It was very late, I had just begun to doze off when the phone rang, my son calling asking if I could come pick him up at the Subway station, as there did not seem to be any more local buses running. Well I wanted to say some thing , but we had always told him that he was to call and we would pick him up no matter , where , when or what time. I got back out of bed throwing my slacks and a T shirt on, not bothering with any thing else, hell it was late, it was pouring out and no one was going to be gawking at my attire. It was one devil of a time to be out on the road, it was pouring cats and dogs, well maybe even harder than that , the wipers at full speed were almost unable to keep up with the down pour. Arriving at the spot we used as a meeting point when we traveled by subway, I sat the car off to the side, keeping the lights on, and even opening the interior light so that Eric could see that it was me who was waiting.

I had not bothered much when I saw two figures running in front of me, I was only expecting Eric, so I was sort of surprised when the back door opened and a young girl came into my sight. She was soaking wet, her top clinging to her, her bra vividly outlined through the soaking wet material. Following right behind her was an equally wet son, who pushed this girl through the car door and into the back seat, as he clambered in and pulled the door shut. First thing I knew they were both thanking me for coming to get them in this bloody awful downpour, that they were sorry they were getting the car all wet, and sorry for being so late, but circumstances had caused them to loose track of time. Then there was silence, they had finished speaking, and I was saying nothing, it was as though I was dumb struck. Perhaps I was, for I had not expected to see such a creature climbing into my car, especially one who looked like she had just won the Miss America wet T shirt contest. Finally coming to my senses, I interjected that since everything in side had fogged up, it would be more prudent to let the defroster do its work, clearing the inside windows a bit. I did not turn the car’s interior light off, I had not thought about it, but it proved to be the best little omission of the evening.

I returned to my driving position, adjusting my backside into the seat, and waiting for the windows to clear up a bit so that we could get started on the road home. Now that I had children, well not really, but you know, they are your children no matter what age they tend to be. I was not going to take risks driving and getting involved in an accident. It must have been a good fifteen minutes before I decided that I could see well enough in this awful weather, to return to the road .

In those fifteen minutes, the kids had gone from complete silence, through an animated chatter to some loud “ No I won’t, you do I” – “ I dare you” “ You’re chicken” – “ Better not” “ Let’s see”, “If you want then ask” , kind of conversation.

I was not paying any attention at all to what was going on in the back seat, so I had no idea of what brought on these types of comments, until my son spoke up and said “ Dad, Valerie wants to ask you a question , but is afraid of what you might think of her, what you might do, or say about what she wants to ask”

“ I have told her you are a great Dad , open minded, fair and understanding, ” he continued.

I replied with my usual fatherly attitude “ Son, you know that you are always free to speak your mind, and while sometimes we are not on the same band wave, I always let you have your say, so if you are asking me to accord Valerie the same privilege, I will certainly agree to let her speak her mind” .

Valerie did not waste a moment starting right out “ Mr Mac, the reason we lost track of time, were so late in getting on our way home is that we had begun to play around a bit, back at the movie” taking a large gulp of air she continued “ We got ourselves kind of worked up , to the point that we are a bit frustrated and I want to remedy the problem” . She stopped there, leaving everything hanging, dead silence, well except for the turning of the motor and the banging of the rain. As nothing had been said as far as I was concerned . I turned in my seat and shot back “ Well , I can certainly see that you had lost track of time, was that all you wanted to clear up !” looking this young lady right in the face.

A bit startled she once again began “ well, no, I mean well, what I want to ask, is well, I would really like to be able to suck Eric off before you drop me off at home tonight” Valerie had not even batted an eyebrow when she spilled out this statement. She left me staring at her, looking at those big brown eyes. I could hardly believe my ears, but certainly did not want to provide an autocratic response. My mind turned at a record speed I am certain during that particular moment of that night. If I refused, my son would be out a blow-job which would not make him too happy with my decision . I could not however condone such a request nor action, one that would take place in the car while I was driving these young teens home. I could just imagine the consequences if we were stopped by the police while such action was going on, yet I could not let this young lady get my goat either.

“ Well” I said, hoping to dissimulate the situation by increasing the level of risk making the young girl think twice about her request “ The only way that I would allow such an event to take place, would be for you to strip all your clothes off and be bare ass naked , before you proceeded” .

I figured that this was not quite what this young girl wanted to hear . She certainly would not be bold enough to get stark naked in a moving vehicle, which was being driven by the father of the lad she wanted blow. I had not told her “ no” , so my son could not blame me if he did not get sucked off this evening. In a worst case scenario, if I was wrong about the young girl, well then perhaps the risk of being intercepted by the police would be worth the chance I might have to catch a vision of this lovely creature naked as the day she was born. With that said and done, I eased the car on to the main road for our journey home, humming lightly to myself, thinking just how well I had handled Valerie’s request.

Driving slowly, eluding the large pools of puddles that had accumulated along the side of the dimly lit streets, I made certain that I completed my intersection stops properly. As a young lad, my mother and I had , in a very similar rainy situation missed a stop and were hit broadside by a taxi who had the right of way and did not see us . I did not want to relive that experience.

At the second stop, I was startled by something hitting the windshield, at first I thought I had hit a white bird which was having problems flying. Then as I looked to the right side of the dash, I saw that the windshield had been hit from inside the car. It appeared to be a wet white tee shirt, and it had come from the back seat. I looked into the rear view mirror, never thought of looking in to back seat directly, only to see a large expanse of creamy white flesh , reflecting in the rays of the interior light of the car.

Opps!!!! I thought to myself, Miss Valerie is testing my resolve , trying to get some reaction from me. Unfortunately I am a man of my word, I had set out the requirements, I was bound by them . If little Miss Valerie was thinking she was going to get a raise out of me she was wrong, it would take much more than divesting herself of her wet T-shirt.

I was unable to drive safely, looking into the rear view mirror all the time, so I slowed down a bit . At that time of night, I do not think anyone else if there was anyone else on the road would mind too much. Several stops later, a lot of black material arrived to fall on top of the wet T-shirt . As I grabbed at the material I determined that it was the skirt that Valerie had been wearing when she entered my car . Things were indeed progressing, perhaps to the point that I might have to make a decision that would be unwelcome, especially if I was to be a good parent. The car was now rocking a bit, a motion that was not the result of the strong wind and rain . From what I could tell by looking in the rear view mirror it was caused by the kids who were frolicking in the back seat.

I decided to see just how far this little devil would take things, how far she would push the envelope. I realigned my homeward trajectory, taking a turn up a smaller side street. We would now be weaving around town , rather than taking the direct route home . At the next stop along the route, I was surprised to see more clothing flying over the front seat and landing on the pile . The next item appeared to be Eric’s T-shirt, I thought then , Yes !! Miss Valerie is trying my resolve, stretching her luck, marking time, trying to get a reaction out of me. I had said nothing about Eric’s stature of dress in response to her request , perhaps she thought if she stripped Eric I would have to concede, little did she know.

I had taken many turns, and stopped at several corners, each time taking a long time to enter the intersection to continue on the way .There had been no any more clothing flying over into the front of the car, so I figured I had played it fairly smooth for an old man. After all there was nothing much about a girl in a bra and panties, just like being in a bikini swim suit, and as far as a guy goes, Eric with out his shirt would raise no eyebrows at all, I had won. I had provided them a response to their request, in a most responsible adult like manner, I had not given my permission, nor had I denied it. I was thing just how smart I had been when suddenly I heard a ‘ Clink’, some metal like object hitting glass, looking over to my right to see that a bra had stopped itself on the dashboard after have encounter the windshield. Now it appeared that my bluff was being called, Valerie was making good on my word, I was being trumped.

This time since I was indeed stopped, not only at the corner, but sort of in my own tracks, I took the occasion to turn around and look into the back seat. Valerie was sitting with her bare, and I mean bare back to me, saddled across Eric’s legs, running her hands through his hair and pushing her tits into his face, no doubt a nipple into his mouth. Suddenly I felt my ownself begin to twinge, having not worn underwear left my pistol unencumbered and it was beginning to increase in size . I changed my mind at that moment hoping that indeed Valerie was going to abide by my rules, in order to complete her request. I figured I might as well enjoy the ride, since I was after all I was doing the driving, and had been jarred out of a warm bed into this real lousy weather.

Realizing that I would have to make the homeward trip a bit longer, I mentally passed all the streets trying to establish the longest route, yet not making it so very evident . I perhaps did not have to do in any case given the fact that the kids appeared to be consumed by the game . I would however have to find some excuse to come up with once I got Eric back home to his mother. Finally it happened, a pair of pink panties came flying over, this time however they were not directed at the front windshield, but aimed at and landed directly on the steering wheel , it was a good thing that we had stopped at a red light.

For certain , Valerie was now naked, in the back seat of my car, she had complied with my directions . I could either feign a lapse in decorum and tell her to get dressed, or I could let her continue with her desire to suck my son off while I drove them home. The better of me got to me, I said nothing . I took the pink panties and carefully brought them to my nose, sniffing the sent of a hot young teenaged girl in heat , inhaling as much as I could, and I pulled away from the corner when the light changed to green.

There was so much commotion now in the back seat that I could not help but stare up into the rear view mirror, adjusting it just so, trying to get as much exposure as I could from that little piece of reflecting glass. I must repeat, in hindsight the best thing I had done was not to have turned the interior light of the car off.

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2011-07-06 17:41:46
My bf. And I did this with one f his friends driving
We drove all around town fucking with the lights on - smiling at people and waving.

Wow. I loved it

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2010-05-28 07:17:20
One of the worst stories yet. It would be bad even if it was labeled as fantasy. I notice that there are no comments--Yet. Either the readers gave up on the bullshit, or they didn't want to hurt your feelings by telling you their honest evaluation of the story.

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