Cindy's sister gets hurt and Cindy is out for revenge. She has already put her plan in motion and now takes the next steps to confuse the players.
Payback is a Bitch 2 – The Plan Continues

Cindy's sister gets hurt and Cindy is out for revenge. She has already put her plan in motion and now takes the next steps to confuse the players.

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The next part of my plan was going to be the hardest. I got on my bike and rode in the dark the three miles to the hospital. Hiding my bike in the bushes I sat down in the dirt, rolling around a bit, making sure my clothes were plenty messed up. I then walked into the ER. The ER wasn't busy like you see on TV, so I walked right up to the counter.

When the nurse looked up she exclaimed, "Honey, what happened to you."

"I was raped," I said, bursting into tears. I was getting good at this crying thing. I would just think about what Brittany did to my sister Margaret and it would make me cry.

The nurse ran around the counter and took me to a wheelchair. Putting me in she wheeled me through a door and into a room. In a minute she had my jeans and shirt off and me in a gown, lying on a bed. I still had my panties on, now soaked with Alex's cum. A few minutes later a doctor came in and talked to me, telling me he had to do an examination. He also told me that he had called the authorities and a police woman would be coming in to talk to me. I had nothing to fear, that I was not in any trouble. They just needed to get my story.

The doctor removed my panties and did his examination. I heard him saying to the nurse that my hymen had recently been torn and that there was plenty of semen everywhere, that it was definitely a rape. It seemed odd to me that no one asked me my name until after the examination. Maybe they just didn't want to take the chance of not getting some evidence by waiting too long.

"What's your name honey," the nurse finally asked.

"I, I don't remember. I can't remember my name," I cried. "I can't remember my name."

"It's OK. It will come to you shortly," the nurse said calmly. "This often happens in cases like this, but your memory will come right back to you soon. Do you remember how old you are?"

"15. Yes, I'm 15 years old. My birthday was a few months ago," I told her.

"See, you're already remembering things." She patted me on the hand as the police woman came walking in. The nurse filled her in on things, saying they had a good amount of semen for any DNA testing. "There's no question it was rape," the nurse said, "even if she wasn't only 15."

"Hello, I am officer Wells. You can call me Nancy." She had a kind face, one that relaxed me. "Do you know who your attacker was?" she asked.

I slowly shook my head no but she didn't buy it. "You know, most rapes are done by people we know, people we trust not to hurt us. Then they do. If this was someone you know then you shouldn't protect him. He should be exposed so that he can get the help he needs. Otherwise he will attack again, someone else who can't defend herself just like you. So if you know you need to tell me."

I held fast, didn't let her know any more information about me or my attacker. She finally told me to rest, that she would be back later to check on me. I waited a while after she left but no one came in. That's when I got up and got dressed again. But they had taken my panties, maybe as evidence. I snuck out of my room and was out the door without anyone noticing. Retrieving my bike I rode the long three miles home. I had plenty of time to get cleaned up and into bed before my mom got home. Margaret never came out of her room and of course my dad was just drunk in his room. I had set the scene for future use. If I ever needed to turn on Alex, I had the evidence in place to do it. But right now I kind of liked Alex, especially the fucking part.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I spent a few nights a week out with Alex. His parents were always home so we just drove places in his car. We talked about our plans to get back at Brittany, how I could help him seduce her younger sister Kathy. We also talked about how I could take down her dad. That was going to be the tough one. But most of our time together was spent making love. Sometimes we got off only enough clothes to make contact, sometimes most of them were removed. Often when he took me from behind and had my pants down or off, he would simply pull my panties to one side and enter me, not wasting any more time trying to remove that last piece of clothing. I liked it like that. It felt more elicit than it already was. God I loved fucking Alex.

Here are some pictures of what I probably looked like being fucked by Alex with just a piece a clothing on, like this first picture with just my shoes on.

Another with my panties pushed to the side.

Once I wore a pair of split panties so I wouldn't have to remove them at all. They were made for fucking. How I got them is a whole other story.

I remember the time I only had on a scarf.
I wondered if it was the same with every guy, or do they all feel different. It made me wonder what Bradley would feel like, to fuck him. I felt guilty thinking about it, Bradley being my sister Margaret's boyfriend, but that just made me think about it even more.
The more I thought about it, the guilt of doing my sister's boyfriend was almost overwhelming. But I knew I would never hurt my sister that way, or at least I thought I wouldn't.
One evening I was home alone. My dad was out drinking somewhere. My mom had the evening off and she took Margaret shopping. They would be gone for hours. I guess Margaret forgot to tell Bradley because he came over like he does all the time. When he knocked on the door I knew right away who it was.

"Hi Bradley, come on in," I told him. "Margaret isn't here tonight but you can visit with me if you want."

"Well, OK, if that's what you want," he said back, each word coming out slowly. Bradley wasn't the sharpest tack in the drawer but he was a nice guy and treated my sister well. I wasn't sure what I was doing, inviting him in. Maybe I just wanted to see how far I could go without doing any real damage.

We chatted for awhile when I noticed that he seemed to be rubbing his shoulder. "Turn around," I said, "and sit here on the floor in front of me. I was in the living room chair at the time and had him sit on the floor between my legs while I massaged his back.

"That feels really good Cindy," he confessed. "I've had sort of a stiff neck today."

Looking down at his pants I giggled. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"Well it looks like your neck's not the only thing that's stiff right now," I told him, continuing to rub his neck. He quickly covered his groin with his hands.

"It's OK Bradley," I told him. "Actually I'm glad it happened. I won't feel so embarrassed now in asking you a personal question."

"What do you mean?" he asked back.

"I have a problem at school and I think you can help me," I said. "But you have to promise me you won't say a word to anyone, especially not to Margaret. Promise?"

"Uh, OK, I promise. What is it?"

"Well there's this boy I like," I began, "and he wants me to, well, to do it with him. And I want to and all, but I don't, I mean, I don't know how. I don't want to make a fool of myself. I was hoping, I mean since you have done it already, if you could teach me."

He answered slowly, "Oh I don't know. I couldn't do that. You know, Margaret and me..."

I kept massaging his neck. Leaning close to his ear I whispered, "Please don't laugh but I don't even know how to kiss a boy. I don't want him to laugh at me and call me stupid." I was sure he would react to that remark.

"Oh no, that would not be nice," he quickly agreed. "I guess I could help a little. I could tell you how to kiss. Margaret and I kiss a lot. Well we used to. But not so much lately since I, well you know, did it with Brittany."

"That's what I mean, Bradley. You're so experienced at this. You know how to do everything." I kept building him up. "Yes, show me how to kiss the right way so I don't get made fun of."

I jumped out of the chair and sat down in the middle of the room. "Can we do it right here on the floor. My friend has hugged me on the floor before and tried to kiss me but I wouldn't let him. Sit here next to me Bradley and show me how to kiss."

Bradley sat down on the floor, our legs pointing in opposite directions. "When you kiss you have to have your eyes closed," he stated. "You can never open your eyes. It's rude."

"OK. Do I close them now or just before we kiss?" That seemed to confuse him a little.

"I think just before your lips touch your eyes have to close, yes, that's it," he said with growing confidence. "Then when you kiss you tip your head one way and the other person's head goes the other way, so you don't bump noses."

"That makes sense," I commented. "Then what."

"Well then you press your lips together and hold them there. Sometimes Margaret and I open our mouth to each other a little bit. We mush our lips together and get really sloppy wet. It's fun."

"Can we try it, please?" I begged.

"On no, what about Margaret?"

"Please, oh please, oh please. Margaret will never know, please," I begged.

"OK, but don't tell Margaret," he warned.

"Oh never. Thank you so much." Hesitatingly I leaned in tipping my head first one way and then the other until we were in synch and just as our lips met I closed my eyes. His lips were soft, his kiss gentle. I opened my mouth slightly as he had instructed and he did the same. There was an ever-so-slight amount of sucking. I leaned backwards some and let him take the lead, pushing me back onto the floor. With one hand behind his head now I held him to me as I began to kiss him in earnest, opening my mouth up to him even more. He responded well, his own kisses becoming more excited and frantic. Our legs were the same direction now so I rolled him over on the floor putting me on top. I kissed him like I would kiss Alex, throwing all caution to the wind. I found myself on top of his groin, my hips grinding myself into his obvious hard on. While this was going on I was unbuttoning his shirt. With the last button taken care of I unbuckled his pants, pulling down the zipper, all the while never stopping our kissing, never letting him up. I yanked his pants down over his rear end exposing his erection to the open air. That's when I broke the kiss and quickly moved my mouth from his lips to his shaft. He groaned as I pleasured him. But I wanted him inside of me, not shooting his cum into my mouth but into my cunt.

While I worked on his penis I undid and removed my own pants. Working my way back up his body I pulled my panties to one side and slid my pussy down onto his shaft. He wasn't as near as long as Alex was. But ironically he was thicker in girth. He stretched me more than Alex did and it felt wonderful. Bradley just groaned as if in pain as I fucked him. It didn't take him long to climax but I didn't let him be. I kept pumping him for several more minutes while his shaft went through a cycle of softening and then hardening again. That's when I really turned it on. I rocked my hips hard and fast for a couple of minutes and then abruptly stopped.

Climbing off of him I said, "Come on Bradley, fuck the hell out of me." I stood up, pulling him with me over to the couch. I kicked off my panties, set him down and sat on top of him. "Fuck me," I said again as I made him do the work even though I was on top.

He sat there and pushed his cock back into me. God it was fat. I reached down and grabbed his hands, placing them on my hips. He took the hint and held on tight, rocking his hips so that he drove his thick meat in and out of me.

"Oh yes, Bradley, yes, fuck me hard and fast," I screamed. He did too until I was screaming in ecstasy as my climax poured through me. He kept pounding me a minute longer sending little orgasms through me as he finished himself off, shooting his hot cum deep inside of me once more.

Here's what it probably looked like.

"Oh fuck yes, Bradley, you are incredible. To hell with my boyfriend. I just want you to fuck me."

"Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry," he stammered. "I shouldn't have done that. I don't know what came over me. The more we kissed, well I just didn't want it to stop. And then your mouth was on me and I couldn't stop even if I wanted to, which I didn't. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. Please don't tell Margaret."

"I would never tell Margaret on you Bradley. Why would I tell her that you fucked her little sister, twice. You were just teaching me how to do it so I wouldn't be embarrassed in front of my friends. Isn't that right Bradley?" I asked him.

"Yes, that's right. I was just teaching you," he replied, sounding somewhat relieved.

"Of course I will need a few more lessons, to make sure I have learned everything correctly," I told him, "If you didn't make sure I learned everything, someone might think you just wanted to fuck me, to take advantage of a little kid. But if you make sure I have learned my lessons then they could never say that. So you will make sure I have learned my lessons well, won't you Bradley?"

"Ye…yes Cindy, if you think you need more lessons, just don't let Margaret know I'm teaching you like this. She wouldn't understand."

"Now you better get on home before Margaret gets here and wonders what you were doing with me all evening, alone, just you and me." I then got close to him and whispered, "Thank you so much for the lesson Bradley. I look forward to another one real soon. And I won't tell Margaret on you. Now get along out of here."

Soon he was dressed and headed out, probably wondering what just happened. But good or bad I know he enjoyed it, far more than he did with Brittany, even more than he ever will with Margaret.

I still don't know why I did it. OK, on one hand it really was to find out if all guys felt the same, which they don't by the way. But there was more to it. There was a power I was beginning to feel, that I had control over the male sex, that I could make them do things they wouldn't normally do. I didn't want Margaret to find out what I did and hoped Bradley wouldn't tell. I still loved my sister and hated myself for doing what I just did to her boyfriend. In a sense I was no better than Brittany. Maybe I was more like Brittany than I wanted to admit.

I gave Alex a call, had him come over and fuck me to oblivion, to help me forget what I had done to Bradley.

"It time for you to start making your move on Kathy," I told Alex.

"I've already started," he replied. "Every chance I get when I'm over there I find moments when I can be alone with Kathy and flirt with her. She is responding well. I even kissed her on the forehead one day and told her how pretty she was, that maybe I picked the wrong sister."

"What'd she say to that?" I asked.

"I didn't wait around to tell but the next time I was over there I found that she was making the effort to find those moments away from her sister to be with me instead of the other way around. She was now on the offensive flirting with me, taking every opportunity to talk to me, be near me, touch me. And I responded in kind. I think if I had her alone I could consummate this union."

"You have been a busy boy," I told him.

"The question is, how are you going to feel when I do it with Kathy?" he asked me. "Are you going to be jealous? She is your best friend."

"Of course I'll be jealous," I admitted. "But that doesn't mean I don't want you to fuck her. This is about destroying Brittany, nothing more, nothing less. But that doesn't mean you can't have your fun doing it. So fuck her Alex, and not just once. Fuck her as much as you want."

"God Cindy. You are something else," he said, shaking his head.

"But right now, I want you to fuck me." He smiled at me and obliged.

Alex continued to work on Kathy to the point that she was telling me what was happening.

"Cindy, Cindy, you won't believe what happened last night," she announced to me at school. She wanted to keep her voice down but she was so excited. "Alex kissed me, me, he kissed me, not Brittany, but me, yours truly, Kathy. What do I do Cindy, what do I do?"

"Well it sounds like you have already done what you're supposed to do. You let him kiss you," I told her. "That's where it all begins, that first kiss. Just don't let Brittany find out."

"Oh God no, she'd kill me, literally," Kathy cried. "It was so wonderful. He and Brittany had walked outside to get in the car. They were going to a movie. The car was running and he suddenly jumped out leaving her there and ran back inside. I know all this because I was watching them through Brittany's bedroom window. Just as he came back in I ran back to my room. I stuck my head out and asked him if he forgot something. He walked up to me and pulled me back into my room. He said that he didn't forget anything, that he just wanted a moment alone with me. And then he kissed me, full on the lips. He pulled away for a moment and then wrapped me in his arms and kissed me again, really hard. When he stopped kissing me he asked me if I had a problem with what he just did. I told him only the part about him stopping. He smiled, kissed me quick on the lips again, and then left, not saying another word. Do you think he loves me?"

"I don't know it he loves you or not Kathy," I told her. "But there is one thing I know for sure. He wants to make love to you. There is no question about that. The only real question at this time is do you want to make love with him? Well, do you?"

"Oh God, I don't know. He's Brittany's boyfriend. I couldn't do that to Brittany, to my own sister. For one she'd kill me and for two, well she'd kill me again."

"So it sounds to me Kathy that you do want to make love to Alex," I reasoned with her. "The only thing that is stopping you is your fear of Brittany."

"Yes, I guess you're right," Kathy agreed.

"So are you going to tell Brittany that you fucked her boyfriend?" I asked sarcastically. She shook her head no. "And I doubt that Alex is going to say anything. It would be suicide. I hate your sister so I'm not telling her squat. I don't even talk to her. No one is going to tell Brittany. So it looks to me Kathy that there is only one choice here, and that is for you to go have some fun, and maybe put in a good word for me."

Kathy hugged me. "You always know how to figure things out. Thank you."

"Don't do it at your house though," I cautioned her. "You don't want Brittany to catch you. If anything, do it at his house. Let him clean up the mess you guys will make." Kathy laughed.

I filled Alex in on what Kathy and I talked about so that he could just jump to the next level. "We should film this," I told him. "If we do it at your house I could hide in the closet, with your louvered doors and film it all. Just make sure you keep to the bed and computer desk side of the bedroom, so I can get a good shot."

"What are you Cindy, my little voyeur?" Alex teased as he tickled me.

"I'm not the pervert fucking all the underage little girls in town," I shot back.

"You may be underage but you are not a little girl," he replied. "You are more of an adult than most girls my age or even older. And I would rather be with you than any of them." I knew he was telling the truth. He couldn't go too many days without fucking me. He had to get his fix and I was his drug. I just wondered how long it would last.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks Alex and I planned his encounter with Kathy, timing it for when his parents would be away. Though I was usually busy with Alex, I did manage to find time for a couple of "lessons" from Bradley. I always thanked him for his expertise but let him know that I didn't think I had it quite right, that I would need more lessons. He always reminded me not to tell Margaret as they were in love and that he was only doing this to help me, so that kids wouldn't make fun of me like they had him all his life. I never told Alex about what I had been doing with Bradley, that he had a fatter dick than Alex did and filled me in ways that Alex couldn't. But Alex was long, very long, and could do things to me that Bradley would never understand or appreciate. There was no question in my mind that I was using Bradley for sex and sex alone. Alex on the other hand had all started as a way to hurt Brittany. But over time I had become attached to him. I didn't understand how yet, but I began to hope that my little rape-stunt at the hospital wouldn't come back and bite me one day.

Kathy kept me current about Alex and her get-together. Of course I knew more about it than she did but I didn't tell her that. "And he wants me to come over to his place. But of course I just can't tell my parents that I'm spending the night with some 18-year-old man. So I told them I'm spending the night with you."

"You did?" I asked. Now that I didn't know. That meant I had to rework my camera plan.

"That's OK isn't it?" she asked.

"Uh, yes, sure, that's fine. This Friday?" I asked.

"Yep, this Friday." Kathy was happy, happier than I had ever seen her. I felt a little guilty about what I was doing, using her, my best friend, to hurt Brittany.

I arranged with Alex to get a camera stand, an extended battery for the camcorder and a wide-angled lens, to pick up the whole far side of the room. He would come pick up Kathy from my house, take her home, fuck her, and then bring her back. That was the plan until that Friday night when my mom messed it up.

Kathy was already over at my house when in walks my mom, home early from her evening job. I told her that Kathy and I were invited to a girlfriend's roller skating party and that she was sending her older brother over to pick us up and take us to the rink. We would be going out to eat afterward and would be home later tonight. My mom fully trusted me and didn't even ask who the friend was. But it also meant that I was going over to Alex's house with Kathy, not part of the original plan.

"I'm glad you're going to be there," Kathy whispered to me, "in case something goes wrong. You'll be there to protect me."

"Yes, I can see it now, me, little Cindy, against a 6 foot 2 inch Alex monster." We both laughed. "I'll just stay out of the way. I'll go hide somewhere and you won't even know I'm in the house. But I'll keep alert just in case, don't worry."

"My protector," she said as she kissed me on the cheek. It felt odd, like a rush of adrenaline for a moment. I wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl like I kissed Alex, to kiss Kathy that way. What would she do, I wondered?

Alex picked us both up without a hitch, though he wondered why I was there. But not letting on that anything was amiss he took us straight to his place.

"Plans got changed," is all I said in the car. He ignored me and gave all his attention to Kathy, rubbing her leg on the drive over, giving her a peck on the head, a quick kiss on the lips. I could tell she was nervous. With her sitting between Alex and me in the front seat I could feel her shake. I whispered to her to breath deep, relax, everything was going to be fine. That seemed to help a bit until we got to Alex's house when she got nervous again. I held her hand as we walked up to his door with him. We entered together.

It didn't matter now how or why Alex and Kathy had gotten to this point. Kathy wanted this and I wanted her to have it, not so that I would have something to hold over Brittany, but because I liked Kathy and wanted her to have her heart's desire. Right now Alex was that desire and she was going to have him.
After we were inside the house I turned to Kathy and said, "Good luck." I then kissed her on the lips and backed away from her. Alex had walked into the kitchen before this and was calling to Kathy. I blew her another kiss and she smiled before turning to walk into the kitchen.

I decided to quickly use the bathroom and then go hide in the closet before they got there. When I closed the closet door I noticed that the camera was all set up ready to go. Just then it clicked on. Alex must have put it on a timer. I left it alone and just leaned up against the wall, looking through the slats in the closet at an empty room.

It had to have been about 10 minutes later when I heard Kathy giggling, the sound getting louder by the second. Then the two of them came into the bedroom, still fully clothed. Alex took Kathy in his arms and kissed her passionately. I felt a pang of jealousy rush through me, not so much that he was kissing Kathy but rather that he simply wasn't kissing me. For a moment I wanted to open the closet door and go to him, take him in my arms and cover him with kisses.
It seemed like I had only blinked and there before me stood my best friend Kathy in a full embrace kissing my lover Alex, both totally nude. I didn't even remember them removing their clothes. I must have spaced out for a minute. I watched as Alex lifted her up in his arms and carried her to his bed, laying her across the bed, I was sure so the camera would have a better angle. I watched as he kissed all over her body from head to toe, taking his time, teasing her senseless. He spent extra time on her breasts. They were larger than mine and he seemed to enjoy them immensely. Then he worked his way down to her mid-section. She didn't seem to have any hair. I wondered if she had shaved just for him. As his tongue licked around, across, and inside of her opening I felt myself getting wet. I wanted it to be me he was taking so much time with. Had we always been rough and frantic, always in a hurry, never taking our time making love together? He was so gentle with her and never with me. Yes I was jealous.

"Ugh," came the sound. I must have looked away as I was daydreaming. I had missed his first penetration. I definitely was going to be watching this tape. Kathy's legs were pulled up and wide as Alex was slowly thrusting into her. Her breasts were rocking back and forth along with her body in rhythm with his thrusts. It seemed he was slowly increasing his speed and intensity.

"Oh Alex, it feels so good," Kathy exclaimed.

"It's only going to get better my darling," he told her. What's with this 'my darling' crap? He was only supposed to fuck her, not fall in love with her. I realized then that I had my hand down my pants, my finger up my cunt fucking myself in time with Alex. But before long he had her on her knees on the bed, fucking her from behind.

"Oh God Alex, what's happening to me," Kathy cried. I knew she was about to have an orgasm. I wanted to have one too so I began rubbing my enlarged clit as fast as I could. I was close too right then and when Kathy screamed out I pushed myself over the edge. My whole body tightened up as my climax exploded. I forced myself to watch Kathy go through the same sensation, her hips arching upwards as Alex grabbed them and drove furiously to come to his own climax. Before she finished he was there pumping his cum into her formerly virgin body. I relaxed with them, just not quite as satisfied as they both were.

Alex pulled out of her, crawled up her body and said, "Clean me off with your mouth," as he put his drooping member between her lips.

I knew what I had to do now. I reached over and turned off the camera and removed my jeans. I didn't take the time to remove my panties. Quietly I opened the closet door and snuck over to the bed. Neither of them knew I was there. Without any hesitation I dropped to my knees and buried my face in Kathy's wet pussy. My tongue was all over her as I slipped my hands under her legs. She tried to cry out an alarm but Alex just thought she was enjoying his member. Within moments what first seemed like resistance on Kathy's part became a welcome as she spread her legs wide for me.

"That's it Kathy, suck my dick, yes, make it hard again," Alex exclaimed. He didn't even know I was there. He thought Kathy was all excited over just him. "Fuck girl you are getting me up again in record time. I think I'll just let you have your fun. Oh baby yes, suck that cock, yes."

Alex was so caught up in Kathy sucking his dick he didn't even notice her bucking her hips in response to my eating her out. I slipped a couple of fingers inside of her and finger-fucked her as I sucked and played with her clit. She was moaning like crazy giving Alex the best blow job of his life while I brought her to her second orgasm that night. When she went over the edge she must have sucked the life out of Alex's dick. He screamed in ecstasy and pumped her full of his cum. Before he came down from his high I had made my way back to the closet, my pussy wet with my own juices. I had climaxed too, along with Kathy. I flicked back on the camera in time to see Alex fall to the bed exhausted next to Kathy.

"That was the best I ever had," he said, "Oh God I can't believe I just said that, oh shit."

"Really, it was the best?" Kathy asked him.

"I mean it was really good, one of the best." Alex remembered that this was all on tape and that I would be seeing it if I hadn't been able to get to the closet beforehand. He didn't know for sure if I was there or not. "Oh what the hell, yes, it was the best. You went wild on me."

Kathy was smiling. "Wild. Yep, it sure was that."
As I stared at them it appeared to me that Kathy was looking for something or someone. She was probably looking for me. Her gaze finally came to the closet where I was hiding. She stared for several seconds and then a wide grin came across her face. She knew I was hiding in there. She rolled over away from me onto her side facing Alex. "How long does it take you to recover?"

"Wow, you get right to the point," he said. "About ten to fifteen minutes. Can you wait that long?" he asked with a grin on his own face.

"Barely," she replied. "Let's go see what you've got to eat." She stood up, grabbed Alex by the hand, and towed him out the bedroom door.

Leaving the camera running, after having turned it back on when I returned to the closet, I exited once more and made my way to another part of the house, away from both the bedroom and the kitchen. I ended up in the master bedroom. After about fifteen minutes of snooping around I couldn't stand it any longer and had to check on those two.

I snuck down the hallway to the kitchen and peered in through the door. Kathy was sitting up on the counter with Alex standing in front of her between her legs. As one would expect with two nude people in that position, they were fucking. Alex had his back to me and Kathy was staring at the floor, grunting with each thrust. She finally noticed me looking around the corner and smiled. Lifting her right hand she waved me into the kitchen.

Just then I saw her grab Alex tight around the back and squeeze her eyes shut. She just had another orgasm. Alex thrust in several more times but didn't climax himself.

"Alex, am I a good fuck to you?" she asked him as they stayed in their same position, Kathy catching their breath.

"You must be kidding Kathy? You're the best," he told her.

"You would always tell me the truth Alex, right?"

"Always, and you are the best I have ever had," he reconfirmed.

"Am I better than Cindy?" she asked.

"What did you say?" he asked, pushing back from her.

"I asked you if I was a better fuck than Cindy?"

"Uh, I, uh." Alex stumbled around in his speech. He was caught off guard by her question and didn't know what to say.

"Oh don't get all flustered," she stepped in, saving him. "Cindy and I are best friends and best friends always share everything. I figured that's why she is sharing you with me." She looked at me and said, "Come on in Cindy."

What could I do but walk on into the kitchen. Alex turned around and looked at me. "Answer the question, Alex," I told him. "Who's the best, Kathy or me?"

"I, uh, you're both great, I mean." Again he stumbled all over himself.

"Hell if you can't answer a simple question then maybe Cindy and I will just go entertain ourselves until you can." Kathy jumped off the counter, took my hand and walked me back to Alex's bedroom. We both giggled about Alex's predicament. And then, standing in Alex's bedroom, Kathy totally nude, me with my t-shirt and panties, we kissed, a loving passionate kiss. It held anticipation and fire at the same time, a kiss of hope for things to come and sadness for time wasted, time gone by. I knew then that Kathy and I were going to become lovers. We would continue with guys of course. I had no plans on letting go of Alex or even Bradley any time soon, but there was a whole new world opening up to me with Kathy and I intended on exploring it completely. I knew Kathy felt the same way. This picture reminds me of that night.
That next week I had Alex put the movie onto a DVD for me, two copies. It seemed a strange irony to me that the two people so far that I had intended on using to destroy Brittany, and who I had some pretty damning evidence against, well, I just liked them too much. I couldn't destroy their lives, yet something inside of me wouldn't let me throw away the evidence. In one case, Alex's semen, I didn't even have, the police did. But they didn't have the rape victim. Only I could give them that. In Kathy's case I had both Alex and Kathy in a movie with Alex praising Kathy on her abilities. Both would hurt Brittany, but not enough, not even the two together. I needed a new plan, and I had one.

The End (but so much more is coming soon)

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