This story is about me cheating on my husband with his friend
My husband had a friend from work named Dan. Dan was pretty much a sleaze. He was a few years older than my husband. My husband was 9 years older than me and Dan was another 4 years older than him. I was married when I was 22 and Dan would come over the house to visit my husband. Dan was tall about 6’ 3” and he was balding AND really not a very good looking guy. He was also sloppy. He had dirty blond hair and an average build. He was an easy guy to talk to and he always made me laugh. Dan worked with my husband at the company where I previously worked. He was there when I was there. I would see him around work and at that time thought he was a strange guy. He was one of those guys that didn’t hide the fact that he was staring at your breasts. Dan had gotten divorced recently. My husband told me that Dan would hang at strip clubs and loved porn. He always made off the wall sexual references and witty comments. Once he was over for a BBQ and I asked him if he wanted some watermelon. His reply, I’d love to taste your watermelons. He said this out loud in front of my husband and they both laugh. Another time, I was just talking to him and telling him I wanted to get a cat as a pet. He said if you get a cat would you let me pet it. I said sure of course. He leans in to whisper to me, I can’t wait to pet your pussy. He knew I was shy. I just laughed awkwardly and walked away. That was the type of guy he was. He seemed to enjoy making me feel uncomfortable.
This one particular day, Dan had come over for a little BBQ on a Saturday afternoon. It was just my husband (John), Dan and I. Dan was dresses sloppy as usual. He had on a stained t-shirt and “self cut” sweat pant shorts. I was wearing blue shorts and a white tank top.
We were all drinking and having a good time sitting on our back deck. Dan was a funny guy even more so when he was drinking. At one point, I went in the house to make snacks. I had the radio on listening to music as I worked in the kitchen. I was standing on a little foot stool trying to reach a bowl on the top shelf. No sooner than I had the bowel in my hands, I felt two hands reach around and give my breasts a quick squeeze.
Me – “John, what are you doing?” I turned around and there was Dan.
Me – “DAN!!”
Dan, “sorry Kat I couldn’t resist, it was too tempting”. I didn’t know what to say or how to react.
Me – “Dan control yourself, I think you have had too much to drink.”
Dan laughing, “I’ll try, by the way nice tits”, as he winked at me.
Right after we ate my husband got called away to DJ. At the last minute, one of his partners couldn’t make it to a gig so he had to leave in a hurry. As my husband was leaving he joked with Dan, “Hope I can trust you alone with my wife”.
Dan – “Yeah Kat, keep your hands off me”. They both laughed. “I am just going to help her out a little.”
When my husband turned his back Dan winked at me. As soon as my husband left Dan approached me about a rumor he heard about Mr. D. and me.
Dan – “So Kat I have been meaning to ask you about a rumor at work. I heard that before you dated John (my husband) you were spending time with Mr. D’Angelo at work. Is that true?”
I am a terrible liar but did my best to say deny it.
Dan – “I don’t know I have it on pretty good sources.”
Me – “You do? Who?”
Dan – I saw you getting into Mr. D’Angelo’s car myself. What was that about?
Me – “He wanted to give me advice about my career.”
“I see, giving advice, I thought he was giving you something else” Dan said amusing.
I couldn’t help but smirk.
Dan – “Come on Kat, nothing happened?”
Me – “Nope.” (a lie but you know that if you read my previous stories)
Dan – “You can tell me.”
Me – “There is nothing to tell.” Changing the subject, “I have to start cleaning up”
Dan – “I’ll help you.”
We bought everything inside and were standing in the kitchen.
Dan – “Well Kat do you need any more help?” as he raised and lowered his eyebrow, “maybe I can help you out of those clothes.”
Me – “Dan!!”
Dan – “Come on Kat your husband is gone almost every weekend. You must get lonely, no?
Me – “I guess.”
Dan – “He is out having all the fun and you are just sitting home. You must get bored.”
Me – “Kind of”
Dan – “…and horny?”
I didn’t reply. Dan was making me think.
Dan – “Kat?”
Me – “Maybe a little”
Dan – “Maybe a little? You either are or you aren’t. So which is it?”
I couldn’t look directly at him as I replied, “I am.” As soon as I said it, I realized I just told “Dirty Dan”, my husband’s friend, that I was horny.
Dan – “Well Kat, I told your husband I would help you out. I can help you out with that.”
I couldn’t believe what Dan had just said. His boldness kind of turned me on but I didn’t want Dan to know that.
Me – “Dan, I am not going to have sex with you, forget it. You want to help? Help me out with the dishes”.
Dan – “You want me to get my hands wet?”
Me - “Yep”
Dan – “I am a better dryer”
I handed Dan a towel as I began to wash the dishes. Dan dried each dish then put it on the table behind me as we talked.
Dan – “So Kat, I only got a quick feel but those are pretty impressive, as he nodded in the direction of my breasts. If I was your husband I’d play with those every night.”
Me – “Dan, you really need to get yourself a girlfriend”.
Dan – “That was a compliment, no thank you?”
Me - “Thank you, Dan”.
Dan – “So when are you getting that cat? Instead of drying dishes, I could be petting your pussy. Pussies really seem to like me.”
I couldn’t help but chuckle at Dan’s play on words which I guess only egged him on more.
Dan – “You know John told me he likes those hairless cats. Would you get a bald pussy if he wanted you to?”
He was making me inwardly laugh so I played along with him. “I think that is more of a guy thing. I think guys like those types of cats better. Do you like them bald?” I made like I was serious talking about the cats.
Dan – “I never actually played with one. I have only seen them in movies. Yeah, I would love to play with one without all that hair in the way. So if you get one, I can’t wait to play with it.
Me – “What if my cat isn’t bald what if it is just well groomed, are you saying you wouldn’t play with it?” I thought to myself finally I got a good one on him.
Dan – “No, I would.”
I changed the subject as I was picturing Dan playing with my pussy. So how is work going?
Dan – “It’s going. Too bad you don’t work there anymore, we could go to lunch. I know a place where they have the best sausage sandwiches. You do like sausage, don’t you?”
I already knew where he was going with this but I played along. “Yeah I do.”
Dan – “Do you get it often?”
Me – “I use to but not so much recently.” Making it seem like I was talking about food I offered, “I am on a diet.”
Dan – “Well you shouldn’t be. You know you only live once and you should have sausage whenever you feel like it.”
Me – “True”
Dan – “I bet you like your sausage hot and spicy.”
Me – “Yeah, hot and spicy is good but is not that easy to find.”
Dan – “So have you been looking?”
Me – “No, I haven’t.”
Dan – “Well every girl needs a nice piece of sausage every now and then”.
All of a sudden I pictured Mr. D’s big cock. “That’s true”
Dan – “Then of course there is always dessert. I like melons, I am a melon guy.”
Me – “I figured that”.
Dan – “How about you? Let me guess, bananas and cream?
Me – “That can be good.”
Dan - “So you do eat cream then?”
I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into. How should I reply to that? Do I want to let out that I know we aren’t talking about food and blow my cover…hmmm.
Me – “Sometimes” I figured that was my safest reply.
Surprising myself I said, “I like cream on my melons better”. I could tell I shocked Dan and that made me feel clever. I was enjoying this sexual innuendo game and trying to match wits with Dan. He was speechless for a change as I continued. “One thing about bananas is that sometimes they get soft and mushy too fast. I wish they would last longer. (A true statement with regards to s*x with my husband, he wasn’t a guy who lasted long.)
Dan – “I guess you don’t know how to pick out a good banana. You know they shouldn’t be too green either.
Me – “Good point.”
Dan – “So let me get this right, you like your sausage hot and spicy and a good hard banana that doesn’t get soft quickly and lots of cream on your melons”
Me – “Yes, and you’d prefer to play with a bald cat but would play with a well groomed one. Plus you are a melon man.”
Dan dried the last dish as I was cleaning out the sink. He walked up behind me and put his hands on my waist as he whispered in my ear.
“And when I play with your pussy, I would stroke it a long time in different positions. Do you think your pussy would like that?”
Me – “I think all cats like attention.”
He pulled me even closer. I reached down to remove his hands from my waist. “Dan!!!”
Dan – “See you are all wet already”, referring to my wet hands.
Again his witty remark made me chuckle as I removed his hands from my waist. No sooner had I removed his hands that his hands reach around to grab my breasts.
Dan – “These are some good sized melons.”
Me – “Dan stop”
Dan - “You really want me to stop or would you like to feel my banana inside you. It doesn’t get all mushy and soft quickly either. I would love to cream on these melons he said as he gave them a noticeable squeeze.”
Dan continues to fondle my breasts.
Me – a low “mmm”
Dan – “I can tell you are horny”
Me – “But what about John?”
Dan – “He won’t be home until late.”
Me – “But you are his friend. I can’t.” I pushed his hands away.
Dan – “You are too loyal. It’s just sex. Besides he will probably get some at that party he is DJ’ing anyways.”
Me – I turned around to confront him. “Are you saying he cheats on me?”
Dan – “Come on Kat he is at party’s with drunken girls every weekend, he comes home late, what do you think?”
Me – “Did he tell you this?”
Dan – “Yeah”
Me – “That bastard, wait until…” before I could finish the sentence
Dan – “…you get fucked silly by his best friend in your own bed.”
His words and the situation were persuading me. I do like being bad. What could be more “bad” than fucking my husband’s friend.
Dan seeing me contemplating, “No one would know, it will be our little secret. You would always have that on him. Why should he have all the fun?”
He was right. It was all making sense. I wanted to but I wanted him to make all the moves. I didn’t want him to know I agreed with him. I’ll just continue playing this little game we are playing. Imagine that, I was actually thinking about having sex with Dirty Dan.
Me – “That still doesn’t make it right?” as I turned my back to him. This time I was hoping he would grab me. And he didn’t disappoint. This time his touch was soft. He was just lightly rubbing my breasts up and down.
Dan – “Is it so wrong to have fun? Doesn’t this feel good? Don’t you like me grabbing your melons?” Dan started to squeeze my tits a little more forcefully. “Umm… nice melons, Kat. I think they are ripe”. When he said it, I just smiled. This game was kind of fun. I turned around to face him.
Me – “So your banana won’t go all soft and mushy on me?”
Dan – “Not a chance?”
Me - “I guess it is only right we have our dessert now.”
Dan laughed then said, “Finally I am going to see these”. He reached out and gave my breasts another firm squeeze.
Me – “Mmm”, as I bit my lip.
Dan – “You know I have creamed to the thought of these a few times.”
Me - “You have? (I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised after all this was Dirty Dan.) Well I do like cream on my melons. So didn’t you mention wanting to have desert in my bedroom?”
Dan let loose of his grip on my tits. I turned to walk upstairs. Am I going to do this? I thought to myself. An epiphany set in, I am going to fuck Dirty Dan.
As I walked up the stairs Dan surprised me and slapped my butt. Making me jump. “Eww”
So now we were in my bedroom. Dan in his cut-off sweat pants and t-shirt, me in my blue shorts and white tank top. I pulled down the bedspread and sheets. Dan reached from behind me and grabbed both my tits. Then he began to lift my tank top. I raised my arms so he could lift it over my head. He threw it over his shoulder onto the floor. Dan messaged my breasts for a moment before he undid my bra and threw it over his shoulder. His hands were back on my tits only this time they were naked.
Dan began by running his palms over my nipples. He soon was back to squeezing my tits firmly.
He turned me around to get a good look.
Me – “So do you like my melons” as I swayed back and forth making them jiggle.
Dan – “You have great melons even better than I had imagined. Nice nips too”.
Me – “Don’t you want to taste?” I said playfully. I lifted and squeezed them together.
Dan leaned down and took my right nipple into his mouth and gave it a hard suck. Then he did the same to my left nipple. “Very nice, but I think they would be even better covered in cream.”
Dan pushed me down onto the bed. He landed next to me. He tried to kiss me but I didn’t let him. He seemed to understand, this wasn’t a romance I just wanted sex. He then sat on top of me. His hands were all over my tits and he was aggressive. He wasn’t at all gentle. He was tweaking my nipples. “Eww”, was my response. My nipples were hard. Dan’s head went down on my nipples. He sucked them into his mouth. He alternated as his two hands were firmly squeezing.
Dan – “I always wanted to motor boat your tits”. (I didn’t even know what he meant until he did it).
He changed back to licking my nipples. Then he would lightly bite on them.
Me – “ummm”, as I let out a low moan.
Dan – “See you like this.”
He tugged on my nipple.
Me – “ummm”
Dan - “I can’t wait to see that well groomed pussy of yours.”
Dan moved down the bed and tugged on my elastic waistband shorts. He pulled them down aggressively as well as my panties and threw them to the floor. Dan’s hand moved right to my trimmed bush, as he rubbed my short hairs.
Dan - “You were right, it is a nicely groomed pussy”, as he lay beside me. His fingers found my slit. He rubbed me using his middle finger. So you are wet. I knew you would be, you like this. He spread my legs wider using both hands. Dan face was now hovering over my pussy as he examined me up close.
Dan – “I think your pussy needs some attention.”
He began licking my pussy outlining my pussy lips. Then his tongue landed on my clit.
Me – “umm”
After a little bit, he stuck a finger inside me then two.
Me – “Oh”
Dan went to the foot of the bed and took his shirt off. He had a hairy body. I don’t really like that. He turned around so his back was to me as he was taking off his cut-off short and underwear. He was prepping his cock for me to see. I was curious to see. When he turned around my eyes went right to his cock. He had his hands on his hips and was sticking his cock out proudly. His cock was different than anything I ever experienced before. His cock was bent upwards like a banana. Not as long as Mr. D’s but certainly longer than my husbands. His cock was also thicker than my husband’s. His balls were hairy and hung low. The hair was dirty blond and very, very bushy.
Dan – “What do you think?” I didn’t respond right away as I was still evaluating.
Me – “Oh…. Oh my”
Dan – “Oh…Oh my” laughing, “Well, what do you think?”
I looked back at his eyes.
Me – “Interesting”, I said tentatively.
Dan – “Interesting, what the hell does that mean?, as he laughed at my response.”
My eyes moved back down to his cock.
Me - It’s just that it looks a little different. I knew what I was saying sounded awkward. Trying to recover, looking him in the eyes, “it has got a curve just like a banana”.
Dan – “You should get a closer look”. Dan was shaking his cock at me. “Come over here”.
I got up off the bed and walked over to Dan. His hands gravitated to my breasts. I went down on my knees in front of him. I grabbed his cock and outlined the upward curve of his cock lightly with my finger tips. “Yep just like a banana”, I said.
Dan – “You should give it a taste.”
Me – “I have tasted bananas before”, teasing him.
Dan – “Not all bananas taste the same.”
Me – “I guess I can try”
I began by licking the smooth head of his bent cock.
Dan – “Look up at me.”
I looked up at him while outlining his cock head with my tongue. I held his cock in my hand as I put the head of his cock in my small mouth. I then licked up and down the shaft.
Dan – “Well how does it taste”
Me – “Taste more like sausage.”
I began to take his cock deeper into my mouth. I was going down on his bent cock.
Dan – “Oh yeah suck me off Kat.”
I was afraid that Dan wanted me to suck him off until he came. I was so horny. I wanted to feel that curved cock inside me. I sucked his cock a little longer before I looked back up at him. Circling the head of his cock with my tongue. “Dan…” my tongue circled his cock head in between my words. “…do you want to stick that banana somewhere?” I realized that in trading witty comments, I had just asked Dan to fuck me.
Dan – “You want me to fuck you now?”
Licking his cock, “yeah”.
Dan – “Say it.”
Me – “Dan, I want you to fuck me now.”
Dan smiling, “just what I always wanted to hear you say.”
We made our way back to the bed. Dan was lying next to me.
Dan – “You gonna be my little whore tonight?”
Dan talk was very arousing to me. No one had really talked to me this way. Add to that he was my husband’s friend and this was going to be a revenge fuck for me. I was ready.
Me – “Yes”
He rubbed my pussy with his fingers and inserted a finger as if he were trying to locate it.
Dan rolled over on top of me positioning his torso between my legs.
Me – “Dan you have to put on a condom and I got one out from my husband nightstand next to the bed.
I just want to rub my cock on your pussy first. He grabbed a hold of his cock and was rubbing it on my pussy. I love that feeling. This went on for a few minutes. He succeeded in making me wetter and even more anxious.
Me – “Put the condom on now”. He open the package and rolled on the condom.
Dan began pushing his bent thick cock into my eager moist hole.
Me – “Oh, oh my… It felt good feeling his hard banana cock beginning to enter me.
Dan pulled out as I exhaled. He was watching my reaction. Dan reinserted his penis.
Me - “Mmm”
He would pull out and I would exhale. He was teasing me each time he entered.
Me – “Mmmm, stick it in me Dan”.
Dan fully inserted himself into me on that very next stroke.
Me – “OHHH, OHHH, “Oh, Dan”
He was holding his position.
Slowly out, then slowly inching back into me.
Me – “Ewwww”
Then a hard push.
Me – “OHHHH”
He seemed to enjoy hearing me moan. This went on a few times until I couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck me Dan”
Dan began to fuck me, in then out. His cock fit me well. I was horny and he was exactly what I needed. Dan was an aggressive fucker. He fucked me hard and deep. He was literally fucking me silly. I had forgotten that Dan was my husband’s friend and that he wasn’t very attractive. “Oh Dan…Oh….Ahhhh, Mmm, Oh Dan I am cumming. Dan fucked me even harder. Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, OHHHHHHHHH. I had my 1st orgasm with “Dirty Dan”. He didn’t let me recover. Instead he changed positions. He sat on the edge of the bed and I sat on his lap. I slowly lowered myself as I held his cock steady. Dan’s hands were on my breasts. He was firmly squeezing them as I began to slowly ride him.
Dan – “I love your tits”. Then he moved his hands to my hips as he pulled me deep onto him and he sped up the pace. “Ohhh, ohhh, mmm, as I was bouncing up and down on him. His hands went back to my tits as I did my best to keep the pace he had set. He was pinching and pulling on my nipples.
“Ohh, Ohh, Dan this feels sooo good.
Dan – “Better than John?”
Me – “Way better”, Ohhhh god….
We switched positions again. Dan was lying on the bed and I was on top of him facing him. Dan was grabbing my breasts as I rocked forward he would suck hard on a nipple. I was just riding Dan slowly in this position so that when I leaned forward he had time to suck my nipples.
Dan – “This is a position I always wanted to fuck you in”.
This was a good position and pace for me as I had a chance to catch my breath for a few minutes. Dan began lifting his butt off the bed pushing me forward with each thrust. We were going at a slow place but each upward thrust was meant for me to react to. I could see it in his face. He wanted me to react to his deep thrusts and I did. With each thrust I let out a moan, “Ohhh”. On one of his particularly deep and hard thrusts he pushed my tits onto his face. He buried his face in my breasts and was sucking and biting on my nipples. He rolled me over and he was back on top of me. He held my legs open as he inserted his cock slowly back into me. I couldn’t help but notice Dan was sweating profusely. He grabbed both my arms and put them over my head. He lowered his large sweaty torso on top of me while holding each arm over my head. My large breasts were now squashed by his sweaty torso. He began to “bang me” to my delight. Each thrust was deep and at a fast pace.
Me, louder than before – “OHHH”, “OHHH”, “OHHH God”
My reacts to his banging me this way seemed to turn him on even more.
Dan was like a fucking machine and I loved it. He continued to bang me at a good steady pace.
Me - “OHHH”, “OHHH”, Dan fuck me, don’t stop”.
He didn’t.
Me - “MMMMMMM, “MMMMMMM”, Dan, I….I..I’m … going…. Cum..again, panting my words. As my body twitched, “OHHHHHHHHHHH”
Dan fucked me hard right through my second orgasm. He stopped briefly and raised his torso off me with his cock buried inside me. His sweat was dripping on me.
Me – “Dan that was incredible”,
Dan – “I am not done with you yet, get on your knees”.
We got into the doggy position in the middle of the bed. Dan began by rubbing my butt, his fingers soon found my clit as he spent a moment to rub my clit. Then his fingers found my pussy entrance. Dan held his cock in his hand and began by rubbing his cock up and down on my pussy before he inserted himself into me. Dan began slowly but was soon pumping away. Dan enjoyed occasional hard, deep thrusts in between his slower pace. The kind of thrust that makes a girl moan “ohh”. All of a sudden Dan changed to a hard, fast prolonged pace. When he did, I could feel Dan’s balls slapping me. Lots of sounds, Dan’s grunts (ugh), my moans (mmm), his balls slapping against me and the headboard hitting the wall. This continued a good amount of time until:
ugh…..mmm…..ugh…..mmm…..ugh…..mmm.....ugh.….mmm..UGH..MMM..UGH..OHHH..UGH..OHHHH GOD..UGH..OHHHH..UGH..OHHH..UGHHHH. .OHHHHHHH..UGHHHH..OHHHHH..I had my third orgasm.
Dan slowed down and held my hips firmly in his hands. He would pull me back slowly then push me away slowly while keep his position steady.
Dan then reached around me and grabbed my tits, his sweaty hot body draped over mine. My head was now down on the pillow with my butt in the air. Dan’s hands were firm on my breasts as he continued fucking me.
Dan – “I am going to cum soon turnaround. I want to cum on those melon.” He pulled out of me and took off the condom. I was now lying on the bed on my back. Dan climbed on top of me. His knees were on each side on me. Dan was slowly jerking his cock off. He pushed his cock towards my mouth. I opened up my mouth and was quickly bopping my head up and down on his cock. Then he stopped and began jerking his cock off at a fast pace as I watched.
Dan – “Push you tits together.” I did as instructed. Dan’s cock began to shoot his cream all over my tits.
Dan – “OH FUCK”, “OH FUCK!!”
Dan took his finger and scooped up some of his cream
Dan – “You said you like cream.”
I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and licked Dan’s finger clean. I then rubbed Dan’s cream into my breasts as if I was putting on suntan lotion.
Dan lay next to me and after he caught his breath said, “so Kat did you have a good time? I know I did.”
Me – “Yes , yes it was really good”. (I thought to myself what girl wouldn’t after having 3 orgasms). I was wet with his sweat. As we lay there the reality of what just happened set in. I had just fucked one of my husband’s best friends in our bed. All of a sudden, I told Dan he had to go. I ran into the bathroom to clean up. When I came out Dan was already dressed. I was still naked.
Dan – “You got some hot body on you”, as he was looking me up and down. One more squeeze. Dan squeezed my breasts pushing them up towards my face. “Can you lick your own nipples?” I flicked my tongue across my right nipple.
Dan - “That’s awesome”.
Dan watched me as I dressed.
Me – “You better go now” as I opened the back door. I suddenly thought, I have to fuck him again. I’d be crazy not to. I was a person that didn’t have a ton of confidence. I wanted to make sure Dan would come back.
Dan took three steps before I said, “You know he is DJ’ing next Saturday”
Dan walked back towards me.
Dan – “Yeah, so?”
Me – “Well…I was thinking about getting that hairless pussy and I know you really wanted to play with one”.
Dan – “I do”
Me – “It would be nice if the banana weren’t so hairy too.”
Dan – “Ok deal”
Dan started to walk away then turned around again. He grabbed me by my shoulders. “Kat, did you fuck Mr. D’Angelo?” I looked away. “You did, didn’t you?” I wasn’t a very good liar and I guess my facial expressions were giving me away. “I knew it! Big cock huh Kat?”
Me - “How do you know?”
Dan laughing, “Now I know you did. I saw him in the men’s room, very hard to miss.”
I couldn’t help but smile at the way Dan was saying it.
Dan, raising and lowering his eyebrows “Big cock huh?” I just shook my head yes. “You liked it didn’t you?” I shook my head yes again. “You little slut. Get a pen and paper”. Dan wrote his email address down and told me to email him, then he left.
Dan left and I quickly changed the sheets. As I put the sweaty bed sheets into the washer, I thought to myself my husband would kill me. Then I remembered that he was probably cheating on me himself. Even so I was excited, I liked being bad. I couldn’t wait until next week. Even though I was upset that my husband would cheat on me, at least it justified my own affair in my own mind. In the next few days, Dan made me tell him all about Mr. D and me. I didn’t tell him about Karen though. I plan on writing more about “Dirty Dan”.

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How long had she been married? and why would she believe that her husband cheated on her from the guy who's trying to fuck her?

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