Continuing story of my babysitter traing me in sex
My baby-sitter , part 3

Like my first 2 stories this is a true story, again I’m no writer so excuse the mistakes and
being a wall of text . But the story is true to the best of my recollection.

I could not wait to get home from school to go to Diane’s for the evening. it had become
a nearly nightly sexual adventure for my young self.
upon arriving mom and dad dropped me off and went to tend bar. Cleo & Alma were
getting ready to go to the bar also. Diane was wearing a pair of blue shorts and a fairly
tight blouse of the same color as her shorts. Just after the left Diane picked up the phone
and I knew who she was calling. Or I hoped I knew who she was calling. I hope she was
calling Laura. After she hung up let watch some TV for now she said. We watched TV
for about half and hour then there was a knock at the door. Come in said Diane. Sure
enough it was Laura. She had on a green skirt that went to her knees and a pink top. Her
hair was done back into a pony tail. She had a sack with her. Diane went over to her and
they talked quietly and I heard Diane giggle and say no way. Laura said you said I cold
do anything I wanted to him didn’t you. I guess so she said. I was beginning to wonder
what was going on. Then they both went towards Diane’s room. I heard Laura and Diane
laughing , they emerged with the bag . putting it near the bathroom door. Then coming
over to the couch. Laura said move over let me sit on the end. Laura sat on one side of me
and Diane on the other. We sat and watched TV for about an hour then Diane says get
ready for your bath. I looked at her and said it early for a bath. She just says do as your
told. I started to get my PJ’s and Diane said no you won’t be needing those. I Looked
confuse at her go I’ll bring you what I want you to wear. I went and started my bath and
after getting in Diane came in , when your ready I’ll wash you. I just said OK. I stood up
and she began to wash me. I really kind of enjoyed having her wash me. Especially my
crotch and ass. She began to wash my back . then said bend over I’ll do you hair. I did so.
As she shampooed my hair I held the sides of the tub. Little did I know that Laura had
come in and was soaping up her hands, because while Diane was washing my hair I feel a
second pair of hands on my ass. I felt the soapy hands rubbing my ass and down between
my legs. I kind of spread my legs to giver her better access. She soaped my ass and balls
then my cock. As she slid her hand through my legs and up the crack of my ass. She
stopped at my rectum and ran her finger around it. I shivered with pleasure. Then she
slipped the tip of her finger in my ass. I nearly fell down as I almost jumped out of the
tub. Laura said hold still. I no I won’t. She slapped my ass and said yes you will. Diane
grabbed my hands and held them to the tub. Laura then started again slowly sticking her
finger up my ass. She says your going to see want it feels like to be a girl and get fucked
for the first time. I said no that’s not a pussy it’s my ass. I know but it’s as close to a
pussy as you’ve got. So I’m going to fuck it like a pussy. It hurt as she pushed her finger
deeper into my ass. then sliding it almost out then back in deeper each time till I could
feel she had it in all the way. It hurt some but at the same time it felt good, I couldn’t
decide which it was. Then she took her other hand and began to squeeze and pull on my
cock. I got hard pretty quick. I said please wash the soap from hair it getting in my eyes
and it burns. Diane washed the soap out and began washing my back . I like the feeling
of both of then touching me. Even though I didn’t really like Laura putting her finger up
my ass. shortly she removed her finger and washed her hands in the sink. Finish washing
him and I’ll get the bag, she said. The bag? I looked at Diane , she just said it OK you’ll
see soon enough. Laura returned with a thing that looked like a rubber bag with a hose
coming off it. Laura told Diane it’s moms old duesch bag. It’ll work good for an enema
bag though. I looked at Laura and said, what are you talking about? She said you’ll find
out soon enough , get out of the tub. I did so slowly not sure of what was happening. I
saw Diane get out some vasoline and lube the end of the tube. Laura then filled the bag
with water and hooked the tube back on. Bend over I’m going to clean you out. Scared I
said no way, and tried to get out of the bathroom. Diane caught me and pushed me to the
floor face down. She sat on my back and Laura on my legs. I was pinned down and at
their mercy I felt Laura take some vasoline and glob it on my ass. Then I felt the end of
the tube being shoved up my ass. I felt it go in about two or three inches and then I felt
the water being forced into my bowels. I felt like it was lowing me up like a balloon.
Then Laura pulled the tube out and said get onto the stool. I did so a fast as I could
because I knew the water was going to come out if I didn’t. As soon as I got on the stool
the water came out like I had the runs. Laura and Diane just laughed and said now you
good and cleaned out. I was mad as hell and felt violated and ashamed at the same time.
Then Diane handed me the bag Laura had brought with her and said put these on and left
the room. I opened the bag to find a pink nightie top and matching panties. I’m sure they
were Laura’s she had out grown or something. They fit me almost perfectly. I left the
bathroom and entered the living room. The two were sitting on the couch and said come
let us see how it fits. I walked in front of them and slowly turned around. Laura said they
fit him fine. I knew he was close to my little sisters size. So it was her sisters outfit, I
thought I wonder how old she was. He just needs to be dolled up some more to make him
look more girlish. Diane left the room and came back with nail polish , lipstick, and other
makeup. She also had a wig of her moms. They made me sit there while they made me up
and teased me how I made a better girl than a boy. Funny I kind of liked what they were
doing to me and enjoyed the attention. Then Laura said now she/he looks more my type.
Then sat beside me and said kiss me. I did so and she kissed me back . She slid her
tongue into my mouth and played wit my tongue. She said that was good now you kiss
me that way. I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it. I
though she was going to suck my tongue out of my mouth she sucked it so hard. When
she stopped I pulled my tongue back and she slid her into my mouth and I sucked hers as
hard as she sucked mine. When we broke apart she said very good you catch on quickly.
Diane said I’ll be back I’ve got to bathe. While she was gone we kissed and She told me
to play with her tits through her top. I did as told. She played with mine pinching the
nipples making them hard. I could feel her getting hard and sticking out. She only had
about an A cup tit but huge nipples. I could tell by the way they got hard. Then Diane
came out of the bathroom. She was dressed in a short blue nightie and black panties. I
could not help but stare. Her C cup tits pushed he top out and her nipples shown through
the light material. Laura said Oh you look good enough to eat, doesn’t she, looking at me
when she said it. I said yea. Then Laura stood up and took of her skirt and top. Reveling
her pert tits and a pair of green silky panties. You like she asked looking at me. Diane
said yea I like and walked over to her and they kissed. Laura hand came up to Diane’s tit
and started to kneed it. Diane did the same to Laura’s bare tit. I just stared as they kissed
and fondled each other. I was getting the show of my life as the two girls started to work
on each other. I watched as Laura slid her hand down Diane’s back and inside her panties
, rubbing and squeezing her ass. Then Diane moved her lips down to Laura’s tit and
started sucking on the e right one. She pulled her mouth off long enough to look at me
and say come here and work on her other one. I didn’t have to be asked twice. I almost
ran over to the other one and took it in my mouth and started sucking on it and nibbling
on the nipple. Then I could feel Diane’s tit rubbing on my arm. I slid my hand up under
her nightie and squeezed on her nipple. Then I felt Laura’s hand no my crotch , then
slipping under the band of my panties. My cock got hard when she started to play with it
and squeezing my balls. I let go of her tit and moved to Diane’s and started to suck and
nibble it. I noticed Diane had her hand down Laura’s panties and was rubbing on her cunt.
I wasn’t sure if she was fingering her but from the way Laura was stroking my cock I
guessed she must have been. The Diane said wait let’s go to my bedroom to do this in a
more comfortable place. Reluctantly I pulled my mouth off her tit and Laura let go of my
cock. I followed as the two girls moved across the room to Diane’s bedroom. I entered
and they were laying on either side of the bed naked and Diane patted the middle and said
come here. I crawled between the girls and lay on my back. Both of them rolled on to
their sides and started rubbing their tits on my chest and face. My hands were being
ground by their hot mounds and I could feel the moisture rubbing onto back side of my
hands. I could not turn my hands to get my fingers on their cunts. But I could tell they
were rubbing their clits on my hands. I felt two hands playing with my cock and balls. I
became erect instantly. Humm, snack time Diane said and pulled away and turned around
to get at my cock. This brought her pussy within inches of my face and Laura’s. Laura
took a hand and reached across to rub Diane’s pussy and spread the lips apart to expose
her clit. Diane spread her legs to allow better access to her and Laura started to rub her
clit. Then she reached up and pulled Diane’s pussy closer to my face and said Lick it. I
ran my tongue between the lips and tasted her sweet fluids. At that same moment she
engulfed my cock with her mouth. I responded by buring my face into her cunt. I began to
lick and suck for all I was worth. Laura began to kiss and nibble my neck and ear. The I
felt her moving around on the bed. I then felt a tug at my shoulder and she said my turn. I
rolled on to my back causing Diane to let go of my cock. I then rolled towards Laura and
was inches from her slit. I kissed her belly and around and between her legs. I felt her take
my cock into her mouth and run her tongue around the head. I immediately ran my tongue
between the lips of her pussy and worked my lips up to her clit. She responded by
swallowing my whole cock and almost my balls too. This wasn’t hard My cock being
only about 5” long. Then I felt a slick feeling at my anus, Diane had put petroleum gel on
me and proceeded to stick her finger up my ass. It was both slightly painful and a turn on
at the same time. After working her finger in as far as it would go she pulled it out and
worked two in, I tried to reach down to stop her but she grabbed my hand. No!she said
just lay still and it will get better. It hurt like hell for a short time. I thought my ass was
being ripped apart. The pleasure of Laura sucking my cock made it more bearable but it
still hurt. When she had 2 fingers in all the way she pulled them out. I came at the same
time. God it was weird the relief not having her fingers in my ass and Laura’s sucking
sent me over the edge. I had my tongue as far up her cunt as I could get it. Laura cunt
tightened and a flood of her fluids ran out and down my chin. I lick her clean and kissed
her clit several times before pulling back. That was fun Diane said , Yea I’ll say Laura
agreed. Better get cleaned up it getting late and Mom might come home , Diane said. I
went to the bathroom and washed the lube off my ass and washed my face, got my PJ on
and went to the front room. Diane and Laura were sitting on the couch , come here and sit
between us she said. I did and she pulled my head into her lap and Laura said I better go
home. I can’t wait till Friday Laura looked at Diane and winked. Me either she said. I
looked up at Diane and she smiled and said Fridays a sleep over for Laura. With that I
smiled at Laura and said I can’t wait either. Diane said go to sleep I’ll wake you when you
mom comes to get you. I fell asleep with my head on her lap ( she was wearing her
nightie and a robe) I could still smell her pussy through the robe ,God I loved that smell.
Then I fell asleep.


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Anyone who enjoys to write, is a writer. When you publish and are paid for it, your an author.
And uncledick, practice makes improvement.


2010-05-14 15:30:07
Paragraphs! Impossible to read.

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2010-05-12 07:09:15
Ignore the moron below. Keep writing. This is great.

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2010-05-11 12:16:15
You are disgusting. Molested by your babysitters ( if this is even true) you then wrote about it as if it was a sexy experience. You're repulsive

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