to my knees, spread her thighs, and drove for her pussy.

I headed straight for the good-stuff first! What this girl’s teeny tiny clit lacked in size and bulk it more than made up for in sheer beauty of perfection and seductive splendor! I sucked and licked to my heart’s delight. Mmm, it was tasty! Oh, it smelled good, too!

Remembering that my primary mission here was to get a pussyhole ‘wet’, I kissed the swollen mound with about a dozen horny kisses then I spread the trembling pussylips and commenced my attack. I launched moisture-laden, saliva-tipped tongue-missiles into the deep, dark vaginal abyss. Each missile exploded in a lubricating shower.

Never in the history of this world had any 8-year-old pussy been so thoroughly licked and sucked as my 15-year-old mouth and tongue were doing to the one between little Aimee’s legs. The passionate young lady was squealing with joy and whimpering with unrestrained merriment. I knew without one doubt that I could have her cumming in about two minutes!

But, wait a dang blasted minute! Damn, I didn’t bring this little girl up into my treetop house just to eat her pussy! Hell, I came up here to get a piece of preteen cunt for my cock to frolic in! I came here to fuck!

“Aimee, spread your pussylips,” I instructed. “We’re going to find out right here and now whether or not our body parts fit together properly!”

Little Miss Aimee questioned not. Legs and pussylips spread. Moving into position over my girl, I guided my engorged, oversized shaft towards a seemingly too-small, too-tight hole. My cockhead kissed delicate, butterfly- winged inner pussylips then pushed them out of the way. With no hymen barrier to hinder its path, my penile rod slid in with effortless ease.

Slippery saliva was a jim-dandy lubricant! Even though this girl’s pussyhole was exceptionally tight, it stretched to accommodate the girth of my cock and its moisturized length slid in and out with no trouble. Aimee’s supertight pussy tunnel and its constricting vaginal muscles threatened to squeeze the very life out of my meaty intruder.

No little girl’s pussy is going to get the better of my big boy cock, so in self defense I increased the speed of my fornicating tempo! I slammed my cockshaft deeper, harder, and faster into this young female’s vaginal void. This girl child seemed not to mind my manhandling roughness one bit. In fact, the kid developed a rhythm which allowed her feminine body to keep pace with mine and kept her loins from loosing contact with the masculine ones thrusting into her.

Yes siree, Aimee and I were fucking! This seemed like an appropriate time for a song. I sang one in my young lover’s ear, “Aimee and Jack, lying in a tree, f-u-c-k-i-n-g!”

Aimee giggled then she laughed then her merriment caught in her throat. The first wave of a powerful orgasmic surge washed over her young body. She squealed in glee. She wiggled, she squirmed, and she bucked. Sharpened pink-painted fingernail claws scratched at the flesh of my chest.

I certainly was feeling no pain from this pussycat’s clawing. On the contrary, my pumping cockshaft had summoned forth seminal fluids from deep within my loins. At this very moment, streams of pressurized semen and sperm were shooting out of my cockhole and emptying into a warm, wet vaginal cavity.

Aimee’s young body reacted to the internal pressure by beginning another round of orgasms. It was a good thing we were quite a ways from the house and far up in the air because this sweet little girl was a screamer! Short, skinny legs wrapped themselves around my body and the girl rode me like an upside-down cowgirl would ride a wild breeding stallion.

So much seminal fluid emptied from me that this little child’s female void lacked the capacity to hold it all. As orgasms joined our bodies and hearts, a squishy, squashy, cummy mess spurted out and covered our pubic areas. There would be a slimy mess to clean up, but who among us gave a shit!

In our treehouse hideaway love nest, Aimee and I danced an erotic copulation ballet and lost ourselves in a netherworld of forbidden ecstasy and happiness. Young love and lust gave in and allowed passion to reign supreme. Time was lost.

Sanity and reality finally came crashing back. Aimee was crying. Sitting on the floor, I pulled the nude girl into my lap and cuddled her. “Babydoll, are you feeling guilty?” I asked. “Sweetie, don’t worry. It’s a natural feeling which will pass. Just, please don’t be sorry for what we’ve done!”

“Oh Jack, I’m not sorry,” the sniffling girl said. “I’m just a big baby, I guess. It was really a lot of fun and it felt so good I couldn’t believe it! Can we do it again sometimes soon?”

As my answer, I kissed my girl and fingered her pussy until one more little orgasmic thrill made her smile. I’m sure she was now wondering about how we were going to get the cummy mess cleaned from our bodies. If she was worried then she was underestimating my engineering and architectural skills. Over in the corner of the treehouse was the tiniest, yet fully-functional, bathroom a house-building boy ever built! Water and sewage services came courtesy of unauthorized taps on the city utility pipes.

After cleaning up and redressing, Aimee and I headed back down the steep ladder. Once again I had a beautiful up-skirt panty show. This time, I knew that the pussy inside of those panties was filled with my cum. A folded tissue fitted between the pussy and panties kept the cum from spilling out all over the place.

Fully unaware that their kids had been screwing, Aimee’s mom and my mom playfully teased us as mothers do their boy and girl children. “We thought you two might have eloped!” they said in jest.

I suppose Aimee and I had the last laugh. We didn’t elope, but we did play the married folks game of ‘hide the wienie in the bun’ just like they do! I could tell by the seductive twinkling spark in my good little 3rd grade girl’s eye that we would be playing the game again quite a bit in the very near future.

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