Once we had dropped our little sister of at Mrs Gunther’s and were about a block away, Carole stopped us telling Joyce that it was time for a bit of punishment for her digression. She pulled open Joyce's blouse, pulling her two nipples until they became long and rigid, then she attached the nipple clamps once again . Joyce groaned at the pain Carole inflicted as she taunted the nipples. The Joyce was told to bend and pull her bottom cheek apart, Carole produced that cork like object placing it at Joyce’s mouth telling her to get it good and wet. Then Carole shoved it right up Joyce's arse in a single push, leaving the little sting hanging down .

Joyce yelped a shrieking cry as that happened. Thinking Carole was finished, I began to move, however she had not. Carole began to play with the red material that was supposedly acting as a skirt. She pulled it up exposing Joyce perhaps an inch below her clean shaven pussy lips. The back of her ass clearly showed the round of the crack entering between her legs, with the string hanging down.

Carole then went on to roll the top of the material making it more less a band of only three or four inches. Now there was much more of Joyce showing than was covered . Carole took Joyce in hand, placing her on the outside of the sidewalk so she was closest to the road, closest to any passing traffic, closest to anyone who wanted to gawk and began to walk toward the bicycle path that led past Joyce's house. Once on the path Carole had Joyce walk in front of us , we of course taking the same position as we had the other night pretending we were a couple and Joyce was alone.

Several bikes passed , the bikers doing doubt takes while looking at Joyce. There was one guy who passed going in the opposite direction ,who turned around and rode past once again, then did it several times more before he moved on. I noticed that Joyce was experiencing difficulty walking, her strides were shorter, erratic like, when finally she stopped . She turned back to her mistress, to tell her that she felt she needed a bowel movement and quickly. Carole looked around then said well we are kind of a far from any thing. We could however cut over the little wall they had made as a sound barrier and try and find a suitable facility to take care of the problem if Joyce so desired.

Joyce answered that she so desired but could not wait that long, it was going to happen and happen quickly. We could see that Joyce had become flushed . I imagined from trying hard to hold off until she got home, but it did not look like this was possible. Carole told her what was to be was to be and if she had to , she might as well get it over with right away.

Joyce was now jumping around as she surveyed the area but there was not even a bush to hide beside. Once again Carole spoke up saying that she had better decide quickly if she was to have some control over the event and then added Joyce had better not get her clothes dirty.

“ In fact” Carole continued “it would be better if you gave me the clothes before it happened.”

Well I just about choked , here Carole was asking Joyce to strip naked on the bike path so that she could empty her bowels. I could not wait to see that. The expression Joyce's face told me that she had not a moment to lose . Joyce quickly pulled the blouse from her shoulders and stepped out of the little band of red material, squatting right where she was,

She pulled the butt plug from her arse , bringing with it a torrent of dark brown liquid shit splattering it all over the ground and part way up her legs. Just as the shit hit the dirt a group of young kids passed on their bikes, stopping immediately, to look at what was going on. Joyce looked just so indecent, squatting there naked, her nipple clamps bobbing up and down as she forced the remnants from her body. Her clean shaven cunt releasing a steam of hot piss as a balance of turds dropped from her rear chute. She was a sight for sore eyes let me tell you

The young kids did not really know what was going on but the knew all the words to describe what they were looking at, right down to the terminology for the butt plug they saw lying on the ground. Their conversation was indeed animated, it was more or less directed by the oldest of the group, but then I could have been wrong. This one lad seemed to know more about the female anatomy than the others who you could tell were staring wide eyed.

The scene unfolding before there eyes was causing some reaction, as I notice several of them fixing the front of their shorts. Carole also noticed this reaction surprising me by speaking out “ Would any of you boys like to touch our naked toy !”. Then I guess thinking out loud Carole added “would you girls be interested in touching my naked slave, there is no time like the present”.

Several responded “ Oh! Gross, not while she is shitting like that No way !” Two of the boys advanced closer however “ You mean we can touch her tits !” they said almost in unison.
Carole nodded her head in an affirmative way “ Yes, you can touch any part of her you would like” Hearing an unexpected groan “No!” from Joyce, I looked at Carole thinking she was going to flip, but all she did was purse her lips .

“ Infact “ Carole continued in a more vindictive tone “ Since it appears from the sound of our little toy that she would really appreciate your touching her, I’ll have her jerk both of you off if you would like” glaring at Joyce, taunting her to object once more. Joyce must have realized that by letting out that groan with the word no she had displeased Carole, so she said no more.

In a commanding voice, more for effect than anything else Carole began “ Slave, unzip these two boys, and jerk their little peckers until they shoot their stuff, and do it with loving care” Well that took care of things, the boys faces lit right up, the rest of the group even moved closer to watch.

Joyce , I must say did her part, she moved from her squatting position to a more balanced kneeing position and did as asked. It did not take long , once Joyce had fished those little rods from their confines after a couple of very gentle strokes one lad groaned and let loose with his load.
The other lad, perhaps, had experienced this before, for he had really gotten into the event. He placed his hands on his hips and pushed his them out towards Joyce providing her with more to work on.

Carole seeing the young lad thoroughly enjoying himself spoke up once more “ Slave, take his cock in your mouth, and provide him a proper blowjob” Receiving a spontaneous loud “Oh Yeah!” from the group of kids.
Joyce altered her position once again and moved in on this young boy’s manhood. Her audience watched as she indeed provided him with on of her wonderful blowjobs, making a good showing by licking the tip of his little cock once she was certain she had sucked all of his cum .

The boys thanked us profusely, telling us that they hoped to see us again maybe and that we would let them do other things to our slave, then they moved on.

Joyce thought she had finished and began to straighten up, only to crouch down immediately squatting spreading her legs and pushed more shit out her ass.

I lost count of the times but finally it looked like she was shitting piss, as only a runny liquid flowed of her arse. Joyce was now back on her knees, her ass pushed back as she continued to emit this runny liquid which was now dribbling down her legs, she looked exhausted .

Carole on the other hand was enjoying the whole ordeal , then she made the comment that Joyce had taken her punishment well. Explaining that when we had eaten the pieces of chocolate Joyce had been privileged to have eaten chocolate pieces of Ex- lax.

Suddenly we all began to notice the odour that was rising from this putrid puddle of shit and piss. Joyce did her best not to step into it as she got up, but she already had her legs coated when the first deluge flowed from her hole. Carole had however come prepared for this event, she had with her a box of baby wipes which she handed to Joyce told to her to clean up.

Carole then started to talk about repairing the digression that occurred at the pool. She said she had considered the offers Joyce had made, did not think whipping her till blood was drawn would please me in any way ( this was the first I had heard this as an option and I would certainly have stopped Carole from drawing blood) .

Tying or binding her exposed some place where she would be seen by those arriving at the terminal on the commuter train perhaps her father among them, needed more planning then time allowed ,leaving Carole with few options.

Carole said she was debating, having Joyce walk the rest of the way home as she was, completely naked, allowing her to dress only once she entered the porch at the back of the house. Then thought perhaps creating a scene near enough to the arriving train that there might be a chance to be seen by her father, but certainly by any of those bored riders looking out the train car's windows.

While Carole was considering her plans, several couples passed on bikes making some very definite nasty comments as they saw Joyce standing there in the nude. Carole decided that she still had time to come up with a more definite situation before we arrived so she handed the blouse and little bit of red material to Joyce telling her to dress and begin walking the rest of the way home.

We picked up our pace somewhat as time was now running out, we crossed over the tracks , taking the short cut that would lead us through the little forested area opposite Joyce’s house. Carole stopped us , telling us she wanted to take a minute to scrutinize things. She then took hold of Joyce, moving her to several spots along the edge of the clump of trees, pushing her back up against one, then repositioning her against another. Carole continued until it appeared she was satisfied with the results. I had no idea what she was working on but I did notice that at all the positions which she had placed Joyce, she was clearly in the line of sight of the commuter train passengers .

“Ok every thing is just perfect” Carole said dragging Joyce back to me “ We can continue : That we did, we crossed the street to the back of Joyce’s house where Carole looked around again before saying “ Well Joyce I was afraid I pegged you wrong, I did not think you would last past Saturday night, but you did indeed surpass my expectations of you.”

Carole moved in close to Joyce planting a passionate kiss on her soft lips. As Joyce was left gasping for breath Carole
spoke up “ You know you are wearing my clothes and I would like them back before I leave you” Leaving this statement hanging, Carole fiddled around with Joyce’s small over night case that I was holding. She took out a bra, some panties, a top and a pair of shorts, placing them on the ground. “ Take off my clothes please Joyce” Carole said when she had finished closing the over night bag.

Poor Joyce , knowing no doubt that her father was due home any minute, not to mention her mother who might come out of the house at any time , stripped herself naked in her own backyard for her Mistress. “ Now I do not want you to start dressing in you own things until Dougie and I have crossed the street and enterd the forest do you understand” Carole continued to say.

“Yes Mistress” was all that I heard.

“ Dougie give Joyce a loving kiss so that we can get on our way, we would not want her father bumping into us, or would we” Carole said almost laughing. I kissed Joyce goodnight, cupping a good feel of her wet sex, then grabbed Carole’s hand and slowly walked across the street waving goodbye to Joyce as we entered the wooded area. I was not certain, but the man I saw walking by the neighbours place sure looked like Joyce’s father.

Epilogue ;

Sorry people even though this is a true story or at least written very close to the truth as I could remember, I never did fuck Joyce. We were known as the ‘Lovers’ during our last years of high school . We played many games together experimenting, getting high on sexual stimulation, but we were very concerned with getting Joyce pregnant .Back then there was no way to get birth control pills, as for condoms, well you had to ask the pharmacist for them and he of course knew your parents very well.

I broke with Joyce when I was 23 years old ( still a virgin)
She however had been taken advantage of at work during a Christmas party. I married another girl (a virgin) and we have been together some 36 years now. I have kept track of Joyce over the years , and this year she is coming back to the 50th reunion of our high school. She knows how to contact me as I have a web page, I do not have anyway to contact her however so I do not know if her decision to attend the 50th year reunion has anything to do with me.
She is traveling from the west coast, some 3000 miles for this reunion. I would like to meet her but am afraid that she still hates me for breaking up and marrying someone else .
I have a dilemma on my hands , I am 60 years old and do not know what to do for the first time in my life.

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it took me a littel bit for me to read all your stories all of them get (from me) a 10/10
and try to get back to gether (you know some fo that was rape you know). more stories soon?

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