Fictional story about revealing a fantasy to my wife and living it out
Telling My Wife about My Naughty Fantasy
When I first met my wife she was married to another guy, and was in a miserable marriage. We had met on a dating site and she had lied to me about being married and had posted fake pics. At first I was angry but I soon got over it as she told me that she loves sex a lot and since having her kids her husband has shown no interest in her. We exchanged numbers and soon began texting and calling each other. I soon found out that she was wild and freaky and really loved sex. At first she was timid when we first began talking about sex. Our discussions soon led to wild fantasies, and I told her about this guy that I knew whose wife would have sex with their dog. I also told her that this same guy loved young teen girls, and that so did his wife and that they would look at incest videos and pics together. She seemed totally turned off by this. After a few weeks she finally confessed to me that she liked watching the beastiality videos and that she had told her husband that and he cussed her out and told her that she was disgusting. Our talks soon turned to sex with animals and she confessed that she would like to try it sometime. We had our first sexual encounter one morning on her way to work in a parking lot close by her job in the early morning hours. I had found several beastiality videos online and had burned her several dvds as a present for her meeting me. We would discuss the videos on messenger at night while her husband was at work. No topic went unexplored except for the teen topic. She liked incest but she made it clear that the girls had to be at least 18. The guy that I told you about earlier in the story had given me several pics and videos of young girls having sex with their dads and posing for pics. I tried showing her the pics but she just was not interested. I dropped the topic, and decided to live out other fantasies with her. She soon divorced her husband and married me. One of the first fantasies that we fulfilled was her desire to have sex with a dog. I watched mesmerized as our dog’s tongue slid along her pussy lips as she sit spread eagle on our couch. I soon took a seat next to her and began sucking on her large DD tits as our dog made her reach a mind blowing orgasm. We were both so hot and horny that we both worked on getting the dog’s cock hard together. We took turns using our tongues to lick up the side of the dog’s shaft, and suck its giant head into our mouths. She was so hot that she soon got onto her dogs, and the dog mounted her with my help. I watched our dog fuck her with a pace that was unknown to man. After the dog deposited his sperm into her, I ate the cum from her hot dripping wet pussy. After fulfilling her fantasy I thought that I could try and bring up my fantasy about young girls to her. I loved girls from the ages of 13 to 18. I loved their little tiny perky tits, and their pink hairless pussies. She continually shot down my fantasy each time that I brought it up. One Saturday when she got home she told me to get dressed that we were going to the mall. Upon arriving at the mall, she kept leading me on a path behind these hot teen girls. They range from 13, 14 up to 18. She would lean over and whisper into my ear and ask me how about that tiny bubble butt. She would follow that with do you think she has began growing any hair. I could not believe this. I waited with a throbbing erection as she went to the bathroom. When she returned she said lets go home now you have had your fun. When we got home she guided me toward our bedroom and climbed up on top of me. She stripped and then proceeded to remove my clothes. She began teasing my cock with light kisses along the head and an occasional lick along the shaft. She soon stopped and said hold on don’t go anywhere I will be right back. She returned holding her phone in her hand. She instructed me to not look at the phone until she had taken my hard cock into her mouth. Once she wrapped her wet lips around the head of my cock she nodded and I looked at the phone. I was shocked. Her was this hot teen girl probably around 13 completely naked in one of the mall’s bathroom stall. Her hairless tight pink pussy and tiny just developing tits were on full display. My wife then told me that she had persuaded the girl to let her take the pic. My wife’s head went straight for my cock and she was sucking like mad. She came up for a breath and said do you like her virgin little pussy? I would love to help you lick it. She asked me if I would like for her to help me guide my cock into that tight little hole. My wife then asked me if I still had the videos that the guy had given me, and I said yes. She was on fire and said go get them for me daddy. Daddies little girl wants to watch her friends fuck their daddies. I raced up to the attic and retrieved the videos. I brought my laptop to the bedroom and the first one we watched was of a girl about 11 lying on the bed sucking her dad’s cock as her daddy asked her what does it taste like. She sucked for a few moments, tasted her lips, and said I don’t know doesn’t taste like anything but its good. He then asked her how it felt in her mouth and the little girl said the head is soft but the rest is hard. The dad then asked about the precum and she said it taste kinda like salty milk. The girl continued to suck her dad until he shoot ropes of thick cum into her mouth, and the girl told her dad that she couldn’t eat it all. My wife’s pussy was so hot as she rode me while we continue to watch incest video after incest video. My wife then screamed daddy cum all inside me, please. That was too much, watching these tiny tit girls with their bald pink pussies getting fucked and my wife pretending to be my daughter caused my cock to jerk and release hot sticky cum all inside of my wife. Now my wife is the biggest fan of incest and we are constantly on the lookout for new videos.
The End

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2014-03-29 03:56:01
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