I noted the time of ten, so it was not too late in the morning, the sun had not reached its peak, it was going to be a warm day, a good day to spend time at the city pool.

Breakfast things had been set on the deck table, Carole had been busy getting things started, she was pouring juice when I noticed the table had been set only for two. I guess Carole saw me staring, so she told me that Joyce was going to do the service this morning and that we should sit and be patient. I did notice Carole had on a short gown that was made some what transparent by the light of the morning sun, she was as naked as I underneath. Just as I finished my juice, Joyce came from inside with a tray full of breakfast goodies. It was not the tray that was remarkable however, it was Joyce, she was still naked, . She had nothing on at all, she came walking out of the house onto the summer deck as though this was more natural than anything else. I actually wondered if Carole was trying to make Joyce into a nudist.

While we ate, Joyce remained standing beside Carole, moving only when Carole pointed to some thing like toast or juice or milk. Joyce would then immediately put the item on her plate, or fill her glass. Joyce never uttered a word, but executed the demands flawlessly. I noticed that my glass was always full, no matter how much I drank. Once we had terminated, Carole pushed herself away from the table stretching her arms behind her head, telling me to sit back and relax while Joyce cleaned up.

Joyce wasted no time picking every thing up, inside we heard her putting the stuff away, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, then she was right back out. With her she had brought a bowl of water, and some towels. She went over to her mistress, first taking her hands and wiping them with a wet wash cloth, then she proceeded to freshen Carole's face with more what appeared to be warm water.

Helping Carole stand Joyce removed the short gown, exposing her mistress before me in her lovely naked form. She set about freshening up the remaining parts of her Mistress’s body paying special attention to those parts of a sexual nature. Once she had finished with Carole, Joyce came over to me and repeated exactly the same operation. I could not however help showing my now bloated situation, my need to pee was becoming a problem

Carole looking straight at me, said that from what she could see we were ready now to continue with her day's plan telling Joyce to go get the equipment . I wondered what she had, planned, I did not really understand. All I knew was that I was going to need a good piss real quick . I was no further ahead guessing when Joyce came back with a small plastic bag, a hammer, some lengths of a twisted like material and four bright yellow tent pegs.

I remember thinking what the hell was Carole planning to do that would require all that. Carole began to tell me at first she was planning to undertake this particular event in the bathroom, but since it was such a lovely day, and since our little sister did not appear interested in any thing that was happening outside her little world, Carole decided that this would be better handled as an outdoor event.

She pointed to a spot almost in the middle of the back yard, telling Joyce that she was to go stand there and prepare herself, but to remain standing facing the deck where we were. As Joyce walked over to the spot Carole came up behind me, wrapping her arms around me, telling me that she knew my need to pee was great , but that I should find a way to hold off because I was needed for the next event in the condition I was.

Still not making any sense to me I watched as Joyce tied the lengths of material at her ankles, and on her writs. I saw her pull them tight, checking to see if she could get loose. Once she was satisfied that the bindings were fixed properly she extracted what looked similar to a wine bottle cork from the bag. Joyce then turned around facing away from us , bent over and pushed this item up her arse hole.

It took a few minutes to work this item into her bung hole but finally it appeared to slip in, leaving a dangling cord hanging down between her legs. Joyce turned back picking out some other items that looked similar to the nipple clamp affairs Carole had used on Sunday. Joyce fixed one to each of her nipples , tightening them until she squirmed just a bit. Joyce then stretched her arms out to her sides calling out
“ Mistress, I am ready.”

Carole took my hand pulling me, butt ass naked over to where Joyce was standing. She was told to lay down on her back , arms out , legs spread and I was told where to put the tent pegs in the ground and then to tie Joyce’s appendages to them very firmly but not to cause pain .Once that task was finished Carole went around to verify my work, satisfied she knelt between Joyce's legs and began to diddle her clit.

When Joyce's clit appeared to be fully extended, I watched as Carole did the unthinkable thing. She took another clamp and attached it to this poor unprepared girl’s most sensitive body part. Joyce screamed out this time, it was for real , she was certainly not expecting Carole to do that to her . I could not even begin to imagine how bad that hurt . Joyce however was told in no uncertain terms to be quiet or face further punishment .

You could see Joyce fighting the pain these objects were causing, her facial features were tight as though she was crunching her teeth. Her body was jerking just a bit. we stood there staring at Joyce, seeing all the little things that were happening to her body. She was beginning to sweat, not only from being laid out like she was in the sun but from the effect the clamps were having on her.

I guess she could no longer hold things in for she began to moan and groan like she had always done before. I had been able to use the level of the sound and the speed of the grunt and groans to judge her readiness. It had been very difficult this morning trying to judge my timing when she had made no sounds at all.

Carole had a much better understanding of things, of Joyce's readiness than I, telling me to stand myself between Joyce's spread legs while she went and stood over Joyce's head. Carole waited a few more minutes closely watching the movement of Joyce’s body. Suddenly she bent over and pulled the clamps off her nipples causing Joyce to try and raise her torso at the same time calling “ Oh! Gawd, Oh! Gawd”.

Carole then asked me if I was prepared to rectify my problem telling me that she wanted me to empty my bladder all over Joyce's body, paying special attention to directing my hot piss at her sex parts.. Finally I understood why all these preparations had be made, especially having me drink all that liquid during breakfast, yes I was ready to piss, that I told her, as my manhood jerked several times. With that out of the way Carole bent once again and said “ READY” , as she pulled the clamp from Joyce’s poor redden clit “ GO.”

Go I did. The piss shot out of me like I had been a fire hose, a deep dark yellow stream , the sunlight shining it golden in color. Joyce was crying out as Carole unclamp the clit, and then almost went into shock when my hot piss hit the target square on, hyperventilating she was for sure. Following my initial burst of hot piss, Carole herself let go with her own stream.

I watched as Carole used her fingers to apply pressure to her cunt making it look like she was pissing just like a man. She aimed at Joyce's tits trying to hit the top of the bluish purple nipples as the blood rushed back into them.Then she altered her aim directing it at Joyce’s face, trying as best she could to get most of it in Joyce's mouth . Joyce was rocking her head so fast that the task was not made easy, but Carole appeared to be satisfied that she had managed to get a substantial quantity into Joyce's mouth .

Joyce was now a bloody mess, liquid piss running every where, down over her sides, down her under arms, down in to her ears and around to the back of her neck. With the amount of piss I had aimed at her cunt I am certain that she even had a good quantity that had seeped in beyond her opening. You could see it mixed with the love juices she was pushing out and letting run down through to her ass then dripping off on to the grass. Joyce was pulling at her bonds, in an attempt to escape form this ordeal.

As our force of liquid became a dribble, Carole moved around behind me eased her hand in front and began working my dick. I had not lost very much hardness from all this release, my state of mind was still in a very sexual mode, so it did not take long for her stroking to produce the desired results. I found myself shooting a wad of cum
on to Joyce's naked body. Carole did her best to keep the flow away from the dangerous area but I was not sure some of my seed did not dribble down on to Joyce's open cunt.

Realizing that there was no more to be had, Carole suggested that I go put my gown on , sit and relax on the deck , she would get me a cold drink to sip. I settled down, sitting so that I could look at my girl splayed out naked there in the middle of the back yard, covered in piss and my cum, wondering when Carole was going to untie her. I noticed that Joyce had composed herself some what . Her body however was still vibrating , every once in while it would jerk like she was in after shock, or perhaps still experiencing little orgasmic releases.

All the liquid had either evaporated or had dried on Joyce 's body by the time Carole came out and released her, telling her that there was work to be done. Joyce was dragged into the house out of my sight. I heard the washing machine going , Carole talking to Joyce giving her orders on which setting to use, which items to wash with what and other details and I must have dozed off.

I was abruptly taken from my dream, waking to see Joyce still naked back out on the deck, hanging the bed sheets out to dry. Carole followed, now dressed for the day in shorts and a very pretty top, telling me that I should perhaps take another quick shower and get ready for lunch as it was now past 1 PM. She jokingly asked me if I remembered how to do this alone, as Joyce had not quite finished with the laundry and we needed all these things washed before mother got home.

Arriving back all fresh and ready to go, Carole told Joyce to go wash all that shit off her body and to use some of the perfume that she had set out. She was told her clothes had been set out on the bed as well and to be quick about it. Carole and I made a light lunch , getting our little sister to come eat with us and waited for Joyce to come back down.

My girl look radiant as she entered the kitchen , wearing a short sleeved see though blouse that appeared to have too few buttons to close it completely. A bright red skirt, well I guessed it was a skirt and not just a small piece of red material, it hugged her hips and was set low so that when the blouse moved you would be able to see the top edge of her blonde pussy hairs.

Carole called her over to asked if she had done as requested, as she moved turning her back to me I could see the soft rounds of her bottom just so slightly hanging below the hem of the material, a sight to be enjoyed by any one. I watched as she stood in front of Carole and lifted the front of the skirt not really knowing what Carole was checking, but finding out later that afternoon. Satisfied that every thing was in order Carole had us all eating, picking up and then assembling our swim gear , telling Joyce that she would loan her a bathing suit.
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