The school had planned a trip to the capital, we were to leave early in the morning , coming back late Friday night, this would be the first real time that Joyce and I would be together for the whole day. It was going to be, we hoped a wonderful trip, even if we had to wear our regulation school uniform , her in a blue blazer, white blouse and grey skirt , me dressed with a tie to boot. We boarded the bus real early that morning, grabbing a seat as far back as we could, settling ourselves comfortably.

This was the first time we were going to be able to hang on to one another for a good long period of time while without being bothered. We fell asleep our heads resting one on the other, the warmth of our closeness enveloping us in security. The day itself passed fairly quickly, as we were not obliged to be separated like we were in school each to his own class . Joyce and I managed to hold onto one another all day long, sneaking hugs and kisses when ever the opportunity provided. The monitors, our class teachers, did not appear to disapprove too much, we did however receive several warnings to behave ourselves.

I mean we did not put on much of an overt expression of our emotions, there were other couples that had really gotten into this lovey-dovey stuff . I guess the teachers had to make certain that everyone of us was aware that we could hold hands and do a bit of hugging, as long as we did not make a spectacle of our behaviour. The trip, after all , was an educative trip, not a recreational trip. It was as I mentioned a wonderful day, Joyce and I were just ecstatic that we could have this time together . I really do not think we learned very much about what the educative trip was all about, as we were very deep in our own thoughts.

During the lunch period we students, were left more or less on our own, the school had arranged for us to partake our lunch in the parliamentary cafeteria, this was a huge place with many out of the way tables, out of the way and out of the view of the teachers. Joyce and I certainly took advantage of this opportunity, we rushed our lunch gulping down what we had taken, then we began to fool around a bit. I managed to slip my hand under her blazer, undoing a couple of buttons on her blouse. This created access to her bare tummy and the underside of her bra. I quickly used my opportunity to stroke that warm flesh, rubbing my fingers over her bra, teasing her breasts. My efforts of course produced the reactions I was hopping for, Joyce’s breathing rhythm increased , her chest began heaving, her face flushed just ever so much. As far as I was concerned this could have been heaven, I was really enjoying myself, my dick was pushing up against the inside of my shorts, not that it was raging hard or anything, but the sensations were there, things were quite alright.

Unfortunately the lunch break provided just enough to get things rolling, once every one began moving, I had to cease my fondling, much to the disappointment of Joyce who was just beginning to rock in her chair . I figured that her juices were about to flow and start her on that voyage that we were seeking to complete. The sudden stop, jarred her a bit, as she grabbed for my hand pressing it firmly onto her tit, holding on for the last moments that we could squeeze out of this unsupervised break. The afternoon passed, but it was very long, we had started building up our anticipated sexual peak only to have to stop abruptly. Once back on the tour any of our bodily contact during the afternoon just increased our need to touch one another, each touch of course providing additional sexual stimulation.

Imagine our surprise, our disappointment , when we were told that since we had been a such an attentive group of students that day, we were being invited for dinner in the Senators hall .We would not be leaving for the return home trip until later that evening. Joyce’s groan sounded loud enough to have been heard by everyone, but that, I guess, was just my imagination playing with my emotions. We were going to be together however for a longer period of time , but not in a position to finish what were started at lunch .We were not going to be able to satisfy our desires , or at least not until much later.

Dinner did come off very well however , even though we students were grouped together with some of the parliamentary people, the seating arranged at the table crimped our style as we were set student, adult, student , adult etc. Joyce and I were spit apart, during this dinner period, having to politely listen to a lot of political garbage. About 9 PM, things finished up as all the little speeches and every thing was said and done. We were told that we should make any necessary stop to the washrooms as the trip home was going to be long, and the bus had only one washroom on it.

Joyce and I quickly went about our business, heading back to the bus to make certain that we had access to the back seats so that if any opportunity arose we might continue our lunch time antics. I was so busy checking out the surrounding, trying to see who the monitors were going to be ( which over zealous teacher would be riding with us) that I did not notice that Joyce had taken off her school blazer and was sitting there in her blouse and skirt.

The bus pulled out, closing the interior lights as it hit the road, and we were off on our way . I had not seen the monitor who was supposed to be aboard, so I knew caution was to be the key word in any activity we might be involved in. Joyce pulled me closely into her, closing her warm wet lips on mine, sucking, slow pushing her tongue into my mouth seeking mine. We began to French kiss with a vigour, heck we had waited all day for this, no one was going to stop us now not even a monitor, not before we had our fill of kissing.

Slowly as we broke the contact, I managed to kiss Joyce’s face, kissing it all over from the top of her temple to the bottom of her chin, and down her neck as far as I could. I pulled her in close , hugging her tightly , letting my hands roam all over her body. I squeezed her hard trying to squeeze her into my own body in my attempt to make us one. As my hands roamed over her back it became evident that the usual encumbrance of a strap was missing. Once I moved my hand up over her shoulder, those usual straps were also absent. The absence of these encumbrances, caused me to slip a hand between our bodies, seeking verification of course, that there might not be any additional covering between the blouse and her young body.

Joyce moved back away from me allowing full , free access to her chest, allowing me to place my hands on her braless mounds. Indeed there was no bra, just wonderful soft breasts, two of them, I must have sucked in my breath kind of loudly for Joyce immediately placed her finger on my lips, shushing me. As I continued to mould these beautiful tits in my hot little hands Joyce undid my tie, pulling it out of the way, then she proceeded to undo the buttons on my shirt slipping her hand inside seeking out and pinching at my nipples.

We immediately repositioned ourselves in the seat, Joyce moving towards the window as far as she could, pulling me away from the edge of the aisle . This effectively took us out of the direct view from the front of the bus, providing us with a bit more privacy. Of course I was so busy mauling the two tits that I had my hands on I was unaware of any other action that was happening . Suddenly I realized that Joyce had not only undone my shirt buttons to the top of my pants, but that she had done the same on her blouse. She was now quite exposed, her blouse wide open, no bra covering her delicate mammary glands, her perky pink nipples now poking straight out exposed in the dimly lit bus.

She pulled my head towards her , pushing my mouth down onto a nipple, which I immediately took between my teeth and every so lightly bit. At the same moment I managed to pinch the other exposed nipple causing Joyce to emit a shrill little cry . I then reached back behind her slipping my hand around her back, and pulled her blouse from the confines of her skirt. I pressed onward, seized her between my mouth and arms sucking her tits with all my ability . The reaction was what one might expect, she began moaning, moaning that came from her inner core. Joyce began to squirm in her seat, I knew then that I was having the desired effect.

Not wanting to startle Joyce, not wanting to have things freeze up on me , I carefully took her arm, directing her hand towards my manhood which was now ragging hard,, pulsating against my pants, poking up like a totem pole . Slowly I eased her hand onto the bulge of hard cock, moving it in a rubbing manner, hopefully giving her the idea of what I was seeking. After a bit I let go of her hand, she did not pull away but continued the rubbing motions I had begun, so I retuned my attentions to her tits, and easing the blouse up, pushing it off her shoulders sinking my teeth into her bare skin and closing firmly.

This created an immediate reaction, Joyce jerked in her seat, bringing both her arms up and around my neck, causing me a slight disappointment. Not to undone by this movement I pulled her in closely to me , my mouth this time seeking hers, seeking to push my tongue in as far as possible, to flick at her tongue to flick at her tonsils if I could, to push my whole face down her throat. Both of us were gyrating franticly rising to our peaks seeking the usual release that we had become accustomed to during our after school playtimes. Joyce now had her bare tits rubbing against my own bare chest, creating a new sensation for us both, a pleasant sensation, a real sensation.

Rubbing, hugging, squeezing one another as the rolling bus rocked us along on or trip home. As the intensity of our kissing increased I reached back behind Joyce, grabbed at her blouse, pulled it up, over her head , down her arms until it rested at the junction of my neck. One at a time I removed her hands from behind my neck and pulled the blouse completely from her body . Joyce’s torso was now naked, exposed to any one who might stop by our seat to see what was going on, an extra thrill had just been created, we were playing with fire, we could be caught, we would have hell to pay if we were.

The excitement was now almost overwhelming , our blood almost boiling. I pushed Joyce back leaning her up against the farthest part of the seat, grapping her two exposed tits and those pencil like nipples, I mauled them. The effect was ecstatic, it took but a few seconds before I realized that Joyce had unzipped me and was fishing around in my pants with her hand. Once she had managed to grab on to my cock she squeezed it pulling at it, forcing it to respond dramatically, it jerked like never before, pulsating as quickly as my heart beat which was now in over drive. Joyce fooled around inside my pants until she managed to slip the bare naked boy wonder from the confines of the shorts, bare flesh on bare flesh .

Ever so delicately she stroked, experimenting with the means at her disposable, this was a first for certain. I am sure Joyce had no idea of what she was doing, how she should do it, but she was certainly doing it. There was precum leaking with gusto from the tip, which she managed to incorporate with her strokes, covering my cock, lubricating it, facilitating her movements. As fast and heavy as Joyce was breathing, I must have been doing the same . It was now my turn to moan and groan, to show, to indicate the pleasure that I was receiving . I was having trouble concentrating on my manipulation of her young mounds, my squeezing became erratic .

I grabbed them holding on hard, harder than I had every thought I could possibly do, as I shot gobs and gobs of white hot sperm into Joyce’s hand, I covered her hand completely , the hot liquid seeped though her finger, leaked down my cock, down on to my balls, dripping on the material inside my shorts. Man had I come…..this was the best. Could it get better, then at that time I did not think so. As I spurted my stuff, I felt Joyce’s grip change, it was certainly not the loving touch that she had been using to bring me off , but an almost iron grip one of urgency, then she shuddered and shook, she was likewise having an orgasm, I knew the signs now, this was indeed wonderful. We had brought each other off with our tender loving care . I noticed an aroma filling our seating area, an aroma of sweetness, the scent that you get when you bite down on cherry flavoured bubble gum. It was as though someone had just popped a big bubble of Bazooka bubble gum, I looked around to make certain that no one was close enough to have been watching us then I realized that it was Joyce who was giving off this aroma, her orgasm had produced this aroma, this was the scent of her sex exploding, it was she who burst the bubble releasing the cherry blossom scent.

Once it was evident that there was no more to erupt from the opening at the top of my cock, Joyce released her grip, brought her hand up to her mouth and gingerly sucked the remaining cum into her mouth. We both crumbled , I more so on top of her shielding her body some what from any probing eyes .Glowing in the aftermath we allowed ourselves to slip slowly back down to a more natural state, our breathing returning to normal, and our senses coming back .

We had not realized it, but we were so very close to home that our actions would be the undoing of our relationships. Fortunately for us the bus driver managed to flick his interior lights a couple of times providing a chance to put ourselves back together, we just managed to get Joyce’s blouse back on before the interior lights came on permanently, had any one being paying attention they certainly would have see that Joyce’s school uniform was in complete disarray . Thinking quickly however, I managed to get myself in front of Joyce so that more than most of her body was blocked from view as she buttoned up and tried to tuck her shirt tails back into her skirt . Doing the buttons we noticed that my seed had not completely dried on her fingers , as several like wet marks appeared on the blouse as she redid the buttons .

Fortunately I was a handkerchief man, for I was able to offer her a clean dry material on which she could clean up the remains spots of cum from her fingers. We managed to set ourselves back into the seat looking prim and proper as the bus lurched into the school yard coming to a halt under the bright field lights. Our trip was now complete, we had had a wonderful time , well more than wonderful ride . We had brought ourselves to peaks that we had not had the opportunity to experience before, we had had a good time together, a time that we would not forget, (nor possibly regret) something that would take up to the next step in our relationship which was now taking root.

It was late, we were back at school, Joyce’s parents were waiting to take her away for a whole week, I was having a hard time letting go, it was most difficult for her to put her blazer back on, in an attempt to hide that fact that she was bra less, which was quite evident . I hugged , pulling her in close to me, again trying to form one body from two. I did not want to let go, I was now obsessed . With tears in her eyes she pushed at me, telling me that it would be alright, she was only to be gone a week, we could live with that we had a whole life in front of us . We would have many many more occasions to be with one another, to love one another with such passion that no one would be able to deny us our destiny .

Convincing me that I was not loosing her for a very long time, I shuffled out of the bus, a bit dejected, escorting Joyce to her parent’s car. Once there I thanked them for permitting Joyce on the school trip . I kissed Joyce in the most proper of manner, helped her into the back seat and bid her goodnight. I do not know nor did she every say whether or not her parents questioned her about the aroma that surrounded her warm body, but it was certain that it was impossible to cover up that cherry blossom scent, no matter how hard we would have tried.

I walked home in a daze, imagine how I felt, it had been a long time since another hand had touched my private parts, and stroked them to eruption.. By the time I arrived at home I had another raging hard on only this time I had to take care of it myself, and for the next week I was involved in many nights of self satisfaction while I dreamed of the ride in the bus and dreamed also of the possibilities once Joyce and I were back together.

Let me tell you back then a week with out your girl, is the worst every of anything that could happen to you I mopped around the house , I mopped back and forth to school ,even my buddies who tried very hard to cheer me up thought that I had become a lost cause. My Mother did not know what to do with me , nor to do about me, she even admitted that perhaps she had been a bit too fast to judge Joyce, and may be when she did come back some kind of arrangement could be made so that Joyce could be made to feel not so un-welcomed at our home. I really must have been in a bad state for my Mother to come out with something like that.

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impressive you have successfully written a story without having the characters to be too elaborate and too into fucking.It is a typical but impressive story.

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Amazing, your a really good writer, you should concider writing others, nd some not sexual, id be happy to judge before you publish if you want

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