It was certainly entertaining to watch the people's reaction, and some of the double takes they made as the four of us walked down the street to the city pool. Carole had me walking behind Joyce and her, holding my little sister's hand and carrying the bag of swim stuff. She on the other hand had Joyce walking on the side closest to the road, holding her hand and stoking her arm, trying to make it look like something it was not.

I knew for a fact that Joyce's tits were quite in evidence, the see through material of the blouse was indeed very sheer, I could just imagine them bouncing to the movement of her walking strides further accentuated by Carole's swinging of their arms . I did not know if any thing was showing down below the hem line of the skirt from the front, but watching the jiggling of the bottom of Joyce’s buns was giving me another hard on. Several trucks went by honking their horns at us, well mostly at Joyce, I am sure. Arriving at the pool I was told to get ready and find a nice open spot to set our towels at and watch for them to come out. They left hand in had to go deliver our little sister to the kiddie pool.

I am sure it was a half hour, maybe even much more, that I sat on the cement with only a thin towel to cushioning my ass waiting for them to come out from the girls side of the changing room. Once I saw however what was exiting the door, I realized my patience had been more than rewarded.
Carole came first stepping to the side as soon as she had cleared the door, followed by this gorgeous tall blonde dressed in a yellow, well it was indeed yellow, but was it possible to call it a bathing suit. Every male at the pool must have stopped to look at my Joyce, exiting the changing room her tits exposed except for two tiny little circles of yellow cloth, held in place by stings, or was it threads of yellow.

You could see that there was another bit of yellow material disappearing down between her legs which seemed to be held by again either strings or threads tied in bows at the side of her hips. To match all this yellow you could see Joyce supported a reddish pink flushing on her face. She was no doubt embarrassed, perhaps humiliated about being exposed a she was. I found it very funny, that the other day Joyce had been paraded around naked and had not shown signs of embarrassment, thinking perhaps she had found a way to hide her real feeling from us, but not today it was clear that she was petrified.

Carole brought her over, making certain that they walked around the far side of the pool to get all the attention she wanted before setting Joyce down beside me. Carole took the tube of sun oil had Joyce lay on her back and proceed to oil her up, paying more attention to those parts that were not normally exposed. Once finished she handed me the lotion, telling Joyce to turn over so that I could do her back. Well I had not seen the back of the outfit until that moment.

Yes indeed they were only strings that held the yellow material covering the front . The strings covered nothing of Joyce’s back side, and to boot there was only a little wider string running down her ass, over her hole and around to the front some where. I had never seen such an outfit, did not know that such clothing if you wanted to call it that, existed. After all that had transpired since the weekend I was still being afforded surprises, so much so that my hands were shaking as I began to apply the oil to Joyce's back side.

Now Joyce was an avid swimmer, well no she was like a fish in water, she loved it, and most likely could live in it without needing to get out , whether or not Carole knew this was uncertain. Whenever we came to the pool we spent more time in the water , than on the side sunning, sunning we could do else where, at the pool we wanted to swim, or at least play in the water.

After a bit it was easy to see Joyce was agitated, perhaps frustrated and wanted in the pool. Thinking back on the event maybe Carole did know of Joyce's desire to be in and under the water. Finally Joyce asked permission, to be allowed in the pool, telling Carole that she really needed to get into the water, it was like a second home for her. She pleaded with her mistress telling her that this need was not a sexual need but a physical need, a need to rejuvenate.

I do not know if Joyce would have said she would do anything if Carole allowed her to get under the water. Carole’s hesitation in replying however led me to believe that she was waiting for Joyce to say just that. I am sure Carole would have liked to extend the accepted unconditional agreement perhaps to a date closer to the return to school day. Joyce however did not offer up an opening but she was certainly on the verge of doing so. Suddenly when Joyce told her mistress that she cold beat her till she bled, if she was allowed to get into the water, did Carole react.

Having received permission Joyce moved quickly plunging herself into the cool water of the pool , covering several lengths of back and forth before she stopped and stood feet on the bottom. The water level where she had stopped came to just above her breasts, Carole watched with intrigue as others swam in and around Joyce. They were mostly males about our age and were almost circling Joyce like sharks. Carole lifted her hand signalling Joyce to come a bit closer to we were. This took poor Joyce into a water level that dropped below her breasts to about the middle of her tummy.

As Joyce advanced and the water level dropped lower on her body it looked like she had lost her top, her tits were on full display, her pink nipples popping out hard from the cool water, you could see every detail of her chest. Carole leaned to me and said “ You know when the material of Joyce's bathing suit get wet it becomes transparent.”

Not only was her breasts on display, but the reason for the circling male swimmers was that since the bottom was made of the same material it was transparent also. All those guys were trying to grab a look at her pussy, which Joyce did not realize. She might as well have gone swimming naked for all the protection the suit was offering. Of course no one let Joyce know that she was exposed like this, not me not Carole, not one of those guys swimming around her.

That was until an older lady came up behind her and let her in on the secret, you should have seen Joyce’s face. It went beet red in a matter of seconds, her hand moving to cover herself as she scrambled out of the pool and over to grab for her blanket. As she fiddled around beside me it became more evident as to why she was this embarrassed, you could see her perfect pussy lips just hanging there, all her cunt hair was gone.

She was clean shaven and looked like a new born baby. Carole replied to her before she said any thing, telling her it was she who had pleaded to be allowed to get in the water, she had not been commanded to do so. Now that the deed was done, she would be punished, but this punishment would come with perhaps an option. I do not think Joyce heard what Carole was saying she was still holding her towel tightly , in an attempt to cover her body, shaking like a leaf and this not from the cold water.

Carole continued on telling Joyce that if she did not uncover herself and let the sun dry the swimsuit, it would stay transparent, then she pulled at the towel to make sure she had Joyce’s attention. Slowly Joyce released the grip on her towel, there were tears in her eyes that told the whole story. She had felt embarrassed for sure, but more humiliated I would image than any thing else.

It had been one this to have been paraded around town at night naked as a jay bird when there had been little risk of any one who saw her , knew who she was. Being exposed like this however at a public pool, where some of the people did know her, and to add further injury, by having her pussy completely bald and on display was something else all together. It took but a few minutes once the material had been exposed to sun to change back to it original yellow color, so most of the boys who had come walking by thinking they would see more were a bit disappointed, this we could tell from their comments.

Joyce still perhaps embarrassed to death, found that the material was once again providing a bit of cover, but decided that she would lay down on her stomach facing away from pool side, there by avoiding eye contact with any of the boys in the pool who she might know. Seeing that it was 3 P M , knowing that we had to pick up an leave if we wanted to drop my little sister off for 4 PM I decided it was time for a dip.

once refreshed , satisfied that my macho abilities still allowed me to cover several laps of the pool with ease, I sauntered back and sat down beside my girl. Carole took a few minutes to freshen up, she was not the swimmer that Joyce was , she was more of a beach lover, however I did notice her moving back and forth just at the edge of the pool in front of us wondering what the blazes she was doing.

When she came back she told me that it might be better to put more lotion on Joyce’s back as we did not want her to get burned. As I squirted the gel from the tube on to Joyce’s back, Carole expertly untied the little strings holding Joyce’s top. Not that these little stings interfered with my oiling her back , but it did make it easier to create a smooth rubbing motion to cover all of her.

As I got into it, we could hear Joyce emitting little whimpering sounds. Carole whispered to me that I should provide some attention to the soles of Joyce’s feet as they were now exposed and had not been previously coated. I began at Joyce’s feet, squirting the lotion and rubbing it first on one leg , then the other. I moved up on to her thighs and squirted some more, then advanced on to her bottom.

When I began working this part of her body she definitely let out a moaning sound. I did not think this was possible so quickly after she had been embarrassed to death almost, to be able to regenerate her sexual feelings. I guess I really did not understand the female physic. Carole whispered to me once again , telling me that I should put a bit more lotion on Joyce’s thighs to try and rub more towards the front of them, effectively telling me to push down toward the towel on which she was resting.

I began slowly, dripping a bit more lotion than necessary letting it run down between her legs, then sending my fingers down to scoop it up and rub it in. Well Joyce responded just a Carole had planned . She opened her legs not wide open but certainly enough for Carole. I kept rubbing as Carole caught up the little strand of yellow material that ran down Joyce’s ass crack providing not more than indecent coverage. Carole lifted it backwards slowly and then let it drop down between Joyce’s open thighs, This then uncovered her little pucker hole completely, and allowed the bottom part of her shaven cunt to come into view.

Carole stopped me from continuing to rub Joyce’s lovely body , whispering that I should now lean back and watch the edge of the pool. No sooner than I had placed myself in a lounging position than I saw male after male poking male after male . Each in his turn swimming over to our side of the pool, and placing his eyes level with the view he was getting of joyce’s exposed private parts. It was hilarious to watch , just like what we had seen in the park Sunday night, every one taking a good look, but trying there damnedest to make you think the were looking at something else. There was a few younger boys, who did not bother to pretend you could see them smiling huge grins as the stared at Joyce.

As the clock struck 3:20 Carole poked Joyce telling her that she had a punishment option to consider. She could either get back in the pool and stay there for the next ten minutes
or walk back home with us dressed the way she would be when she stood up. Joyce answered her mistress saying she would not choose to get back into the pool, so Carole told me to come on and splash around with her to freshen up a bit. We jumped in playing around like we had when we were much younger, enjoying ourselves until we noticed the clock striking 3:30.

Bending down beside Joyce , Carole whispered to her telling her she was still bound by the acceptance of the unconditional agreement that was in place until we dropped her back at her residence in two hours. Motioning me to put as she had done, a foot on the corner of Joyce’s beach towel, she gave Joyce a friendly slap on the bum and told her to stand up it was time to go.

Joyce was not too careful when she stood , getting up fairly quickly, it was only when she heard a lot of thundering noise did she look down to see that the little pieces of yellow material had remained on the towel. She was now really stark naked sanding in the lounging area of the city pool. The tried her damnedest to cover her body and she ran trying to get to the girls changing room as quickly as possible. Her tits were flying in all directions as she moved throng on lookers gawking at her state.

Carole picked up the yellow material telling me togather the other stuff and meet them out front. I waited for it seemed for ever, stretching my patience a bit, because I knew we were cutting time short if we wanted to drop my little sister off at the party she was to attend. Mind you walking home would not take quite 10 minutes, but I had not thought of that.

I was thinking how the devil was Carole going to get Joyce to walk home naked, we had out little sister with us, we would have problems, well more so it would be impossible for us to walk together if this was to be the scenario Carole had worked out, there was no way our little sister could be with a naked Joyce and not say something to our parents.

Fortunately I saw Carolec walking out with Joyce in tow, dressed in her little tiny littleyellow bikini, at least she was not naked. I mean our little sister might tell our parents that Joyce was wearing a tiny bathing suit. That would not really mean much if you had not seen it for yourself. Carole made us take a little detour so that she could treat us to a chocolate and a drink to keep up our energy and help tide us over till supper. She took Joyce into the store to get the candy and drinks that we ate as we walked home.

Carole and Joyce out in front, Carole making Joyce walk with exaggerated movements certainly that did wonders for my libido. I was told to get the little two wheeled baggage cart so it would be easier to haul Joyce’s bag back home. Our little sister was told to change into her party gear and pick up her present. Carole and Joyce came back down looking real spiffy , Joyce dressed back in the see through top and little red material skirt. Her tits were on fragrant display, the nipples already sticking out. I noticed however that the blouse looked like it had been cut from when Joyce had worn it to the pool. It had hung down covering part of the material of the skirt, but now it was hanging not much more than an inch below Joyce’s tits , her belly was exposed, her belly button was very much in evidence as were her two hip bones.
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